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Miss USA 2019 has been crowned!


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Nicole Feld – businesswoman, producer, and vice president for Feld Entertainment, Inc.

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It should surprise no one that those pics either look like men (the first two) or aliens (final pic).

Kim Kaupe – businesswoman and co-founder of The Superfan Company

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Why does she look like a ayy lmao?

Marry blacks goy, let us take your Aryan women.

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You can have the Hindu women. I will stick to European women.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters – Miss Universe 2017 from South Africa

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He might be waiting, is she?

1/3 of white lil girls are feasting on black men in high school right now. Mean while %60 of white kids are disregarding dating to find good jobs.

Thats just my honest evaluation by a person with the ability to see it every day.

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Ukonwa Ojo – marketing executive for Covergirl, Rimmel, and Vera Wang

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Which brings up an interesting topic: would I rather fuck some 56% nigger or an actual space ayy in fake human skin?

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I fucking hate Tebow. He is the classic example of a massive christcuck. When I was in college I was stupid and hung around a Christian student group, it wasn't until they told me to sexually save myself until marriage while I had pussy thrown at me (Being an athlete) and watching the dudes walking around the women's clothes section in Wal-mart to "not let their minds wander". I said a massive fuck off.

Oh she isn't. Trust me.

Mulattas are actually kinda cute. This is much better than a full-on sheboon winning.

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You gotta be fucking kidding me.


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Get you some help


Amy Palmer – journalist and media entrepreneur

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You also have mulattas and quadroons who prefer white guys more than black men.

I work in education retard. It was an honest evaluation. From a red state.

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Nobody wants to end up a single mother or beheaded like Nicole Brown-Simpson.

To the surprise of no one

I must read this argument.

Those types of cases are anomalies though. Stop falling for alt-right lies.

Honestly the black population here is larger than the Spanish. Hard to judge them. They live in segregated communities.

I was just trying to be trollie and lulzy.

Haha we have the official mixed race marriage stat for the US household income stats.

According to this, 1.3% of the US households with married couples is black-white.

This is after all the race mixing propaganda and 200 years of blacks living in America.

Haha it doesn't work. The only groups that mix with blacks are other ethnic minorities.

I want to see it.

Denise Quiñones – Miss Universe 2001 from Puerto Rico

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It's only measuring married couples. You claiming the relationship didn't work after some half-niglet is shit out is irrelevant.


With black or brown, you will never frown

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Do you never stop to think how weird it is you niggers are so obsessed with white girls and so repulsed by your own females?

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Hillary Schieve – politician and Mayor of Reno, Nevada

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You have awful taste and your filenames belies your homosexual niggerdom.


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C'mon, user. Knock it off.

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Patricia Smith – philanthropist and Miss Virginia USA 1994

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Stfu beta boy

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This is black? Bleached 95%. If all blacks looked like that we could say blacks are extinct and whites won.

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american pageantry always reminds me of this

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If it looks like a kike and acts like a kike, it must be.

And that's how you get a mess like this.

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this is good, doesn't look like any white women made it to the top ten. whites need to learn to eat shit, and lose their positions. if anyone needs their fucking egos deflated it's the typical white whore

A totally irrelevant franchise.

Don't sure if you serious or sarcastic.

A dark day for America.

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There should be an effort to shoop "Attractive" black women's faces onto black men to see if people notice.

Miss USA is run by kikes, obviously they were going to pick a groid

Protip: The White men are feasting on the black women at least as much. But they're also banging out the other 2/3 of White girls. A real pickle.


Honk Honk

tbh, the only reason I made this thread was because when I calleld my boomer father tonight, he was watching this trash.
I talked to him a bit about how fucked up it was, and we agreed it was a shitshow.
I distinctly remember him saying "Man this one from North Carolina is a frizzy haired negroid mess" and I laughed and said "I betcha she wins".

Looks like dad owes me a beer.

they want to promote the children of kalergi. isnt that right kike?

Gradually, i began to vomit on (((them))).

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jewish lies. oil drilling is rarer than finding money on the sidewalk on a synagogue

What a disgusting thread, amerimutts are truly a blight on this world.

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Bro, real talk - everyone prefers White guys to black men.
The only White women who are fucking around with White men are damaged slags with daddy issues.
Toll paying has never been more ubiquitously demonstrated.

lel pic related bro

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Yeah, just like Israel won Eurovision.
Bunch of fucking liars and manipulators.

Prove it. I betcha won't.

This is basically the /thread of it all.

Nobody should be surprised by this statistic.
Whites are by far the most appealing, including to other Whites.
All the race-mixing propaganda you see out there is gas lighting, just like the outcome of this event, which I wager was decided before it began. The outcome of this event was one singular goal: Reinforce to White America that 'beauty' is a mixed-race half-nigger.

But I guess it could have been worse.

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I don't have that stat, but I do have this one…

In 2010, only 9.5% marriages were interracial.
Of those, 7.9% were White-Black.
That comes out to about 0.7% of all US marriages being Black-White interracial marriages.

In 2016, only 10.2% of marriages were interracial.
Of those, about 8.1% were White-Black.
That's about 0.8262% or about 0.83%.

Yeah, but non-married couples aren't breeding much these days bro.
They tend to get dogs and shit instead, and there still aren't very many of them.

They all look like le 56% face variations with lots of cosmetics applied.

Mixing even within whites makes mystery meat.

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Nah, not really.
You're just a gay shill.
See your other post here:

Thems the facts man.
You think it wasn't going to be obvious you cuckchan niggers are sweeping in with fags like this posting?

Get it together fellas.

Sure thing bro.
Protip: Dudes are wrapping it up and wrecking nigger pussy on the reg. Their own men are fags half the time. No joke.

And rightly so.


And rightly so.

Everyone is obsessed with Whites bud. We're objectively the most beautiful, as determined by science.

Lel, kys jew.

No, u, niggerjew

Nah. I'm White.
You're just some brown cuckchan loser.

Go dilate your fronthole.

Says the guy that cant make an argument, just some "nah" and ad hominem.

Dumb nigger jew, you are.

Nah, I made an argument, you just didn't like it jew.

Stay angry and keep that fronthole open.

Its a bunch of Fucking Michael obama skin cell clones. Do you think we actually even give a fucking remote fuck about some Kike Reward Kike Shit stick Circle. Fuck yourself

Mixed girls perhaps. Whites are seen as more dangerous now, which I am fine with. I never liked the dopey, friendly characterization in media.

You want a nobel prize in literature nigger jew dumbass for that?

Yeah, jew. Give me one.

Anything thats around really.
Young male athletes aren't terribly picky when it comes to pump-n-dumps, and everyone wants to fuck a White guy.
Hell, a good half the nigger males would be game if they thought they could get away with sucking some White dick. Gross faggot monkeys.

Would you tards please remember that this is a board for people on the high end of the IQ spectrum?

It is?
With the way people've been shitposting lately, I could have guessed otherwise. Its basically indiscernable from 4chan at this point, except that cuckchan has way more people.

Get out Jew



Tell it to this fucking halfbrain idiot.

(((Nicole Feld)))

Doesnt matter. We know our beauty.
Post them. I will begin.

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It used to be the contestants were maidens.