Action Needed; Kick Zognald Blumpfkin's Neocohen Agenda Square in Nuts

Hello Anons Purple here. Recently I have been making a little name for myself dropping classified information here and there. Recently our jew lover and chief the ever ear whispered Zognald has focused the evil eye of tel aviv on the nation of Venezuela. As previously explained they need to sell VZ's oil reserves/refinery capacity to KSA to balance books for their state owned oil company IPO. That is irrelevant what is relevant is the present battle in the war against Kushner's plan for greater Israel rests with the protest at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC.

This embassy is currently occupied by Code Pink (shitlib anti-war activists) who were invited in by Maduro government when the US evicted legitimate Venezuelan diplomats. Gaydo the butt-puppet of John Boltonski is champing at the bit to get his hands on that embassy building and get his own people in there to run 24/7 propaganda on US media for intervention.

Presently the CIA is using the Secret Service Police and local DC MPD to blockade the embassy along with between 50-200 pro Gaydo CIA funded anti Maduro protesters in order to starve the anti war protesters out. Right now the people inside are beginning to run out of food and as soon as they leave to get some they are arrested by the bootlicking thugs of the Neocohen police state or beaten by a mob of CIA funded rabble. The CIA rabble has even smashed camera's of journalists as they do not want the situation reaching critical mass in the US media.

If Zig Forums can figure out a way to feed these code pink hippies Zig Forums could deal the Neocohens, Zognald, and most importantly Jared Kikener a major optics defeat. They need their puppet's people in that embassy as soon as possible so they can help legitimize the invasion and airstrikes to the national/international media from a position of power/recognition within the embassy. As long as these hippies hold the building the opposition will be denied a major platform to claim legitimacy of their absurd actions from. Plus is hippies don't care if they are dirty they just need to eat.

Drones are illegal in DC. I am locally based and able to take surveillance images if Anons need a more detailed look at any angles. I have already scouted area myself and there is no way this resupply will be a one man operation at the very least I need help with logistics.

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fuck off retarded TRSodomite.

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Not your personal army namefaggot.

Thousands of posts in Purple's threads yet you try and use one line out of context and some retarded fanfaggot thread to disprove someone who doxxed the entire classified US military presence in Syria.

KYS you filthy subversive kike. Purple is the only namefag who has proven he is legit beyond all reasonable doubts.

Anyone shilling against Purple is a Kike or paid by them.

Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time.
Anyone who disagrees is a jew, either racially or by conversion.
Stop wasting time.

That's the simple truth and we shouldn't be afraid to say it.
This slogan will separate the cowards and shills from the free human beings - the people who will sacrifice to make things better for everyone.
It's perfectly well protected by the First Amendment, but it also no doubt gets the attention of the mass surveillance program, maybe causing them to overreact and spread their resources thin.
We can't be afraid to say such things if we are going to have any chance at organizing effectively - we need a single-minded message that can't be negotiated and subverted (like 'the alt right').

Even if you are a coward, you can help those who really will take action by memeing this slogan.

So, how do we know there's no hope in this system?
One very important fact: The jews control the currency completely.
There is no way to pry control from them within the system because they can always print more money and fund a countermeasure.

We have to work hard to earn money and carefully build every effort, while the jew can just conjure money out of thin air and pay useful idiots to come and knock it all down.

Simply put the entire economy is a scam.
Our money is meaningless and worthless, but we treat it as if it's real. This mistake has fundamentally warped our collective psyche and is the root of all the problems we have, such as the popularity of leftist ideology.

If you don't know already, you NEED to understand how the central bank bribes everyone and everything to enact its social engineering goals:
(can anyone provide some better sources explaining central banking?)
and you need to understand exactly how they leverage this power:
(long video, but it describes exactly how they move money around and get things done, watching it and understanding it will probably completely change your life)

Cowards and shills might spam this thread, mods might delete it again and again, but they will never address the proposition directly, because it is their masters' greatest fear - what if we stopped being distracted and immediately focused on the root of the problem?
The jews and their dependent slaves aren't anywhere near ready for that yet.
It's an opportunity that I suggest we pursue.
Despite everything, we can not only survive, but we can win.

To anyone who really would take action immediately: Work hard to be truly ready to do what you know is right.
Make sure you are educated and trained and plan carefully.
Don't become impatient and spend your life on an act that fails to advance the true goal.

The right jews otherwise you are just doing the jew's job for them and turning public opinion in their favor. Stop killing low level jews it serves no fucking purpose the lowest level someone should settle for is investment bankers. Shooting up geriatric fucks at some synagogue only makes them look like victims. Kill the jews that we can demonstrably prove to the public in an easy manner are part of the cancer killing their society. Boss level jews are the only ones that count on the scoreboard.

