USA Education System takes another step toward creating Huxley's Brave New World

Girls entering porn is being slowly normalized,
pushed in public propaganda
…in the school newspaper (where they're supposed to take no stance and leave these types of issues to the parents)
…in fox news…
which will make it become further normalized

in the school newspaper it says the girl "is aspiring to become a stripper", "sex work is like regular work without clothes. no big deal"

MFW I want to tare my fucking arm off at the plans they have for the "average" girl in the future
This can not stand. This can not proceed any further.
Suit up boys. It's time for war.

"The article, titled “Risky business: starting a career in the adult entertainment industry”, details how Fink has made a “substantial amount of money” selling erotic photographs of herself on smartphone messaging apps and is aspiring to become a stripper. It also says she was scheduled to shoot her first professional porn scene in March, but the company that hired her postponed the production after seeing that she had body acne."

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Absolutely Weimar.

Nice ID BTW.

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What a surprise.

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So this article is basically 'how to become a prostitute while still in highschool'.

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Dumb muddy whore.

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She's self reliant, you see.
A self reliant prostitute.

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It sounds like her parents fucked her up. A broken person living in a broken world.

Too bad.

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Yeah, dumbass, and now they wanna fuck your kids up too.

Don't be a simpleton as to think this is a singular event.

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This is truly insanity.

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great, so she can go fuck herself.

Nah, she's gonna fuck your daughter and urge her to join her in the porn industry.
So she can be self reliant.

Anyone notice that all of these mixed mutts straight up become prostitutes

When society had standards this girl would've been offered help, instead of having her bad choices glorified.

why would any man agree to raise a daughter in this age? it's like cucking yourself.

porn is already basically free anyway. anyone joining the porn industry now is making a retarded decision. yano, besides the other various problems it creates.

Why wouldn't they?
She's probably been whoring for awhile now, and met some porn jew who was like

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People will have to die in order to correct the ship's heading and someone will have to do the killing.

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California is hell rising up against us in the form of dysfunctional mixed race girls and cat ladies.

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So be it.
I'd welcome the chance at this point.
The future looks worse than hopeless if action is not taken, and soon.

it's the future women chose. ask any woman if she would rather live in the rural country or the city, 9 times out of 10 they will say the city.

Of course, by entering the porn industry she'll inevitably be exposed to drugs, extremely shady people and a lifestyle that is designed to drive her into debt forcing her to remain in the business.
At least those premium snapchat e-thots and webcam sloots are isolated from these aspects of this unsavoury "industry" which has spent considerable PR resources to portray itself as "normal" over the last years.

And heres the article.

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Kathi Duffel needs to go in a duffel bag and get thrown in the sea.

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A drum of HCl seems a better fate. Then in the sea.

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Fucks sake this is sick.

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The most dangerous thing about the Jews is their charisma.

They can speak in a way that sounds friendly, righteous and good, to convince people of anything. They can make all of their words sound reasonable, and their tone of voice can suggest innocence at all times.

Beyond that, they can and will say anything to convince you of their position. They will utilize full truths, partial truths, and utter lies to convince you of their point, ensuring that no matter how you talk with them, they are always utilizing a technique that I call brainwashing.

To an uninformed, it will suddenly look like they're winning a fight, because they might keep their cool while we become frustrated with how they avoid points and conclusions that should be obvious.

It is dangerous to talk with Jews. It is better to look at everything from a larger, top-down perspective, to ensure that what you are saying is correct, and then peer review it with your own people, and once it is confirmed, then you do not need to talk to a jew.

That is what we do here. Once Aryans talk with Aryans, the consensus quickly reaches the truth. Everything becomes obvious, and we all agree. A Jew will create divide-and-conquer points, where suddenly we find reasons to disagree with the Jew and each other, as if the agreement we suddenly had before was never there.

But imagine how easily we could reach truth without jews mangling it and creating such unhappiness.

I guarantee there is a porn industry jew involved in this.
Thats what this is, a porn industry plot to advertise to local highschool girls in the SF area.

But muh freeze peach bro.

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Sex work?

So that means the people who can afford girls are the people who have lots of money, and the people who can print money.


This article makes me believe that the jews truly must be exterminated on the planet Earth.
I see no other way to fix this madness.

Its called prostitution bro.

And yes, the wealthy California jews are fucking their way through every damaged thot who runs off to Cali to 'make it'. Now they're reaching into the fucking schools for recruitment.

This is insanity. This is Sodom shit,and I ain't even a Christian.
These wretched creatures must be destroyed.

