To the Communists: YOU made life intolerable and created villains out of ordinary people...

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Why do these retards always blame us for stuff porky did?

I personally thinks it's a cool way for him to hide his identity. A little LARPing never hurt anyone, after all. Only issue is whether or not the way you dress interferes with real action.

Is this a pilot for a syfy original series?

They think we are in an alliance with porky because we don't want to kill faggots and niggers.

Op, one correction, they fiddle dead kids. Which is ok because it ultimately doesn't matter

uh oh tough guy alert, how does it feel to be part of a terrorist ideology that illegally infiltrates sovereign countries.

muslims have a better sense of self-identity and community than you ever will.

Immigrant crime confirmed?

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I bet it feels pretty damn good.

Zig Forums detected. If anyone but your guys dressed like that you'd have called them out on it. It's insane how you can't see your own double standards in regards to what's okay for your in-group and "the others".

Don't do memes kids!

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Why do you have the same need for a figure, an invisible hand, that took away a primordial harmony, as Zig Forums does?

Anyone remember Esoteric Entity? I was going to post him to show how fruitless it is to try and prevent autism.

The new Killing Floor game looks great.

Come on, NOBODY wants to watch your homosexual darth vader larp. What are you hoping to accomplish? Think you'll get more views from people digging through your channel for cringey videos?

Imagine working a 9 to 5 job then using all your hard earned money to dress like a faggot for your shitty YouTube channel

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To be fair he shilled it on Cuckchannel too.

He literally isn't even a citizen of New Zealand. Why do all these violent white immigrants want to destroy our peaceful ways of life?

They've always got blame us for problems caused by their favorite ideology.

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I don't remember this part in Repo: The Genetic Opera.

unironically based, his content is most likely trash tho

some autistic tankie should do a similar channel, dressed as a cheeki breeki instead

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Said the grown man who watches cartoons.

To be fair most people here fiddle their mum

do you know where you are?


pic related

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There's always the 1984 approach

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Is this the new right-wing cringe thread? Unfortunately, that quote is true if you change 'communists' to succdem-at-best SJWs. Hell, reddit leftist communities reacted to this shooting exactly as the shooter expected they would in his manifesto.

Quit strawmanning.

Goooooood morning slaves, and welcome to another sedition of It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine, the show where cops can fly! *movie clip playing of cop car falling down a cliff*

The first radical I ever found on youtube. Good times.

Mannconomy was the update that ruined TF2
It's always fun and games until money gets involved.

ok paul joseph watson

Attention all Black Sun sleeper agents on Zig Forums. Der Kommandant needs his pole serviced. I repeat: Der Kommandant needs his pole serviced. You know what to do agents; good luck.

Well, I am the poster that image was replied to and I do hate anime (and weeaboos for that matter) and I think that video games are a huge waste of time and a drain on kids potential to properly develop into complete human beings because the time they waste on those bling blang shit is time that could be have been used to develop the skills that actually matter IRL.

fuck off I choose to GAEM


And we can blame porky, pouring big money into anti- Muslim propaganda as well.

Capitalist exploitation made it unlivable. It's the system you're a whore to, that led to all your problems.

We can also blame the trillions of dollars being poured into what were once the least popular forms of Islam, by the tiny minority of Wahhabi radicals in control of the Gulf monarchies and their NATO protectors, insuring that the Muslim world is characterized globally by the most insane, backward, repulsive fundie insanity.

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Why? It's not like modern films are any better.
People could say the same of all non fiction media. Watching escapist films, or books, or plays, or anything wastes time your bosses tell you should be used slaving away for them so they can afford to buy a 3rd house in Israel next year.

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Because I am an old man born and raised as a heterosexual male in the 90s and I have a huge aversion to faggotry, that's why.
Seeing you damn boys watching, posting and loving these shit literally made for little girls makes me want to do something that would make christchurch seem like a joke.
But this (you being huge faggots) is just a consequence of something bigger, not the cause, you all grew up in broken homes with absentee fathers whom did not teach you what being a man means, so it isn't that you have become gay because of cartoons but that you were already faggots who have gotten attracted to gay stuff like anime.
And while I'm at it lemme tell you why I also hate weeaboos. Japan is an autistic country filled with literal manchildren who never grow up and are afraid of even leaving their damn rooms to go outside to buy groceries; a country where people are literally incentivized to work to death; an infantile and fag country where everything is made into a le cute mascot, it's not just the manchildren, most people over there never properly grow into actual adults; I have seem people praise how Japan has no corruption and stuff, pff… little do they know that Yakuza literally runs the country, they are behind every politician, they even own the police and the entire justice system, so basically they can literally do whatever they want; and last but not least… they censor porn for christ's sake, this is literally heresy. So I hate weeaboos because you have to be absurdly retarded, probably a manchild and retarded to like that weird alien place.

Yes, and??

Nah, nah , nah!
A movie has what? 1 and half, 2, 3 hours at most? and how many movies people even watch in a week or month? how much time do people spend at a theater in their lives? is watching a documentary as addictive as the adrenaline fueled (or whatever crap gets released and fucked in your brain) video game experience?
There's no comparison. When you damn kids sit your damn asses on the couch or one of those fucking gamur chairs or whatever you faggots waste literally the entire day, the week, the month, your lives on that crap, it consumes your soul, it rottens your brain with all the chemicals that get released when you play those crap, it's literally like a fucking drug, you won't get the same from reading a book or watching a play at the theater.

Just a little fix. I was born in the 80s and raised in the 90s.

Going on Zig Forums in the evening is like being at work. Faggots are all my boss ever talks about.


