So whenever one of you faggots spergs out again and commits a mass shooting...

So whenever one of you faggots spergs out again and commits a mass shooting, for the love of god please just go to an antifa rally or something similar, film it, and discharge a whole magazine in the crowd, instead of some mosque.

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Moshe pls.


If you specifically target some minority group you're making a very easy target of yourself and will lose alot of legitimacy, however if you target other political extremists it can be written off for partisan violence


What benefit does a white man have to the race if he will raise his kids to cut their dicks off or become transgender? And if his politics consistently undermines its future?

What a bunch of fags
We do everything better than them. Even our Black Block is better.
And we don't hide our faces

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That's exactly why i made this thread, imagine how these wannabe though guys react when some batshit extremist from the other side shoots them up. I guarantee you will see soyboy's pissing their pants like israeli conscripts.

Mordecai you're getting bold

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what sort of drink do you suggest i take fren

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ignore that false god above

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Please don't go shooting anyone up, extremists or otherwise.

farkin whyte carnt

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Sorry you feel that way. I hope you are well.

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