The porn part is inexcusable, but it is natural for kids to be curious about each other's bodies. For generations they called it 'play doctor' and the like. Young children rarely engage in overtly sexual acts unless they've been exposed to it before their time, but they do engage in acts that could be called erotic, without the prompting or influence of the adults around them.

This is what they call the World's Oldest Profession, and many women will whore themselves out for any perceived benefits so long as they are young and desirable. But the story is about what you'd expect from the California public school system.

The best part is, this catlady twat who wrote the piece also has a piece wherein she cries about reverse racism on reality TV thottery.

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Things get worse everyday now.

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I've been making posts recently from an objective standpoint, praising "noble Christian knights and intelligent priests, strong Viking warriors and their wise shamen, and analytical, inventive scientists and technologists." Atheists, Christians, and Pagans must stand together. But Christians must choose a side that is not Christian, or they will be easily subverted, and will destroy our movement.

I refuse to be divided.

I am completely positive that Christianity is literally SJW style subversive literature, but for ancient Romans. At this point, I am positive that Christianity is a brainwashing cult deliberately devised to make people weak and cause nations to crumble.

There is no god.

Jewish Passover, a holiday still celebrated even today, was not the actions of a god.

The Jews went door to door and murdered children.

The jews murdered children.

And they celebrate that, even today.

The jews murdered children, door to door slaughter, and they celebrate it.

I have to say it that much, with all that pleddit spacing, but I must get the point across as to how insanely evil they are. Waiting until everyone is asleep, and then creeping into houses to silently kill all of the children.

And when the Egyptian adults woke up, they chased the Jews out. Then the Jews went on a rampage, killing everyone in all the villages, raping their women and children, and they call that an exodus.

Not even the the Vikings did a thing like that, and Vikings are said to be fierce. The Jewish religion is fucking evil, and Christianity?

Slave morality. Not "morality that makes you behave more like a slave."
No, it's "The morality that you TEACH your slaves."

Jews are truly our enemies, and will only manipulate us further. No matter how they can try to demonize our past, there is one shining concept of how truly evil they are:
They murdered children in the night, and then they fabricated a god to blame it on. And they celebrate this every year, even today.

They made up a god, a fictional god, to escape the guilt of murdering children in the night. The moral here is simple: The jews will do terrible things, the MOST terrible things, and then lie about it. They will simply lie. And then they go on to begin murdering and raping children until their numbers grow large enough to call themselves a "people."

They are willing to do anything to survive. Not in the sense of the 14 words, where we are saying, "We want our children to have a future!"

No, it's not about the future for them. They are willing to slaughter children, when we would normally think to welcome them into our society, into our homes. But they rape. They rape and they kill and they lie and they subvert.

No… we tell children not to touch other people's genitals so they don't do it as adults, or end up raping someone in their teenage years.

And this univeristy is getting taxpayer dollars for this??? For fucks sake…

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Isn't 'fink' a chosen name.

so heavily saturated in reddit as to make it illegible.

You can't escape feelings. You can't escape the feeling of a child's lip on your nipple, says the woman.

She feels pleasure from breastfeeding. For a woman, pregnancy, breastfeeding, giving birth, and playing with her children is essentially her fetish. Fetish is the word I use, because even though it's not actually a fetish, that is how pleasurable it is for her. It feels too good, and she feels absolute bliss, on the same level as doing the most beautiful, forbidden thing.

It's not wrong, of course. This is natural and normal, and that's the issue.

She is brainwashed into thinking that it is wrong, so she is avoiding having children out of GUILT. She can't talk about this with anyone, because it's taboo, apparently. But her body doesn't lie: Breastfeeding is literally orgasmic, and is likely one of the most wonderful feelings she will ever have, and she will helplessly have thoughts about her child while doing it.

She is being manipulated by guilt into not having children. She's going insane with it, because she's trying to deny reality, and because she still needs to feel that sort of feeling, as she is a biological being, she chooses cheap sex, degenerate kinks, and whoreish behavior. The alternative in her mind is to slip into the ultimate perversion, and cum helplessly as her children lick and suck on her.

Motherhood is the ultimate satisfaction, and women are guilty and shameful for feeling such feelings about it. People talking about, "the most naughty thing is to hold hands in public," are hinting at this. Doing something normal, such as feeling romantic love, feelings of pleasure with children as you do normal things like breastfeeding, and merely having a straight relationship with marriage, children, and all that it entails, is too pleasurable for women.

They live in such a degenerate culture where they simply try to do the right thing to avoid such feelings. So they do anything except motherhood. They are essentially going insane and will die without children due to this.

