It's just getting worse for (((Andrew Anglin)))

You see, Anglin. Once you start getting exposed and your audience abandons you, your own Tribe sells you up the fucking river. It's only going to get worse for you. Once the DS, you, and Weev are fully exposed I wonder what your handlers will do… or if they'll even keep you around. Might have an accident. Who knows?

inb4 deleted. sorry i didnt mean to slide the PLANT SUPREMACY thread. fucking zogmods

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About time you made a proper thread.
Anyway forgot was anglin always apart of (((them))) or did he sell out?

pretty sure he was always a degenerate kike

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Anyone who publicly furthers our cause is a jew


pick one

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faglin gets what he deserves, the traitor.

Who's cause?

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There is a PLANT SUPREMACY thread?

If he is a jew, he can't exactly be a traitor, since he is representing other fellow jews, can he?

Also, I doubt that he cares what happens in the US, since he is in Ukraine with the rest of the NEOCohens.

publicly furthers our cause

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The worse they can do is someday maybe get him to waste a few days in court. Its civil suit. Why $1,000,000? Might as well make it $6,000,000. They will never get a cent out of a broke degenerate that doesn't even reside in the USA. All he wants is his name in headlines and the courts/MSM are happily giving him that.

I can't tell who's jewing who anymore, this shit gets confusing after a while.
Anglin looks more like a manlet irish leprechaun than a jew to my eyes, but who knows?


Anglin should leave the country along with his family to where Weev is located at. Fuck the kikes.


1% or more kike blood is reason for extermination

There's no reason to even think Anglin is outside of the U.S., much less in Ukraine. He could be in Israel for all anyone knows. And LARPing as a white man is a very lucrative scam.

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You're a stupid fuck, not even Nazi Germany had strict purity tests.


people go full retard about Anglin/DS.
some of his articles are good and a pleasure to read, but he's far from without flaws. I went from being a fan of his, to disavowing him for being a Trumptard, to giving him another chance once he stopped, to disavowing him again for promoting christcuckery. he's also constantly begging for bitcoins, although that is reasonable because it's possibly his only source of income

lastly, the "Race War" section on the website is a good place to find recent 'non-white commits violent crime against white' news articles; I'll give them that

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Anglin doesn't advocate for white interests. He advocates for Israeli interests.

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Nazi Germant didn't have DNA testing.

Shut the fuck up kike…everyone knows that you all mongrelize yourselves so that you can blend in and betray nations and people from the inside. That is one of the khazarians favorite and oldest trick in the books.


That defense attny must have been a retard. All muslims are part of a theocratic globalist 'religion' that seeks to overthrow and subvert the nations that they invade.

All semites/muzzies are terrorist BY THEIR NATURE…they can never be loyal to any secular state; ONLY THE ISLAMIC STATE because anything else is against their religion.

This. Intill something extremely foward comes. All these skpetic kike like people are useless d/c agents.

Anglin's primary sponsor is none other than Jared Kushner.


Anglin is based tbh and the DS is a growing dissident platform. You wignats are either informants or unhinged losers.

Okay bro.

I don't even like Anglin, I think he's kosher; but he gets away with being kosher by advocating for White interests, albeit in a kosher manner.

Nah, the US judicial system is jewed to the core man.

Seems legit bro. $0.02 has been deposited in your account. You're welcome.

You should be killed.

Like advocating for the ZOG Emperor? Jews aren't white.

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Sounds like a spook operation if I've ever seen one. Glownigger confirmed.

yup. shell company.

He's not in Ukraine. He's in Phillipines but pretends to be in Ukraine.

The primary sponsor of 8ch is (((Q)))ushner too. The irony.

With Jim?

He's living like a king in Phillipines. $100 usd / week is king status. 90% sure he's there but LARPs to be in Ukraine. He along with Jim/Ron and other Pedo glownigger kike pawns love it there.

Then come and get me, loser.

Yeah, actually. Most Whites don't realize Trump is kosher.
And yeah, Jews aren't White.

