In the 1920s, Germany had the lowest birthrate in Europe, and the declining trend was continuing. This was attributed to women's participation in the labor market. At the same time, influential groups in society (politicians of left and right, churchwomen, and feminists) believed that mothers should be honored but could not agree on how to do so. However, all groups strongly agreed on the promotion of the values of motherhood. In 1923, this resulted in the unanimous adoption of Muttertag, the Mother's Day holiday as imported from America[citation needed] and Norway. The head of the Association of German Florists cited "the inner conflict of our Volk and the loosening of the family" as his reason for introducing the holiday. He expected that the holiday would unite the divided country. In 1925, the Mother's Day Committee joined the task force for the recovery of the volk, and the holiday stopped depending on commercial interests and began emphasizing the need to increase the population in Germany by promoting motherhood.

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I'm having 10 kids and homeschooling. My wife and I have one, and she's pregnant with the second.

Have babies?

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I was thinking about not procreating due to my astigmatism but then I understood that all my siblings and some cousins have children. Only 1 has astigmatism, 14 don't have it. All of them are bearing the astigmatism gene, but still I'm considering procreating.
-white birthrates should grow, we need more white procreators and soldiers
-my family has already spreaded the genes
-whites of much lesser genetic value are going to procreate anyway and give births to kids with cig and alcohol induced diseases
-I hope that genetic science will get better in the future so we can eliminate genetic diseases, me not procreating is not going to eliminate it anyway.

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birth rates are irrelevant and will self correct once the shitskins and jews are removed.

the question should be:
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Honestly, if the population is not artificially increased like trillions of dollars spent feeding niggers in Africa that are too lazy to farm their fertile lands. Numbers would go down across the board. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

There's too many people everywhere, and humans didn't evolve to have communities that large.

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Keep talking down on the chosen people. Let’s quote your words of wisdom for when the tables turn on you.

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most likely nothing

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