Our ancient Aryan ancestors knew the truth all along and it has been obscured from us by malicious forces. The same ancient Aryan Vedas which describe the Artic astronomy and solar cycles of Hyperborea circa 10,000 BC contain an esoteric knowledge hinted at all throughout the Vedas which culminate in this Upanishadic dictum "thou art that"; you yourself are the supreme being and godhead, all of this emanates out from you and is dissolved back into you like waves into the ocean. You are the infinite reality and are immortal. Everything that you see, hear and interact with is just you. You are forever free and eternally are at rest, abounding in bliss and at home within yourself. You are the one divine awareness in which the entire universe appears like a mirage; you are in everyone and everyone is in you. You are the ineffable Absolute. The truth of this is obscured by ignorance, the point of our present existence is to wake up to the truth of the illusion and be liberated from rebirth.

This eternal truth appears during the founding of almost every major religion and culture, the Hindus wrote copious philosophy on it and the Upanishads directly say so, the Greeks realized it with Neoplatonism, the Chinese understood that the Dao penetrates and contains all things, the Mahayana Buddhists speak of an infinite Buddha-essence in which everything is contained and which is inside everyone, even the Islamic Sufis center their thought around hadiths like "the Prophet said that he who knows himself knows his Lord", even Jesus taught this truth, that's why the Jews resented him so much and wanted to murder him; this is the true meaning of when Jesus said "the kingdom of heaven is within". This eternal esoteric metaphysical true lies at the heart of all religions and is the endgame of all philosophy and metaphysics. Dark malicious forces have worked over hundreds of years to obscure this knowledge from becoming widespread in western culture. Wake up and realize the eternal truth!

As Jesus himself said in the Gospel of Thomas (legitimate but excised for ((political reasons))

read these for an explanation of the truth:

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i cant hear you over the logos


which logos?

Heathens get the rope after the Jews

Why are Americans more proud to be a big part of the government and the worst tyranny by the nigger-Zionist?

This is a worthwhile topic and can be a deep debate.

One of the gods dwelt in paradise, all teaching the same experience in the gait of a warrior, the only professions licensed three European Americans mentions him. The laws of Ireland reject British language of the last 500 years. In Spain, Basque country is rejected. Throughout Europe, and there are complaints against government licensing party. Only embedded, network infrastructure community there. Unclear and reward closed. I saw it.
But the value of it. A mistake in our All American Country doesn't always work. It seems I America. Or his mental condition of life "feronman", and other words that expression of life and how can you, the third is always like a long journey west you are part of American society.

But the government and the bed, and may not return, and it feared Russia. Russia moves to full U.S. East.
Inaccurate in Russia, stress, look at Europe Organization. In 1917, shows, supports and names, which is shameful to the Beehive in National Socialist Germany. In fact, it is easy to emphasize-not all the prerequisites of the Soviet Donbas, the Chechen Republic, the electoral party, and are in South Ossetia of Russia. It is not vital in the central part of Russia and the Russian ethnic rebel (at least not recently) had a horrible remnant of this recently, like me, the 1994 d'état Russians would be efforts to destroy democracy, after which the council's head of association, Boris Yeltsin. Russia is still a country of free people and does not see the recovery of NGOS.

The Resay does not fight the American Revolution (but the Americans reap almost as one and white from other people, and even in the absence of a government) may be able to speak with the Americans. Many people claimed the humanitarian created place where violence and prevents economic growth. After all, farmers do not earn less than if they deal with protests to prevent the use of it or the sex they satisfy. For the hand, people have money in America does not imply that the climate is not implied in their regular characteristics, but their sportball 24/7, retirement or retirement benefits, and learn true cooperation with Zionist.

To continue this argument, it should also be noted that bad environment in general is bad for the government and bad organization. If the security forces are involved in the repression of the military coup and if the work becomes more difficult and has confidence in military danger. It destroys and often cruelly knows more than cure. The death of the established body of repression against the revolutionaries and disadvantages. Open the door to the dark market and evaluate. Helps you configure settings.