Point being, does the Daily Stormer call out jews? Yes it does.
Does it argue for advocacy for White interests? Yes it does.

Its a den of depravity, hence why the depraved would seek it out.

I couldn't tell if someone was being ironic but they suggested that (((Q))) would withhold the (((Storm))) if anyone killed more jews. IDK I think that is such a faggot kike thing to suggest that I figured you must be correct (((Q-tard))) is the Qushnerd

It helped elect Trump.
It helped elect the ZOGnald.

Yeah. Hotwheels wrote an article for the DailyStormer too. Weev, Anglin, are both hanging out Jim prbly.


*with jim

I don't know anything about criminal behavior nor would I advocate such Zig Forums is a board of peace and these are the people of light.
Do I hold disdain for Jewry? Absolutely.

light is not always benign, user…

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Weev and Codemonkey (Ron) cooperate on multiple coding projects and there's good reason to believe they're both in cahoots with SuSu coin (8ch crypto) operation and laundering money with Jim through his Californian and Las Vegas shell companies NTTech, Race Queen, The Goldwater, and Loki.
There's an international money laundering effort going on Jim is dirty as fuck and tied to Freemasonry and the CIA himself.
He's no doubt filthy rich and smart as to how he flows his money around.
To top it off the glownigger pretends like they have nothing. My guess is these people are all directly tied into one giant fucking psyops of world Jewry.

why compare the guy to an Indian, when aurnheimer is a German name. Why not compare him to a German rather than a "real Indian".

I never said I didn't support eugenics.

Hes a Jew.

that might be cancerous

Andrew Anglin's alright but he's a bit spazzy. We need William Pierce back.

And its still advocacy for perceived White interests my man.

Not everything is solely about Trump, and the Daily Stormer - say what you will of its staff - definitely represents a platform via which White advocacy transpires… Though, I'll grant you, the staff themselves clearly appear to be aligned with kosher interests.

This seems to be happening worldwide at this point - the only platforms allowed to get any momentum are those which are controlled.
I keep hearing this noise about "European nationalists" from people, but every single one I've investigated - EVERY SINGLE ONE - is pro-israel.

Basically, the zionists seem to have realized that, without White Christians and other shabbos extant to support them in positions of power, their state is doomed, surrounded by 200 million Arab muzzies that the non-Whites are more-inclined toward siding with than the White people are, and as a consequence the zionists are now trying to foment White awakening in a domesticated and controlled context such that they can avoid it going all Hitler on them but still grant Whites juuuuuuuuuuust enough air to advocate for their interests.


No one should be happy about these (((judgments))).
They infringe on the rights of all of us.

Rights are a mythology my man.

That's interesting. Will do some digging into that. You wouldn't have any sources off hand?

you're trying to hard. damage control is noticeable.

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You guys are mostly faggots.
Have to stroke your ego by inventing false flags, plants, and how every thing and everyone is a kike. Obviously only you guys are smart enough to see the truth. It cant be the simple obvious truth that anglin is 100% our guy. It has to be deeper mosad psyop.

It must be pathetic to have to invent bs to shit on any succesful white advocate to hide the fact you are a fat piece of shit. Keep watching cuck porn faggots

Also Jim made his initial fortune before stealing 2ch/5ch from porn and likely child porn because it's fucking huge in Phillipines.
It's rumored that his glownigger pedo operation is connected to Roy Cohn / Roger Stone which explains the (((Q)))ushner LARP and it explains why he's untouchable because major US politicians even Presidents are in on that ring of degeneracy.

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Auernheimer is a Jewish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

(((Andrew Auernheimer))) (born 1985), also known as weev, an American hacker

(((Leonardo Auernheimer))) (1936–2010), Argentinian economist

(((Raoul Auernheimer))) (1876–1948), Austrian jurist and writer

My favorite part about this mini wiki article is the laughable fucking farce that someone can 'be a jew' and be a part of a nation. Semites are 'internationalists' they have no 'nation'. How fucking FUNNY is this that most people don't or can't understand that

Anglin or Weev, your Reddit spacing gives you away. Fuck off.
It sucks you sold your soul Anglin but you're not proWhite you promote anti-Woman shit nonstop which makes you AntiWhite.

