Anti shill warfare tactics

In this thread I present you 100% combat proven techniques to defeat glowniggers, lefties and other types of niggercattle shilling on this board.
I invite you to post the best anti-sheckel copypastas or screencaps showcasing the "shill of the day".

How to identify SHILLS
< To avoid talking about a previous topic they want to hide

< because they want to justify (((the media))) rethoric about Zig Forums
< because they want to be the victim to get the niggercattle support

< to keep you ocupied on useless threads that make no difference.

How to destroy SHILLS
1) Reply to each shill comment you spot with anti-sheckel propaganda.
2) Repeat step 1 for bonus points and lulz

My example of anti-sheckel copypasta propaganda
Fuck off glownigger
Keep on gagging on bankers' sperm.
Did you know it's mathematically impossible to pay for (((our))) public debt?
That's right, we are paying for (((our))) debt with debt
And you guessed it right, it's a fucking scam
But wait, there's more, this scam is actually called a ponzy scheme!
What a great fucking name !!1

Now proceed to ignore this post.


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Bump good fucking thread op

These threads are usually good. In before obvious D&C with the intent to to throw this off topic.

Raw copypasta

I command you, lurker of the Zig Forums, to destroy the heresy within our board.

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>< because they want to justify (((the media))) rethoric about Zig Forums
>< because they want to be the victim to get the niggercattle support
What are they going to do? Report on us more? More people join us. Shut us down? Further radicalization.

*shekel. you are not from around here, but at least you aren't jewish.

They got btfo and left their going to turn to lame half ass shitposting.
Anyway thanks op going to keep this thread bumped.

If they desperately wanted to beat the Zig Forums all they thry need to fo is not name us at all and let this board slowly die to irrelevancy since their shilling is ineffective except when disrupting organization.
Is a zero sum game for them their not gonna let people change their minds about natsoc and hitler in fact the other way around tends to happen. Completely ignoring us would've worked and would no longer be a problem.

What about real glowniggers that want people to stop taking action against the jews, such as OP?
As if that was a bad thing.
The jews are so afraid of their guaranteed deaths by our hands that they are coming here frequently, begging people to not be violent.
Be violent.
When you kill a jew, you win.
When you kill any of your enemies, you win.

OP fucked up spectacularly out the gate by repeating things he doesn't grasp or understand in a futile attempt to fit in, and outed himself. But here's to hoping people can understand the nuances of this kind of bullshit.

I really enjoy the disdain for smug anime girls by whatever name of combination of words they try and combine to form a false consensus. The deliberate ignorance of board culture really shines through with this population. Sometimes they're joined by people who always bring up Imkamfy and seem obsessed enough to have pictures of him and facilitate a feedback loop of topic dilution, one word replies, and cringe compilation pics. They'll even cry over your filenames when you've exhausted their script of replies, its fascinating.

There seem to be shills with perpetually broken shift keys and are fond of reddit spacing, along with those who will reply to anyone who points it out with disdain that is mildly retarded but at the very least decipherable.

The 'if its not totally full on 14/88 with every word and pixel then it's totally not worth it' which is a perfect example of people phonetically posting words they have no real grasp of. They end up coming off as buzzwords always seemingly out of place, and will respond with outright hostility if you point it out. Hell, some of them throw around the word 'ad hominem' like they aren't being briefed before they're sent here by their paymasters. Like this nigger over here wasted dubs

Fedposters and glowniggers are a given, although the increase of their frequencies shouldn't be a surprise now that journalists have been finally getting around to peddling their nonsense by screencapping things in threads and managing to fuck up every time they post.

Chicom bots are a given, but its the shills with gimmicks are the ones that stand out. Like the one who shows up (complete with perpetually broken shift key) who keeps asking 'what is _' which can be filled in with any basic word easily looked up. Sure, it seems harmless but its grains of sand that make up a heap. That one shill who insisted 'Google is your friend' was fun for like a few minutes.

Bonus points if they just reword your older posts back at you, or copy your post formatting minus any substance or coherence. You'd be surprised how flustered and quick they pivot if you just ask them if they get paid per post or per hour

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Literally nobody cares enough anymore kike.

What are you going to do about it, you fucking autist? Nothing.

What a wholesome and totally organic post.
You seem obsessed with bodily fluids and are probably incapable of replying with anything but the red text copypasta. Maybe if you keep spamming it, it'll bring about something. You seem mad, maybe you should put on a cape so you can be Supermad :^)

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(((You))) mad at him, because he show us an example of what we must actually do instead of meaningless shitposting.

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For posterity.

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Behold a post directed at no one in particular. Sage isn't a downvote

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Can we all agree, for once, that Tarrant is both bad and good? Bad in the sense that he alienates normies from Zig Forums-tier politics, but good in the sense that he's a shining beacon of white strength and action, which I personally enjoy and which may draw (mostly male) interest to the movement.

Also, fifty-some muzzies are dead.

No, nigger, it isn't. You will never be white nor welcome.

The jews definitely fucked up when they pulled it.

I Am 64 Female California Isolated. I dont know what has happened to me. This Is The Result Of Pamphlets Soapbox
I Am Alone idk why Please help me somehow 725 Deerfield American Canyon, CA. 94503 916 465 2155 -

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Wrong the plan has changed Goy

8 Chan is ALL OVER now , every lefty dot org is talking about us WaPo , NPR and so on. The plan is now to spam us with newfaggotry until we turn into cuckchan.