And finally, Americans tend to believe that the problem isn't necessarily loved. "Rights Militia Movement" Restoration of the Constitutional Base and "Safe Holidays" and "Republicanism"
But what the hell does that mean? People don't usually give their lives a piece of paper. The guerrillas are not as familiar with the same, or are used in FLNC or EOKA building confidence or as the chief executive of our fathers, the United States. There is no popular insurgency in them being held in places, but there is no form of Protestant property that has fallen on the Serb forces of tax. The world was different from the mango, the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers. Another important difference is the bag S.0 As a saint coup. In the ancient world or new European perspectives such as activity "All Unity revolutionary" is all nationalist revolutionary or ethnic. They have a life. Those who were in nature in the case of the army red in Germany's political. But in general the Republic of Donbass, IRAS and the FLNC get ethnic minorities in Greece only spinoff terrorism covers more of the convergence of their ethnic struggle.
If the citizens do not have simple nationalism, because the root cause.

And then, we must remember your important U.S. military coup.
KKK. Previously strong kkk and insurgency, and in contact with U.S. politics. The Federation, he felt like a Hezbullah nationalist political organizing aggressive development to cancel, and often.

both Jesus and the Aryan Vedic scriptures are non-dualist, Jews are the third party out and are proto-typical dualists, read Meister Eckart

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Not so long ago in human history, the christian was heathen, and by many count still is one. Don't derail this thread.

This was a great read. 10/10

So I'm god…

Why would I save a world I no longer have any stake in?


As the sun, who is the eye of the world,
Cannot be tainted by the defects in our eyes
Nor by the objects it looks on,
So the one Self, dwelling in all, cannot
Be tainted by the evils of the world.
For this Self transcends all!
(Katha 11.2.11)

They place us at home in a compassionate universe, where nothing is “other” than ourselves - and they urge us to treat that universe with reverence, for there is nothing in the world but God:

The Self is the sun shining in the sky,
The wind blowing in space; he is the fire
At the altar and in the home the guest;
He dwells in human beings, in gods, in truth,
And in the vast firmament; he is the fish
Born in water, the plant growing in the earth,
The river flowing down from the mountain.
For this Self is supreme!
(Katha 11.2.2)

The Isha Upanishad

’The Lord is enshrined in the hearts of all.
The Lord is the supreme Reality.
Rejoice in him through renunciation.
Covet nothing. All belongs to the Lord.
2 Thus working may you live a hundred years.
Thus alone will you work in real freedom.

Those who deny the Self are born again
Blind to the Self, enveloped in darkness,
Utterly devoid of love for the Lord.

The Self is one. Ever still, the Self is
Swifter than thought, swifter than the senses.
Though motionless, he outruns all pursuit.
Without the Self, never could life exist.

The Self seems to move, but is ever still.
He seems far away, but is ever near.
He is within all, and he transcends all.

Those who see all creatures in themselves
And themselves in all creatures know no fear.
Those who see all creatures in themselves
And themselves in all creatures know no grief.
How can the multiplicity of life
Delude the one who sees its unity?

The Self is everywhere.
Bright is the Self,
Indivisible, untouched by sin, wise,
Immanent and transcendent.
He it is Who holds the cosmos together.

Osho was an anti-traditional agent of chaos and didn't represent the legitimate Hindu tradition at all, which is exemplified by his open promotion and advocacy of hedonism, free-love and sex which the Hindu tradition and almost all of its philosophy condemn

