Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time

Anyone who disagrees is a jew, either racially or by conversion.
Stop wasting time.

That's the simple truth and we shouldn't be afraid to say it.
Eradicating our eternal enemy must the motivation behind everything we say, do, and create.
This slogan will separate the cowards and shills from the free human beings - the people who will sacrifice to make things better for everyone.
It's perfectly well protected by the First Amendment, but it also no doubt gets the attention of the mass surveillance program, maybe causing them to overreact and spread their resources thin.
We can't be afraid to say such things if we are going to have any chance at organizing effectively - we need a single-minded message that can't be negotiated and subverted (like 'the alt right').

Even if you are a coward, you can help those who really will take action by memeing this slogan.

So, how do we know there's no hope in this system?
One very important fact: The jews control the currency completely.
There is no way to pry control from them within the system because they can always print more money and fund a countermeasure.

We have to work hard to earn money and carefully build every effort, while the jew can just conjure money out of thin air and pay useful idiots to come and knock it all down.

Simply put the entire economy is a scam.
Our money is meaningless and worthless, but we treat it as if it's real. This mistake has fundamentally warped our collective psyche and is the root of all the problems we have, such as the popularity of leftist ideology.

If you don't know already, you NEED to understand how the central bank bribes everyone and everything to enact its social engineering goals:
(can anyone provide some better sources explaining central banking?)
and you need to understand exactly how they leverage this power:
(long video, but it describes exactly how they move money around and get things done, watching it and understanding it will probably completely change your life)

Cowards and shills and mods will try to discredit and censor the message, but they will NEVER address it directly, because they can't argue against it and it terrifies them - they can't leech off our life-force any more if we stop being complacent and coming to the compromised censorship shitholes where they waste their entire lives.
It is their masters' greatest fear - what if we stopped being distracted and immediately focused on the root of the problem?
The jews and their dependent slaves aren't anywhere near ready for that yet.
It's an opportunity that I suggest we pursue.
Despite everything, we can not only survive, but we can win.

To anyone who really would take action immediately: Work hard to be truly ready to do what you know is right.
Make sure you are educated and trained and plan carefully.
Don't become impatient and spend your life on an act that fails to advance the true goal.

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I wasted time reporting a jew

How many times are you going to make the same thread over and over and over again?

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new one for you:

Cowards and shills and mods will try to discredit and censor the message, but they will NEVER address it directly, because they can't argue against it and it terrifies them - they can't leech off our life-force any more if we stop being complacent and stop coming to the compromised censorship shitholes where they waste their entire lives, gleefully rolling around on nice comfy astroturf like the retarded beasts they are.

Every time you morons shoot up a synagogue or blast out a bar mitzvah all you're doing is giving more power to Jews. You're creating public sympathy for Jews. You're creating fundraising opportunities for Jews. You're feeding the narrative that Jews are victims. You're allowing Jews to expand laws that take rights away from White people.

Every drop of Jewish blood spilled by you autistic shitbrains is another nail in the coffin of the White race.

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OP leftist shill confirmed.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but how so?

you mean the people who LITERALLY PRINT ALMOST ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD? oh no, the terrible errors of my ways, i see them now

I am not making white people accept and obey the laws, which are already beyond insane.
We are legally FOURTH class citizens as white males, after the white women and the minorities and the jews at the top - look up affirmative action

basically you're a nigger-tier retard who hasn't done any research and has no idea how anything works


God's direct instructions to Terry Davis was 'kill the vile people', and no one is more vile than Jews.

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It's not about their absolute number of dollars. It's about White people taking what little money the Jews let them have and GIVING IT BACK TO JEWS FOR FREE as the result of "right wing terrorism."

"Everybody who isn't me should kill Jews! Everybody who isn't me should rise up against the government!"

…says the obvious glownigger faggot who's fishing for the next John Earnest.

This is wrong. It substantiates our potency and signals to others we are many and suggests meaningful action opportunities. Our power snowballs from there.

When Muslims blow people up, they get concessions. When Charlie Hebdo drew that mohammad comic, muslims blew people up, and guess what? They got what they wanted. In this world, if you aren't willing to blow up a few jews, you can't expect to get what you're asking for

so your plan is to keep begging the jew for money and hope they start being nice instead of murdering us, driving us insane, and ultimately genociding us?

the rest is just desperate strawmanning, you're a fucking nigger and this applies to you perfectly:

it's true, the Civil Rights Act, aka the law that literally redistributes HALF OF OUR WEALTH TO NIGGERS, was a direct result of a coordinated campaign of niggers engaging in domestic terrorism

In the spirit of this thread don't argue with the yid, cook the yid…

That only works because Jews don't control the Islamic countries the way they control the White ones.

Who the fuck said anything about begging, you stupid cunt?

Not today, Rabbi Shekelstein.

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It's a common tactic for FBI and other degenerate organizations that work for the organized jewry to spread misinformation and even post the most outrageously offensive shit just so the opposition can be maimed. When Soviets wanted to get rid of a Russian revolutionary , they didn't call out on his ideas, they claimed he was a conspirator and fabricated lies about him etc. With your retarded spam you're trying to put the opposition in a similar predicament. Don't think we're not wise to these tactics faggot.


Fuck off, you lying sack of shit. The niggers only got what they wanted because THE KIKES WERE FUNDING THE CIVIL RIGHTS PROTESTS.

That doesn't make sense. They committed terrorism in white countries, and got concessions in white countries.

