YHWH's Planet

It seems like the threads here oscillate between fellating YHWH or looking for some Blood&Soil alternative.

Have you ever considered that the reason this planet has to contend with "the JQ" is that this planet is, as the Bible says, under the dominion of YHWH and the hordes of powers and principalities who work for him?


Further, what if the only "answer" to the "question" is to let the Jews and their Jew god have their blood-soaked planet?

And what if there was an old Aryan who correctly saw that this reality was not worth fighting over, and that the best and only way to ultimately "solve" the riddle is to make earnest strides to liberate one's self from the inane meatgrinder?

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Jews ultimately win, this century and the next belong to Jewish people. Whites have benefitted economically so much from Jews it would be hypocritical to listen to nazi brainwashing.

Your demon god holds no sway.

Please set yourself on fire.

I wonder who is behind this (((post))) thinking he is fooling anybody.

Yahweh? How do you say it? Yaw_ weigh

If aryans were so smart they would rule the world. Wouldnt they?

What if the real "Aryan power" is to see through the veil of lies and to shoot for deathlessness, as opposed to

On the one hand, this could certainly be seen as a kind of pacifist quietism that will "allow" the "Jews" to "take over the world." But by fighting against their stupid game, one becomes drawn into it.

"Be fruitful and multiply," is exactly what YHWH wants to sate his bloodthirst. More war. More gore. Forever. Hitler tried to "fight the Jews" and look what happened: Israel.

But what if the way to really "fight" the Jews was to say: "I quit."

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Stop trying to convince people to give up, you disgusting abomination.

What's harder, more noble, and requires more actual, comprehensive strength: extracting oneself from YHWH's planet of inane snares or screaming about Jews on Zig Forums? Or maybe your solution is to have a bunch of white babies for YHWH's infinite charnel grounds? How is that a workable solution? Space exploration? Take YHWH's slaveshow on the road? Seed a bunch of dead planets with YHWH slaves? Forever and ever? Why? What's the telos? On Earth as it is in Heaven?

But what if "Heaven" were under the same inane laws as Earth? An eternity of slavery to a Jew god?


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Yahweh is merely the representation of Mother Earh.

Mother Earth goes by many names, and there are many mothers.

Moloch and Yahweh are the same Earth\Fire Worship.

Ayrans worships Father Sky, the Air\Water worshipers, it may seem being a Lord of the Air is less than being a Lord of the Earth, but the Air has more power by far. There's more energy in a single aurora than in many volcanic eruptions.

“See, the LORD is coming with fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.” (Isiah. 66.15-18) A monotheistic conquest on behalf of fire-God Yahweh and its ritual sacrifice of babies is not so different to the same rituals of warfare we carry out in the name of democracy and Israeli rights of determination today. The same distorted Mosaic Law and the flames of Moloch sear the flesh of thousands of children in Iraq and Palestine just as they did in our Ancient past. The difference is that now, we are blind to it."

A Zig Forums-tier primer for those interested.

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they also worshipped fire.

but yes our main divinities were usually sky divinities. Or craft divinities and oath divinities

If you were reading the holy books, you'd now could see the difference between old israel and actual israel.

Why would you think that Moses or Abraham can be compared to Rockefeller???

Kalki/Mahdi is bound to pursue (((them))) and also recover islam (I hope, from the hands of salafists)

be sure to know the prophecy, do not let salafis cheat you as if they were the closest thing to islam. Mahdi is called to restore the religion, to clean the world, both Puranas and Hadith tell so.

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Ur funnee

The interesting thing about Buddhism, especially in light of the video I posted earlier (which proves, to my mind, that YHWH was/is one of many gods), is that it allows for innumerable deities in principle but gives primacy of place to none of them. In the Pali canon, the Buddha consistently outwits the gods and shows them that he is beyond causality. What's more, he shared the technology with the world. There is an inverse relationship between how terrible the world is (very) and how lucky we are to have been born in a time when we can hear the teachings of a Buddha.

Achieving a rationally-enlightened detachment from this reality is nigh-impossible in Kali Yuga.


Didn't know about this one, good post user


This world is mine.

