North Korea

Is North Korea really a horrible place? The thing is media is bashing it all the time and i'm at the point that i have so low trust in the media that i always expect the opposide of what they say to be true, cause thats basicly the case. And i saw a lot of NK bashing lately i just wonder why do they do it and do they for once not lie? Could anybody give me some insight how it is to live in NK?

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What is atrocity propaganda.

Bad how? It's all relative to the way you value things. For the average rootless opulent and judaeized westerner, it's probably indeed a bad place. For some Korean who values its blood and soil above gold and understands the troubles of globalism, its problems are probably acceptable as long as the state remains Korean and relatively free and independent from judaeo-american globalist influence.

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Globalism is only bad for white people, If they were smart they would of gotten on the anti white train full bore like South Korea did

it's bad for everyone on the long and short run, whites are merely at the absolute epicenter and most advanced gangrened state of it

Yes of course its bad you retard. But why is the media bashing it, what is actually good in North Korea that makes (((the media))) hate it, that is what i wonder.

still better than usa

lol no its not, stop trying to sound like a good liberal trying to save to the planet and admit what is actually going on.

Its a 100% ethnically and racially homogeneous country.
Of course its gonna get bad reports in the media.

Like most places there are some good points and some bad points.

Girls are thin. Marijuana grows freely. Place is clean with no traffic.
Your career and life outcome is based on what contacts your family has in the communist party, rather than your ability.

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Yeah the Norks do make a lot of cash selling soviet weapons to oil states.
I was reading on Zig Forums how they took the old SCUD missiles and made their own improved version.


It's impossible to know for sure trough the (((media))). I plan visiting it one day.

I have a feeling NK is a lot like Hitler's Germany.
Good luck Mr. Kim

Was NK bankrolled by Jews?

Does NK have the second highest Jewish population in the world?

Does NK have the biggest synagogues outside of Israel?

Does NK have politicians that openly call themselves the servant of Jews?
Does NK allow Jews to lobby openly and without any barriers?

No, so NK is at least better than (((America))). It's also free from (((Amerimutts))).

Based tbh. Of course the media is going to portray it as bad and oppresive state, hire actors to tell their "stories" and cry on camera.

Until the 1970s North Korea was handily outpacing the South in economic development. It took the US literally imploding its domestic productive capacity and relocating it to supplicant vassals in South Korea along with entirely one-sided free trade for South Korean products to change this.

this is how "based" north korea is lol

When I was in worst korea, a professor told the class I was in that he had been hearing how norks had been starving for decades, and he was surprised that they were still alive. He said this with obvious sarcasm. He was 70+. Take that as you will. Fake news exists everywhere.

I don't know if it's a lot like Hitler's Germany, but it is a bit like it. They are one of the most racially homogenous nations in the world.

You could have put the answers below your questions as well as links so people dont have to look them up.

obviously martial arts will win wars

Haha what a fucking moron.
Does he think the same thing about Africa?

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are these fags going to bruce lee the shit out of everyone else who has a gun?

Juche is just the North Korean form of Maoism. It doesn't matter that they are racially homogenous, although that aspect is admirable but also not uncommon in Asia. They are bugmen just the the Chinese and are commie scum. Commies get the bullet. End of discussion.