French government to pay unpaid child support

You can not escape the cuckoldry if you live in France.

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aka. achmeds 6 wives already living on welfare

Its unfortunate she burned the coal and now has a basketball american child which will never look like her. It will never feel belonging and if male likely kill her.

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Exarchopoulos is now a French name I see.

I doubt France is far from 56% White, tbh.

and Britain as well

Fucking sick of the infighting. Everyone is on the same sinking ship and people on each side are laughing at who might drown faster.It's all fucked, no ,after how you look at it. now we've lost the Notre Dame. Whether it was purposely urned or just incompetence, it still stems from arabs and niggers since they were the reason there was no money for the needed repairs.
What wil; we lose next? The Louvre maybe? Still haven't processed exactly what happened yet in full, that it's really gone. And the motherfucker STILL won't resign. nor the useless female mayor.No one has resigned or been arrested.

>Your brother repeats.
In 50 years you've conquered them.


And macaroni masturbates to that thought, well that and black trannies.

It is. Not mixed mongrels but many non-euros. I am from California and lived in France for a few years about a decade ago. I have never felt so outnumbered. Most were browns wearing linen and I thought they were Italians or something. They were north africans and turks and arabs and shit. London was even worse. I was there during a Palestinian protest and in every mcdonalds (us fast foods is the only food aside from square bread and prepackaged cups of spotted dick to be found in the city there) there were 90% beekeeper muslims and their children. Niggers didn't even have a dollar menu. Fucking jews.

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You do know most Americans look like the guy wearing your eu flag, don't you ? While most Europeans are actually Algiers people or Arabs. Please post your EU demographics to prove me wrong. I will wait.

He’s paid to post jewish lies here. Of course he knows that.

And I mean excluding Ireland and UK who still keep race/ethnicity statistics and are still at 80% "white".

Reminder that the US was recently at the 80% threshold.
US non-hispanic "White" population:
1980: 80%
1990: 75%
2000: 70%
2010: 63%

Yeah but only 53% of US born babies were non-hispanic "white". So the meme has become real. The only hope is for them to go back. I doubt that will happen but maybe if we become like the Hung-aryans we can convince them to leave. 80% is minimum saturation for any culture to not only survive, but "thrive" as the jews have been repeating on tv as a fix to refugees staying and not going back.

I'm a nice even split of 4 different European ethnicities. I'm 6'2, 210 pounds. Nobody in my family is bald or fat. My best friend is a 100% Norwegian who is 5'9 and something like 160 pounds. That's not to say that pure Europeans are inferior, only that the idea my mixed European heritage is a detriment to my genetics is pants on head retarded.

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6’5” Irish English German master race reporting for duty.

Nationalities are next to meaningless when they are nationless states like 'Ireland' or 'Germany' or 'USA'. Why not identify with the language group since that would be a bit more accurate. Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Hispanic, and so on. Or your genetics if you can know this and can't find info on tribal associations.

thats not her kid, pic is bait and you dumbasses fell for it

So this is just another form of GIBS to niggers

Mixing can have hybrid vigor while decreasing fertility.

Optimal biological partner is 4th cousin.

I know 3 brothers like you, mixed and 6'2" - 6'6" and 210-280 lbs and they had trouble having sons, so just anecdotal but all that hybrid vigor seemed to make it difficult for them to have sons, as it also seems the inverse true. I know some families that have only sons in 2 or 3 at a time and all of them are "heirloom" breeds. Really just my observation, but I am mixed with one parent hybrid German Irish French Scotch English and the other Side a "pure" English\Welsh stock, so I guess I will be semi-fucked both ways and just have equal sons and daughters, I am sort of medium build 5'11" king of the manlets


When the fuck did physical characteristics that you have limited control over (essentially none) becom bragworthy?

To conclude my rhetorical question you're not bragging about a single thing that is more important in todays word.

Might as well be. Pic related is her and the dude her fathered her kid.

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where in france? paris and surrounding areas or country-side france?

gordon ramsey is that you

This kind of retardation will only make more and more people opt out from society which will only accelerate the collapse.

fuck face, unless you want to post your pic, no one cares. What purpose does it serve? I'm 6 food 9, 350lb, 4% body fat. See how easy that is? Can you prove I'm not? Fucking levels of retardation. And even if you Did have a pic to post (you never will), this is not /fit/,no one fucking cares.