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You must know, those unbelievers were meccans who expelled muslims from their homes just to keep the money coming in from polytheist visitors. Please use the SIRA (chronicles) to know why and when every Quran verse had been released.

Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just.
[Quran 60:8]

And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah . Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.

Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. Allah does not like transgressors. [2:190]

The Prophet peace be upon him said: “Shall I tell you something that is the best of all deeds, constitutes the best act of piety in the eyes of your Lord, elevates your rank in the hereafter, and carries more virtue than the spending of gold and silver in the service of Allah, or taking part in Jihad and slaying or being slain in the path of Allah?” They said: “Yes!” He said: “Remembrance of Allah. (Hadith)

I have uploaded a book , if someone wants to piss off any subversive muslim he finds against the white race. Good luck!

op is the fuck

Investigate them, rather than salafists.
Tell the sufis how "they are not true islam cause they're peaceful"

Time to time, you may find a clear answer.
Salafists are endangering the religion, its people and almost everything: they are the Kalergi Plan's puppets, for if (((they))) own White govs, how wouldn't (((they))) own also eastern govs and religious authorities?


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Don't listen to the bubblegum doctrine, read Hegel.

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nvrm i see what this guy is doin. good work

The jew is anti logos.
The jew is incompatible with Natural Law.

The very victories of the jew in the 20th century are the seeds of their destruction because they are built on a model that no longer exists: jew control of all media and jew anonymity/diaspora.
Neither now applies, the jew is visible, recorded, pinned and can no longer control the flow if information. Combine this with jew inability to stop themselves from jewing and you got yourself a high old time.

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It's the ongoing battle between the Abrahamists and the people of Dharma.

The first ones made a pact with a desert demon called YHVH and were promised riches in this earth and after death, the others simply follow the Natura law.

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I am rooting for the "Asatruar" and all who deeply feel the call to reject YHWH.

The Buddha's teaching on Valhalla:

"Apparently, headman, I haven't been able to get past you by saying, 'enough, headman, put that aside. Don't ask me that.' So I will simply answer you. When a warrior strives and exerts himself in battle, his mind is already seized, debased, and misdirected by the thought: 'May these beings be struck down or slaughtered or annihilated or destroyed. May they not exist.' If others then strike him down and slay while he is thus striving and exerting himself in battle, then with the breakup of the body, after death, he is reborn in the hell called the realm of those slain in battle. But if he holds such a view as this: 'When a warrior strives and exerts himself in battle, if others then strike him down and slay him while he is striving and exerting himself in battle, then with the breakup of the body, after death, he is reborn in the company of devas slain in battle,' that is his wrong view. Now, there are two destinations for a person with wrong view, I tell you: either hell or the animal womb."

Jews can't reincarnate
"Fallen ones"=disconnected with source never to reincarnate.
That's why they love sheckles, dimonds and sex and thats why they want to upload your consciousness to a computer chip and want to make you and your ilk gay tranny niggers . So you can't reincarnate either.
They do control certain parts of this place, but purification is still possible through self control, meditation and as corny as it sounds love.

That's what I've gathered so far anyways. Also remember we chose to be here in this place at this time. Hopefully something cool happens soon.

Are you sure those vikings really went up against armed peasants in the indus valley?

Unfortunately, English has only the one word for "love" which has been co-opted to mean "infantile romanticism." It's not corny at all, as real love incorporates all the things that make life worthwhile. Honor, respect, courage, hope, truth, etc. Of course, here in the Kali Yuga, the word "virtue," too, has come to be used almost exclusively in a lessened and/or derogatory sense. ("Virtue signaling")

Muh desert theologies. Be gone pest.

They went for the Dasyu, the shitskins. It's well documented in the Vedas.

1.130.8de "Plaguing the lawless he [Indra] gave up to Manu's seed the dusky skin" (trans. Griffith).
9.41.1 "active and bright have they come forth, impetuous in speed like bulls, Driving the black skin far away" (trans. Griffith).
9.73.5cd "Blowing away with supernatural might from earth and from the heavens the swarthy skin which Indra hates" (trans. Griffith).