My guess is that they accidentally got fed propaganda that was meant for degenerate males who would want to kidnap children. They saw morals or ethics that only men were supposed to see, and have completely lost their minds with guilt, shame, and fear.

But I have no idea what to do about it. Taboos, censorship, interpersonal anger between men and women, and an inability to speak openly about the situation of Aryan birthrates in general will cause this issue to eventually collapse into absolute, utter degeneracy, and then our civilization will fall. But I just don't know what to do, or if it's even true. Yet, I fear that it is.

Jews and pseudo Jew allies will always argue porn is part in part with the First amendment. Regular free-thinking people will deduce it's just degeneracy. That's who start as camwhores, "lewd cosplay" and porn, will be feminist first and ruin there minds with illicit drugs and copious black dick.

We're hiring male/female/shemale/trans models over here at and We are EOE and offer benefits packages that rival the offering of fortune 500 companies.

Contact us through the websites about page for more info

And those people require redemption if asked.

I'm not a Christian whatsoever, but was Jesus wrong, when asking about who should throw the first stone? We are all guilty of things, and we have all been wounded in this psychological war.

Some fare better than others, but some people just fall too far. They lose meaning, they lose purpose, and they lose hope. And then they become degenerates. But they can be regenerated. I will not stop trying to save my people.

A rough quote, "Whoever was never a leftist once has no heart, but whoever does not eventually turn right has no brain."

Leftists are not enemies, and even for me, a person who is about as fedora as they get, I do not see Christians as my enemy. I see them in need of help, with Christians just a step higher than leftists: But still in that same camp.

They see problems, but have no idea what to do, so they go to god, government, social justice, business, or whatever else. And when none of those work, and they're still depressed, sad, afraid, degenerate, then…

Then they come to us. And we can't let them down.

You want me to fucking Simp for Dipshit Autist WAmyn who want literally nothing the fuck else than to steal my DNA and be a bitching mound of FuckTard Flesh. they can stew in their own fucking Down Syndrome Construction. OP fucking Hang yourself

The following is copy-pasta, but just wanted to let you know that theree is a wide spectrum of christianity that doesn't suck jew dick. Hail Hitler.

Consider a view of Christianity where the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are considered illegitimate jewish controlled opposition books. They were an attempt to undo the political damage done by merging Christianity with Judaism.

Removing Matthew and Luke only leaves the Gospels of Mark and John left. Just this small change makes christian doctrine startlingly different and unacceptable to the anti-jewish crowd.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Jesus is more directly and clearly God himself.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Jesus is a jewish man, an incarnation.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Jesus enters as God from heaven to John the Baptist.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Jesus enters as a hebrew baby.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Originally written in Latin and Greek.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Original written in jewish hebrew

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Christ isn't the son of David. Mark 12:35
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Christ literally descended from Judah the devil himself.

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Be a nice guy to your friends.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Love your enemy and never defend yourself. Turn the other cheek when he hits you so you can be a punching bag. If he steals something from you, then give him all your other stuff too!

MARK & JOHN - POL CHRISTIANITY: Jews are children of the devil who Jesus comes to save. John 8:44. Jesus only gives a nod of approval to Moses(levite not jewish), Abraham (pre-jewish). Not even the disciples are jewish.
MATTHEW & LUKE - JEWISH CHRISTIANITY: Contains almost everything that makes the religion connected to Judaism. Every other verse praises jews. Everybody is a jew. Sermon on the mount fits perfectly with cucked jewish subversion and normies idolized it to the point of acting as if that passage is Christianity alone.

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Yes. Fink, as in rat fink, is popular kike name.

Society will fail. I need to stock up on guns to protect myself.

She's a degenerate who're.

We aren't allowed guns from where I hail from :( gonna need to hone my skills in Muai Thai and Archery.

On one hand, it's wrong.
OTOH it's a nigger octoroon or something so IDGAS

I've been trying to yell people that uncucked Christianity is important. Unlike secularism and liberalism, Christian women at least don't act like where's, and homosexuality is an unacceptable act. Secular society sees no problem with Muslim immigration, where traditional Christianity doesn't. Pre-Zionist Christianity sees the Pharisetic Jew as a mortal enemy, where cuckedianity is naive. I'd rather deal with Christian non-whites than Muslims or Jess any day as well.

So tell me user… what percentage of any important European or European Colony goes weekly to a "Traditional Church". Feel free to provide a source too.