Kill yourself Anglin



getting rid of counsel, not a bad move.
not appearing for depo…bad move. i'd move for a phone depo if i were him.

re all: he's a polemist and at times a satirist. i'm sure there is a decent sized team behind him. can get some good intel. duke is way better but i don't think he's got the same resources right now.

i'd never trust weev though. typical badger.

really, i'd never trust anyone in any media or tech, but hey who cares.


Nah, im sure you have an immensely succesful white advocacy platform. Keep it up.

What would we simpletons do without big brain faggots like you finding out who the real kikes are? Oy vey anglin is jewish goyim! Turn on your own and be a schizophrenic retard like me!

He could take a DNA test.

Why? So morons like you could say its fake or a psyop?

What is it big brain? Probably a mosad forgery right? Admit it nothing is enough for you, it will always be another conspiracy or psyop. Best we never show white solidarity right? Best we mistrust all our own.


filtered GOP cuckboi

Nobody denies Anglin is European even if he's dealt a poor hand of genetic masculinity and a small dick. Weev is a kike and the website is still AntiWhite. Stop with your deflections Anglin. Stop bashing women. Promote White families and stop being a faggot who fucks underage flip girls/trannies with Jim.

Zig Forums will never be altkike

Enoch also took a DNA test. 100% pure Aryan genes apparently ;) Anglin should post his family tree or stay btfo

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you dont have a source or you would have posted it.

anglin is simply an opportunist and a sociopath that does weev's bidding. weev is a subversive, who got the swastika tattoo to be edgy.

DS are shills like TRS. fuck em

You and I both know that is never going to happen.

I don't care if you bash thots and degenerates and race mixers. But take the time to promote making White babies.

never gonna happen, and any military vet nowadays will always be met with suspicion and rightly so

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Fuck that nigger.

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You're 17 years old, toops

Fuck off yid, no one is falling for that jew.

Now that is funny. I didn't mean that 'they would post results of their DNA test' I mean that WE WOULD TEST THEM INDEPENDENTLY and get results.
Think Gattaca

yeah thats why they attack Christianity non-stop while promoting paganism non-stop. jews fear Jesus Christ and pagans assist them in White genocide.

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They loathe him. It makes the whole thing that much more interesting contemplating their loathing and rage.

anglins dad did own a gay club

To shine like the sun, first you must burn like it.

obviously you dont now how to read nigger

I know what I know. Most of it can be found if you dig. Thomas Reidel. Karen Sansaver. You're welcome


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A lot of these posts are like the Time cover of Trump with a lolli photoshopped into the pic. They are unsubstantiated bullshit.

could just stall out the residency issue in appeals court.

christianity is derived from judaism, believes non-whites have souls, is against the genocide of jews, and is fine with race-mixing. it is a hostile ideology and you need to fuck off back to your containment board >>>Zig Forums
stop pretending to be one of us. either you are committed to white racial survival, or you are committed to serving (((Yahweh))), you must pick

That's not an argument my man.
And rights are still a mythology.

We don't take MANDATES about our private religious beliefs from ANYONE…YOU NEED TO BACK THE FUCK OFF…WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ANYWAY? We aren't 'gettting rid of the fucking kikes' so that you can stand in their place you fucking twink.

That's also not an argument my man. And you don't know what reddit spacing is.

Very possible, sadly.

could you explain what this means


Fucking sage.
I’ve been asleep for 2 weeks.
Why have we got threads like this again?
Has anyone gone and shot up a synagogue or something?


100% agreed, moarpheus is right
everyone is a jew, do nothing, nazbol forever,(((white nationalism))), nothing matters except israel, etc., etc.

Why not? People are deposed remotely all the time.
sage for rampant faggotry