What good has Any of this infighting between the white yanks, Brits, the Swedes and their bullshit, the Germans, EVER done? I'm convinced it's Jews behind it. Was reading a book last night about Israel called "Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel."
HIGHLY recommend it, as you see not only what kind of society the Jews build with no goyim to suck blood from directly, but there's a degree of fucking "racism" (hate that jew-made-up word) that the Jews and ZOG would be SCREECHING about and sending in fucking ZOGbot troops if this were anywhere else in the world. It makes what the Serbs were doing to try to save their fucking culture (and it was THEIR OWN land) from Croats and fucking fuckings trying to create "Greater Albania" look like a fucking picnic. These Jews practice a level of everyday brutality like nothing you can imagine.
Reason I brought it up here, turns out that like college students, El Al flight attendants, and some other groups can get $2,000 per semester (for Jew college students in the US) to engage in what they call "Hasbara," essentially PR. So those who see a Jew behind most D and C shills here and, in actuality, probably correct.
What good does this kind of shit do? YES, the Us has a VERY serious mexican and nigger infestation. YES, the EU has a very serious nigger and Muslim infestation. but what good comes of actual White groups sitting here slinging shit here while the Jew laughs, essentially doing his work for him?
I personally don't give a shit about the "mutt meme," but I can promise you, it was made by a Jew and propagated by Jews. I have had my own genetics done, 99.7% Northern European. AND despite the shit you see here and in the media, White females are the LEAST LIKELY to racemes of ANY group on earth.
Meanwhile, Jews are race mixing at such a degree, that within 2 generations the only real kikes left will be haredim types, who wont work, won't do kike military service, etc.. So, while we might be fucked in many ways in the west, the kikes are even MORE fucked.
And I truly believe that when the time comes for the Jews to be called to account for their sins…after their nuke cable subs the retarded germans gave them are taken out by LA class hunter-killers and any medium range ballistics taken out by bobs and a united team of all Western Spec Ops working with Spetznaz (maybe even with help from Hezbollah). the REAL fight will be who has suffered the most at the hands o the Jew and who should get dibs on destroying and depopulating it. the Russians have a very strong claim (67 million killed in the gulags set up by the jew Natalie Frankel). But then the Arabs are going to want a piece too; Americans and German patriots will want a piece of them for the money they've lost, but I think Americans have the stronger claim due to all the Jew wars.
The West, Russia, and Iran (the fucking sunnis are useless shitbags who can't fight anyway) are going to need to sit at a table and argue it out. If I live to see that day–which WILL come– I'll die a happy man. And not because I believe in any biblical prophecy, but because Jew behavior has made it inevitable. Look a the young, normal men now just throwing away their lives the way palestinian men did during their 2 intifadas. The Jews problem is that they can'y build a large wall to desperate all Whites from them. oh, they will try and request more money for "guards" and gated communities (at tax-payer expense) in coming years. But when you've driven ben to such despair that so many Whites men are committing suicide, you will never stop them all.
And for the FBI and other intel scum watching this site, that is't a "threat" of any sort– it's a calculated prediction based on the historical record. The more the Jews shut down speech on the net (and do so PROUDLY! The ADL very openly announces THEY are the ones censoring YT) and essentially incriminate themselves that they ARE INDEED guilty of all they've been accused of of doing (why else would they need to censor it?) it's just going to get worse and more desperate, since that's how revolutions traditionally go…Jews have learned NOTHNG from the 20th century.

The question David Irving said he'd always want an answer to if he were a Jew: "Why us?" Why, fo almost 4,000 yers, from Greece to Rome to Persia tonCarthage to Arabia to every European nation (numerous times) to the Arab nations, why us? Why the Jews? Could it, perhaps be something in their behavior they need to change? They'll never even ASK– let alone begin to answer– that question. Why did the Germans, the most educated and among the most urbane people in Europe, want them off their backs so badly? They didn't just wake yp one day and "go mad" as the Jews would have you believe.
Lastly, to end this railing post, DL all of the David Irving boos he has for free on his site, and try to buy whichever ones you can, since once he dies, I firmly believe his daughters will sell him out and for a price let the jews destroy everything…

It gets absolutely disgusting when you realize look at the picture on the left and realize that that thing, this shitlet, was in her body for several months, growing there like… like a fucking alien or something.