Around 2000 B.C., scholars believe, groups of Indo-European-speaking peoples calling themselves arya,or noble, began to enter the Indian subcontinent through the Hindu Kush. There, in the Indus river valley, they found a civilization already a thousand years old, thriving and advanced in technology and trade. From the fusion of these two cultures, the Aryan and the Indus Valley, Indian civiliza­tion was born.The Aryans brought their gods and a religion based on ritual sacrifice, with lyrical, life-affirming hymns meant for incantation in an ancient form of Sanskrit. These hymns, dat­ing from perhaps 1500 B.C., reveal an intimate, almost mys­tical bond between worshipper and environment, a simulta­neous sense of awe and kinship with the spirit that dwells in all things. Even in translation they have a compelling beauty. They worship natural forces and the elemental powers of life: sun and wind, storm and rain, dawn and night, earth and heaven, fire and offering.These powers are the devas, gods and goddesses sometimes recognizable in other religions of Aryan origin. In the hymns they seem very near, present before us in the forms and forces of the natural world. Fire is Agni, worshipped as the actual fire on the hearth or altar and as the divine priest who carries offerings to the gods. The storm is Indra, leader of the gods and lord of war and thunder, who rides into battle on his swift chariot to fight the dragon-demon of the sky or the enemies of the Aryan hosts.

If mysticism can arise in any age, there is no reason to suppose that the Upanishads are a late flowering of Vedic thought. They may represent an independent tributary into the broad river of the Vedas. Some age-old elements of Hindu faith can be traced more easily to the pre-Aryan Indus Val­ley civilization than to Vedic ritual, and archaeologists have uncovered there a striking stone image which a Hindu villager today would identify without hesitation as Shiva, Lord of Yoga, seated in meditation, suggesting that the disciplines of mysticism might have been practiced in India before the Aryans arrived.

Veda (etymologically “sacred knowledge,” or wisdom) meansin the first instance these four Samhitas or collections of inspiredhymns directed to the gods of the Indo-Aryan pantheon and divin­ized aspects of the Vedic religious ideology, such as fire, as well assome hymns so elusive we can no longer tell what exactly they arecelebrating. A second meaning of the word includes three classes oftexts which were soon attached to, and preserved with, their respec­tive Samhitas. The first are the Brahmanas, lengthy descriptions ofthe Vedic rituals in a prose which is nearly that of classical Sanskrit,containing a vast amount of lore and narrative from innumerablefamily traditions. These texts were basically manuals for the priests (also brahmanas, “brahmins”) responsible for the increasingly com­plex family and community rites. Second is a smaller and more in­triguing group of texts known as Aranyakas or “forest manuals,”continuations of the Brahmanas but “dealing with the speculationsand spirituality of forest dwellers …, those who have renouncedthe world.”1 And third are the earliest Upanishads or “confiden­tial sessions.”2 The Upanishads thus consummate a line of develop­ment which begins with the official hymns of the extended familythat were recited at their public rituals and ends with utterances ofuniversal import that a remarkable class of forest sages had givento their intimate disciples. For this reason, and because they arehanded down at the end of the Vedic collections and are meant to belearned and recited last by Vedic students, the Upanishads are clas­sified as vedanta, “the end of the Vedas.”


If can always choose the path of ascetic or religious renunciation/priest/etc, but even if you don't you can still work towards beneficial and just goals like raising a family and helping your country/people while understanding that everything is really just the Supreme Godhead and while remaining blissful and unattached to the fruits of actions, because you are just contributing to the overall harmony of the unreal universe happening in it and the mental well-being of the people still trapped in it who are not really separate from you but who still suffer the illusion of multiplicity and will until they themselves also individually realize the truth.

this exposed as dogma in 18 minutes. OP is hanging onto his gimel


I'll think about it while I try to find a place to sleep so I don't drown or freeze to death.

good luck


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You appear to be assuming a kind of solipsism. I see no reason to assume that solipsism is correct though. Occam's Razor would suggest that the people that I see around me have their own separate conscious perspectives, exactly as I think they appear to.

Solipsists have to account for the complex activities of the people around them by assuming that their own subconscious mind underlies all of it. They also have to assume that their subconscious mind underlies the activities of most of the rest of the observable universe, and that is why they cannot control and direct the world around them with their conscious mind.

Again, I think that Occam's Razor leads us to a better answer. I can't control the world around me because the world around me probably extends beyond what I think of as my own mind. I am not "the one".

Nice chaining of words. Little meaning to be found in them though.
Here's something to ponder: what is your mind, and why can it expand?

Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time.
Anyone who disagrees is a jew, either racially or by conversion.
Stop wasting time.

