New France General

This is the best bet for Independence.

You have no reason to not support this unless you're from Njew England

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Here you can see the individual counties

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Hahaha! Never!

fuck "New France"

t. New England

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Water Prices are about to go way up.

Water War

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This aint Quebec, man.
Just call it "New America" or something of that ilk.

We'll need both north and south of the continent, as shown on that map, but we should also aim west of that too, to create a full strip across the north, leaning against Canada. There is already ethnic support of our people all the way across the northern border states.

Feminism must be absolutely banned. Women are free to choose a husband until age 21, and then the father/government appoints her a man if she cannot choose herself.

As for debt, it is illegal to create "debt urgency," in the sense of, "Hey there highschool kid, you need to get into a fancy college. So go into debt $10,000+." Debts issued to any person under 21, of an amount over $10,000 are nullified, and the person who issued that debt, if living within our nation, will be tried in our court. As a culture, we will always encourage debt-free living.

Immigration of non-whites is outlawed, and attempts to change this law or bring in non-whites is grounds for expulsion after verification in court. We will not tolerate race-mixing or any race here other than Aryan whites. Eyes with a color other than brown/black might also find refuge here, but that will require further discussion.

And just to make it fun, we will need to tolerate gay people and traps, because there will not be enough women for us all. We are hoping for "nya~" type traps here, not "LGBT community" types. I assume we will need to do things Roman or Greek style, and have men share women, for the sake of maximizing reproduction numbers and genetic pool widening. It will not be encouraged, but I see no reason to create a law against it, considering I do not want our men to be "forever alone."

I live in Iowa.. will I have to learn French?

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How will New france ever recover

I already control a good portion of the Great Lakes.

Doesn't France have a law allowing people living in former French territory to obtain French citizenship?

do you ever fear that they could be taken hostage.

only if they're black

Have you ever met people from Wisconsin?

Think of the mean Northern Germans, but also outcasted to be frontiersmen because they were simply to savage for the rest of the the Europeans.

The Lousiana Purchase really should be refunded. Americans took advantage of Napoleon while his people were being genocided.

What are you on? Jefferson bankrolled him with this sale, through the rest of his first campaign, so Bonaparte wouldn't have to deal with jewish bankers. It was a good trade on both counts, and would that Bonaparte succeeded in his vision.

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how are you going to secure independance from the largest military budget on the planet? are you going to ask nicely? maybe try to outdo the jewish monopoly on media and get members of your rank and file into seats of state government? Violently overtake the cities with your Semi-automatic rifles and pick up trucks?

how would one even "support" a drawing on a map instead of a legitimized force of interest?

hello fellow cheeseman

Can we stop meming about the Ethnostate and actually work towards the one thats gonna work? The location was determined 30 years ago and it wont change.

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That's perfect too since Quebec is every bit as French as France, i.e. forced integration (i.e. invasion) by shitskins and utter degradation and destruction of historical white French culture. Bonjour mon ami!

We will charge us. This means that the UK government is now in place, with military or political forces.


I like how New France gets a hilarious little exclave in West Virginia.


Though it's pretty obvious that this is just a troll thread. These two posters are the same person trying to start a pointless fight.

Sorry. I meant to add this one


Great idea. What's the plan? You can't have an idea without a plan. (reads rest of thread) Oh, you want other people to do it all for you. Never mind.

Funny thing you mention the Kushners, They actually live in New England

Third coast is strategic. Arkansas will become a stronghold, lots of potential for displacement of lower IQ idiots.

OP this is a great idea. I just needs a cooler name.

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Why are you larping?

So what's stopping the 56% Based American Military from invading and installing non-binary bathrooms in your country?

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NWF is a dumb meme, the territory is too large with too large a population and too much economic activity. Just Washington would be far more practical, but even then it's less than 70% white and half the population is in Seattle, one of the most leftist places in the world, with tons of precious economic activity, such as the headquarters of (((Amazon))). any form of secessionism is a total LARP- if literally half the country couldn't vote to secede 150 years ago, a fringe ideology can't cause a corner to secede now. and ME/NH/maybe VT would be far more practical anyway because it's smaller with a smaller population which is the whitest in the US, and the total number of non-whites is manageable (unlike PNW which is already lost), plus there's not much economic activity

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New Orleans is characteristically multicultural. It's a fusion of Caribbean, French, Native American, and West African cultures. White Nationalists trying to force out other ethnicities who are from the area and contributed to its culture is just as bad as any other displacement. Hypocrite.

It was an awful decision on France's part.

The problem with "New Albion" is the close proximity to the megalopolis strip/BosNYWash.
if anything, I think the mestizos will get Aztlan, and then the rest of the country will kinda fall apart.

It is pretty much all black now, multiculturalism never lasts for very long.
The blacks had no problem pushing out white people by blockbusting and other things.
One ethnicity replacing another is a constant thing, the only question is who is replacing who.

America cannot attack Venezuela but New France needs not worry about those old codes.

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Disgusting South Americans scum fuck you. South Americans are worst than niggers, because at least niggers don't lurk on Zig Forums you worthless scum

never forget

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Who can design a better flag for New France?

