Tarrant Score Update

Just heard another maggot died in hospital today
Brings brother Tarrant to 51
Unsure how many more are still in hospital but good to see he still racking up body count

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You're a dickhead.
Harakiri yourself ASAP.

This calls for a celebration!

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Nothing like celebrating the death of an invader amirite?

Isn't xkeyscore great?

just found this video online this guy is awake as fuck He is the only person ive heard tear in too islam in a eloquent way on this British radio show leaves the radio host speachless. Brenton would of liked this.

youtube keeps removing these videos


How exactly is that higher than the 1 Earnest killed? Do you have no sympathy for 24 lives ended by Earnest? I mean that's fucking 93 innocent souls that were taken from the world. I'm going to notify the news and report you for mocking the 156 dead.

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Fuck off glownigger

Keep on gagging on bankers' sperm.
Did you know it's mathematically impossible to pay for (((our))) public debt?
That's right, we are paying for (((our))) debt with debt
And you guessed it right, it's a fucking scam
But wait, there's more, this scam is actually called a ponzy scheme!
What a great fucking name !!1

Now proceed to ignore this post.


Video source: youtu.be/iFDe5kUUyT0

Fuck! I just got my sportsball shirt with 50 on the back. Muslims just have no consideration

Well, lets hope it is real.

Somehow reminds me of the holohoax. The numbers keep going up. You have to add the inflation, goys.

Also. Are all the almost 2 billion moslem going to call themselves now Tarrant survivors?

Your consensus-cracking bullshit doesn't work. Tarrant is a hero.

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Anyway, I'm glad there are men taking revenge. Vengeance is supreme, its in our blood to need retribution, and we have every right.

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Fuckin nice
51 muds dead not bad man. Not bad at all


Based Crusader slaying Saracens even from behind the bars.

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Redtexting your vacuous words is the online equivalent of niggers clapping their hands to try to make their words more important.

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My satisfaction is immeasurable and I'm incredibly proud

pics or it didn't happen

Jurassic Park had realistic CGI dinos in 1994, but no way do we have the technology 30 years later to fake a terrorist attack.

Based, I hope more of them die!



Who cares if it's fake. It's real in all of our minds

You are an absolute moron, if you seriously even imply that this was a fake.

They're not sending their best.


Because there is exactly zero (0) things that would imply it.

All false flags are real in the minds of nigger-IQ normies and golems, that's why jews do them.

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Either post solid tangible proofs it was a false flag or fuck off.

so a pixelated vid (complete with strange anomalies like the guy in the red coat literally appearing out of nowhere behind the gate, in face of danger) is adequate proof now?
okie dokie

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There is no "strange anomalies" that can't be explained by either compression or simple analysis. Technically-wise, it's a normal video.
We don't even know it is a person. And even if it would be a person, what the hell does it prove beside someone appearing there?

Why, god? Why?

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Oh fuck , cotton is going to go for the high score now , hero , then say I killed fitty one men kek

That's easy. You just asked someone to prove a negative, which means you have the IQ of a nigger. Since only niggers (you) believe in false flags, and you clearly believe in it, it must be fake. QED

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Disregard false flaggots, they are known for first reaching their conclusion then picking out the evidence that suits their narrative.
False flaggots are either retarded or shills.

given that there's nothing there when Brenton first walks past the gate and a guy in a red coat walks past him when he makes his way into the mosque its safe to assume that it's that red coat guy standing there, how else do you explain it, a random red coat flew over the fence?
it proves that there's something fucky going on, it's an anomaly

Proving something is fake isn't proving a negative you goddamn faggot. Reported for being a derailing spaz.

You can't be seriously this dumb, can you. It's proving the claim, not asking for proving the negative you goddamn stupid mongoloid.

No, it doesn't. It can be explained by bad compression, by someone peeping, by being some object etc. There is dozens of possible explanations and you pick the most conspirational there is, proving dumb confitmation bias.

ok name the most probable one then
loads of pussyfooting around for such an unquestionable "fact"

I already told you few. You have issues with reading comprehension?

yea thanks for your insight genius

You said literally the same fucking thing. You said, without any proof, that it is a person. Let's ignore that you have zero proofs for this claim. But now to bitch because someone said the same, minus retarded conspiracy, shows absolute lack of common sense.

Big grats to Brenton, where he previously had done nothing wrong he has now done even less wrong.

lost hard

What the fuck are you spamming this everywhere for now? You have a thread. Go shit that up instead.

I said it's safe to assume that the red coated guy is that red thing standing upright over the fence, that's making a connection
wheres your proof that it's anything but that?

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You made a claim. Goddamn, gifting the knowledge of pop-science logical fallacies to 80 IQ niggers like you was the worst thing that happened to Zig Forums. They're misused and abused so by subhumans who think they're being smart, and when told they're using them wrong, they pretend that the other person just doesn't understand what a logical fallacy is. That's exactly what you're doing now, and that's why you think in analogies, because you don't have actual understanding. You can't. Because you're a stuipid gorilla nigger.

This so much.

Why do you think so

It's good but not good enough unfortunately. What we need is to develop a biological weapon that only targets certain groups if that doesn't work then we need to get the nuclear weapons codes and have our own Sampson option. We must succeed in this plan within the next 5-10yrs.

We must do it or else our descendants will forever curse us for not stopping the erosion of our nations.

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We need to develop an illness that targets melanin.

One nuke won't do it. What you need is a coordinated, blitzkrieg strike on all their launch systems all at once - happening withing seconds.

because it's literally the only red thing there you blubbering retard
Jesus Christ go back to kikechan and stop shitting up this thread further

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Problem with that is all races have a degree of it, apart from albinos, we wouldn't be able to tan otherwise. What we need is to give them lethal diseases that will are immune to like we did with small pox blankets to the so-called noble savages.

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Multiple nukes aimed outside of Europe isn't out of the question, in particular the ME and Africa. For the tratiors remaining we need to take their skin on their face, chop their hands and feet, then use a foreign object to rape them to death with.

What a fucking dense turbocretin you are.

best news i've heard all day
i wonder how many times i've watched this fucker get shot


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Top contender for most retarded post of the day, and it's not even noon. We're so proud.

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Algae based atmospheric injected


Original content archive: inner.x9water.com/kebabremover/

S Kikefy

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Bless their soul. Perhaps they will respect others in the next run.

What are you two or so on about? Anyone cane look at a nigger in real life, doesn't matter where you are.

The prophet Tarrant PBUH

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I look in here quarterly at this point. A many boards don't realize why Zig Forums is loose. Many others realize it's just live and inside. The lost, mostly outside of the Americas.

What is your hot redpill now?

How could you possibly compete?

Time to update the memes.

It must be painful being an albino nigger. So much hate🤔must be the sun burn. From slavery to genocide and invasion of nations… bitter, bitter, bitter. You eat what you cook 🤮

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user… that too, was also the jew. The tribes specifically targeted, were ones that had history remembering ancient aryans who had passed through the area. The kikes call these tribes the "mound builders" despite the tribes themselves refusing to go near the mounds and stating that they were built by completely different people who were there before them. The tribes who kept slaves and were forced to release them after the US civil war, refused to accept the parts of land with these mounds and instead just released their negros to go feral in those areas.

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I'm not going to donate your shriner shite.

This is a board of peace

Where do you think we are?

The gift that keeps giving


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suck my cock

Anything other than killing jews is a waste of time.
Anyone who disagrees is a jew.
Stop wasting time.

Tarrant hitting the fadeaway J trying to set the new high score

How many have you killed ahmed?

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Post your GoPro link

You'd best believe in hero threads. You're in one.

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god bless that ozzie cunt