Mohammed Becomes Top Baby Name In Berlin

Mohammed top baby name in Berlin

The Great Replacement is not just a manifesto.

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theres a much higher rate of spics on america than mudshits in germany

Why did German women stop having children?

Why have kids if they will be raped and murdered. Why have kids if they will be doomed to a life of slavery to the jews. Why have kids if you've been brainwashed to hate your people.

Jewish TV indoctrination destroyed society.

That's a really good question. I cannot find the right women, but 90% of the couples I know, do not have kids, too. I think it is because the living cost in cities is really high and people prefer to have a career. The top names for Germany are - Male: Paul, Alexander, Maximilian - Female: Marie, Sophie/Sofie, Maria. So again, It's more a problem in cities. Most families move to the country side.

You are besieged by ALL sides. Tarrant was simply wise enough to start shooting, realizing now matter what he hit, he'd be hitting an enemy.

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Its a multi-faceted attack: media, "education", financial etc.

At the end of the day it's really just about the West being anti-white. The left only ever care if it's white. But fuck them – if I ever have kids, my first son shall be called Adolf.

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Nice update from Manchester UK Locals catch a Muslim convert trying to rape a kid gets lynced by locals nobody calls the police.

the jews have set the next world war in motion. damn them to hell for it.

Move to the countryside, raise families, learn to live off the land. When the collapse comes, the welfare leaching Muslim will die in the cold. Make sure to have guns to kill the ones that survive and try to stealfrom you and take your daughters.

They are insane. They think it will lead to a peaceful, one world government fully controlled by the, called "the Messiah".

dumbasses shoulda spotted it a mile away, I like the community tho. Too bad they didnt gang up like that on all invaders. I guess we need to eliminate the normal humans if were ever gonna expand to space. Whites included.

old news
blame joos



If every white German named their kid Adolf, that would be the top name. Mudshits are just too uncreative and frightened to not name their kid Moosehamyid

It's threads like these that make me realize how grateful I am we got rid of all of Imkikey's wordfilters.

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You could talk about contraceptives, income, media, kikes and a whole bunch of stuff to answer that but it all comes down to this:
Because the "modern world" is one big pile of shit and it's time to accelerate it into oblivion.

wait. there was a filter preventing people from calling weev a jew? that's actually funny.

I'll just leave this here.

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No nigger, it called weev a jew. It made sure the jew was named.
weev = jew
not jew = weev

Way to out yourself cock-goblin. You will never be white.

it don't care any more.there is no future on the planet.

All it would take to fix is a violent uprising from the german people

Somebody get this hothead out of here.

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Because Germany ended patriarchal rape culture.