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Sage for sci fi mumbo jumbo. This planet is all we have and it should never be abandoned to kikery. If there IS intelligent life in the universe besides us then they get the gas too once we finally expand beyond the Milky Way.

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What is it in you that makes you want limitless expansion and limitless gore? Do you find strength in being held in thrall of a force that is not of your making?

Now that's some advanced, next level shitposting right there.

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Fuck off, pajeet.

The Aryan race is the most superior form of life in existance… The Earth, stars, galaxy and universe itself are ours by right. All others races be they terrestrial or not are therefore blights and need to be exterminated.

Yea drinking a sugar poison sure is beneficial
Destroying your own people so that the weak can live more materialistic swine like lives licking shekels from jews is defeating. Please Kys in the most terrible way you can think of

Your on the right track but those words retain very little of their value unless spoken with the right understanding. Orwellian doublespeak is real. Live is self destruction. Honour is dying as a mercenary for no higher purpose than shekels

What kind of a subhuman would come up with mental gymnastics such as this?

It isn't their planet, and they were a backwater through most of history. The reason they've become intolerable is their power over money, which isn't supreme either. Part of the enemy's demoralization are threads like these. Nothing is certain, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

trs meme associating creater god older than the jews, which the jews name yahweh, with the canaanite demon molech, whom jews worship, and for doing so the creator god damned them.

For fucks sake, you sub saharan iq niggers need to go. There are three fucking gods named in the bible

Thoroughly irrelevant. Any and all gods are on the wheel of samsara, for which there is no final solution.

You're perspective is naive because you only consider Shakyamuni's perspective. Consider his reincarnation, Padmasambhava's perspective, and you realize that one devoted himself to contemplation and teaching, the other focused on active dharma, taming demons, and spreading dharma outside of Nepal and India. Padmasambhava had many predictions and prophecies, many of which have come to pass, and he spoke of what we're experiencing now.

This is most certainly not the Jew's planet, and their foreign alien demon that they worship is not a native. Padmasambhava negotiated with the Nagas, the Dakas and the Dakinis. He taught them, took them under his wing as disciples, protectors and active gurus. He fought the Rakshasa, tamed Gods and monsters alike to become protectors of man-kind.

He didn't vow to continuously reincarnate to help us because this is a doomed planet belonging to some stupid demon named yahweh made up by a bunch of shrieking head-nodding immature fools. The Nagas certainly don't appreciate Rakshasa-esque cults that devolve the human condition to demon-like activity which Judaism is rife with.

Lurk a few more years OP.

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The jew is against natural law and therefore cannot come from God.
t. Aquinas

I did not come here claiming to know ultimate reality, fren, and Vajrayana is not my strong suit. PDFs to share?

We have to beat the Jew at his own game. The Aryan man has a tendency of being too straight forward. Hitler invaded the east to create living space for his People, and that set the world against Germany. He needs to learn to be more subversive and bide his time. Fact is the Jews are better at being Nazis than the Nazis. They get the goyim to not only fight their war for liebens realm into greater syria, but they get the goyim to commit ethnic suicide at the same time by accepting all the refugees that their war created. Whether you lost or won WWII, your country still pays reparations to Israel.

OP, what are your thoughts on the Joy of Satan?

Legitimate group or controlled operation? I'm turned off by their "high priests" subliteracy.

Yahweh is a terrible name for a God, or the God. It is literally the sound my stoner French neighbor makes anytime I hear him on the phone. Drives me nuts.

Perhaps YHWH does rule this world, and if that's the case, we must accept Christ. They lost their covenant when they sided with the Pharisees over Jesus Christ. They lost their covenant when they whored their selves out to Babylonian deities, and committed idolatry against the Father. YHWH has a new bridegroom, the body of Christ, and adoption is open to both Jew and gentile alike. The temple is no longer a physical building but our hearts. The third temple that the Zio-state seeks to rebuild will be the throne of the Antichrist.

And interestingly, when OP mentioned the "be fruitful and multiply" bit, I was reminded of all the almost coerced breeding programs of the communists. In East Germany and Romania, and probably other communist countries, people were compelled to marry years earlier than their western counterparts and have at least two children if they wanted access to better housing, jobs, etc. In East Germany, the average age of marriage was 21, compared to 27 in West Germany.

