Red Hot Propaganda Directives (keeps getting nuked)

SECOND REPOST in a matter of minutes due to thread getting nuked twice. Original text:

I was just reading a thread (just now) where someone had posted these images, and then suddenly the entire thread was nuked.

So now I'm reposting these images since I assume they must be really important if someone nuked a thread over it.

That way I can see if the new thread gets nuked as well.

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This thread just got slid like 16 spots, so fast I can't believe it. I'm going to pop it back up and see what happens.

Old news.
Still debatable either or not if it's real or fake.

You can’t bump your own threads nigger. But I can

Great, then there should be no reason for it to be sliding and getting nuked so much.

This also looks fake af

Keep posting this on >>>/qresearch/ too.

heh the originals appear legit scans, you can even tell where on top of the scanner they put their hand and where the hinges are…..

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hahahahahaha oh boy this made me laugh. anyone who believes this format is how jews communicate should be euthanized. This is written like a 14 year old girl. Very unintelligent.
also has zero understanding of esoteric judaism.
This was written with an agenda.

Is that board suddenly not a larp to discredit wikileaks?

fake news

blackboxing is done with real marker

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everyone above this post is a shill who is samefagging the OP…just look… this is a psyop. couldnt be more clear lol

yeah maybe….but ill dump the originals

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Haha stupid ass jews
White supreme-o sandwich bump
Hale Hitler


holy shit man i can't get over how dumb you kikes think goyim are. look at all these fake responses trying to legitimize the post. Ethier by unrelated shitposting or samefagging.

You sound like a conspiracy theorist

it's always something small that gives it away. Majority of people on the chans support Tarrant, and it is probably the way forward, tbh.

Im a real boy but some seem fake as hell and were instant

if this is how much they overestimate jewish intelligence it is looking really encouraging

you are fitting in very well moshe.


pic is related

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lol yoooo the "document" says


You keep getting deleted because you're a spamming nigger. Reported.

I didn't post the original thread. But I did save the images, and I created a new thread when the original thread got nuked. Then that thread got nuked as well. Personally I don't think the images are spam…

8ch is becoming a honey pot and most people on here will be government and ideological shills arguing with eachother and nauseum. Even if you're not getting paid for it, you should be . it's pretty much the only reason we stick around is because its too ironic and amusing


Do they even let you read the thread before directing you where to post? C'mon shill, scrolling up is only hard when you think sage is a downvote :^)

Holy shit,


Anybody that is anti isreal = good.

As if they need any push lel


You can print out a larp paper and scan it… IDK if legit or not, if legit it makes them seem rather incompetent. I'm thinking 88% odds it's fake, 14% odds it's real, 2% odds it's a real fake that JIDF made and leaked intentionally to make us think they are incompetent.

it's likely legit.
another indication is the amount of these one sentence posts, that just voice their opinions without any substance, does tell.
their posts are the most boring noise you will ever read.
the most boring method is to attack under the disguise of discussion.
you cannot stop pity them.
always asking myself and wondering why..
everything they come up with only shows their patheticness in the eyes of GOD.
is this all you really have?
is this really all you are fighting with?
is this it?

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You will never be white you jew piece of shit.

At his point. fucking good. I'm tired of these jew piece of shit killing Zig Forums

I don’t understand, two years ago this thread would be stickied and have 700 replies, now it’s just shills with maybe one or two legitimate posts?


Me too user me too. They fear the aryan woman!


"People who advocate peaceful means should be condemned as Zionist shills."

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now that you have mentioned in the thread that previous one got deleted they can't kill it so easily. I am waiting to see how the mods and the red and blue teams will react to this thread. the fact that it got leaked may be indicative of the fact that many of our half brothers and sisters might be getting resentful of their mothers

People are still posting these obvious shops 3 months later

i know right? and that tsarist forgery is still making the rounds too.

Reported for spamming the same bullshit for over two months now.
Oh noes! Looks so real!

preparing to shut it down perhaps?


Want to know the difference? Besides being made by a 65 IQ Trumpnigger, Jonestein pushes this as real, while denying The Protocols.

Fake and gay. Bump so it gets deleted more quickly


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who understands it better than a kike, right shlomo? :>

This thread is now under JIDF control.

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(((they))) are here. all based anons probably left this board already, after tarrants holy deed because pol got infested reaaaaaly quickly.

Can't you Trumpniggers at least try to fit in when you come her to push your pro-ZOG Emperor psyops?

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JIDF success comes entirely from being backed by someone else to prevent people from stopping them. That has never meant they're competent.

do you even understand what are you saying? becuse this bullshit is just a bunch of words without any sense. kikes. kikes never change

Fun and games. Something behind the scenes has changed. An awareness is growing, a fear, the realization that the shovel in your hand is being used to dig your own grave.
Savage dogs snarl in the dark and move closer to the fires that burn.


