What you propose?

Day before yesterday i got hammered for 24 hours over a thread with detailed information over how and why we must bring back lynch mobs, even before that, only had replies from pussies calling me a glow nigger and a fed.
Now that acording to the trudeaulist core of this board who believes that violence is not the solution, what should we do to deal with this kind a shit?! This is unacceptable!


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Show me your last thread.

Got 404'd

You won’t do anything about it, so what point is there in pretending to be a fed by saying you will?

You could have archived it.

Lynch mobs are irrelevant. If you can't even advocate for a total war of extermination through all theoretically available means in a post, why should anyone take you seriously?

Fucking mods are censoring us. This will kill Zig Forums in less than a month. Time to start hosting bunker threads and death of 8/pol/ party threads.


If this keeps up another exodus/migration to another Zig Forums board or chan may have to be necessary.

He couldn't. He's too retarded.

Saged and reported for pedophilia


And here we go with another fork attempt. Every couple months you cunts try this.

This thread was between one praising the mosque shooter and one praising the synagogue shooter, the last place I hoped it would be erased.
Just in case I'm going to archive this one now.

What the fuck, they think they're supervillains now?

(((who))) are his lawyers and (((who))) pays them

lol die

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Nigger I have survived all of them including you cunts. It won't work.

Doesnt change the fact chodenigger is a bad board owner.
I agree Zig Forums gets stronger as a result but god damn this guy gets nothing about this place.

Are you kidding me. He is a surrender tool. You really think he is not doing his part? He is doing exactly what is his role. No BO could ever stand up by a /po/lack in this day and age, it is character suicide.

I understand a fork might be necessary, but will it carry a possibility of things be any different?

I'm asking a legitimate question here.

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You haven't said anything that was jewish or ridiculous, you responded genuinely user.

It should be a crime, when people stop deportation. They should cover the cost, for the next try. But there is not much we can do, except being extremely annoyed by it.

Eventually the system will fail and leaped will turn against eachother. The police no longer protect anyone and things will break down. That's when the Muslim hoards will turn violent. Prepare for that time.

Obstruction of justice is not a thing?

That's true. It is.

Cant evenable. Kys.

Just chekin' my own triple dubs, look at these numbers. Fucking newfags.

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Just realized.
Check em!


There's too few awakened Whites for violence to be an effective strategy. Only an fraction of a fraction of us would consider sacrificing ourselves, and it's these few that we need to start the slow process of awakening our kinsmen with ears to hear and eyes to see. The lemmings will never get behind us while their refrigerators are still full and their televisions are still running. They only acted back then because strong-willed Whites controlled society. If you constantly shove your nose into all of the negative news you'll just end up killing yourself physically or spiritually. Focus on improving yourself and awakening anyone that you can.

The only lynch mobs in your future will be the ones that come for you, bigot. G-d will strike you down and slaughter your children as He did to Egypt.

The egypt story is fake. Archeological evidence showed no sign of wandering in the desert (anyone can look this up and even kike sources admit it) and based on non-jewish historical accounts it looks like you faggots were forcibly kicked out of egypt for being yourselves. As usual.


Calling for lynch mobs on Zig Forums is not the solution. The freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but it has some limitations, one is calls to imminent lawlessness. You just cant do that here and not get banned. Go to some darnet or something.

Meeting up irl from some plan on this site is extremely dangerous and foolish, a high percentage of (((people))) you meet will be informants who will try to entrap you for real or imagined crimes that they encourage others are antifa types who want to ruin your life.

Meet people in organic ways, it's far safer. Redpill them yourself if you must.

And good god a lynch mob is the most retarded thing you could do. 50 people gang up to kill one or two. All 50 go to jail for life. Very bad return on investment. If you gotta sperg out go it alone or if you have something bigger planned use a tight-nit group of 2 or 3 long term friends, never random anons you meet up with.

And pick a fucking high value target, I don't care if you get the high score and wipe out a whole pack of NPC's, it won't do anyone any good except our enemies who will kvetch about it for years.

Go for the boss levels. And don't leave a manifesto or arbitration. Mad props if you don't even get caught.