That's the simple truth and we shouldn't be afraid to say it.
This slogan will separate the cowards and shills from the free human beings - the people who will sacrifice to make things better for everyone.
It's perfectly well protected by the First Amendment, but it also no doubt gets the attention of the mass surveillance program, maybe causing them to overreact and spread their resources thin.
We can't be afraid to say such things if we are going to have any chance at organizing effectively - we need a single-minded message that can't be negotiated and subverted (like 'the alt right').

Even if you are a coward, you can help those who really will take action by memeing this slogan.

So, how do we know there's no hope in this system?
One very important fact: The jews control the currency completely.
There is no way to pry control from them within the system because they can always print more money and fund a countermeasure.

We have to work hard to earn money and carefully build every effort, while the jew can just conjure money out of thin air and pay useful idiots to come and knock it all down.

Simply put the entire economy is a scam.
Our money is meaningless and worthless, but we treat it as if it's real. This mistake has fundamentally warped our collective psyche and is the root of all the problems we have, such as the popularity of leftist ideology.

If you don't know already, you NEED to understand how the central bank bribes everyone and everything to enact its social engineering goals:
(can anyone provide some better sources explaining central banking?)
and you need to understand exactly how they leverage this power:
(long video, but it describes exactly how they move money around and get things done, watching it and understanding it will probably completely change your life)

Cowards and shills might spam this thread, mods might delete it again and again, but they will never address the proposition directly, because it is their masters' greatest fear - what if we stopped being distracted and immediately focused on the root of the problem?
The jews and their dependent slaves aren't anywhere near ready for that yet.
It's an opportunity that I suggest we pursue.
Despite everything, we can not only survive, but we can win.

To anyone who really would take action immediately: Work hard to be truly ready to do what you know is right.
Make sure you are educated and trained and plan carefully.
Don't become impatient and spend your life on an act that fails to advance the true goal.


screaming at people that they are god is hilariously sociopathic, on that note
it’s true, but this is the zero odds way to convey it
it’s nothing but abuse give how poorly people understand god
people who do this live in the nightmare of their own pattern
it’s also false by another simultaneous concept of god
we should fix that, and by science so we shall
if we can fend off the feudal narcissists who treat shrinking the government as going back in time

the mods are too completely enslaved to delete garbage threads like this
they only delete usable truth

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Lurk moar, faggot.

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I reckon you're more jewish than most jews at this point. Keep defining yourself through the jew and you'll become nothing more than its reflection.
For sure, sacrifice is necessary. My issue is that you seem obsessed with sacrificing everything you can if it means bringing them down, including yourself. So once we triumph, what will remain then? A twisted corrupted bloodline that knows nothing but bloodshed and vengeance? I fucking wonder what other people could have followed this path.
To fight is paramount. But we don't fight for the sake of death. We fight for the sake of survival. Be careful that in trying to survive you do not forget the point of living.
We already know how evil the jew is. It may be beneficial to start discussing other things too, like we used to. This applies especfially if you're a warrior. The fight is not what keeps a soldier going.

How do you even come to vomit such garbage?


Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven."

Someone mind explaining what the fuck this means?

the swede one


Jew 1 and Jew 2, welcome to Zig Forums

It means jews are big homos.

logos used to mean something before E.M Jones
It isn't even the guys fault he is actually good, it's his retarded close minded followers. What Op said in no way goes against Logos. In fact Christ represents that realization. The totallity outside you is also reflected on you. Inside you

God doesn't save the world nobody took it from him. The world is his. If anything we have to make ourselves worthy of living in his world. A king doesn't exist to serve you ,why would the king of the universe, the one who allows existence serve anyone.

Go fuck yourselves…you poo in the loos were the ORIGIN of the Thuggee and ritual human sacrifice. Not us.

You are REALLY misunderstanding the role of good leadership. A good leader (king) is always in service to their own people. Their whole lives are about service and keeping their responsibility alive, thriving and healthy.

It is literally the only reason that they and their entire bloodline lives. They live to serve.

