What a surprise!

Slide thread gets play until THIS little nugget is dropped, then immediately deleted.
What'sa matta, Chaim? Can't stand the fact that 6000 long years of your long play subversion is getting blown out in a single generation of shitposting "cattle", world wide?
The archeological, and genome FACTS are all coming to the Light.
Whatcha hiding under the Vatican?
What's under that lame ass Muzzie Cube?
What about the mines and caves of the Swiss Alps?
A few islands? This list continues.
Are (((you))) still operating under the assumption that we don't know EVERYTHING, and simply waiting for THE moment to arise?
You got decadent, and lazy in your stolen wealth, and parasitized posterity. You have no clue how much deserved danger you are in, do you?

You knew this was coming. You know where this goes from here.
There is no where left to hide, jew.
We are coming.

Sage this shit. I just had to make a point.

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nice thumbnail faggot



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Well I guess it dosen't mater this is a shit posting thread after all

Ice Hates em

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Here's my reply to the bait thread, where OP suggested that nords didn't have large empires or grand civilizations until the medieval warm period, because they were lazy.

6 months of winter. People in ice age europe had no time to do anything aside from preparing for the next winter, when they would once again get buried under a massive blanket of snow. Building pyramids was the last thing on their minds.

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Sloppy job Mossad!

enjoy your filter

Here you go

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Reported for spam.

I would report this thread but I know the mods actually are trying to destroy this board

Ancient Egyptians were mixed with Indo-European invader blood.
Haplogroups, blonde hair, and blue eyes don't lie.

No one fucking cares

It's directly copied from the now deleted slide thread. Deleted because this simple thumbnail BTFO of the moron sliding the thread with "Egyptian Pharoahs were niggers" bullshit.
You're probably the same fucking kike, nigger.
You're not fooling anyone.

Take these glowing faggots with you.


…as soon as the filth and pestilence are removed. You can't stop what's already here.
The jew is already extinct.

Faggot cuckchan op's previous thread was deleted because you were trying to d&c.

Oh, you kikes care a lot if these facts get out to the mainstream. I can smell your filthy, anxious perspiration from here, neanderkike.
You are the bottom of the barrel of all of humanity, and the entire world is waking to this reality.
You're fucked, Schlomo. You know this.


Paracas skulls.
Red Haired mummies of southern U.S.
Hell, I'm already bored making this endless list.
The Blood never forgets, does it Chaim? That's why you study it so diligently. Got all the bloodlines recorded, and hidden in your vaults. What good is it doing you, demon spawn? OUR Blood will always be more powerful than your petty word tricks.
You're fucked, jew. You know this.

What's the matter, faggot?
You getting scared?
You should be.
We're coming.
You're fucked. You know this.

Nice to acknowledge my contribution to the destruction of a shitty bait thread. But your thread is hardly any better OP.

Ancient Aryans > Sand niggers

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Malta, 3250 BC

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We are kings and such.

Lol. Talk about counting your eggs before they're hatched.

Yeah if jews are extinct where are all my taxes going lol

During the last ice age, Aryans moved south toward the Mediterranean, middle east, and Egypt and began building megalithic civilizations.

The Sphinx is geologically dated to roughly 12,000 years ago.

The old myths of the meso-Americans about "bearded white gods" who brought them technology and civilization probably suggests that Europeans were crossing the oceans around 10,000+ years ago and establishing trade networks with more primitive people in far away place.

Was't trying to make a "better" thread, fren. Was actually feeling guilty about potentially sliding a worthy thread. I just feel this kind of shit needs to be pointed out.
There is no getting anything accomplished here while these fuckers are successfully shitting up this board. Unfortunately, if this place is to be resurrected, some of the higher class threads will have to wait until the vermin is eradicated. Besides, this all helps the newfags in identifying the Fallacies, and kike wizardry.

Nice try, faggots.
You're fate is already sealed.
You did this.I
You're fucked. You know this.
It's why you're here trying so desperately to curb your culling. It's not working.
I love watching you squirm.

THIS is the direction that bait thread would have gone, if the mods weren't compromised. And that's important that we can still salvage the bullshit attempts to D&C. The faggot claiming "High nigger Society in Egypt" would have been shut down with just a few simple posts.

It's afraid, lads.
Never let them demoralize your Superior Spirit.
It's the ONLY trick they have.
It's over.
They're fucked. They know this.

I'm finding it very interesting that this image is so very triggering as well. How long will this thread survive now that this is posted up?

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The Digha Nikaya of ancient India explains the "32 Signs of a Great Man". It was thought that the ancient kings of India and figures like the Buddha had these 32 characteristics.

The 29th sign of a great man is "Eyes deep blue".

Blue-eyes were highly prized in ancient times.

Your definition of “building the world” is wrong and short sighted. Cherry picking the things you think represent “society” and claiming whites did it. Your myopic view of human history shows how unintelligent you are. The world is built on the murder and exploitation of weaker people. Whites have murdered and stolen the world for centuries. Only to clean up history with this “we built it with hard work” bullshit.

