Infowars banned from social media (again)


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Threadly reminder that Infowars is behind at least 3 of the bots that post on /qresearch/.


Jones may not be as redpilled as we like but if he is controlled opposition why would the Jews make repeated moves to denounce him and silence him. If Jones was really controlled opposition he’d be allowed a platform because it keep young whites from going deeper

Alex Jones didn't personally strangle 6 trillions Jews therefore he's a shill.

who's the black haired bitch?

Welcome newfags. Now please leave.

Infowars is shit.
The only news here is that both Farrakhan and Laura Loomer were banned.

He went too far on the sandy hook thing which smeared 9/11 truthers by collateral damage. Them deplatforming him makes his views outside of Overton.

Fuck off, Satan. He was married to and is still funded and sponsored by literal kikes. He always comes quick to kike defense with disinfo. He's worse than Kike Enoch by six gorillion times.


Thanks I’ll check it out. I really don’t know much about Alex Jones. He always was off-putting to me

He's controlled opposition. What part of that do you not understand?
By giving him a platform and removing it you've created a false sense of danger and legitimacy.
Look at you for example. By simply getting rid of him on social media for a bit you've been thoroughly convinced that he isn't controlled opposition. He's been removed before, he'll come back again, and he has his own independent platforms that rake in millions.
Stop falling for the fake outrage scheme and start purity spiraling. Drop these faggots.

Laura Loomer and others are banned too.

They can only post infowars content if it's condemned. So they can just type: "Alex Jones is BAD, he talks about '[Insert News Headline]' "

These people are fucking idiots.

banning him gives him legitimacy

all this illustrates how America sacrifices free speech to the idol of security

in reality jihad advances the Discourse upon failure of verbal resolutions

this is a matter of free speech

None of you can prove jones is controlled op. Everyone just resorts back to when his laywer said he was an actor. That statement was taken out of context and was meant to defend against jones satire being taken literally. You have to be somewhat schizophrenic to understand jones and weed out the jokes.

So a bunch of kike Mossad operations are being shut down to give a false impression that they're "bad Goys" in hopes that actual White Nationalists and NatSocs who are fleeing controlled opposition puppets will somehow gain support for those people?
Weird concept.
The jew is terrified and he should be because people are waking up in minecraft.

That was his job. To create uncertainty and doubt and help pull of the 9/11 scheme when everyone knows Israeli Mossad and the CIA helped do it.

Get the fuck off this board

glad someone else noticed


Why would anyone care what a faggot thinks?

The best thing about Jones was not Jones himself but his guests. He made good connections and summaries, but buried them in hours of unjustifiable fluff.

>spam (((again)))
No one cares, again.

It won't stop until you guys kill doxing journalists (in minecraft). Film your MLG montage and upload your so that others would be inspired to do the same. If they're eliminating your livelihood, then it's fair for you to eliminate theirs as well.

Oi vey, the goyim mustn't know!

Pic related you filthy kike shill.

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I'm all for free speech, but I won't tolerate hate or any expression of it for that matter.

Good point.
I'm an Aryan Ubermensch.
That means I've never had a paycheck signed by a kike or had a bank account owned by kikes. Never went to college, never had a taxable job, never broke the law (only niggers do that) and have never once watched television.
I am so thoroughly insulated against the jewish scourge that my only contact with other human beings is Zig Forums and my totally Aryan wife.

Did Chris ever call?


Journalists must be killed all over the place, and other people must be conditioned to kill journalists where they live.
All journalists are the main propaganda tools of the jews, and must be killed along with the deformed kikes.

This isn't your safe space princess. If Alex Jones is too much for the leftists, Zig Forums certainly is. Pushing back against facebook's actions helps destroy them sooner.


Theyre not as organized as you think, some facebook jew might not even know he is another jew shill.

Back in the day Zig Forums was all for pragmatic shifting of the overton window our way, even if we had to hold our noses and make mental "for later kristallnacht'ing" lists while doing it. But now the mere mention of something that falls short of full goosestep gets you called a shill, kike, "muh political solution" etc.
I wonder (((why)))?

Why would I waste my time purity spiraling and shitting on someone like Jones if I can spend that time shitting on an actual leftist? Or a mccain tier neocon?

infowars is a kike con but it still sets a bad precedent

Kevin MacDonald's "The Occidental Observer" has been blocked from electronic payment systems for years.


Alex Jones hasn't had a worthwhile guest on since the David Duke "debate". They're all neo-cohens these days.

Every. Single. Time.

You niggers sure love obese men with jewish spouses.

You mean someone who calls for the vaporization of Iran, like Jonestein does? He's no better than McCain, and a much bigger threat than him or any "actual leftist", you jew-party retard. He's actually misleading people who might otherwise become redpilled and jew-wise.

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Why are they banning their own agents?
Because they're attempting to normalize banning of dissenters.
Not wanting live in a judaized hell world curated by actual demons is 'extremist' now.

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The obsession with TRS broke containment I see. I guess if they strike so many chords, I should listen to their podcast a second time.
I'm gonna press X on that one. Jones falls just about in the same territory as Q does. Meaning anyone who gets suckered into his shit without immediately breaking out of it and seeing the hooknosed man behind the curtain, was never going to do the latter, no matter what material they're exposed to. The conditioning is already too strong with his target audience. He's not a gatekeeper, as the kind of audience he reaches, they will do anything it takes to avoid the realization that maybe kikes are evil and the common denominator in all bad-faith actors. They will latch onto anything they think lets them avoid it. Jones isn't causing any more damage on that front, he's just making a buck off of retards who were of no worth to us to begin with.

Alex needs to hit the gym.

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