Former Alt-Right member or Retired Spy? You Decide

She wishes she had never said the things she’s said or did the things she’s done, but when I first met her, she still insisted that they were often jokes gone wrong and that, on some level, she’d said these things because she’d been egged on by others. She seemed unable to face her full complicity in her own behavior. Unlike Derek Black, the son of Stormfront founder Don Black and to date one of the most significant defectors from the white nationalist movement.
“I take responsibility for all my actions,” McHugh says now. “Everything I said that was terrible was my fault.” She says she knows she was a racist. She says that she has changed. And she’s ready to tell everything she knows.

This woman's story was suspicious from the beginning. She even has Type 1 diabetes up to this day from eating off all the inner rage from Breitbart and the Alt-Right. She ended up homeless and without and meds. Like many of the NeverTrumpers and YangGangers, she was a CIA plant that was a elf on the shelf to the agency she worked for. It is great to know these CIAniggers are exposing themselves more and more when their words become less intelligible the day.

Rate the legitimacy of this former Alt-Right spy.

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LOL. Did Don ghostwrite this?

Wait, how is she altright?
Did she take part in propaganda? Did she actually do anything online or irl?

I have been called racist myself, it doesn't even bother me. It's not like I am dead or anything.

He lives in a Jewish neighborhood. It's obvious the Jews were after him from his birth.

Her point is literally that "the alt-right" has failed because it has failed to provide her the salary necessary to become a childless career woman.
Because that's what sincere traditional women want.
These people are imbeciles and the civil war is going to be easy.

She's "alt-right" in the sense that they say she is, and apparently she tried to have a new-media career with Blaze-like sites, and tweeted about black crime a handful of times. So less authentic than Richard Spencer. This article is a self-defeating joke.

So organic. Make sure we get a patreon to donate to.

Don Black is a fucking nobody is what I am getting at. Stormfront lost the messaging battle to VNN years and years ago.

He got a gay son, how incompotent of a father was he?

She was a grifter who doxed and attacked other right-wingers like Scott Greer. Once she finished burning bridges, the whale went to the left as a propaganda mouthpiece for additional gibs. It's great that she left to Buzzfeed because she's a parasite.

That's another spook operation that landed several innocent Whites in prison for political opinions.

Every White person you Jews go after is a political refugee or prisoner.

My asylum claim in Denmark will happen easily at this point. I already know who you shit stains denied access last month through the transparency reports.


Common Jew tactic, any White person that won't be a miscegenating ape is pushed into the gay arena.

You're a faggot if you support this bullshit.

she had a twitter account

So does every intelligent person. What does that mean? I use mine to send messages to Team Trump and the rest of the Europeans.

Shut the fuck up, nigger.

so another never-was just like all the other "formers".


If they make Bond a woman in the next film I will be unironically happy, as it will kill the franchise even faster than a nigger would.

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Nobody cares about TRS Sodomites

Dream on.

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Holy fuck lads.
Am I tripping right now?
Check out the bird's eyelashes.
They're fucking glued-on or something. kekly

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I somehow knew that a post like this was on the way.
I always ask myself why do you, you dumb piece of shit and excuse for whatever gender dont post your point of view. That never happens. Because you do not have a point, that is why you rotate endlessly in sophistry.

It's fake, clearly bait to make people doubt themselves because surely that will stop the right. Shame on you for taking a buzzfeed article seriously tho

The sad thing is that these people are wage cucks, and serve women and niggers. Jaaaaaaaaa, jaaaaa. They establish their own culture of superiority but in a way the more they feel superior the more they are strangled by their quotas and plastic cooperate environments.

alt right are homos

I like the alt right but you know it is the alt right, much better than the leftists and the cooperate shit since they have the plastic shit in common.

Yep just one more extension of globohomos power structure. They are also ALL JEWS…never found a single one who was jew or at least 1/4 jew on their mother's side.
It is like playing a game of Kike, Kike, goose.

Pretty sure that is Turd-eaux the leaf drama teachers face.

pic related

I'm just saying, they're homos. Down to a man, if they don't turn out jews or tranny jews, they turn out to be gay. Then they mock skinheads for not being intellectual.

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Cults go to church. At church, cult members wow the congregants with testimony about what terrible sinners they were before they found Jesus/went clear/gave their shahada/renounced the idea white people have interests.

Par for the course among race-creationists.

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Spies are truth-seekers. Some of them don’t always emit truth, but all of them seek truth. They watch each other, sometimes genially, sometimes desperately… I don’t approve of privacy invasions, but I have finite disapproval. I don’t really have secrets to hide, I merely have a conviction that privacy protects a diversely evolving future likely to create new arts and sciences.

Are your disapprovals finite? You live in a world where all defections must be evil evil bo beevil, and your idea of maximum evil appears to be a spy. Maybe you would be more effective if you hated truth-seekers less. Truth is that to which all must return.

And yet, can you? What good is truth in racism? All arguments of racism can be defeated by egalitarian transhumanism efforts that are already beginning in the efforts to print organs and cure genetic disorders. Someday a racism gene itself may be found and cured. Certainly it seems like racists are less happy and more desperately isolated in today’s world. The same could have been said of gays in a prior era, but there’s a difference. How can we include you more when your kind are so aggressive? Racists occasionally rape and assault people in ways that gays do not.

It’s not the insults that are the prpblem. It’s that with which the insults correlate.

I don't see how this affects anything really, except showing how the CIAniggers throw out their own, which is hilarious for the glowniggers on Zig Forums.

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Isn't it time for you to go fuck your mother again and then pop the zits on your tiny penis in her mouth?

The alt right isnt exactly intellectual but on the other hand the intellectuals themselves have no real value if they dont have any real grip.

Look how mad they are because of your comment. Lol
This must be glownigger code.