Keep practicing dysgenics and the result is Idiocracy, not "1984" nor "Brave New World".

seems unlikely that its that easy to 'break free' those gospels from their symbolic language of being the four corners of the world

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They shouldn't have stopped going. That's why they have the problem they do. Damn commies subverted them. The problem is atheism, which has no future. They're headed for Islamification . Their best bet is returning to the Church if they want any hope of averting this, otherwise Islam will fill the void. They seem very stricken with nihilism. Encouraging pride in their own history and culture is very important, but the current state of Europe is one of atavism

American whites are more Christian than whites, and there's a great degree of Zionist cuckery in our churches. However we still have gun ownership, freer speech, and less acceptance of homosexuality because of it. That's rapidly changing though. We're catching up with Europe's "progress".

There's all kinds of useful archetypes in the Bible for keeping the white nations alive. However, if we go Muslim, there's no hope. Islam is a barren wasteland for the soul of any race or people.

Atheism is obviously a huge problem, lets move past that. As for Christianity, it has been subverted like all our institutions, media, culture, academia, government, The difference is that Christianity shouldn't have been subverted if it was worth its salt. The other institutions do not hold themselves as bastions of tradition or adhere to an unshakable word - as Christianity purports to do.

This doesn't even touch on the fact that Christianity, even in the situations where it is closer to the Aryan spirit (the "Traditional" Churches you speak of), is a 2000 year old reformist Jewish sect. We need a worldview that is stronger and we already have it, it's called ==National Socialism== and if you still yearn for further existential spiritualism, then we have the paganism (optional) of our forbears.


Name one faggot.

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Another good thing I see in churches is a lot of young white couples having babies.

it is natural for kids to be curious about each other's bodies. For generations they called it 'play doctor'
How long have the kikes been controlling our society and telling us lies, user?

By your logic, paganism is not worth its salt either.

Feel free to practice paganism. Xtianity has mithraism imbedded in it, and many pagan customs were brought into it, such as the high holidays being on the spring equinox and winter solstice. I believe subtly introducing or adapting more vokiche pagan customs into it could be of use.

The real enemy is Zionist Christianity, and the real ally is anti-Pharisetic Xtianity. Honestly Zioanity is a very new phenomenon and bastardization. Rabbinical Judaism is pro-Pharisee, as their primary religious text, the Talmud, was written by them. They killed Jesus, and they rejected his view that the heart of a believer is the house of God, rather then the Temple.

The third temple is a primary objective of the Zionist state. Zionist occupied cuckedanity supports a third temple to fulfill prophecy. However, by doing so, according to the new Testament, they are supporting the Antichrist. A return to true Christianity would not only promote family, anti-homosexuality, chastity, etc, but also an indifference to the Zionist state and Zog agendas campaign of subjugation through demoralization.

Yes, Jesus was of the tribe. However, he was an adversary of the Talmudists. The Talmud is the true inspiration of Jewish debauchery, subversion, and domination. Jesus also robs them of their special status as chosen people, and opens it up to other nations.

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She'll be dead or on the street in 5 years, so nothing of value lost.

except the 100's of young school girls that will read this article in their school newspaper, probably 7-8% of them have an emotional weak spot or broken families and this will plant the seed of normalcy for them to make their way toward whoring, maybe even whoring themselves out for money to their fellow 9th graders; meanwhile the percentage of sluts goes up and up and up….
oh yeah… nothing of value lost at all. wake up fool

My disdain of Christianity is not that some sects of it are "jew friendly."

No, I am disdainful of the fact that Christians see Atheists and Pagans as enemies, nearly always. Enlightened Christians might be able to see ancient Catholicism as "pagan friendly," but that's just not how normal, real life Christians act.

Christians do not understand the full truth. They are in a cult, and will make enemies of Aryans over and over, as they are "Evil Jew Culture" with "Benevolent Aryan Genetics."

Thus, it can only make sense to have, "Benevolent Aryan Culture" with "Benevolent Aryan Genetics."

So fucking organic.

Obvious d&c shill. Take note newfags. A teachable moment:
8pol is 25% ubermensch
25% idiots
50% shills paid to post garbage to make us all look bad.

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Sabaton - Resist and Fight
"We will resist and fight hard because we are all in sight!"
"We take up arms and fight hard, resist and do what's right!"

Didn't california make HIV sharing and child prostitution legal? Why are people surprised by this?

Post some redpill links brother.

Have you not heard of the normalfag hordes?
They're here too.

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another one

Attached: california hiv.png (1006x973, 834.48K)

that young one on the right would be wife material based on looks.