You complain about washing away history by tearing down old racist statues while ignoring that those statues are proof that America and the other “civilized” white societies were built on slavery torture and exploitation.

So you say we did that because we could? Well then you have to accept that the ability for whites people to exploit others is pure luck. Things could have easily been switched and another race would have done all the expanding and exploiting.

Luck and brutality have made your world. Stop acting like it was divinity.

I know it pissed me off too

It had more to do with intelligence, high IQ's.
High IQ's explains why nations like Norway and Japan will always out perform equatorial third world dumps.

Hold on a sex. You're not trying to put yourself above the nature are you? Because if you're doing that you'd be culling these great aryan achievers and bringing shame to their name.


There certainly is a lot of subverted and forgotten history, no thanks to the pure cancer that is kikestianity erasing our past and making every dumb nigger think that our history started at the year "zero" when that stupid kike was born.

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Except I.Q. Is shown to be subjective and not a real measurable thing. Also if it is real then I.Q. Is the same everywhere. Every country has people on both sides of the scale. All races and ethnicities have high and low scores.

Yes more exist in some countries but that is due to availability of education or resources to learn.

Saying it is natural is false. Focus on education builds I.Q. And abundance of resources. Just like if you go to school your intelligence is generally higher then someone without education.

But every group on the planet hits both sides of the spectrum. So the idea of one group being “smarter” is ignoring facts about human growth. No one is genetically smarter. If that were true smart people would only have smart babies and vise versa. But that is not how breeding or genetics work.

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Cherry picking to prove your point while ignoring facts. Your idea is wrong. Plain and simple

Take your meds and come back to spam this shit again next shabbat, moshe.

Jews are white people. Deal with it.

LOL, can't tell troll from reality anymore.
"Joos are White", OK, anything u say.

In all fairness this is a logical fallacy of some sort.
I highly doubt their form of mummification bleeched hair, but there isn't really a logical connection between hair color of dead people and painted statue eyes.
Not saying its wrong, it just needs some refinement. logical fallacies are the domain of the juden.

hey dingus, they don't know much more than they tell the public. we're dumb as a species.

as proven here:

could be a few reasons.

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richat structure location is a blue eye on a black face.

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The most dangerous thing about the Jews is their charisma.
They can speak in a way that sounds friendly, righteous and good, to convince people of anything. They can make all of their words sound reasonable, and their tone of voice can suggest innocence at all times.

Beyond that, they can and will say anything to convince you of their position. They will utilize full truths, partial truths, and utter lies to convince you of their point, ensuring that no matter how you talk with them, they are always utilizing a technique that I call brainwashing.

To an uninformed, it will suddenly look like they're winning a fight, because they might keep their cool while we become frustrated with how they avoid points and conclusions that should be obvious.

It is dangerous to talk with Jews. It is better to look at everything from a larger, top-down perspective, to ensure that what you are saying is correct, and then peer review it with your own people, and once it is confirmed, then you do not need to talk to a jew.

That is what we do here. Once Aryans talk with Aryans, the consensus quickly reaches the truth. Everything becomes obvious, and we all agree. A Jew will create divide-and-conquer points, where suddenly we find reasons to disagree with the Jew and each other, as if the agreement we suddenly had before was never there.

But imagine how easily we could reach truth without jews mangling it and creating such unhappiness.


Pull your string again, please!

What do you know of slavery? Do you think that it is wrong for ancient, primitive civilizations to simply use strength of masses to accomplish useful work?

We invented machines to solve slavery. But machines are costly as well, in other ways. No matter what we do, there is always a cost. That is why we minimize harm and maximize benevolence. However, do not be unaware of environmental effects of machine use. I will not end the world just to spare "outsiders" some menial work.

If not machines, then we will have people do the work.
Are you afraid to work? Are you afraid to be a master?

If you aren't the master, then you are going to end up a slave.
Only machine-liberation can save us. Yet, even that has its issues, as I mentioned.

So do not tell me that you're such a fool that you would rather completely lack society, culture, and abundant food supplies. I would rather focus on my art and science, rather than tend to the fields. It will be someone else who "tends to the fields," so that I can focus on my art and science.

And with that art and science, I alone can build a better world, because there's simply no way that I will be enslaved. No, I would rather DIE than be enslaved. Thus I am not enslaved. But you?

If you aren't the master, then you will be the slave. If you would desire to be weak enough, "equal" enough, that you are a slave, then you will find yourself at my feet, because I do not bow to anyone. I see either equals, of inferiors before me. But the status of their equality is up to them. Their destiny is up to them.

Fuck off, idiot. Mods are here to delete illegal content that could shut down the site.
I don't want them meddling in discussions except if they participate as anons and nothing more.
I'm more than capable of telling the sand-nigger spammer to eat a bag of dicks with his false arguments without some nany-mod protecting me from the big-bad shill.
Try reddit, might be more up to your speed.