They lost the covenant when they racemixed with the edomites and their genetically determined behavior was no longer godly.

How are you here and still this stupid?
The "world" was set against Germany the moment a people rejected the jew and its monetary system.

As for the pagans, where is your God? Which one is he? Why isn't he delivering us from the machenations of the Jewish world order? Are you committed to this God? Why is he not making himself present? It leads me to believe that the best hope for the white race and the rest of humanity against the Jewish anti-christ is Jesus Christ. Perhaps that's where Himler went wrong.

Lurk moar what you just said is incredibly fucking retarded.
The jews were always like this they never changed, the national socialists lost due to their empathy their were a few occurrences where they could've wiped off the brits but didnt that came back to bit them in the ass.

I've always heard that the Bible is chock full of cryptic references to homosexuality. Jews are also the most homosexual (or at least bisexual) race on the planet, even ahead of blacks.

I wonder why they banned open homosexuality for so long though.

Actually the vowels go like this:

You're missing the point. That's how it was perceived. The Jewish global media crafted a narrative. You can piss and mone all you want on why that perception was skewed. However, that's how the world saw it, the nsdap lost because of it, and here we are. Obviously the Teutonic man needs a different strategy, a more subversive one.

Next time be sure to double check before posting.

I will admit to being something of a zealot who feels that conditioned reality will always and necessarily be subject to dissatisfaction. Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and the Buddha were all right insofar as they saw The Will as being the one ontological given. However, I have had brief moments of non-drug-induced meditative absorption that lead me to believe the only workable "answer" is radically unconditioned, and that whatever The Will ultimately is, whether a biological happenstance or some kind of pernicious, self-replicating drive instilled by a demiurge, it is not anything that I want to worship or pursue. So any view that gives weight to some sort of telos is one that I reject. The little I know about the Joy of Satan makes me think they're aiming for temporal/utilitarian solutions, which I find untenable.

This construct reinforces the patriarchy tglugh, which is important for any strong society. We obey God like a wife obeys a man. In that paradigm, wives are shamed if they're not faithful. Just as a culture may cheat on God with other deities and destroy itself, a wife cheats on a husband and destroys her family and society.

No it doesn't.

And where is Christ? You have as little to show as any neo-Pagan charlatan. Big cathedrals built by Masons and free-masons? Large murals? Songs and prayer? Where is your God of the Bible, with his righteous fury? Why does no hammer come down upon the unruly as they molest, murder, rape, make use of even going so far as to eat children and babies?

You have no argument. Just as your kind have never had an argument. To debate, is to lose, and to lose is to get angry and violent, Your dogma is one of violence and ignorance, and always has been. Jesus, if he ever existed, was a confused yogi who thought he understood the Dharma, yet clung to his ego and old abrahamic traditions, which poisoned everything he sought out to accomplish. Then there's the fact his lineage was carried on by jews, who further destroyed what message and meaning the Dharma activity and sage advice Jesus tried to give out.

He tried, and for that I appreciate his effort. But to think of him as a God, is an insult to his effort.

Clearly, you have missed the point. The world was set against them from the very beginning, lebensraum was but one of many excuses for military action by some factors, but by then others had already fired the first shot. The moment any man stands up for his people, he has fired a shot across the bow and declared war on the jew.

Trying to be "subversive" accomplishes nothing. A folkish movement, the only solution to this problem, requires honestly. And honesty is like poison ivy to a jew, and they will be offended and seek to attack you no matter who you are. Just as they manipulated the Chinese into attacking Tibet to punish the Buddhists for working with the National Socialists.

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You do drugs? How do you know that what you see isn't your overactive imagination? Even your non-drugged trips could be your imagination, or you could've been influenced by sources you've been viewing/reading to alter your perception.

Punishing you with a plague of muslims for being an atheistic faggot whose society abandoned God.

Shlomo, you make yourself obvious when you spittle rage and ad hominems like that.


I do not do drugs. I pointed it out simply to clarify that I didn't take DMT and find

its not an ad hominem if its the truth.


reject the lie and your light will shine
. "For whoever will save his life shall lose it: and whoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it."

