FBI Raids Home Of Teenage 4chan Fan
The home of a 15-year-old habitué of 4chan was searched last month by FBI agents probing last October’s coordinated denial of service attacks on several web sites affiliated with the rock star Gene Simmons.
The April 27 raid at the Gig Harbor, Washington home of teenager Gunnar Lantz was prompted by a review of computer logs and IP records showing that the online assault against the performer was, in part, launched from the boy’s residence, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Tacoma.

He deserved it for being underage vanned.

Ypu mean the glowniggers are going into people's houses.

Unreadable. BTW check out my ban!

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Mods are covering their backs dont want to accused of a (((terrorist))) site and shutting it down.

But ya all these kikes and shills are kvetching.
Board is natsoc and there is nothing you glowniggers can do about it.

What did he mean by this?

What board was that on? What sort of mod cuck would do such a thing? We see way more violent posts and they don't get banned. That's bullshit.

They did you a favor if you were not using a VPN.

Vanned him at the 7-11.

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No its not

These invasions never ever happen. It didn't happen that time everyone freaked over about Reddit invading, and it isn't going to happen now. No one comes here but regulars. Proof: pay attention to unique IPs on Zig Forums and how they always stay between 2000-3000. I've maybe seen them above 4000 once, and I'm a first exodus guy. This place doesn't get flooded. Fact.



This board.

I'm Aussie so I have to use a VPN by default. It's a shame because they banned the fastest one, too.

Fake news, fagtard.

Reported for posting pedophilic content.

Ya since cuckchan consider cripplechan boring and unfunny.

I bet they have a nice inpatient facility ready for him to avoid jail time.

They have been happening on a continual basis, nigger. It stays at that range because faggots are leaving and being replaced by more shitskin invaders.

Why the fuck are they naming a minor though? I smell bullshit.

Not that I can see.

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>Mods are covering their backs dont want to accused of a (((terrorist))) site and shutting it down.
Weak. I'm an adamant supporter of white terrorism and I only hope many more brave white men leave this forum to spill many thousands of litres of blood.


Welcome to 8baumsworld.com


Of all the things to be worried about. American tax dollars at waste.

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It's a bit convenient to the narrative that it would be replacement at exactly the rate that people are leaving and you know this for sure somewhow. Relax. We aren't getting digitally europe'd here.

Don't tell me he was using the Low Orbit Ion Cannon…

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I new here. What's the difference between 4chan and Zig Forums?

it means that the jews are not going to rest until the last whitoid is raped and killed

Watch the greatest story never told europa final battle, read mein kampf and lurk 2 more years before posting.
You can post in questions that don't deserve their own threads but not anywhere else but there.
Lurk or gtfo.

It's the difference between Louis Ferdinand Celine and Charles DeGaulle.


You can get banned with that faggotry.
Go to questions that don't deserve their own threads you can post there freely and lurk 2 years, if I can tell you a noticable difference is that h8/pol/ is more natsoc than cuck/pol/

Great show. The only winning move is not to play honk

Kek. Since the faggot was on 4chan, probably. Scriptkiddies fagging it up.

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That we will fight till last man.