Journo jewess harasses 14 year old youtuber's parents

lieutenant corbis / soph is getting harassed by disgusting hog talia levin after calling her an obese pimple-ridden jewess who's gonna get zika virus from drinking curb water

e-celeb bullshit but pretty funny email and everyone hates talia levin

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Gen Z gives me hope.

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Another good white pill.

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reported for eceleb bullshit

she didn't age like milk she aged like roadkill

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reported for kike jewess.

Corbis is a good kid spreading truth, helping wake up the next generation and she's being harrassed by some hook nosed land whale for doing so. I'd say her issue is relevant to what we discuss here. In short, maybe you should quit nitpicking and let OP have his thread.

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Ms Bugpig Areola

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Post proof she called her a jewess.

there's nothing worth helping here

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ms bugpig areola lol

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fug dis bitch yo
eeeee3 just so you know, im watchin you talia. porkchop smuggling matza gobbler. gobble gobble bitch

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sounds like a joke dude

I have a hard time believing that girl/boy or whatever the fuck that kid is wrote that. Either a relative or handler wrote it, or the thing is a budding autistic intellectual. Either way, I am amused. Have a sage.

corbis is saying her boomer dad isn't racist, you retard

she called levin a pimply jew who should die from zika virus from drinking gutter water

piss off with this underage patreon kike. sure hope she's not doxed.

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This gives me new found respect for the Lieutenant.

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Correct response to all media inquiries:
Choke on shit, Jew(ess).

The best thing against this subhuman would be to sue for harassment. Don't threaten violence, don't message or any shit. The pig will release a hit piece and then she can be sued. Soph is a kid and plays right into her hand by replying. Hire a fucking lawyer and sue the (((journalist))).

stay mad Talia you fat pig

seems legit.

You know what, I take it back, I read further and this girl has some potential