Just wanted to reference this book anons. I dont see it talked up much on here, maybe i just miss the posts...

Just wanted to reference this book anons. I dont see it talked up much on here, maybe i just miss the posts. Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard has helped shape my mind to be geared for action and has aided in shaking off any Abrahamic & Equality System programming i still had early on. Between that and Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil its helped me refine the traits that are played on by the Jews and their cronies for the preservation of this bullshit monster system. Im hoping we can discuss this book (for those who've read it) whatever insights or criticisms we have, and similar well condensed informational materials that "set the facts straight" and helps dispel moralism, dogmatism, delusions and modern weaknesses that pollute the white race. Me personally between this, Nietszche and Siege i think will help shape ones inner world adequately enough to start to effect this outer clown world. Also i might say i think people are naturally self preserving above all things and your security extends to those close to you as extension of yourself (Family, Confidants, Race [race being the most immediate]). in that respect most people would be considered good by our modern moral systems but other dynamics of these systems have been used against the very peoples that fomented them (whites understanding the necessity of community for survival) and they must be reinterpreted changed or dropped. Moral systems serve a people not the other way around, you do it the other way around you get cucked by other races that will fuck your shit up. We need less romans and more Gauls. Our ancestors were barbarous because thats what was required. I feel population densities even homogeneous ethnic populations can aid in this disaster too. People werent meant to know too many other people, the highest qualities of life take place for those in small sustainable communities.

for the anons showing up still doubting or on the fence. this book will gear you up for war and get your head straight. christianity, big cities, universalism have cucked us we know but we need to see how exactly and totaly eviscerate all aspects of these mental habits. like howd we go from legendary giants to soyboys for fucks sake? domestication.

Might Is Right - Ragnar Redbeard


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damn i forgot to add mein kampf too. no joke fuckers still using it as a meme and havent read it go read it. i mean that more for the inevitable newfags still 101 redpilling

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You can always add mein kampf op just do it in your next post.

I cannot believe there are people on here that haven't read Mein Kampf…

I have been meaning to read Might is RIght, thanks for giving me the motivation.

Also I had a signed copy of Siege and I gave it away when I went through a family crisis. Probably the second biggest regret of my life.

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lol, look at this yiddish retard. get gassed kike

well i say that because of the influx traffic coming in you know its inevitable. sorry about your siege copy that sucks. glad you had someone to recieve it though. im listening to the audio book for the 5th time. wish we could just flood the formal publication scenes on a mass scale instead of leaving it to these different faction movement leaders. i liked mason for the same reason i enjoy tom metzger. they both were in the actual parties back when they could exist (metzger came from the john birch society then headed the cali kkk) but saw how they became honeypots and were generally disorganized, or useless from plants or infighting. they advocated the lone wolf strategy which is good because those lone unconnected wolves culminating actions will allow for more resilient networks later. i mean you still want to connect but only if you can verify them as not being spooks

Things are more nuanced than the book but yes.


A lot of anons have read or are reading mein kampf it needs to be spread some more outside of this place.
Since anons are eventually going to read it one day.

Nah most fags who cant handle natsoc imagery will leave this instant the ones that stick around from what I noticed tend to be curious.

fuck yeah archiving now. are there decent text to voice readers for epubs and pdfs so i can delve into these while i have to work or exercise?


It was one of the reprints that Atomwaffen did… the group I WAS apart of was in contact with them and got them to get Maso to sign our copies and write messages before they sent them over to us.

Anyway I will check Metzger out, thanks!

If you're going to shill, at least try not to post in broken english.

im suprised i havent seen metzger posted about much he was huge in that whole scene. hes still alive and has an almost daily radio show he puts on his site. hes just pure white seperatist anti system not involved with religion and he doesnt bullshit. he reads a lot of movement material and historical stuff on his shows too which have been insightful and isnt afraid to criticize aspects of the movement. hes just really sensible and doesnt bullshit hes not a showman you know. i feel like he has very good advice, he paid his dues for what he cared about and i just respect him overall.

heres his sites and recent shows of the past two years


its from him that i found out about ghost wolf radio (dude never gave his name) hes ex army white activists sharing his knowledge of mil strategy guerrilla tactics that whole thing
youtube gutted all his videos tom uploaded
from the shows hed have him on or give him time for. luckily a bitshute fella saved a few of them


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Awesome thank you.

r u gettin spooky on me kike

I have all the Ghost Wolf Radio shows that were on his page on Resist.com, I know there were more in the regular archives that I never got around to grabbing though.

I can upload them if you want.

r u in some type of indian call center setup getting .02 shekels per post?

yes please upload them for everyone to find. whatd you think of those broadcasts? useful? they definitely set me on a few paths of research, dude had me realizing how important it was to get physically capable.

thats my question outside of pol and all that how do you get people up on mein kampf. it'd do so much good for everyday people but you know the whole (((most evil book by the most evil man everrr))) narrative puts it out of reach. how do you activate the normie lol

Can you recommend any other online resources like that one? I used to go on ironmarch and siege/rope culture but I feel like they deviated from truth a fair bit and got weirdly autistic, especially with the nazbol stuff.

sorry Noose* not siege.