You will never be white nor will you run off white men, jew.

Bumping for interest

Why wouldn't you post disinformation LARP images on a disinformation board?

See, there’s an abundance of shills in this thread, unlike a few years ago, these shills stand out because they fail to question things. That was what made Zig Forums so effective. So why would shills want to push the creation of hyperbolic anti-fem and race bating threads? Because it distracts from more important news. Because it makes this board appear as an actual breeding ground for terrorists, rather than what it was two years ago. Because the more we appear as a potential violent threat to the Normies, the sooner and quicker this board will be taken down. And it adds legitimacy into actually taking it off the web.

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These docs were already posted 2 months ago.

This has always been obvious for me too. Can't let the women also join the movement. Cuz that is when it starts to go mainstream.


Bumping to defeat the plot of International Jewry.
Heil Hitler!

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Beard Bump.
Don't let the Jews succeed in sliding their degenerate tricks out of site.
The papers posted are very clear - the Jews have moderators on these sites. Hence the quick deletion.

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counterfeit and homosexual
>>>Zig Forums

Why would innocent Moses be sliding this thread?

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there is a real danger that the people sent to subvert the place end up getting infected themselves. this has happened before. this is why mods are actively trying to delete all threads about actual national socialist ideology. the adversary's weak point is the fact that they have indoctrinated their own children with lies.

This is old as fuck news and while JIDF kikes absolutely get orders etc its retarded they would ever make paper directives like this… Its fake and gay and you are new as fuck for posting it like it hasn't been posted here a million times already. That is why your threads getting deleted newfag

once doubts have been raised as to the mods being compromised a thread cannot be deleted so quickly, it requires numerous unique IDs to proclaim openly in said thread that they have either a) reported the thread or that b) it will be deleted in the near future.
Of course none of this really works or seems remotely credible if the catalogue is an absolute clown world honkshow.

If real, this is clear evidence of Jewish meddling in our democracy. I'm sure all of those (((patriots))) at the FBI, CIA, NSA and in congress will be starting an investigation immediately into these documents.

The ramifications would be this particular Jewish organization:
Sort of confused as to why they wouldn’t like their greatest goy, Trump. Could be “””anti-Zionist””” lefty Jewish organization (such as Marxists). Tulsi Gabbard kinda makes sense since she is very critical of military intervention (less likely to fight wars on Israel’s behalf) however this is contradictory to previous points since they don’t support trump. Not really sure why Yang is pushed so hard, he’s a joke, not going to win, and by no means good for whites (thus easy to see through his bullshit).

It could be pushing an anti-Trump message because it knows boards like Zig Forums are contrarian. Should we see that “the Jews” are against trump, then perhaps some among us might start supporting him again to be contrarian.
Here it’s easy to see why they’d hate Gabbard, since (((neocons))) hate anti-interventionism.

Makes the least sense to me, things are rarely totally made up. It could be a lie, but that doesn’t make it fake. If it is a lie it’s made for a reason, be it distraction, sowing discord, ect. Raises the pertinent question of (((WHO))) made it.

Other options are possible but I don’t see them yet. Raises these questions:

Appears to be a black pill type thing, but then says not to entrap or advocate violence. Yet mentions elsewhere to push that peaceful solutions are not possible. So clearly some sort of total demoralization campaign
Silly jews

simple exercise: look at every single thread in the catalog ranked higher than this one.

maybe Zig Forums presents a danger to their own community cohesion, the whole project doesn't work if every subsequent generation ends up looking, thinking and acting more goyish than the last due to intermarriage. This is why history and natsoc threads are shilled to the nth degree. You will notice their document even has a limp wristed attempt at some kind of ethos "prosperity for all races" or whatever it was.
Think about it on the one hand you have blood, honor, a global fight to save the world with the odds stacked against you - on the other you have an empty box, superstitions, weird habits and odd annoying relatives.

I totally agree with what you’re saying, but I’m trying to see through the document to figure out it’s purpose.
Why would a so called Jewish organization be against trump (who is pretty good to Israel)? Why would they be so against Gabbard and so pro Yang?
Or is it supposed to be a misdirection, get the goys to think the Jews hate trump so the “Nazis” support an unabashed Zionist.

I’m a bit perplexed honestly

Fake as fuck, but I do like the idea of pushing #YangGang – the world's most forced meme – onto the "alt-right twittersphere." Kek, I'm not even going to enjoy killing you, OP.

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is this a q post?

ITT: Kikes calling other kikes kikes
OP is fake and gay
So are the people criticizing OP
Everyone is a kike
Trust nobody

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Fake or real, this is a subject of legit discussion. We must not allow kikes to shoah this subject again.