Soft Resistance

Soft Resistance

I have an idea for a movement all anons can join in on. It lies between the home meme posting, and IRL unification. So if you’re at home all the time worried about honeypots, you can at least contribute somehow. You can actually make a difference.

I’ll call this anoncasting. You pick a random number, like anon1377 and you podcast your thoughts anonymously. If we get enough anons to do this, someone with talent that they didn’t know they had, will rise up and grasp normalfags. The next anonymous leader will rise to change the world. At the very least you will flood the internet with your antiimmigrant, pro western civilization thoughts. You can use things like voice changers, and your computer mic. Just flood the internet, and it'll help all blackpilled anons because they will feel like they are helping out. I would reccomend to keep the podcast user names anonymous.

Movements fail because our leaders are counter ops. Never trust the Jordan Petersons and Dick Spencers. Trust the anoncasts. This is stage one. user#.

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Hosting would be difficult. I don't know where you can host anonymously. But you could link on voat and gab. The positive messages could be shared as videos on youtube.

And how will a podcast posted here reach normies?

Everything outside of assassination and open warfare is a waste of time. Linder is correct, the White Liberation Army is the only tactic that was a chance.

It would need to be an in between. I don't want normalfags coming here. It would need to be on cytube or catbox and spilling into voat, gab, facebook, and youtube.

Fedposting entrapment. Right on time.

If you don't want to act, you don't have to. You can still write all of your essays, grindr Greg.

Effortpost first, THEN say shit like that.

Take over a radio broadcast. There’s probably a station within walking distance of most anons honk

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just make an irl effort post. they're the best way to keep up spirits in my opinion, no matter the score. any user can do that.

if you really can't effort post irl, then flood the internet with effort posts everywhere you go. failing that even, shit post. what's the difference between an audio and a text shitpost?

I'm thinking you can shadowban an effort post. The rhythm of language has an attractive effect. Just imagine if Hitler shitposted all day. He probably would not have gotten far. The pauses and subtle language showed he cared.

double post.
also, AI can scour text and clear out target words. try typing a positive post about white nationalism on facebook, vs a link that gains traction hosted off of facebook. but as soon as that link is scrubbed, anons made more.

for those anons who wish to do audio shitposts or effortposts without revealing your voice you can also do text-to-speech. or go for the high score by improving your public speaking voice to level hitler as per checked btw

sage just for low-effort torposting.

Torfag is right. Throw up some posters. Easy, quick and people near you will see it. Use a black and white laser or a cheap inkjet bought off craigslist/goodwill so you can't be traced. Don't connect the printer to the internet if it has wireless or ethernet port. USB or parallel connection only.


Kill yourself.

Cultural influences that are genuine and not artificial usually have impact in sense of amplification through spreading.
1 person suggest to 10 of their friends and word spreads.
This is why kikes media of artificial cultural influence usually has some sort of genuineness brought into it, but twisted in it's sense. Lies have a part of truth brought into them to make them palpable per say.
Either the person is drugged up or raped at young age to make them nihilistic and destroyed mentally and then brought up to the mic which legitimizes their message that is void of any strength that might resonate with people. The "hooks" resonate with people such as naturally evolutionary psychology of tribal affiliation ("oh she is a woman too") but the twisted message makes audience go down their degenerate path.

If message is genuine (to the core) it will resonate with people not only on the hooks part but on whole another level of ideology and might even fix some ills brought up by the kiked media.

See, I never printed out IOTBW just because I'm afraid of CCTV. I feel like there are many others that didn't either, but want to do something. I'm just trying to find something they can do, but not fear being outed as an evil nazi in their community. I'm trying to find something to fill their time with if they want to help as well.

text to speech has come a long way

stencils and spraypaint as well (wear gloves). you can also stencil and spray, paint or marker onto posters to avoid the printer scare. go for patrick little levels and walk around with a "yids rape kids" sign. or dab on your local juden and scheissehaeute.

sage still for low-effort torposting

Reminder that your voice is as unique as your fingerprint.

IOTBW anons have gotten up posters and left clean even with cameras. if you really want, get a webcam and set it up like the local cameras and practice how to hide your face and body shape from it. take note of where cameras are and where they aren't and move into locations where they aren't to slip away (if bongistan or such)


this is true. use a voice changer, text2speech, or just don't say anything illegal. that way all the fat anons can do something without running out of breath, while their taquitos bake.

hell, even bongistan anons during HWNDU managed to get away from the museum attempt without being caught. and demoralization fags want people to be afraid of cameras. be cautious around them but not afraid of them.