It seems like the terrorism of each racial group is specific to their strengths as a race. Niggers riot in huge numbers and commit barbaric violence. Sand people (and jews) stage carefully planned group attacks. Whites seem to either group together and lay low, or stage lone-wolf attacks with high casualties.


as soon as more masculinity is exerted on our end, we will not be lone wolves, we will be wolf packs, ravaging the infrastructure and forcing the jew to make concessions (and they will make them, for they are cowards).
But we won't stop. We won't stop one state under our control, not a region, not the whole country.
We will go to europe and free our brethren, and we will go to the ends of the earth to hunt the demonic jew to ensure a thousand years without any such evil

This sperg does this shit with a new vector every few months and he just spams the shit out of his strawmen until he moves onto the next pile of hay.


They get (worthless) concessions because they breed like rabbits in countries that Kikes don't control and pose a constant threat.
Whites are already at below a replacement birth rate and incredibly submissive.


So you're saying we should kill the Jews. I agree 100%

Implying we are poor and helpess like niggers and need to be funded. Implying we aren't armed to the teeth, educated, strong, and willing.

you really are just a projecting kike.
Definitely kill yourself. You should go shoot a synagogue, that's all you're worth, a suicide mission.
Brainless fucking nigger.

Found a Jew.
Try harder Nazism on chan is your creation.
Sorry you fear the white man.
We will not be eliminated for your fear.


Hi feds

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Eh, don't forget oldfags who just want their imageboard back. They didn't ask for the terrorism, the CNN coverage, or the flood of edgy teenagers.

i didn't



Look at this clown.
Make Jews the victim?

Hey, that's not a bad idea niggeranon…

jews are lvl99 gypsies

there can be no peace so long as even a single drop of Jewish blood remains in the world.

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Obviously and demonstrably false. Also, very poor rhetoric.

This is literally the rhetoric used by cults. Every cult on the planet has an object that must be one's "single-minded focus", be it religious proselytizing, pyramid scheme recruitment, or jihad. Of course, the fact that it is cultic does not make it logically incorrect per se, but it is important to note this so that readers are aware this is a literal brainwashing tactic.

Nevermind if one has coherent, rational objections: anyone who doesn't agree is *obviously* a coward and a shill! Again, very poor rhetoric.

Even if this is protected by the First Amendment, that doesn't make it logically (or morally) correct. Objectors are also free to contradict you.

Yes, I agree: be open and honest about your beliefs, especially to your close friends, family, mentors, church members, and so forth. If you keep it to yourself, you risk intellectual isolation. If you really think these opinions are valid, you shouldn't be afraid to talk closely with others who disagree.

No, don't meme. Memeing is great for blind radicalization, but terrible for actual education. Debate, blog, go to a library, do anything - but don't settle for propaganda.

A fact is a piece of raw empirical evidence. This is not a fact, it is an assertion. An assertion based on very convoluted, piecemeal "evidence", speculation, sensationalism, and indoctrination.

That's not how the economy works. Anyone who prints money for personal benefit would just be shooting himself in the foot in the long run.

It's indeed important to recognize that money isn't 'real', and to study the economic and sociological factors that play into assigned value. But that kind of work takes rigorous study, not haphazard internet "research".

I'm not a fan of centralized banking either, but that doesn't mean I think the economy is an illusion. That is a real, practical issue that can be addressed, rather than killing random Jewish people who probably don't know anything about some global conspiracy.

Hi. Yes, I will discredit those parts of the argument that are poor rhetoric, such as this part, which doesn't actually present or defend any logically proposition.

This is a key issue: misidentifying the root of the problem. Even if it's true that there is an invisible conspiracy that is holding together all the systems that are causing us social ill, killing random people won't do anything to fix that. Even if you found a million people to wage a revolution, you'd end up doing way more harm than good - every revolution in history has proven this. It is possible to address systematic issues through diligent activism and gradual change - such as the change that has been slowly improving the quality of life in the developed world for centuries now.

To these same people: please reconsider your position. If there's even the slightest chance that you're wrong, you risk throwing everything away and killing innocent people for nothing. Talk with other people. Take your views into the public sphere. If they are worth holding, they will stand in rational discourse.

Neither will you ever answer the question, nor wil lyou ever aven consider the possiblity that people do not like you because you're a sperg acting like a sperg.

Go on, keep living in a dellusion that you are the lone champion of the white race, and that anyone who doesn't immediately follow you is some dark agent trying to ruin you.
You are a sad sight.

I know your white Cause Honky is our words,
I tired of being called a Honky from a Nigger.
Honk honk,,
So I honk my horn when I see a nigger,.
Honk honk…
Yeah and colored people are niggers.

whew we don't get an honest to god leftist retard here too often
but here he is, an authentic NPC.
Some of you echo chamber tards might not have ever seen one of these things up close before, so I'll break it down for the zoomers:

list of your arguments:

To a leftist/NPC, conversation, especially 'debate', has been streamlined to an efficient exchange of social value signals labeled with keywords.
The keywords recall memory of social value signals associated with that keyword, which in turn recalls emotions experienced while receiving those social signals, which are copied by example, which in turn causes the NPC to attempt to enact cathartic (emotion-relieving) behavior, which it again copies by example.
The key idea here is that the NPC has no experience outside the social group - no individuality. It was raised in confinement and never learned anything for itself before it's was completely assimilated by the people around it to the NPC mob.

So the NPCs are trained to have uncontrolled emotion at all times.
They see stimulus, they become emotional, they will feel the urge to recall the keywords associated with those emotions.
Their goal is simply get through the list of keywords necessary for catharsis (return to baseline emotional state), not to make any logical point; they have no concept of true logic, only a succession of emotions that result in either reward or punishment from their masters.

So that explains why braindead leftist NPC just rattles through a bunch of namecalling and self aggrandizing with absolutely no explanation or argument - it simply wants to get through the list of 'good boy' words as fast as it can.

You can tell that it has been very affected by the media's imposed mental bias, it had a lot of very emotional words it had to get through.

This house is clear.