What do you guys think of ContraPoints

I think ContraPoits is the most genuinely humanist and rational "anti-fascist" on the left. She/he is one on the most hardline leftist personalities one can come across yet She/he is pretty ideologically moral and is willing to question all conflicting ideas and criticisms before coming to a conclusion. The same is true of Slavoij Zizek who openly mocks and insults SJW's and calls out leftist hypocrisy, and no one can call him a fascist because he is a literal Marxist. ContraPoints' channel is also legitimately entertaining to watch since it contains no rhetoric and is almost 90% trolling. What do you all think of this flamboyant faggot?

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Go back to your containment board, faggot.

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This freak will never be a woman. He will kill himself in the next 24 months, he has AIDS and anal cancer.

Hopefully Contrapoints and all the degenerate faggots kill themselves

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I didn't say he was a woman. I'm talking about his style of addressing political ideology

the fact that you even slightly entertain the idea of that thing being a "she" shows where you came from. anyway, I think I watched one video. it was sargon of akkad-tier criticism, i.e. a complete waste of time

Can't you form a logical opinion you braindead faggot? It doesn't matter if he's degenerate since he's not going to have children and pass on his genes. Otherwise degeneracy is bad if it corrupts society. He is primarily a philosopher and he doesn't encourage being gay or promoting the LGBT agenda. And he doesn't use SJW rhetoric to subvert cis-gender straight men.

Go back to reddit, you don't fucking belong here nigger. Get the fuck out.

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Saged and reported

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Faggots don't pass on their degeneracy by having children, they do it by traumatizing and molesting them.

I think they are a fucking retard?

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Don't be a faggot OP.

"It doesn't matter if he's degenerate " Yes it matters, shut the fuck up. You don't want your kids look up to faggots like him who has destroyed their manhood. It's very negative for everyone. Now, go back to reddit nigger.

I haven't brought myself to watch any of his videos yet, but I perused to comment sections comprised of his followers. Jews are trying to promote as a deradicalization agent bring naughty right memeing young men back to the left, but I get the impression his followers are mostly eternal "centrists" who lean slightly more left of Sargon's liberalists. It's also another reddit tier hugbox where the obviously young and indoctrinated go to reaffirm their views after spending the past few years having no real answers for all our racial, sexual/gender and demography arguments they've been exposed to on social media.

The point is that he doesn't influence children. No one actually looks up to him or wants to be anything like him. And he doesn't promote himself either. Trannies are sad and gross. The channel it'self is entertaining and provides a pretty non biased critique of modern social conflicts

I have heard that before. I'm not sure to what degree that's true. I was thinking the opposite might be possible. That he could be some sort of Trojan horse to criticize the left without being denounced as a Nazi. The fact that he's so flamboyant and transgender makes him immune to attacks from progressives

Perhaps they should have invested in an actual female, for a start.

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No one is interested faggot. If this freak won't kill himself he'll get the rope too.

This thread is now dedicated to exposing faggory and (((transexuality))).
A person who is a faggot can still influence a society and because they are a faggot they will attempt to subvert your youth in accepting them.
These people are predators and subvert the very nature of masculinity, attempting to feminize the man into a cum receptacle.
These people are no better than foot fetishes, confused minds who attribute sexual attraction to unnatural things.
Do you want your son raped by a homosexual? Do you feel comfortable with your son being told that "well, you might be gay, you never know… ever been with a guy? ;)"

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not an argument

Why should I listen to a washed-out Philosophy Doctorate who stressed himself so much during his pursuit that he broke down, quit school, decided to cut off his dick and call himself a woman, and cry about how all of modern academia is bullshit because you have to have a meaningful or dedicated point to receive a degree that is only relevant to academics. His egotism and social retardation sabotaged any chance at effectively networking with the same parasites in academia where he could earn tenure and say the exact same shit he's saying now. Now he's bankrolled by pea-brains who think the same pseudo-intellectual rambling that got him as far as it had is insightful and worth paying for.

Say what you will about Peterstein, he isn't a tranny and he possesses a doctorate and had tenure. He's actually a competent slimebag, not a short-sighted narcissist.

contrapoints isn't a fucking tranny. he's a dude playing a drag queen character. fucking hell this guy used to post this shit on /r9k/ back in the day and faked a suicide when his trip was leaked. this character's name is literally "CP" - you're all getting trolled by a professional.

that being said he makes pretty good videos - production value and cinematography is on point. he makes good points about juden peterstein and how a lot of the aut right are just LARPing and adopting a watered down version of hardline views because they're losers who couldn't succeed in society rather than individuals that outright reject the society as well.
I find it very interesting that he doesn't target actual NatSoc's like RAM or NordFront likely because he's a fucking tankie and sympathetic to nationalist and authoritarian causes - mostly just targets aut-right cucks because he thinks they're posers.

The point of the post is that he doesn't do this. Non of what I said advocated LGBT propaganda

I'm also a transgender girl, but my conclusions have taken me the opposite direction. Here, let me explain.

Where once I was leftist, and wanted to live as a girl, despite being a man, I am now rightist, and wish to live as a man, because I am a man.

When I was leftist, I was into cheap kinks and worthless hookups.
Now that I am rightist, I am looking for true love, for the purpose of a family.

When I was leftist, I assumed that someone would save me financially.
Now that I am rightist, I understand my duty and responsibility to myself.

When I was leftist, I was depressed, suicidal, anxious, scared, and always feeling so confused.
Now that I am a rightist, I have confidence, strength of mind and will, and I wish to better myself.

Essentially, when I was a leftist, I was a pathetic boy who wanted to be a girl.
But now that I am a National Socialist, I am a man.

We don't.

He's only competent with retards who latch onto the desire for a father figure. Peterstein's entire philosophy is self-improvement. Shit that body building forums was preaching ten years ago mixed with christcuckery and freemason tier "boys club" bullshit.

He's a fucking gatekeeper who makes incredibly boring content of which the only positive message held within can be summed up in one sentence "don't be a lazy fag"
I can read that shit on a message board about weight lifting without all the cultist crap thrown in. Fuck him and fuck all gatekeepers. Traitors are worse than enemies, and cultists are worse than both.

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Competent only in the sense that he can maintain an academic network, graduate with a PhD, and score tenure. Something ContraPoints is too retarded to do.

academia and intellectualism are jewish inventions to suppress the white working class. fuck off.



Weirdos go into the nearest Bog.

I never defended academia. My point is that ContraPoints is so fucking retarded, that instead of networking and cozying up to the group that already sympathizes with him in every regard he chooses to bitch and moan and fuck off. How anyone could listen to him and take him at all seriously when he can't engage in simple human interaction without coming out on the other end as a drag queen.