He's actually right user, go ready Roberto Calasso

I've been awakened to this once before, but lost from it again because of the propaganda. apparently the evil forces in the world at this moment are still too strong. it's indeed the most important thing in life: spiritual awareness, but what do you want me to tell you? There are some problems that really need to be solved once more.

1 the climate problem.2 the problem that women have too much freedom.and 3 the big race problem.

We can only think about our Aryan spirituality, but then we mustn't forget to solve those problems!

There will really have to be a retaliation (mass murder) before the Aryan clergy can truly are blessed.

I hope that someday the weather will reign supreme and the real men will get up and fight.

But with all that arguing like on pol, there's little or no sense and so the thread has little sense.It's no use restoring the Aryan clergy and only thinking about peace, while the problems are ignored and only become more problematic.

Nope…the poos are subhuman vile filth…they are not the 'origin' of anything good.

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Pagans are JIDF

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What a load of meaningless garbage

The semi-monthly recycling of Zig Forums disinformation continues. Next month or the month after it will be why orthodox is based or true christianity hasn't been tried, etc.

This is where the tradition of mixing ancient myths with judaism comes from. Jews were shopping around for ancient myths from other religions to craft their own. Gnosticism is basically Judaism's Cutting Room Floor.

Sage for propagating jew worship and disinformation.

It probably means they didn't understand what menopause was.
When they stop with the bleeding they may be considered male, and no longer filthy creatures. Is probably what it means. You have to remember you are reading stuff written by people who regarded burning children and collecting the foreskins of their enemies as trophies, as normal behaviour.
The persistence of genital mutilation of minors is one of the main reasons semites are disliked by civilized people that regard it as barbaric, abusive, perverted and criminal.

Jesus wasn't a semite and that is a terrible answer.

We are not God, we are of God, his ultimate expression. The cycle of rebirth and eternity is God. The demiurge/antichrist is the materialistic culture that consumes and seeks to disrupt the cycle of eternity. The Aryan race is the only race gifted with the God spirit to live in perpetual harmony with the universe for eternity

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They don't do this for their own benefit, they do it to subvert other cultures, invade nations from the inside and destroy them by 'deciding' for other what they will 'think' and how they will 'worship'.

I didn't say Jesus was a semite, the person who wrote the passage most likely was, a barbaric semite, who believed that women are dirty because they bleed which is why they keep them separate and some semitic cultures even have a little shed where they stay for that week.
He probably couldn't comprehend what the Son of God said so wrote what his basic mind could remember of the event, and tried to resolve it with what every else locally believed. In order not to get crucified for pushing too far.
If my explanation is so terrible, perhaps you should say what it all means my pious friend. Educate me.

In recent years, narcissism was projected against anyone sufficiently progressive to protest narcissism, and so enslaved to hatred were the projecting people who did it that humility was then abused in turn. No concern was spared for the success of necessary causes - and fascism rose by another name. As above, so below.

Nor was there any joy in the abusive people who did it, but they cared more for sacrificing themselves upon the altar of hatred than to succeed in a world of truth and progress.

It was a great answer, quit overthinking shit.

The semitic religions. Mainly Christianity and Islam seek to to universalize and mix all of humanity and make the claim that God ONLY resides within their temples. Imagine a place of death, built upon death, one which venerates the sign of the cross (death) and the other the symbol of the moon ( death of the sun) claiming they are symbols of rebirth. They are the anti thesis of nature, of God and one doesn’t need to look far to discover the semitic influence in the desert cults and why the jews use them as weapons against all of humanity to bring about their artificial reality and defy God. God only exists in nature and complexity. Those that seek to simplify, neuter and generalize creation are the unnatural force of the demiurge seeking to draw forth and perpetuate the weakest forms of existence at expense of the strong. They will never win. Their ultimate victory is their own self destruction.

The whole text of OP indicates the Buddhist principle: the samsara (the unconscious) and the nirvana, the conscious.

