No money For Right-Wingers -- SEC Endorses MasterCard’s Idea of Cutting Off ‘Right-Wingers’

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has given the ok to Mastercard to block "right-wingers" from using their financial services.

This is basically financial punishment for engaging in 'wrong-think'.

We all knew this day would come, the war is heating up, shit is going to get hot pretty soon!

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So Mastercard offices are added to the list of future tragic structure fires.

Your daily reminder – as if the world you live in wasn't enough – that no one is more anti-nationalist than entrenched capital.

doubt it

>kikes/shills approving that kikes/shills sabotage whites that stand up to (((them)))

Imagine my shock

Mastercard Global Headquarters
2000 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577 U.S.A.
Telephone: 914.249.2000

In case anyone wishes to pay them a visit.


boy o boy thats askin for a spicy happenin

Are you a bot or just stupid?


Come crawling faster
Obey your master
Your life burns faster
Obey your Master

There's actually a town called Purchase? And it's the HQ of a credit card company?

What is it with all of these weird coincidences?


Mastercard's headquarters, Mastercard International Global Headquarters;[5][6][7] PepsiCo;[8] Atlas Air and its subsidiary Polar Air Cargo;[9][10] and Central National-Gottesman are headquartered in Purchase. Pernod Ricard has offices in Purchase.[11]

Previously Lenovo had its U.S. headquarters in Purchase. In 2006 the company announced it was moving to Morrisville, North Carolina.[12]

The average household income in Purchase, NY is estimated to be approximately $976,000,[13] which, according to Time Magazine, is the highest among all cities and towns in the United States.[14]

Should pose as leftists and encourage the idea of reporting magatards and cuckservative boomers who shitpost on facebook to get their bank accounts fucked with to russle them up over the one thing they actually care about, not race no, but their meager pittance of shekels.

I just realized that some guy was arrested last year for posting humrous nazi flyers at Purchase college:

They actually charged the kid with a hate crime, for posting comical flyers. Wonder what happened to him?

Some nice homes in Purchase

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shouldn't you be busy shoving that bbc dildo up your ass?

its a bot

I think purchase needs more diversity

This is like shooting one nigger out of 1 billion…

And? What are you going to do about it?

Thats good news, as there will be a inflow of new money to the bitcoin ecosystem.

People still care about bit coins?

Only the smart ones.

Acceleration is the only solution.

There`s a coin called ETH from ETHnostate


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What the hell is going on over there in America right now, honestly? Trump is breaking the literal constitution by putting policies in place to promote and protect specific religions, corporations and businesses are denying service based on politics and beliefs, something last I checked they are just flat out not allowed to do… fuck's going on with you all? Does nobody just give a shit or is it just too much work to actually protest or get up in arms about yet?

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What comes first? Year of the linux desktop or widescale bitcoin adoption?

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I cannot purchase food with bitcoin.

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In minecraft, try to follow one of their employees home. Without your cellphone with you of course. Find out when their store closes down (usually at 5/6pm). Don't be in their parking lot because of surveillance cameras.

They want to live comfortably while denying Americans the right to live comfortably as well.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

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When you vote for a zionist pawn, you vote for more of the same.

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Oh this is rich.

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I don't even know anymore. Who are the democrats that voted for him?

Independent was Bernie?

that's…not surprising, what a joke

Thats why you are not smart.

I can't get over this.

Why does the SEC have a jewish heritage book club?

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I think the people are underestimating the significance of yt banning Louie F, Nehlen and others. Criticism of Jews or in Milo's case candid admissions of Jewish privilege are now de-platformed.

check the vid

Seems legit.

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This just happened, i'm sure there's some juicy nuggets hidden within.

Can we get some dox on these (((niggers)))!!!!!
I'm so done with this cowardly shit.
The last thread that posted this concept got immediately slid, and deleted.
'member this shit? (pic related)
Can we make a kike deck, and actually start printing these fuckers up?!
Striking fear in the hearts of these enemies is the obvious next stage before DOTR. I want them to know they are marked.
Frightened kikes make big mistakes.

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I wonder when they'll cut off Saudi princes for human rights abuses.

They are scared. It is why this needs to go hot. They can't beat a real, physical resistance as evidenced by Ukraine, Iraq, the Korengal, and Venezuela.

You seem quite delusional. How much would you say you've lost with your bitcoin obsession?

bitcoin is fucking trash

FYI (((mastercard))) holds exclusive partnerships with some public transportation payment systems, FSA's, etc. - this move is about MORE than just financial punishment for wrongthink.

Im sure anons remember Soros's involvement with them.

Harvard/Yale mafia. If you fail to go to an elite school in the U.S., your chances of making it far are almost zero. Even if you have the abilities, if the gate keeper hiring you doesn't see a top school, into the trash you go. After all, they themselves went to a top school, so why would they trust someone who didn't. If you do have the credentials and you're a goy, you'd better praise Israel on the double and take part in a (((ritual))).

We live in a jewish prison. An open air gulag.

No it doesn't need to go hot, that's what they want to crush freedom of speech and heavily censor the internet.

These agent provocateurs are in every thread, do not be manipulated into violence.

They are scared of open debate and freedom of speech and that's it.

I never lost.

Suit yourself.

sheet mayne that nigga look finna host some pool parties for us bronx niggas

It is so, so bad. More than most people can fathom or would like to admit.

