What is possible

Nearly a hundred years ago,, a nigger borke into a white woman's home.. in retaliation, the white community gathered together and destroyed an entire dindu town. (look up rosewood massacre)

Imagine how well behaved the negroes would be if we started doing this again.

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Holy shit, the shilling here is nonstop today.
Jesus Christ, the accelerationists have no fucking clue how this works. We were gaining momentum because the traditional image of the genocidal klansmen nazi didn't fit with us. Now you want to prove the kikes right? You really want to cement the idea of innocent killings as a core part of white nationalism?
Fucking sage.

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It's called "collective punishment" It's how the Zionists control the Arabs.

considering the superstitious nature of the negro, wouldn't fake but convincing stories about 'hoodrats' looking for cheese and getting their necks snapped by rat traps suffice?

wow.. you're always here.

He's a Jew that still mistakes this for grindr

Why would you want to have people around who need to be routinely massacred just to get them to behave? Why wouldn't you get rid of them entirely? What is the motivation for never crossing that threshold even in this fantastical posts?

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The American South needed well behaved negroes for nigger work.

but I guess you're right. We'll have robots and such soon so who needs them.

Pretty much what I figured. The functionally jewish capitalists always give themselves away.

Hey….. it's the 1800's..who is going pick that cotton? You?

That's not a chain. I'll show you a chain.

Serious though are you giving away a chain? Is it rusty?

They'd be owning the streets because all the whites would be in the prison or with government bullets in their heads.

I posted detailed information over how and why we should do it again, only got replies from pussies calling me a glowed fed and 24 ban for violation of some new global rule


Your momentum was aimed at a cliff.

And they assassinated MLK and Malcolm X too right?

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X got iced by other dindus

Knock that shit off.

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lol calling them people is every stretch

You aren't gaining shit. Now fuck off to 4cucks.

America was run by half decent white men when that happened. Now its run by kikes and their golem. Talking about going around lynching niggers is a complete LARP unless you also own your country.

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Checked truth trips

Now bind my brows with iron; and approach
The ragged'st hour that time and spite dare bring
To frown upon the enraged Northumberland!
Let heaven kiss earth! now let not Nature's hand
Keep the wild flood confined! let order die!
And let this world no longer be a stage
To feed contention in a lingering act;
But let one spirit of the first-born Cain
Reign in all bosoms, that, each heart being set
On bloody courses, the rude scene may end,
And darkness be the burier of the dead!

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You sound like a faggot. The goal isn't to have well behaved blacks, the goal is an ethnostate. Well behaved blacks is counterproductive because it decreases disgust with blacks.

“Well behaved blacks”😏 you alt-right coons are corny😆

read about Rosewood.. it went on for a week, and there was no police. Oh the good old days.

For the purposes of this thread, Let's focus on the glory days of the Klan/

Malcolm X was killed by the Nation of Islam.

The Klan started as an outlawed organization to resist the Federal government pushing black power after the Civil War.

Faggots, niggers and shills always reveal themselves when they use emojis in their posts.

Not alt-kike, nigger - we're not part of you honeypot containment movement.

Incredibly rare, as niggers can't stop raping, killing & stealing off one another long enough to behave. This is why there are no functioning black societies outside of former colonies built by whites… and you're quickly running those into the ground.

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No. FBI would go in and arrest everyone. It would have to be repeated all over the country but then niggers (who're in massive gangs) would fight back. It's a different time. Niggers have their own guns and cellphones etc now.