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Very inorganic and tells me you’re desperate.

Vive l’Acadie!


The (((Dutch))) own a lot of “British” lands. Some even say the English are the front.

New France? Shit's going crazy on Zig Forums
What about Grand/Great Acadia?

What could be better than the Sacred Heart of Jesus, King and Centre of Every Heart?
Christus Imperat.

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t. coastie who has never been to these states and fantasizes about the midwest as if it isn't a shit hole

white flight is a meme designed to herd you into a cage.

What are the map colors supposed to mean, user? I take it orange represents the mormons, brown represets the mexicans, and red represents the jews. I don't understand the rest.

You made this same exact thread on cuckchan you mongoloid.

This thread was made by a Frenchie who have no idea about fucking history.
Quebec is Francophone
No one in the Louisiana territories speaks French

I doubt the idea itself could ever go anywhere, although you could have every state require all students to speak French to graduate, as California does with English.

On a more practical and achievable level, the most you could get is a continential mass transit network in the form of upgraded City of New Orleans and Texas Eagle service, along with rebuilt gulf coast tracks (currently destroyed due to hurricane Katrina) and new regional rail service within Louisiana. All four of these initiatives are being pursued as-is by both Democrats and Republicans, the former are also open to electrification which would allow for the entire system to be powered by a single nuclear power plant.

Further to the east individual states are also building up SEHSR, which would run from DC to Atlanta and be the southern equivalent of the current NEC from DC to Boston.

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Also, unrelated to the thread but also important: Macron's attempts to gut SNCF like Trump attempted to gut Amtrak is one of the biggest reasons why the Yellow Vests happen and continue to happen. Railroad workers are pissed at him and rightfully so, when they tried protesting peacefully he sent antiterror cops on them, raided their homes (an extreme measure Euro lefties did not take lightly) and jailed their peaceful leaders.

Meanwhile here in the US, Louisiana's reps simply readded their Amtrak money in and told Trump to fuck off.

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Will Texas or the South help New France to take Venezuela.

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It's like that in Montreal due to anglo subversion, but Quebec City is probably the most homogenous (and whitest) city in NA. And Quebec as a whole actually tries to perserve French culture rather than some soulless jewish "culture" like you see in white parts of the states.

Missouri =/= St.Louis

Fact: Texas would (and should) take Arizona, NM, Chihuahua, Sonora, Monterrey, Coahulia, Nuevo Leon, Tamapulas, Socal and Baja. Norcal (everything north of the American River, Sacramento River and San Pablo Bay) would be buffered with a 100-mile buffer zone/general purpose international landfill.

no, you're fucking dumb. New England is strictly the six northeasternmost states, it can NOT include New York. maybe a "Greater New England" could include maritime Canada

Post a non trimmed version faggot

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OP, how will a post-EU France make Detroit any better?
When you think about it, Toronto is pretty much North Detroit.

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Fuck """new france"""
t. french canadian
We want nothing to do with detroit/chicago/louisiana niggers
Honestly we'd rather keep the 1/5th of our rightful territory that is Quebec, as long as it stays white

If OP was really for French independence he'd support Québécois separatism if anything.

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wtf are these are where are they coming from?
why the red fleur the lys, why the hand?

why not just make new france mimal with his dick out?
also dubs checked, this thread has power

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Left hand path

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Always left hand down

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left hand belongs to the earth

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Right hands to the heavens

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Left to the Earth and right to the heavens always

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Time after time

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You will see this all through the world

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Why is it that the most stupid people make the majority of the posts around here? Yeah I can draw a random shape on a map of the USA, as well. That doesn't mean shit, dude. New fucking France? The states would split off into individual states before they did that, you jackass.

Make Montreal its capital and a "free city" that is a tax free city where business can just go nuclear, like The City of London or Hong Kong before it was absorbed by China. The influx of business and money will generate all sorts of jobs and economic activity.


>Make (((Montreal))) capital of anything
I agree that montreal can go nuclear, only in a different way than you imply.
The way you describe it, it would become the servile city of international jewish globalish which it is already.
Montréal, the first french city in America, needs to be brought back to its roots before it can achieve anything worthwhile.

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We have ways of dealing with religions that protect infant mutilation.

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See. Here's the thing: you're wrong. You're so wrong, you have no idea why you're wrong. That's just how wrong you are.

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What kind of degenerates are online at fucking 1 am? See you tomorrow faggots.

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Do you hate winning? More white lands = better you worthless faggot.

Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Not Taxajewsetts, Connecticuck, or Chode ISIS, which are swarmed with spics.

There his left hand is holding a tablet up, and his right hand is holding a pen pointed at paper. What does this mean? Why is naked Santa trying to hug Napoleon?

Why do people make these threads? Literally 13 year old on nationstates tier, this doesnt make any sense. Why should we give up half the continental US especially the white parts of new england and the west?

Life as an artist is hell

Preservation of culture

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Well it is France after all…

The plan has been to give them reparation land in Mississippi, we wont need to deal with many when theyve taken….free real estate.

It will not be easy to get native white residents too leave but im sure we can give them large land sectors in New France or Rocky Republic which already has a large white population.

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