I am incredibly sympathetic to the apophatic writings of Christianity. Related attached.

So where was your go for the very observant Boer Christians? Oh yeah, he just stood by as their nation collapsed and stood by further as they've been getting raped, mutilated, and murdered by one of your god's children, niggers.

*And then you and your fellow tribesmen wanked in glee over this like you wank over child snuff porn.*

Why do you think it's called money? (Mon-eye, one-eye)

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The power of Christ shows itself in the victories of the Crusades against the muslims. It shows itself in the victories against the Jews, and the fact that the last time European nations successfully expelled them was when they were Christian kingdoms. Europe would have not been organized against Islamic jihad without the banner and power of Jesus Christ.


That was the victory of Europeans
The Third Reich was brought down by Christians, jews and atheists. Russia, which was rife with Christian killing jews who burned churches, tortured, mutilated, raped and did other atrocities to Christians went on to continue doing it to those under its domain after the war.
They were also European kingdoms, who were not of mixed race.
Europe was organized and united by folk, race, land and blood. The bond of Christianity was merely one of many.

Metapolitically, national socialism failed and now droves of Muslim are pouring into Germany. It was a strategy that fell apart after just 15 years. It wasn't good at sustaining itself within the long-term and within the world stage

Metapolitically, Christianity was far more successful at keeping Europe pure from these hoards for 1000 years

Before Christianity, European nations were disorganized. I doubt they would have been able to organize against future invasions and racial pollution. They were too busy fighting eachother under paganism.

The Aryans used to rule India, and paganism was insufficient to keep their race pure among the lower castes. The God of the Israelites is very effective at keeping a society homogeneous. I envy the Zionists for their aptitude.

When Christianity was practiced under its true doctrine the whites remained unmixed because the followed the old Testament commandments that said not to mix with others. When Christianity was taken over by leftists, Pharisetic Jews, and the greater culture was hijacked by secularism, that's when white nations lost their ability to stay pure.

The entire post is christian pseudohistory at it's finest


I believe lessons can be learned from national socialism, and that's how to grab power very quickly. It is possible under very specific circumstances. The trick after this is figuring out how to keep power and turn international perception in your favor. Tricking or at least confounding the Jess will be important. I think more subversive tactics can be used like cultural demoralization against them. Shaming them over settlements and their ethnography-nationalism will be important. The left could be very useful for this goal.

No it was a strategy that was overwhelmed by the so called enemies of Christ, and ground into the dirt so venomously by the jews that they grew panicked should it ever arise again. There is no more hated a slur than "nazi" in the west and across the world.

Europeans kept Europe pure for the last thousand or so years. Christians brought the jews to Europe, and with them the source of our collapse.

Cause and effect is beyond your cult addled mind, you cannot entertain a thought without automatically believing in it. Without the simple principles and tools necessary to be a true individual, it's pointless to debate with you.
You are an enemy of my race, I will never be convinced by you. None of your arguments hold any influencing power over me or those who have been so philosophically armed such as myself. I suggest you read Myth of the 20th century. Perhaps when you have become a man, we may speak to each other as two individuals one day. Until then, continue to waste away your existence pleading for some kind of easy welfare escape in death. Any dogma that abandons reincarnation for an eternal "paradise" or "hell" is one unworthy of contemplation and discussion, for it has abandoned the struggle.
The plagiarist nightmare that is Abraham's legacy is far outshone by the glory of Ahura Mazda, one of many faces of God.

Success by violence does not equate to success by virtue.
Success by taking the easy way out does not equate to lasting accomplishment that will echo in many lifetimes in a positive manner.

Despite my misgivings for Abrahamic view and thought, I have no real problem with Christians who oppose miscegenation and strongly enforce their national borders. Even if Christians kill pagans, so long as they enforce their borders and clamp down on miscegenation, thought outside of the Abrahamic one will arise naturally. It is through destroying a race, that you destroy a nations soul. Whatever religious topping is applied can largely be irrelevant. As seen by the Third Reich.