2449 Tracy Place NW Washington DC 20008

Home of the Kushner's I would suggest Anons start there.

Ok, Chaim.

Surgical Tubing Slingshots

Nothing gets their goat quite like this guy.


You want us to send pizza to Code Pink?


What's the deal with the vaccines

Fuck outta here, you literal butt pumping jizz receptacle of the bad guys. Purple is saying, plain as day, that Jizzhands McCuck is a bad actor and should be unveiled for the globalist shekel meister dumpster pumper that he is. One user claims to have Jazzhand's mug from a livestream that he did and I urge him to produce it.

I have some screencaps of my own personal interactions with this absolutely dishonorable ass wipe. Jizzhands attacked me in one of the secret forums when I called out Trump and urged people who were donors to revolt. This was early September 2017. The cocksucker of the Tribe rallied his low IQ goons to circle the wagons. I am going to retrieve these caps and talk to my guys still on the inside to grab any new caps.

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Idk banks are still allowed to continue to operate. You're full of an empty soul.

Totally organic.

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Purple is a forced meme, just like your picture and just like your obsession with bodily fluids.

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You first, FBI-kun. Everyone knows the average kike is only there to be sacrificed by the upper kikes to push whatever agenda they need to. What needs to be done is to first turn their golems against them. Use their pet shitskins as a shield and get them to do the dirty work. Which, as of late, is what's happening.

Where do people go to discuss shit nowadays? I doubt there is actually space to talk politics here anymore.

Lurk, you fag.

The post you're replying to is my opinion over the course of like 6 months sitting around and reading, but not replying to anything.
I remember last year, and the year before that. There was plenty to talk about. Why is almost everything visible on the front page about fucking nothing? The last piece of decent information I got from here was that Monarch ADHD treatment being pushed, and that thread was made like 2 weeks ago.

Codemonkey and Jim deciding to destroy the board is why. We need a board run by polvol5.

So many retards and paid workers ITT. Don't give up, Purple, that is what (((they))) want.

t. not-in-US-kun

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When they break out the anime pics, you're over the target.

Hitler didn't agree with killing Jews. So are you saying that Hitler did something wrong?
Do you know where you are alphabet faggot?
We are smarter than the retards you're used to dealing with.

Can we feed the libtards with a rope line from one building to the other?

Dimensions of the perimeter? Trebuchet/catapult is probably your best bet. Drones too because although it's illegal, it's still going to be easier to get away with than something like a clothesline. You could fly drones you don't mind losing from a concealed position and just leave them on the roof of the building when you're done so they can't be followed back to you. Or how about staging some food packages with a ring or loop on top in a discrete area and having a drone with a hook run back and forth picking up the packages and then delivering them to the roof?

You'd have to go through a window though for that and itd take all of five seconds for them to realize whats happening. What are the buildings next to them? Can any of the hippies make it to the roof? Sounds too simple but why not find a way to throw or slingshot food to the roof or through a window? MREs are durable enough in the boxes

You could easily launch jars of cheap peanut butter taped in some bubble wrap and I'm sure the hippies would have no problem subsisting on it.

Dont worry about having no online space to voice your opinions, trump is looking into it. Pic related.

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There's a video of Jizzy with Spencer and Enoch in DC at the Deploraball Afterparty. It's the one where Spencer shoves Bill Mitchell.

Here's a reference for niggas too lazy to get on Google Earth. Some buildings around it looks promising

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wow ARMA 4 is looking great.

Eff off FBI. Stop trying to promote violece and entrap people.

Slingshoting MREs could definitely work you'd need a powerful enough catapult and a good target zone as the roof is very high.

They could launch rations from the canal area if there would be any way to protect them from CIA Venezuelan and Cuban riff raff they have blockading the embassy.

I drove by tonight there are at least 50 riff raff at all times there. Also cops have front and back entrances completely blockaded and the building is several stories high. The only way to resupply the hippies is via the roof. We would need at least 5 guys on ground to do this right.

Fuck off yid.

The mods protecting this shit better hope their deets never get made public.

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Yes he did,read his last will.




I'm voting Yang or Bernie if they're nominated. It seems like the Jew wants Biden because they know Trump will beat Biden.


I'll make sure to update /trs/ if you do drop some caps.

Best. Prez. Ever.

Fag thread

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Looks like the bots are still posting.

Fuck you you fucking glow nigger fuck. No one's buying your shit bait you insufferable faggot. You want to advocate that kind of shit, start by killing yourself you kike puppet cunt.