2 days ago
On national television. Woman saying being a prostitute is a good job to combine with being a mother. It allows you to determine your own working hours.

I kno right. Spend all that time and money on a woman just for another man to fuck her. Absolute cuckation

Jewess confirmed.

This. An actual real Holocaust this time around. We must be more harsh and animalistic to such a degree that it would have made the Bolshevik kikes blush. Every single strain of Jewish DNA must be purged from this planet permanently.

It was normalized the moment college education became required for most jobs and the cost of it skyrocketed due to demand outstripping supply. This has been the case for 30 years now and school curriculums now ackknowledge it's own expense. This is especially true for a working class city like Lodi that sits on the outskirts of Silicon Valley, and is thus full of overqualifed C-list IT people taking everyone else's work.

You get what you pay for. Low taxes that prevent the UC/CSU system from being free like it used to be means girls do porn to pay for it because Jews force families to have two breadwinners now. This situation will continue so long as the free market is allowed to continue corrupting society. You see this pic? It's the god children are told to worship: either sell every aspect of yourself out or starve to death because the state will let you die. This is the society you own.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 38.35K)

Let's fix that, shall we:

CA's taxes are the lowest in the nation, for homeowners. What do you think drives growth and how else do you think illegals are able to afford property? It's all in (((how))) the taxes are distributed.

Anyway, my point stands. The UC/CSU system was free until the mid 70s, this was changed because homeowners didn't want to pay for it. At the same time, Prop 13 passed and gave them a fat tax break that has ruined the state's finances ever since. Girls going into prostitution just to get a chance of a reasonable life became inevitable after this point.

Thank Governor Reagan for this, the same guy who banned open carrying and let in ~50 million spics with his Amnesty. This is totally indefensible.

Yet they never care to ask if they actually are welcome, all that matters is how they feel.

This reply really deserves it's own thread, but let me do a test run here:
How am I supposed to react to this when I have a brother who married a Jewess, and had a child, my cousin who is a half Jew?
I do not believe my glorious leader Hitler took part in whatever portion of the halocaust actually did happen, he just predicted that their behavior would lead to people like ye getting so angry that you follow through on these kinds of threats.
But really, this is D&C, because more than half of us don't support a real genocide of Jews. This is probably how the original National Socialists were D&C'd into losing the war.
You're going to have to find an alternative. And I'm just as anti-jewish as the rest of you, but it's founded in Christianity (this kind: )
People like me could be one of your biggest allies, but if you start trying to murder my sister in law, or my cousin, then you might find me as an enemy. We can not defeat the Jew like this.
Consider the caste system of various societies through history.
You can marry into a higher or lower caste.
Lower castes have less privileges, usually living in separate places…etc
In our pol world, Jews are the lowest caste, right?
If shit hits the fan, expel the jews to Israel/ Judah. I could get on board with that, and bid my cousin goodbye as he goes to Israel, or is forced into working low caste jobs.
This guy has the right idea: . Talking to jews leaves you vulnerable. I would be happy to shame my brother for degrading his race. I would be happy to tell my cousin to be silent so that his inner half jew doesn't instinctively set fire to the society around him.
I am honestly still developing my anti-jewish philosophy and ideas, which are more thought out and strong than almost anybody on here. I'm trying to say that people like me could be a great ally to you.
But if you're going to try to murder my own flesh and blood, then you are effectively creating a civil war.

I humbly ask you to reconsider your strategy of a new real halocaust. I wouldn't want to have to fight you just for the sake of my idiot brother who took a nose dive from the highest castes into the lowest.
Hell, maybe there is even something to be said of the egyptians using jews as the lowest caste slaves. I could envision consoling my half jew cousin about his lot in life and advising him to be the best half jew he can be and to hold onto Jesus. Among Christians, there must be something to be said of Christian jews being the best of jews. When you're a christian, you believe in that kind of thing as almost the only saving grace for jews.
But if you're going to try some sort of arresting me for hiding or protecting my cousin from a pogrom, then you're idiotically snuffing out some of the strongest opponents against the jews.
You are doomed to repeat another world war 2 defeat if you do not take anything I am saying into consideration.
Hail Hitler brother. We need not be enemies. Come to the negotiating table.

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It is natural and preferable that they do so BEFORE the kike can sink its claws into their sexual psyche and associate arousal with their dirty movies. Repression of natural play and curiosity combined with hypersexualization from the kikes at or before puberty is what causes such chaos.

Cuckoldry the post
Kill your cousin and other related jude then kill yourself too with a gun to the face