Sage isn't a downvote, but I'm sure you can cycle through some more buzzwords and jargon to convince yourself otherwise.

Define 'it', even though your sub-human sage-as-a-downvote shtick is tired first day shill nonsense.

It's like they manage to send shills worse than the previous wave each and every time. It's been like this since the mid-terms.

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You can't demoralize faggot.

schizo D&C thread

Don't they allow you to read the thread before directing you here to post your stale and inane nonsense without context?

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AM i still banned?

Kill yourself.

Doesn't ignoring them work better than replying?

How to identify someone who is not white.
They make posts like OP.

No matter what the shills, the shekelminers, the cowards, the glowniggers, the muh-bad-optics and the jewpet media say, I'm with you user

cz75 alright!

Shilling literally just means having a POV. Quit being such hypercompliant psuedorationalistic abusers.

No because what they seek is to change the topic and Divide&Conquer the newfags and LARPERS to confuse them.

If you hold to the truth like a bulldog they cannot win the fight because you cannot win against the truth

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Look, mom! I’m consensus-cracking!

who owns the gold?



Nobody needs logic to argye with you, because eschew it yourself, yidf.

< have nothing to do with each other
What they have in common is that both concepts impact the way niggercattle perceives the NatSoc / fascist movement.

Publically defending Kike Terrant makes us look like savages.
Publically defending the illegalization of the private banking system makes us look like gods.

If (((your))) goal was for our movement to prosper you would agree with me because you know I'm right.
But because you decide to ignore my points I know for a fact you are a shill.

So, fuck off glownigger
Did you know 80% of our taxes are stolen each year by the (((private banking system)))?

Kek !

THIS ! Good words user ☠

No OP, you are the shills. Neck yourself asap.


This post is personally endorsed by the moderation team, Codemonkey, and Jared Kushner.

Pic is my sides

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But did you know our current financial system is a scam to suck our taxes and keep us as slaves?

Go back you disgusting cuck.

Congratulations, you're just now realizing something that Ron Paul made common knowledge in 2007

I liked his video though , very artistic

You're paid to post here

You are paid to post here

And if you've known about the financial scam since 2007 how can you defend Kike Tarrant?
You may empathize with his actions but you need to be able to look at the bigger picture and realize the outcome is worse for our movement.

Assuming you want the niggercattle to convert to NatSoc

>Kike Tarrant
Reminder that these shills think you're stupid, they want your family raped/murdered, and they think it's funny.

Daily reminder that all shills will be found out and tortured to death.

>They adore retards such as Kike Terrant or any other white shooter because they want to justify (((the media))) rethoric about Zig Forums because they want to be the victim to get the niggercattle support.
No, on the contrary. Glownigger-shills have the job of protecting the status quo and getting the citizens of a state to not use force! You are the glownigger-shill here! Hail Tarrant!

Answer me this question,
How do you expect to convert the niggercattle to NatSoc?

Read his manifesto, basic acceleration is explained there nicely. Accelerate, destabilize and escalate. Force fence-sitting niggers to pick sides. By that, you will also kill the banking system you sperg so much about. At first, it will simply be too expensive to keep up and later it collapses under it's weight.

Acceleration is only solution to this problem and you are so dumb that you shill against it's greatest promoter today.


I'd like to correct my earlier opinion since I didn't read the OP before posting.
You're one of those people who cry "false flag" and "he went to israel this one time", aren't you?
Are you succeeding at making anyone think you know anything about anything? I'm guessing the answer is no.
OP is a faggot. But I still think the purpose of this thread can stand as is despite you being a faggot.

OP why are you spamming your shit in other threads for?

OP here, I'm a fag and that's why I don't support acceleration. My words reflect what I stand for. If all you accelerationists were true to your beliefs there would be hundreds of killings per day but that's not the case. You are cucks just like me but pretend to be something else.

ACCELERATION without media control and numbers will be pointless. You will not destabilize a country but unite the niggercattle even more with the victims.
If you have ever read the art of war you'd know the greatest battles are won without a fight (human casualties). Destabilization can be achieved by other means such as destroying property.

I call him Kike Tarrant because I beleive his actions will benefit the ZOG narrative

I'm spamming other threads because that's what I believe newfags should know when they come here. I don't want to see accelerationist propaganda shills everywhere. I beleive most of them are true NatSoc but they fail to understand how social engineering works.

You have absolutely zero idea what acceleration is, what it achieves and by what tools. Yet here you are, shilling against it. Stop being such insufferable nigger.
Tell me exactly how.
I did and if you think this is the message of the book, you are quite literally retarded.

Also remember, lolbergs get the rope too.

Bump for importance

I'm sure voting (((zog))) will solve the problems. That's it! don't stand up against kikes, mudslimes, niggers, bug! if you do so it means you're hindering our actions! I'm sure this time with voting, we will solve all of our problems!

ah, its been a while since i've read a good torpost

then we gorepost

you're still a faggot


The immense asshurt by JIDF over Saint Tarrant removing invader scum that is contaminating this board is only topped by one thing: The retardation of newfags that don't know how to sage and report.

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Imagine that, the low quality meme post is from a cuck shill himself.

But reports don't do anything. The moderation is against Zig Forums, and personally supports and endorses this shilling.

These fucking bandits crossdressed as officers banned me from cuckchan.

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Seconded. Fuck this kike op, this is weak bullshit once again


This OP glows.

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You glow nigger.

Holy fuck, the only thing glowing ITT is OP

OP is a dumb nigger and real shill.

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