Mini happening - armagadd-on

Looks like Mozilla allowed some certificate to expire and 50+ million browser installs just had most of their add-ons disabled. Plebs on Twitter and Plebbit are pissed off. Corporate media outlets that use firefox are fucked as well.

I'm fucked as well, all my javascript blockers plus rules/settings = disabled, so I can't browse the net like normal. What browsers are you faggots using as alternatives - must have extensive javascript blocking functionality.

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How (((convenient))) for those who are thwarted by adblockers.

I'm using the Linux version of Firefox and everything is working just fine. Try not being a WincuckTM.

You think it might be a trial balloon? Damn near every site links back to google or has the faceberg pixel trackers now, they could be running a test to get a proxy estimate to see how much data is being lost due to blockers.

I run debian on my other rigs, but this is my main rig and none of my engineering software works on linux.

In a virtual machine, with a VPN, I run Vivaldi with aggressive blocking on uMatrix. Javascript is only run on a case by case basis, all cookies blocked no remote images, css etc.

It killed addons for tor browser as well. Noscript just stopped working mid session. Fucking kikes.


I'm running Xubuntu. I'm not a softwarefag so all I need is spreadsheets and internet.

Stop trying to test for bots you fucking schizophrenic. People aren't replying because you look like a nut.

Unfortunately, I'm a winpleb for now since this computer was a gift. I don't have the money to build my own rig just yet, otherwise I'd be running something else. Still took every measure possible to override the OS and make microshit hate me.

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Mini happening. Dont even start with that shit nigger.



The bot test guy was doing that on old threads, and funny enough, people did start talking in them while ignoring the fact that it had been bumped from the abyss. It wouldn't surprise me if many posts here are bots, especially the generic "watcha slider moshe" that appear near the top of new threads.


jesus, I forgot how fucking horrendous the internet is with javascript enabled.

I'm running a 2GB, 1.9 GHZ craptop. No Intel though, and no Wincuck. Feels goed!!!


The proper way to test for them is to reply to them but substitute alphabet characters with other symbols. E.g.:
That can't process it logically so it doesn't compute as a reply.

Only works on the dev versions like nightly

That's a different type of test. See if you were making a bot to just derail interesting topics, you'd only run the bot in the most recent n


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Go to about:debugging
Click "Load Temporary Add-on"

Navigate to:
C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{profile id}.default\extensions

Each .xpi is an add-on, you can select each one then get rid of any you don't want after.

That's the catch. Plus everyone here is austistic.

Why is a multi-million dollar tech company tweeting in the vernacular of a grade schooler?

I can just load up a vm with a dev or nightly version then migrate over my profile until this shit gets fixed.

Careful user, I thought the same thing and got hit. I run other browsers too though so it's no big deal.

They hire SJW wahmen and nigrars.

i use waterfox
how do i know if this is happeneing with me?
all my addons are working, blocking

clown world honk honk

OMG like so ironic nerd speex uguyzXDDDDDDD


one user has said it hit his waterfox, mine was still safe last I checked, but I haven't dared open it


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Well if it hit tor, it'll hit you eventually I believe.

Yeah, I disabled automatic updates when I first installed. Didn't even know there was a habbening until I saw this thread.

C'mon now it's like you like being watched by jews or some shit.

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I take it you grabbed it from a computer show? They used to have those near me, but stopped some years back.

POZ oppresses their faculties.

It works on the normal versions of linux, android and possibly macos too.

Use ungoogled-chromium.

How (((curious))) that nobody had answered to this post. It's sad and certainly guarantees grave alert.

You can change the OS, etc. The computer is yours now.

Just use cURL.

same, I don't know how I ever got by without being able to block all this bullshit.

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reminder that IE was massively shilled against because you could make all (((advertisment))) gone in under half a dozen clicks.

How exactly is it pozzed? I run a full set of extensions to block everything. Even the fucking TOR client is firefox based. I'll be tossing kikes into ovens in hell before I ever use anything jewgle or kikesoft puts out.

I haven't used firefox in years but WTF is this nigger-baby talk shit? Seriously, who the fuck approved this tweet?! Good to know, next time my fortune 500 company shit the bed hardcore, I'll just tweet, "Soooowy :O i made a oopsy-doopsy boom-boom in mah die-pee. squeeze meeeeeee lololol"
Reminds me of boomer-Gavin roasting Bill Maher:

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Hopefully people will take that tweet as a sign to immediately abandon Firefox. Because you can bet that lack of professionalism exists all across the board, and it may as well signal that using Firefox is a security risk.