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Shariablue eternally BTFO! 2 scoops. 2 terms. #WWG1WGA

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If you cant even say your opponent's name correctly then you have zero right to challenge them or their policy. Fuck off you mentally stunted failed abortion. You dont deserve a proper response since you cant even bring yourself to say Donald Trump and resort to misnaming like a child.

This is just like when Demokkkrats misgender BASED trannypedes. They refuse to acknowledge conservative beauty.

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While I dont support transsexuals I will say that they give the "Uncle Tom" treatment to anyone who isnt on their side but is apart of their side. Meaning if a transsexual isnt hivemind with the rest of the group they get shunned and ignored. So every chance you get you need to call them out on their infantile mental gymnastics and strategies. Expose them for the weak mentally deformed creatures they are.

I remember recently Sven was trying to think on his own and was making some sort of claim (forgot what it was) and the way he jumped down his throat really bothered me. Like the guy is clearly some kind of Beltway elitist prick.

Then why didn't he carry out the Holocaust?

Thanks user. For me, this would be the proverbial nuclear option bc it would mean a self dox. Given past performance of some of the TRS fanbase, this would incur difficulties for me and more importantly relations of mine. So, I would drop only if those with info on this guy, and which outfit his RNC gay op is, also dropped. God bless.

You can email it to Purple he dropped a contact email in one of those original threads. It looked like a joke email address but it works.

Jones/Loomer panic as shekels dry up…Jones claims that Jack Posobiec is an active intelligence agent with a media cover with OANN…Question for Purple: Will discarded grifters jeopardize the re-election of Kushner?

The real take away from the Facebook deplatforming of Laura Loomer, residual Alex Jones accounts, and Paul Watson is whether or not this shakes the political triangle of Trump, legions of Boomers, and Israel/Mossad? In the May 3rd broadcast of Alex Jones' Infowars, Laura Loomer melted down. She shrieked that she had lost 90% of her income, demanded user money, and implied (unconvincingly) that she is suicidal. Despite having a degree, Loomer lamented that she cannot find work (funny how the grifter class suddenly isn't so rosy about the economy when they are confronted with non-grifting.) 1:25:10

Jones followed up with a bizarre Scream style video with Robert Barnes, his lead counsel. Amidst the patter of rainfall and thunder and the 'flood of tyranny', Jones plays his character as he warns that the 'sun is setting on American speech' demanding action from Trump. The most interesting thing in the video is at 00:07:35 when Jones all but says Jack Posobiec is an intelligence officer writing briefs for the President (his OANN job as a cover.) 00:07:35

My understanding of the situation is that policy is largely driven by Israel, Genie Energy, Kushner's bizarre anti-Christ like mission, and the hope that Ivanka can one day be president. I also believe that Chabad has enormous influence and control in both the US and Russia (which is why Putin is not a true opponent to the neo-liberal Judeo-Freemasonic world order.) Kushner, it seems, needs continuity and another Trump term.

My question to you all (and Purple if he sees this): How will Trump win re-election? Will his Boomer and centrist drones be enough? The various grifters are known trash and in this purely for the $$$ (I have first person dealings with AJ and Watson, the latter outright stole from me) and I know that these are shekel grabbers first and foremost. If the fiefdoms of these types of people are destroyed, is there not a risk to Kushner & Co that there will be a junior officers revolt? Or, is this all so locked down that all they need is a John Kerry 2.0 (enter Joe Biden)? Thanks for your contributions, everyone.

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It's not a claim, pic related
It's not a conspiracy that intelligence officers are embedded into (((american journalism))), the jewstream media

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Oy vey look at me troll the stupid White man

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Getting mad, eh, Rabbi?

Nu/pol/ and the anti-white anti-Zig Forums moderation personally endorse and believe Q-larp. Confirmed.

Secret hidden bunkers scattered around the internet with 2-12 users, most likely. No known named imageboard has picked up Zig Forums users who were displaced by codenigger's hostile takeover.

What do you think about the Samson option? Will it be safe to stay in Europe for next decades? I think about leaving to (Siberian parts) of Russia or India if things will get nasty in the middle east. Will they just aim to take down most major capitals or Europe as whole?

I'd like to disagree with you, but I'm not a jew shill. Destroy the roots of the weeds and the garden can be allowed to thrive

9107 Fernwood Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817

Home address of Israel firster John Bolton.

9107 Fernwood Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817

Home address of John "Israel always comes first" Bolton. Mods keep deleting this information save and spread.

Nigger. In all these years when have I not delivered? Or ever made an innacurate post