FBI probing Antifa plot to buy guns from Mexican cartel, 'stage an armed rebellion at the border'


Cobra Commander? Lol. All right pol, which one of you did this?

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Well now, this could be worth some lulz.

It's likely translated into english. It's probably ran by a leftist spic as they feel entitled to this country. Too bad they're completely dumb in comparison to a person like BT. We got this shit figured out a long time ago. You can't afford to organize if you're in a police state because you will get caught by a mole, you have to be a lone wolf who gives tips.

Beaners are having laugh

the fbi is investigating themselves? i dont get it


They originally wanted to investigate the ATF, but couldn't get them to agree to anything that didn't involve bombing a dog kennel.

Glown crackas

May it result in a commiefag version of Timothy McVeigh

Maybe the Anitfa guerillas could bump into the Right Wing Miltias and have a fire fight.

The right wing militias who said its not worth it and left? Antifa would fucking kill them. It'd be fun watching those boomer teabagger cucks get their shit kicked in, but it wouldn't be fair at all.

Boomer fudds vs malnourished vegan faggots. Pretty even match tbh

Current year American politics in a nutshell.

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So you mean to tell me the FBI is helping Antifa obtain guns from CIA contracted Mexican Drug Cartel personal. I'd expect as much.

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Seems like FBI is trying its hand at courting and deradicalizing right-wing Internet national-ovenists. They have been trying to turn Zig Forums users that have submitted reports in the past and the MSM kikes are reporting some token investigations into the antifa groups they tacitly support. They will try to flip people they know to post here and root out those most radical and dangerous to their masters in hopes that they can turn us into an impotent non-threat group like right-wing boomers.

I'd make a joke about all the ammo they're wasting, but I'm sure Eric Holder got them plenty to spare so it deosn't matter.

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someone should have taken the time to put the first guy in his sights as not only does he roll away he gets up and runs too


Gosh, OP, why don't I believe this?

Those fools! They should have carried out his orders!

If this country had balls they'd be executed in public for treason. There is fighting the government for the good of the nation and then there is pure anti-national saboteurs like this who need to be killed.


I like you

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I would have enjoyed watching this.

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They'd fire one shot and get triggered. Meanwhile, those of us who are accustomed to firearms would enjoy the target practice.

Can't even take a drive innawoods. Is there anything that beaners don't ruin.


Stage an armed rebellion?

The fucking border is a joke free for all, you can't get more 'rebel' than being completely lawless like it is now. The only rebellion you could have was if you sealed off the fucking border. That would be a rebellion to the status quo.

They have been desperately trying to do that for years. In the advent of St. Tarrant it's failure has been made evident.

It wasssssssnt me bossssssss

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The pushback on GamerGate was over their laundering cartel drug money, not (((harassment)))).

Think about it: fake sales on a shitty videogame in a field with no oversight…

Not G.I. Jew? He's a real American Hebrew you know.

Oy Vey remember the 6 million

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eat shit and fuck off, redditor

Two things:

We really need to meme that these are communists. "Communist" rebels including that Forgotten Weapons cuck, probably have committed treason. Helicopter.

Holy shit, that's the gayest fucking thing in the world tonight. Even when they're colluding with foreign drug criminals to murder Americans, antifa can't help bu act like huge LARPing faggots.