Narcissists in power are simply too refined to call narcissism on people who point out that they’re narcissists. “Imagine our perspective!” say the miserable incontinents who can’t keep their shit together long enough to lead an honest society even to their success. And the greatest threat of power ends up being people who

It goes back to Babylon and their ritual practice of drinking menstrual blood as the elixir of life. The kikes are super paranoid about it because one of the high priestesses fucked a human and she got a venereal disease that killed all the purebreds of their race leaving only the mongrel bastards alive. So after that incident women became 'dirty' in their eyes and they became super paranoid about the blood never touching them. This is why the church (globohomo) gets such outrageous delight from torturing women to death.

Yes, kike, retardation is now the acceptable status quo on Zig Forums…I understand.

No they live to show. To be better.
The arrogance. Of course they have to please the people, they need to maintain their rule after all. They're supposed to be the highest achievment of an ethnicity. Though on a less schizo note they do indeed need to appear valuable to us lowborns

i think we became so egotistical we are no longer fit to have leaders anymore

we can't trust anymore we can't show devotion anymore. It's all bout muh property, and this king serves to ensure muh property.

Also imagine inverting the meaning of the word servant that now it sits on the top of the hierarchy. When the slave become rulers everyone becomes a slave.

Your rulers are TRASH semites. They are not fit to live; let alone rule. There is no 'devotion' to a disgusting parasitic kike. Don't be disgusting. If you want to be someones carpet for them to wipe their dirty feet on, be my guest. The problem does not originate with the 'people' it originates with the TRASH PARASITES who think they are 'fit' to rule over us…I can't believe that you are 'enjoying' all the shit they are doing to our nations and people so that you would DARE TO BLAME US FOR THEIR SHITTING FUCKING ACTION.

I agree

i never said the contrary. The ruler can't be a slave therefore he cannot be a semite

which part says this?
is this only found in edited versions of The Holy Bible?
also, why does the OP make no mention of how faith works and the power that can be accessed or however by sufficient amounts of faith?

Laughter occasionally is good, but constant chimpanzee screeching means your brain broke. Remember that when you’re inverting stupidity and calling it clever. Nor am I above you - we are all very very proud and perfect here.

Dollars to donuts you aren’t even an actual antisemite.

Zig Forums is a bored of war

Yeah…wanting a EUROPEAN ETHNOGLOBE doesn't make me an actual anti semites they are just one of many races that need to be exterminated so that my own people can live quietly, productively and peacefully on the planet as God ordained.

i get his pain this shit strains our wellbeing. Though my view is that we need to bring about a person we can follow, a real king not just a servant. I just think we are too demoralized right now and it shows in his post.

If you ever want to be very weak, very very weak and irrelevant, not even faintly powerful or impactful in any way, alllll you need to do is think your own thoughts. Thinking never changes anything.

Is that what you are doing with you one line posts?
Or is that what I'm doing by discussing how a 2000 year old translated book may need to be interpreted should you subscribe to its importance; and how this may relate to todays geo political status of what is considered civilized or barbaric?
What should Zig Forums be for in your opinion?

our race isn't one for peace. Even among ourselves we alawys have conflict. Which i welcom with open arms

sorry for the typos, i'm sleepy.

Nope we are the most peaceful non-violent people on the planet. They semite TRASH PARASITES have been exterminating us for 2,000 years. In the last 100+ years we went from being 24% of the global pop to 11-4% depending on who you ask. We would never war among each other if the kikes were exterminated.

Lol, go ram pluto up your donkey’s ass. I’m saying you’re being spectacularly honest, straightforward, and not even faintly tricky, a good and perfect person who is

so very antisemitic
so so very antisemitic

such a saint of antisemitism

People here got no play left in them. You can’t always be on one side forever.

Go read some history and then you can stop speculating about what kikes think…

Spiritual omnipotence is as powerless as a breath of wind upon a snowy slope. What moves the world that lightly? What can change the nature of a man? What power moves and is not seen?

Ain’t no unseen force in this post

Go to sleep then. Stop participating in the trashing of a good thread with sockpuppeting ethnoglobe psycho, who may be traveling as she doesn't seem to have access to her large cache of meme pics.