You're joking, right? After the first crusade the rest were either humiliations or half-assed victories that crumbled in a few years and led to yet another crusade. The last crusade ended with the leader heading back home after not being able to consolidate a thing and the last remnants of the crusaders were stamped out a few years later.

What fucking victories? The two greatest injuries ever inflicted on Jews by anyone were the pagan Romans (who slapped their shit so hard they kvetch about it to this day) and the secular (and that's being generous, given the relationship between the churches and the government) NSDAP. In the intermission between those two events we see a riot here and a pogrom there and the church and nobility hiding Jews behind their skirts over and over and over again. Would Jewry in Europe even exist without their church-sanctioned special status that allowed them to scurry out of harm's way and land on their feet over and over and over again?

Right; I'm sure that the Austrians and Hungarians and the rest of the neighborhood would just have rolled over and spread their cheeks for the hordes at Vienna and we all know that the Romans, Greeks and other pre-Christian peoples never, ever organized themselves against foreign invasions.

I understand that Christianity has archetypes imbedded in it. I see strong elements of sun worship motifs behind it. I don't believe these are incompatible with reincarnation either. I just think that for our present epoch, Europeans practicing uncucked traditionalist Christianity is important for the longer term goal of a more overtly Zarathustrian motif. If the European is taken over by Islam, there will be no hope, as it lacks the Aryan archetypes completely. I just don't think most white people will embrace an overtly Aryan religion next week. There needs to be an inbetween that won't alarm the Jewish string pullers. They hate Christ, there's a European tradition behind it, so I see it as a step in the right direction. There may be other ways as well, like Buddhism. It will take deep contemplation with the racial soul to find an answer.

Υποκριτας (Hypocrite)!
"A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed." Matthew 16:4


==hahaha nice try shlomo,== but i would not even quit if i know, that there is no way to win this war.

I hate you so much for what you kikes have done to humanity. We will be YHWH s revenge for all the times you betrayed your own G-d.

Shekelbois, your little subversion experiment failed here. We are ironpilled.

Turn to Jesus and pray for forgiveness, because only Jesus Christ can give you this for all that you have done!

Try a different angle rabbi, this will not work.

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So nice to see you kikes so butthurt. :D

Holocaust is fake history, but it should have happened.

Jews, your demoralisation will not work.
I opened a bottle of champagne when that bitch got some new orifices for breathing, by Saint Earnest.

These are scared shills. I see more of them now that this board seems to be waking up about Abrahamism. They really underestimate goy intelligence though. They only have 1 trick. Scare with hell and spooky stuff.
Either that or the guy is a Catholic… then he might just be retarted.


First post Jewish post.

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The next incarnation of Wotan's messenger will not be a Catholic like Hitler, and laden with the task of trying to make Christianity somehow work with a national socialist platform despite the contradictions.

National Socialism must be so repressed for if a truly unshackled form of it is to ever culminate, the abrahamic perspective will be shattered.

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I wish the holohoax really happened, but I can always make good by ovening you moshe.

you are a red text kike pushing your slave morality. idc. any user with an IQ above double digits won't buy your weak pitch, so i don't care to argue. I recommended Hegel earlier, but i think you should start with some Dr. Seuss. "Green Eggs and Ham" is a good one

These 15 pages give a first glimpse, into the faith of the aryan blood.


If you read them, they will change your worldview to NatSoc forever!
Odin lives in our blood.

They always jump into these Zig Forumsspirit threads, that have nothing to do with religion, except in reference, screaming d&c and spamming beginners jidf copypasta. Then they get mad when you call them out. Its so desperate and pathetically wilful.


As World War II began, Geisel turned to political cartoons, drawing over 400 in two years as editorial cartoonist for the left-leaning New York City daily newspaper, PM.[37] Geisel's political cartoons, later published in Dr. Seuss Goes to War, denounced Hitler and Mussolini and were highly critical of non-interventionists ("isolationists"), most notably Charles Lindbergh, who opposed US entry into the war.[38] One cartoon[39] depicted Japanese Americans being handed TNT after a "call from home", while other cartoons deplored the racism at home

A jewish shill recommending a jewish-german-american called Seuss (american form of jewish german Suess)

Really top-notch satire, after all.