Saw the actual tweet by the way and it's not any more reassuring.

Nah, I bought it from some guy in my neighborhood. $200.

They did some kind of "add-on" signing shit last year. Everyone warned them that centralizing the signing of add-ons would fuck up massively. Less than a year later - boom, everything fucks up massively.

i am using an old addon that works 100x better and htey dont even have it on firefox anymore except for a new version and i couldn tget an old version
so is my waterfox not affected?

her eyes are incredibly assymetrical. those fucking jugs though

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I guess so, maybe your shit is too old to auto-update. They disabled the ability to turn off auto-updates in the newer versions. So you might be fine for the time being.

>Use ungoogled-(((chromium))).

why do you keep being evasive with your answers
im not going to use that bullshit if you think i am fuck you. anything that forces me to be in a beta w10 program. like you keep and every other answer on here i have asked keeps on insisting.

no waterfox is up to date. i have old addons and i dont know what the fuck your even talking about. I USE WATERFOX
fucking nigger

Everything that (((spies))) on you disabled at compile time, etc. And on OpenBSD it's safer than anything else thanks to pledge and unveil.

I'm not being evasive, I SIMPLY DON'T KNOW you stupid fuck. I never used waterfox in my entire life. You have fucking idea how many spin off browser use firefox as the base? You know how fucking pozzed the entire web is? Eat shit nigger.


haha sowwy ur about to hemorrhage millions of users uwu lol XD

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Wasn't there a post on Zig Forums a few hours ago threatening glow-in-the-darks with a cyber attack?

oh fug

Yeah, my first thought was that this could be related? I'm not so sure though because this just sounds like a fuck up on firefox's part

Nope get lost fag

If some user found away to expire certs at will, it would essentially disable all internet based commerce for years.

on my two laptops I run trincertAP6.4 with a bootable virtual drive, and use Cleardream to browse the web

Nope, admins would just start spoofing them, like Mexican trash.

2rding for palemoon. Apart from the dejeweydness, my favorite >feature is that they stick with a generally static UI, no moving shit around and making changes just to add flashy effects, though it is fully customizable, and changes generally don't break shit. Plus, it has great performance overall

First day here?

I'm tech retarded, tell me, is such a thing even conceivably possible?

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Use Brave

It's based and redpilled and fucks over (((ad))) shekels.


He posted at about 7:09 EST saying it would happen in 2 hours (9pm EST). Are we in for a wild ride?

It's also a tracked browser made by crypto kikes.

I hope so.

>How (((curious))) that nobody had answered to this post. It's sad and certainly guarantees grave alert.

This might turn Javascript on inside Tor and that's exactly how they caught a number of cheese pizza traders.


prove that brendan eich is a crypto kike
prove its a tracked browser
protip: you cant

Here's the hot and dirty fix for all you twinks that missed it
This little episode really makes me wonder, is Tor browser really pinging the mozilla add-on servers so frequently that this happened almost instantaneously? And is it doing so through nodes or over clearnet? Regardless it seems like a security risk to me.


Weeab's should kill themselves

use vivaldi

Brave is full of crapware integrating their shady payment system. Of course everything sucks though, so it may be one of the better pieces of shit.

Did anybody archive that thread?

No, but I saved this, juuuuuuuust in case.

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Off yourself cartoonposter

"But the German exposé showed Tor providing the opposite of anonymity: it singled out users for total NSA surveillance, potentially sucking up and recording everything they did online."
Hahahaah torfags btfo

hwhat do you have to be afraid of?

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This is a thread about firefox shitting the bed.
This is not a thread about faggots who get triggered by chinese cartoons.

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You update firefox? lol

I mean, that just sounds like a LARP. Hilarious if true.

I was hoping our lives would be rendered obsolete hours ago but it looks like I'm going to have to make breakfest in the morning.

Linux user here. Everything works like charm here.

that doesn't accomplish anything. The add-ons aren't usable

just embrace the horror you faggots. internet explorzor on windows 10 balls deep

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Once they refresh the cert and I'm willing to bet they will everything will go back to normal. Worst case, use Brave. It might be shitty datamine garbage but it's the closest thing you're going to get to online privacy. Literally the only addon affected for me on Tor was noscript and I have javascript manually disabled anyway so what the fuck do I care?

Just checked my normal firefox and none of the addons are disabled there. Literally nothing.