Going with logos like.
And making sure is the henry ford or stalag version.

Stoke their curiosity, if its the most evil book ever created, why the fuck haven't they given it a read are they content with being told what to think by other people instead of making their own informed decisions. Make them feel guilty for being NPC fuck heads.

I don't think Zig Forums is there yet but you still have to remember the majority of the lemmings will call you nazi no matter what you do, at best you need to attract many individual thinkers as much as possible.
Another problem is that Zig Forums isn't there yet for things like mein kampf to be normalized.

Common mistake, it wasn't Henry Ford who translated it. Even though Henry Ford is a boss nibba.

Are you joking Kike? Zig Forums is a National Socialist board.. I hope to got you're referring to half chan.

But thr last time I went to school as a child or teenager buying mein kampf from what I am told gets you on the fbi watchlist.
But since I realize the truth they definitely dont want you anywhere near that book.

I did not deny it was, did you misread my post?

Who cares if you're on a watch list? What does that even result in - you go missing if shit hits the fan? I have been visited by my countries version of FBI? I have never done anything illegal so they don't bother me. If that were true though… so many university students and histories are on a watch list.

No I read it, you make probably the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen on this board.
You must be new, lurk more faggot.

What do you think you will accomplish spamming this in every thread, kike? It's public knowledge and this is our home, why would we do anything with that information? Anyone who would (you won't, you're all cowards) is not going to be here anyway and already know to begin with.

I am familiar with this book. I have often seen it associated with Satanism which has always put me off of it. Also is it known exactly who wrote it? I recall reading it was a fairly well known author under a pseudonym but I can't remember who at the moment

Look what I just got today!

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When I mean normalized I meant for normalfags not Zig Forums it's self.
You or I can talk about mein kampf and hitler freely and truth's to one another without losing a job, witch hunted by pantifa, or put up in the lugenpress of how this evil white male is trying to brainwash people.
I am not saying we should stop try to get people to read mein kampf.

What do you mean text-to-voice? They already are audiobooks, with ebook files included (if available).
Moon+ Reader Pro is great, just find a cracked version (or use the free version).

I apologize, I'm sure you can see my cause from concern based on how I interpreted your statement.


Tier 1 advice…its a shame about networks but they are 1/rampant w/glowniggers
2/have mass with central organization which makes them super easy to be identified and destroyed by modern intelligence/military

yeah nobody has claim on a natural idea. like i think its retarded if your going against christianity to take up the banner of its antithetical. if you dislike it throw the whole brood out but in another way the satanic groups might have a sensible thing to say but i discount him because he flies a flag for an ideal that never allows him to truly oppose what he wants to oppose. his opposition is his belief and i guess the abrahamic god but why would you worship the abrahamic devil lol. thats why satanism puts me off

Satanism is reactionary retardation.

i think thats the potency of indifference people fall into. breed out curiosity give surface level novelties for those who like learning and withhold or discourage sources of information that would disparage that control system. that science seems so exact, behavioral psychology i guess, that nobody is even curious anymore. thats all it takes. loving or hating something will peak that but the system tactic is to instill self gratification and aggrandizement,consumerism, and apathy to all things uninvolved with their system sponsored control culture and arrays of overstimulation and desensitization. they get the masses to hate when necessary but a lot of people cant even do that anymore.

dammit youre right haha. slow connection thought these were ebook alone. double thanks for that and the voice reader ill go torrent it.

Feels bad man.

Which is the sad part, the greatest story never told would've been a good place to start when it was getting so many views but got (((shut down))).

i meant to say with all that yeah there will be a lot of cannon fodder. what happens when these men and women are forced out of their artificial environment? definitely feels bad man

i saw that a year or two back i thought it was still up on jew tube but i have noticed theyve been on a hunt in the last year. a good bit of my saved videos are gone

the size of those faggots watchlist they dont have the manpower its why they need big data to slim down whos gonna do what with that LEA predictive technology shit

This text falsely assumes all men to be individuals in a state of mutual competition; it ignores kin selection. Individuals are merely instances of a genetic profile: your people share most of your genes. By helping your folk to reproduce, you can pass on your genes far more than you could ever do alone. This is biologically the root of both altruism and spite.


Might is Might is useful only as a refutation of christianity, and a wake up call to the reality of violence in the world. It is otherwise an anarchistic and hedonistic text advocating for violence against one's own people. Verbatim quotations from the text constitute large portions of the Satanist "Satanic Bible" not even making that up.

Every NS should read this book, and every NS should be able to refute it.