I will triangulate on your position and rape your females, cumskin. The radio signal belongs to me now.

modern flashlights have come a long way :^)
and there's always spray paint

Go away with your homoshit

actually just had a good idea: study released footage from security cameras and CCTV about crimes or drunk people fighting and such to get an idea of where and how cameras will capture you. convenience store crime footage, bongistan drunk street fights, people's cellphone recordings. the sky's the limit.

in all sincerity though if you aren't ready get ready, get /SIG/, train, and dehumanize yourself and face bloodshed in plants vs niggerszombies. study something and make an effort post on Zig Forums for anons to read. make a manifesto for the world to scramble and hide ( (((they))) used to show anything sympathetic toward or written by a white when this happened and hide anything communist or anti-white. now they're actively purging the very very strongly white motivated manifestos. interesting that.)

Checked , kek

paintball guns are great against cameras

Hitler's time and modern times are completely different obstacles and problems to the point I think the situation right now is a lot more harder than weimar you'll have to realize the lemmings are all brainwashed and will fight against you if ordered to.

IPFS. It is pseudoanonymous for now, but once they integrate Tor or i2p it will be fully anonymous.

Someone familiar with music production here; pitching down your voice a couple semitones is not enough. Any CIAnigger can just grab the recording and pitch it back up to figure out who you are. Think about using a vocoder or various voice changing effects that are irrerversible vía a simple recording edit. You would be surprised how well you’ll be understood even with robot voice.

It is an audio recording or a radio/internet broadcast. Do not cede true names to jews like apple.
Already exists you just have to find it.

This isn't 1980. There are networked hd cameras. Security cameras, traffic lights, pocket computers, car widshields and rear facias, doorbells, sekrit fed dummy traffic cones, and so on. Avoiding i still the ame but if caught you are kinda fucked.

This is "vandalism" at best and "destruction of gvt property" at worst.
Plus "conspiracy" and other shit jews will argue for.
Use lights and/or reflective fabrics to "blind" cameras at night or otherwise conceal yourself (identity). This is your protected speech, so long as you are not doing so in pursuit of a "crime" or some other "unlawful" act.

You could als argue that capturing and storing your "likenes" on their computers and network without your consent is a violation like pirating a movie or using Bruce Lee's likenes without conent. You may have to register your "likeness" with the local patent and trademark office. And do some other creative thinking.

This is "vandalism". See above.
It is not "vandalism" or other such "damage" crimes if it is removable by rain or wind such as chalk. A way to spray chalk like electric and water city workers do to make stencils will be best following "post no bills" limitations in places like in the jewK and jewYork, as it is "art" and "art" is protected "speech".

Great idea.

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Also. Transcribe text files of episodes and post them on cpunks or other places like the bitcoin blockchain that are mirrored by many anons and impossible to erase.
fixed my 's' key
good day

Freenet can also work.
Or just rent some VPS with crypto.
Doesn't really have to be voicecasts either. Written articles could also work.

Every user should really seek to create one single masterwork and store/shill that everywhere. If Anons are selective and observantly ordered they can cover quite the content spectrum while avoiding redundancies in works. Quality is not controlled for here but still a goal one should have. Think about all the jewrogan episodes he has.
Quality over Quantity.
Think 'Der Giftpilz'.

Make a torrent and let other anons mirror it to normie sites.
Anons will only take the time to mirror if it is good material, which acts as a quality filter.

just wear a somewhat inconspicuous mask. far less people will question it as you think. most everyone is too braindead and looking down at their phones to notice or care. i remember a soccer mom who did question me over it, i just I; the spot made up a lie about how it was an honor of a dead friend and she bought it like it was a fucking lottery ticket

sorry english is not my first language

forgive me inconspicuous* sorry for being a foreign faggot

Lurk moar, faggot.

I can see the potential in OP's plan but you're also right. It may be more beneficial to act under a group name for branding reasons but this would more than likely leader to the same fate as Anonymous with false leaders taking control, betraying everyone else, etc.. Once your ideas are spread it's too difficult for most people to keep their ego in check and remain an anonymous nobody.

good idea

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Fuck you.
This is exactly how Millennial Woes was pitched.

every pro-white action is worthwhile



Lurk moar niggerkike.


Bretty gud

What a nice video you got there.

It depends on how you go about it user.