I've started drooling at the mouth, myself.

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We were talking about anime, not fags you autist. You sound like a closet fag.

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anime is cool

Post your diet and workout I'll wait. By all means if you want a dick measuring contest on here to see "Who's the bigger man" I'll do it like I did it before. If you grew up in the 90's I'm betting your diet is all soy, pizza, and soda. You probably don't even have a good concept of what "being a man" means.
Nice projection but boomers would say the same about your generation.
Fair enough but to be fair that's capitalisms fault unless you wanna admit to being racist which is fine with me just don't deny it.
Don't group people together. Not everyone denies Japan is clearly corrupt, Korea is just as bad.
Epic double standard.
Arguably yes with binge watching and movies making a billion dollars at the box office.
I don't own a gamer chair and "muh chemicals are an overexaggerated meme pushed by liberals.
I'm 6'6+ I know that much, have 17+ inch arms since the last time I measured, my diet consists of entirerly meat, dairy, fruit, and is all done in mind to boost testosterone, I watch anime while eating meals after coming back from the gym. Show up or shut up faggot because you just got yourself into a fight.
Pic related is exactly who you sound like, if that isn't a wake up call I don't know what is.

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I feel so sorry for you kid, seriously, I really do.
Being a man doesn't have anything to do with le workout and muscles, it's more of an state of spirit, your actions and (I know this sounds spooky but) your honor. A real man would never enjoy watching cartoons for little girls because it's something that doesn't fit a man's mind, it's like trying to fit a square piece into a round hole. Your father should have taught you but now it's too late I'm afraid.

Wait, was it someone other than Jordan Postmodernson? The channel has been deleted and I can't see the video. Because the quote in OP absolutely tries to recreate his shit, if it isn't actually him.

You do know there's a pre-made copypasta for this, right?

>being a man isn't about having high chemicals which scientifically make you a male.
About time, I bet you're balding and have a beard longer than a 5' o clock shadow.
Enjoy going out to do useless manual labor without time to enjoy media or whatever while I fuck your wife and daughter at home for having higher sperm count, and a better body and cock, then watch anime afterwords before round two.
You do have a wife and daughter don't you righr user? After all you're not some 40 year old unmarried/divorced man who has no family like mom and dad feared right? :^)
Anyways I gotta hurry and finish my post workout meal, tell your wife I'll see her tommorow while you're at work.

No. I don't care if it is bait or isn't I'm taking it because this thread is e celeb shit anyways I can fully do as I please here unless the mods delete it.

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I can feel the butthurt emanating from the screen right now lol.
Also you have just made it obvious that you actually look like pic related.

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Lol anime isn't even my main hobby. I actually find most if it lesser to experimental film but I felt like enabling the autism of that guy with my own for the purpose of thread derailment would be successful. And it was.
Never said that, just that I fucked his wife and daughter. I'd be more offended over my daughter.

Balding is connected to higher testosterone.

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Its literally true, though. Hbomberguy is high T.
I dont care to dive back through this shit thread to find out whos Zig Forums and whos just shitposting, but it is the case.

Balding sucks ass, its more like not everything about being high t is good.

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I was making fun of the idea that high t is always good.

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Soyboy, please.

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>preference for landwhales"thicc" is high-t

TFW looking down the barrel

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>Implying I didn't just use that SJlullabyn pic just for it's relevant content

Closet homosexual detected

fuck off fag

Adorno was alright despite hating jazz music.

explains me. I also deal with clinical depression which isn't fun.

gonna fuck a cute tsundere fashy twink in the butt

Most cute anime people talk about is deliberately marketed at adult men and teenage boys in japan, for the record.
Like, the directors and marketers are deliberately thinking about guys when they made the decisions about most of the moe in those images.

Shut the fuck up, humanist

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Poor Japan.
They suffered some hardcore dysgenics in WWII, all the manly honorable men died and only those mentally ill faggy manchildren were spared to continue Japan's lineage.

They also market serious, or equally as fluff but masculine things to men. Sane, healthy people who aren't trying to compensate for something enjoy cute shit from time to time.


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nice brag

There used to be a channel with a guy larping as a Nazbol in this way, but it got deleted.

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And it is back up.

Buy a wooden hair brush and look up "Dimitri wooden hair brush" on youtube
Start now.








Typical Xennial. Worldview influenced by punk rock, right-wing nihilism, and machismo.
You just hate video games and anime bc they contradict your aesthetic.

There are plenty of reasons to hate those things.

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Oh boy, look at all of those spooks you still believe in, how quaint.

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Nothing punk about conformity honestly

Was it just some fascist?

Yeah. It was the turbo autist in OP's pic. Just looking at that pic should tell you the whole history.

There are a lot of you faggots these days.

And why are you communists for open borders, multiculturalism, homosexual rights and feminism? You help the neo-liberal capitalists with their globalization agenda!

Communists and capitalists were literally allies in World War II, you stupid cunt.

That's what happens when you attack both of them.

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You stupid faggots are instrumentalized by the capitalists and don't even notice it.

Alliance that only lasted for the duration of the war, after that we went immediately into the cold war.
Should I remind you that during war alliances and pacts get made even between not so friendly parties? What about the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact? Oh, what am I saying, you can't be reminded of something you don't even know anything about, you are just an illiterate monkey.

The Germans did not attack them. They defended their own country from the Jewish capitalist-communist world conspiracy.

By the way, Hitler didn't kill himself.

And the Germans killed 33 Million of your weak comrades while they only killed 3 Million of them! :)

I thought post war Germany suffered an additional 5 million casualties from the USSR invading them.
Which is it?