Communist Vs. Fascists 2020

Anyone else think that because of the divide between right and left of our generation is super close to coming to Communist/Fascist war? If it does, lets be ready goys.

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Antifa aren't communists, they're neoliberals acting as white blood cells to defend the globohomo status quo.

They don't target capitalists/bankers/CEOs, they only target working class white people who are against their own dispossession. This isn't a battle between Communists and Fascists, it's a battle between the system and Fascists.

You mean those street fights? Nah, it's just neolib fags/tranny snitches vs conservatives who get doxed.

Only shills frame our struggle as anything but a struggle against Jewry.

They're both collectivist ideologies, fuck em both

Lurk moar before posting fucking newfag.

No, because 95% of people left over of the culture war, cold civil war, are normal people with bills, children, jobs, futures etc… When they become aware, taken from those things, or wise to the subversion on a mass scale– well, every leftist would be hung on a lampost in every cul-de-sac. Informing the uninformed is all that is necessary and while you do that, leftist will continue to subvert language, drive the right to the extreme thru larping, and give the msm narrative any white supremacy it can for the upcoming election.

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No more brothers wars

Not really, these leftist antifa fags are just the foot soldiers of the 1% ruling class they claim to be against. Fucking Zig Forums unironically has more true leftist theme beliefs in regards to environmental ecology and distribution of resources than these neo liberal faggots protecting the status quo of the corporate/Marxist hybrid nightmare we're in

Fascists are stronger and smarter, Communists have literally no dicks anymore and drink soy..

Is because Zig Forums does not care about which political team their on what matters is truth. Not some stupid d&c dichotomy coined during the (((french revolution)))


No, clearly it's going to be various groups of racial and ethnically motivated nationalist groups rising up against the kikes.
I can imagine in so called "radical" islam the hate for jews is there.
There really is no reason white nationalist can't reach out to them and say "Hey, we can fight over the scraps of Western Civilization after the Jews are all dead, what do you say?"
Nation of Islam (A supposedly "non-radical" group) and all the readers of "The Root" might be able to be swayed to join sides with us.
They want a fuck'n Wakanda somewhere, I say let them rape and pillage all the jews in the Miami-Dade/Boca Raton area when shit hits the fan and afterwords they can discuss plans on uniting with the other ooga boogas in the Carribean to form an all black "super state"
Plenty of hardcore WN and chill WN that can be radicalized in the Appalachian/ New England area when the time comes. Imagine the shoahs in Jew York and Fagidelphia.
Clearly it's going to be kikes and god goys vs bad goys and Muslims

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This, too

Also OP, the way you see this smells of normie shit

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You lurk too faggot.

Been on the chans since 2006

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Antifa are the NPC soldiers of the Judeo-bolshevik governments we're ruled by.

Both sides have people who dissent against the system but rather than collaborate against the true enemy THE STATUS QUO the feds have installed controlled opposition on both sides, and through their leaders will manipulate the less intelligent ones to destroy each other.

However, when any collaboration to the 'leftists' is mentioned rather than advance any mutual interests they gain this cognitive dissonance and accuse 'the right' of appropriating the issue only as a means to an end ex. free speech and environmentalism. They do this to establish a monopoly on an issue, become the self proclaimed authority, and by 'invalidating' other worldviews outside of their own, coerce those who care about an issue to adopt the rest of their world view. These types of people care more about power and ideological purity than actually advancing their cause even if it may make the uncomfortable.

Here's how to handle these types who lust for the authority of the state. When one screeches about upholding free speech you will be working on creating a local mesh network with gnunet making the government's authority on the issue obsolete. When another cries about the environment you'll have your 3 acres and a cow and tell them to go fuck off.

It isn't that simple anymore you retard

Which is why Zig Forums is natsoc or 3rd position in the first place.

Read siege faggot