Look at this disgusting and humiliating subjugation. (((Simon Wiesenthal))) stories are only believed by the retarded.

saint nasim.jpg

when was the last time you actually saw an open debate?

keep pasting flyers and posters, keep spreading nationalism/natsoc irl and online, keep debating and putting out infographs, and whatever you do keep supporting those who effortpost on the enemy.

speech is only one tool among many.

No it's not, beautiful peaceful day for me and my white, hispanic and even my black neighbor.

There is a hard push to drive a wedge between the races. Face it, America is multicultural, we fucked up when we failed to deport the ex slaves. In America we must adapt to multiculturalism. Don't be a sucker, don't be rude and hostile to other races irl just because of what you read on the internet.

Treat others as you want to be treated and talk to non whites about corporate power and how immigration is about driving down wages.

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SWIM thinks using
is fucking retarded. Plausible deniability does not work like that.

i'm in a open debate right now and so are you.

Holy diver
You're the star of the masquerade
No need to look so afraid

Fuck off, kikeniggers.
You can't stop what you've created for yourselves.
I never wanted this.
And I'm coming…

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You are a mean looking powerful being floating in the clouds? Haha dork, you are some pipsqueak sitting in your mother basement peddling doom and gloom, eating fruit loops and shit posting.

hagd gentlemen

You mean like the nazi lightning symbol that comes from kabbalah

lol, you guys are going to tear me a new asshole for this, but don't you think you should be voting for trump if all of these massive corporations are pulling out all of these stops to prevent his re-election… all "right wing" social media just got the kike axe, finical services are in on it now…if you want to watch the world burn trump is still the best choice.
inb4 miga,shill,qfag
vote for whoever the fuck you want, i just think you guys are either trying to D&C or misjudging who to provoke.

Koch Bros approves of this message. *I was just reading yesterday Trump eliminated oil drilling regulations put in place after the BP disaster. It's ok to pollute the ocean as long as the corporation makes a 1/64th of a penny more per barrel of oil.

I know this is counter intuitive but Bernie is currently our best option. See how the MSM is pretending Biden already won the primary.



There is no reason to adapt to multiculturalism. The system of multiculturalism is dead on arrival. It isn't sustainable. It is going to die within a generation.


I mean like the phenomenon of Jewish businesses getting struck by lightning right after they apply for millions of dollars in insurance money.

They aren't doing this to prevent Trump's re-election.

Top guy is right. This isn't about Trump's re-election. This is being done so no similar upset can occur in the future. This is all about future-proofing now. The demographics are already known. The path is clear. The guys in power just need to keep the boat upright for as long as it takes to come out on top.

If they play their cards right, they'll never have to come down. How many Bushes and Clintons have been running for office? For how many years? Was it over 20 years? Makes you think the big think, doesn't it?

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Trump isn't an upset.

The movement behind him is.

more likely to have criminal ties to uncover

Use cryptocurrency retards

No, it isn't. Not anymore, to whatever extent it was in the first place.

The movement is still there. Trump was popular for a reason. His lack of popularity is inconsequential. Again, they aren't doing this to prevent his re-election, they are doing this to take out the ability for right wing/reactionary elements to organize. They are future-proofing.

I think more precisely, the anger is the upset. Not the movement itself, which is as phony as Trump. The anger was raw and real, and could have been harnessed by a better man, although that ship has sailed. They literally recruited the best salesman in the empire, to stifle what might have become a european american awakening. All politicians are salesmen, not statesmen, but they needed the most ludicrous and thus the best.

Go to the q board and see what is driving a good chunk of Trump's current popularity and who it is driving it with.


And now we will never get that reawakening again.
We will die broke and on the streets while the whole world celebrates our downfall. This is the only possible future.

This was was a predicted outcome. Perfect time for cryptocurrency to rebound. They will, in the future not let you do business, receive loans, purchase property, seek employment, etc. Censorship is offloaded to the private sector. It is time for the public to implement radical decentralization technology.

(((Cryptocurrency))) is a kike psyop. Literally everyone knows this.

Which means our lives are effectively over. No money and no support for us. EVER!

This will never fucking happen. There's a reason why we don't even try.

Its not so bad as all that. Life's quite tolerable, if you aren't fooled by what to expect. We'll either come out stronger or leave a desert planet in our wake for the desert niggers to slither in. Then the last laugh will be ours, and we will be with our ancestors or simply fucking annihilated.

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Trump could have stopped this.

I don't know if you're being thick on purpose, or are getting too focused on Trump. Let's stick with the facts that this thread was started to address.

This is true, correct? I don't care about Boomers driving the popularity of Trump - I care about the actual issue here. Censorship and creating second-class citizens who can't access basic services because they're white, male, and own guns.
That's what I care about. Trump is a sideshow Peepee/poopoo generation scheme.

Some butthurt user that didnt get on the 20000$ plus train. If you care about privacy either buy from a private source, use a wallet juggler, or use a crypto like monero. Or better be the change you want to be and make another crypto. There are solutions regardless of (((psyop))) lol.

You still can, user.

who's focused on trump?

We are the laughingstock of the fucking universe. Literally everyone will be celebrating our downfall.
Only the latter will happen. The human race is doomed anyway, there is no fucking point in trying.

This dynasty of censorship will be eternal…

Bankster kike shilling for defeatism.

Entertaining. Please continue.

Now I know you're a jew, because you sound like their prophets. Put that fey to good use, if you are so mad, and kill your enemies. Leave the rest of us alone.

Then stop your redtxting faggotry ==DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF AND FACE TO BLOODSHED==

Nigger, you can't get off this ride. You're here forever. You know just how wild things can get when the meme magic happens.

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It's asses and elbows.

Blood sweat and tears.