This is good news. Why should a French child be without a dignified upbringing?

because either his father or mother was an undignified piece of shit, resulting in single parenthood. why does the child of undignified tards deserve a better upbringing than the parents can provide

This is why I hate blackball threads like this one, and am sure 955 are made by Jews, arabs, or negroes. Look at the stats. Our females are, BY FAR, the most loyal of any race. The exception, it seems, that negresses don't fancy us but then they know well no White man wants an ape with horse hair on its head.
And YES, I despise coal burners as much as anyone, and the "burn the Coal, pay the toll" meme is a great one that should be used whenever possible to shame them. But take a look at stats lie this. Often, threads here make it seem like most White women are mud sharks. They aren't. Jews and arabs and negroes take a picture of the 1 in 5,000 decent looking slag engaged in bestiality and put it here.
And, given how vulnerable are women are to propaganda and the fact that they are fucking BOMBARDED with it, I'm actually quite proud of these results. AndYES, they should not be allowed to vote, many of them have misplaced compassion for those who would rape and murder them, but overall, look at the numbers.
Far more Asians are interested in White men than any of OUR women are interested in any fucking race. Which is, overall, pretty gud news:

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A child shouldn't suffer because of his parents' mistakes. The public has an interest in having each successive generation be less fucked up than the prior one.

Am I reading these results correctly, are do White men rate spic females at 6%, goo women at 18%, and White at 5%? I guess the Asian rating is understandable, since I've heard most Whites on "plenty of fish" are pigs and guys probably get ignored by most Whites on there unless they are in the top 5% of men.
Also, the spic thing might be accounted for by the very loose definitions of "hispanic" and "whites," where spics as dark as night cal themselves "white."

210 and 6'2 means that while I'm not fuck huge I do have a decent amount of muscle mass on my bones. I do have a certain amount of control over the fact I lift 3 times a week so yea, I'll brag. What about you salty boy? What're your stats and what your heritage? I'm bragging that I'm an European American "mutt" and yet still stronger, taller and objectively more attractive than a pure bred peer, illustrating the fact that the "mutt" meme is pretty god damn stupid.

We have that in the states already.
It's called "welfare."

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I'm glad I'm a DACApede…

Pretty sure this is haram

It's banter dude. Chill.

Lurk two years, faggot then hang yourself with your shoelaces

you cannot tax me
if I have no income
what a fucking moron
and when all the companies leave commie france for germany you will not even have companies to tax them
socialist muppet

She doesn't have a black kid?

So the French are admitting the welfare state is a failure?

This already happens in America you Retard

how is any of this a surprise at this point? (pic related)

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Why are you talking like a leftist faggot who can't handle the real world?

Wasted trips, faggot. Do you think Hitler would leave the youth to rot? Do you think he would be swayed by the carefully selected pic in OP? Fuck off to reddit.

fucking niggers

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Welfare is newspeak, for its actual meaning can be inferred from its consequences in real world.

d a d d y
knock me up

Missed the meaning of the quotation marks, huh bud?

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It's literally cianiggger SOP.

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Don`t you guys get it? Socialism was always about creating a female-only species. Look at sheep in a meadow. They're all females. Look at cows. All females. The males are butchered shortly after birth. The females are milked.

Like the cattle farmer, the State has no use for males. We will be sent to the butcher. Women will receive their child rom an incubator center. Perhaps a few alpha "stallions" may be kept on a leash to service women – Jews will fill the job vacancies themselves.

You just don't get it.
The people who rule us don't see us as human beings. They see us as cattle. They see themselves as the shepherds of mankind.

Still whiter than you, Ahmed

I want to shittalk the frogs but here we already do the same thing.


douchebag stop trying to fit in by being an edge lord. Yes, losing the Notre Dame cathedral was among the most traumatizing things in my life, and something I never believed I'd live to see. Not only did I spent a year of my life thee studying the stained glass and intended to spend my life doing it at one point, but it's a symbol for where the West is and where it's going.
in 800 years, you can bet thee have been numerous fires before. How is it THIS ONE burned it to the fucking ground?
Long before it became a bullshit bugman term, it was used everywhere just to mean "come to terms with." And yes, watching the national symbol o your homeland burned to the ground is deeply traumatic.