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Thanks for posting this OP. I posted a thread a couple months back essentially compounding the philosophy of a "A world of war" which this book and The Prince really compliment. The whole premise being that everything is a fight for finite resources be it food, minerals, women, someone's attention or even that promotion you are salivating over. He who demands receives. He who fights prevails. He who asks does not. This whole world is a conflict - just don't forget what you are fighting for and you are already leaps and bounds beyond the will manifestation powers of your average dope.

for movement material i really had to slim it down to the most informational sources. these for me were resist, pol, and then just finding audiobooks from there. i do a lot of occult research which i feel weighs into this thing and i guy called ocs101 (or occult science 101) is my go to for that plus yeah just the books tied in with that. ocs101 is super upfront on the jew, the saturn stuff, the pedophelia, human sacrifice, and ritual element and how they tell kabbalistic stories in bullshit news reports. the stuff that predates the jew that they borrow religiously and tricked the goi into. but yeah ocs101 was permabanned from youtube back in 09 but he hits the nail on the head. i used to look at stormfront and sites like that but they just seem to have fallen into the tricks metzger spoke of as being part of the movement.

guess ill put ocs101s link here if youre wondering about the occult shit. hes made thousands of videos about occult symbolism id start with those on youtube just to get an idea before you go to his site for the current shit. the guy still follows jesus but says what the king james bible has written about him is bullshit and it was a divinely inspired guy trying to warn people about the saturnian control system and the jews. also says christ was an occult term added on that means semen and that even jesus as his name could be a rename. interesting guy he just gets into political stuff from the occult symbolism end even says politics is the lowest most rudimentary form of the occult. just sayin all this as pretext but heres some good stuff from him idk about the more metaphysical stuff but hes definitely right on about these groups and occult symbolism being fucking everywhere. not trying to get too fringe but its there god damn.







trampleonsnakes follows bills type of research but his presentation is more geared with providing video examples of how occultists and kikes use this stuff in media


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Yup some of my favorite natsoc vids are gone my only hope of finding one of those vids is through webms on here or someone reposted this or in some site or on bitchute.

I can't prepare or have any of the things and I fear it would already be to late including during commiefornia.
>People are successful through (((hardwork)))
It feels bad.

nice post especially the kin selection reference. i see entirely what youre saying individuals being instances of a gene but i feel its a two way road. the gene needs to adapt for more survivable instances in the process. we get in a false dichotomy to a degree with collectives and individuals when they are bipartisan forces of one process. in our genetic instances currently weve taken on some debilitating traits for overall survivability and this itself may be an ebb and flow "morphogenetic" cycle to ultimately breed better instances. so what im saying is in a time of weakness in the face of collapsing societies and traditions where those in your genetic family are ultimately self destructive one would have to incorporate elements of hedonism and even anarchy. if our collective is weak in certain elements itll breed other elements to clean it out like antibodies. this is played out in individual instances as conquerers historically it seems. but again satanic anything is kind of uncreative garbage.

save everything you can theyll go for anything and everything they can get their hands on

Didn't really listen to many of them. One of those things I downloaded and put on an external hard drive, then forgot about.

43 mp3s

For posterity, you can create a mega.nz account in a minute, just pick an email address from temp-mail.org

thanks man im gonna start these now. definitely a lot i havent heard. ill archive them on my end too

Interesting take. However, those best able to protect the ability of a group to survive and reproduce have traditionally been rewarded by access to reproduction. Women are evolved to desire these traits, because they allow kin selection to function without succumbing to the issues you describe. I would even say that ensuring men are selected for on this basis is a large part of what constitutes "culture". I do see merit in your dualistic take and I agree that there is room for competition within a group as long as it does not jeopardize the unity of a group.

yeah i guess i percieve it more like you should be
barbarous bastard to your non kin or any threat to its survival which you genetically depend on, even if it comes from kin who pose definite damage to its existence. when its there its obvious and we are surrounded by a lot of that but what collectively do we owe to any non kin that isnt utter delusion or damages posed by non whites and whites who sell out to any antiracist interest.

true that. do you think a network could form that had a thorough verification and despooking process. even if theyre there to just listen or to stir shit up, couldnt a capable group of people create a process to weed any and all of these fucks out and of course know how to lay low? im sure the agencies themselves by default have an exact science to weed at least most of their infiltrators and limiting damages by the ones they miss. but a low key thing would be more cut and dry because theyd control at least to start with a lesser impacting media apparatus to cover damages in the public eye.

Of course you did moshe.

ill add too i dont practice the occult i just try to understand my enemy's mindset and historical contexts. and possibly anything that realistically could be hidden but that mostly means to me technological and psychological capacities and not so much the supernatural attached. humans and their symbols and how they use them explain everything. the whole things about the jews being a mix breed nomadic race (even though i dont think theyre a race but a biological phenomena amongst humans that occurs from intraracial global contact that are held together by an ideology by and for mixed peoples) theyve stolen and amalgamated symbols and genes from cultures they fed off of. in a way you could get biblical and say theyre the consequence of the original sin of racemixing. these now perverted symbols used to be good tools for helping primarily aryan peoples understand the cyclical forces of nature.



Also the Kike who wrote the Satanic Bible stole parts from this book. He leaves out the Anti-Jew parts of Might is Right and how it encourages a healthy, strong Aryan Race and looking out for ones Kin

It doesn't get referenced, and judging by the anchor, you aren't allowed to reference it, filthy goyim.

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