After a Black Cop Was Convicted of Killing a White Woman, Minnesota Activists Say Focus Should Be Po

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"Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose legislative district includes Minneapolis, released a statement on Wednesday morning calling Noor’s guilty verdict “an important step towards justice and a victory for all who oppose police brutality.” Omar also said it cannot be lost that Noor’s verdict comes in the wake of other acquittals for officers who took the lives of people of color, and called for “the same level of accountability and justice” for all officer-involved "

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Explains why he was convicted.

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Nothing to do with blowing away a citizen who was reporting a crime

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One aspect of this case has sort of been neglected I think. You're in a dark alleyway, with a partner, investigating a possible crime. Fine you're in a heightened state of awareness. You and your partner are both armed with deadly weapons, and the full support of the entire law enforcement system behind you. A woman comes alongside your car. You freak out and pull out your service gun and blow her away. Think of the utter cowardice of this. Think of what a weak gutless cur that individual must be to react to a small surprise like this. Niggers aren't big brave warriors at all. They're shitass yellowbellies.


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