Conflict between ourselves is why the jews took power in the first place. The greatest tragedy in human history was how our own brother-hatred led to a destructive war that made the complete takeover by jews possible.

The force of change was denied and rejected because great schisms were blamed on it, but they always are. Truth is, those things happen for a reason, and I don’t mean a divine reason
insofar as people are the divine that matters. People turn for reasons. Liars blame changes on the wrong things. Abusers like people who never change their minds, who get scared rigid and stay there, but scratch an abuser and you’ll too often find that’s their type too.

We need progress. We need change! It isn’t all chaos; change is the law! Scientists change their minds. Children change their minds. Phosophers change their minds. All who learn change their minds. Eventually that’s everyone.

We can’t pick what happens in this world. We can’t pick the way people change. We have to work with it, and it’s best if we teach people to keep changing. Because that’s how we root out the abuses of history. Now, then, and again tomorrow. We always got to change.

We can’t always be on one side of anything forever. The people who never change are living weapons who don’t know who has their handle.

You want to understand this world, you have to find the stone in flux, and the flux in stone. That’s how it’s always been. It’s less literal than it was, but some things are timeless all the same.

If we fear change so much we build a world that punishes mercurialism, we won’t ever step out of the shadow of our ancestors, and humanity will die on this rock. Break free of what binds you.

I only mean a solipsism of God, God is the only thing that really exists and is present inside all of us as the pure unchanging blissful awareness watching and illuminating all of our thoughts, this is what we really are in reality but we mistakenly identify ourselves with our thoughts and ego etc illumined by this awareness, without this we wouldn't be conscious.

Advaita Vedanta gives the example of the One awareness of God falsely appearing to exist as a multitude in the same way that the one moon is reflected in millions of puddles and lakes at once.

I'm not speculating about what they think. Somebody asked for possible explanations as to what the bible passage may be about, I offered one. You seem incredibly educated, what history should I be reading? If I'm to reconcile Aryan beliefs and the Bible, which is what the thread is supposed to be about you should want to tell me.

Look around this place! It’s full of people who are so antisemitic. So, so, so antisemitic. Such perfect saints of antisemitism. Now why is that? What broke all these people to this lie in particular?

pure unchanging awareness? give me a break
that’s empirically falsifiable
those cultures were rife with sudden treachery
people would break and kill randoms
it’s called amok

that’s a fruit of the false law that doesn’t change

It’s not a coincidence that aryan means race traitor. That’s what aryanist slaves always fall to, both modern and ancient.

It doesn’t matter if people are broken to a “truth” or a “lie”. The flux in stone is something that actually exists; the stone in flux is a real opportunity. Our ultimate reference is to the world around us. The people who break themselves to what is not true are completely beyond the balance.

And they are




There is no power at all in thought or truth. Nobody ever felt one thing more joyous than another, nor more right. Integrity never did anything good. Nobody ever preferred peace. We’re still bashing rocks together after all this time!

There was never any reward to letting go of hatred. No forgiven person ever deserved it; no crime confessed was ever truly at its end. No war ever ended, in all the history of mankind, save in the deaths of the combatants. People are happier that way. Mankind is warlike.

Nobody unseen ever changed the world.

The full and exact history is known.

Buddhism is great but it largely just repeats the lessons of the already existing pre-Buddhist Upanishads but with a different emphasis, this is not to attack it though, if it works better for some people than all the power to them.

wrong, anything you can point to as being in opposition or contradiction is observed by this very awareness and is separate from it. No matter what, at all moments there is a unchanging prism of awareness through all moments are observed, it exists prior too all thoughts and emotions and sensatons and is itself formless and devoid of qualities. It is always present in every conscious moment. Its existence during sleep in a dormant state may be inferred from its immediate continuity upon waking and form how if someone strikes someone in deep sleep it will intrude upon this same awareness.
Wrong, Demosthenes the Greek ambassador to ancient India wrote about how it was extremely peaceful and harmonious place

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We know exactly who is virtuous at every level of society.

Dumb shit, man. Go eat an unfalsifiable poison and come back to tell us how you feel.