Ethnotribalism is a Jewish Trick

A few questions for the so called "National Socialists" of this board:

[1]: Why are you "NS"? Survival? Idealism?

[2]: If your answer is "survival", then I ask: if you were born a Jew, would you switch sides and become a Zionist? What if you were born "black", would you be a "black" Garveyist? It'd benefit you, wouldn't it? So what's ACTUALLY motivating you to be an ethnotribalist?

Is there anything actually SPIRITUAL behind ethnotribalism…? Any actual IDEAL? Or is it all just a matter of trying to survive for the sake of surviving, and to reproduce just so that your offspring will continue the cycle?

[3]: If your answer is "idealism", then I ask: Why limit it to "whites"? For instance, in the eyes of beauty and perfection, who is of higher quality - a healthy and compassionate "white" guy, or a "black" Walmart landwhale? How about a healthy and compassionate and smart "BLACK" guy, over a "WHITE" Walmart landwhale?

Jews are infamous for their use of the Divide & Conquer strategy. How the fuck are people supposed to fight against Zionism when people can't unite over something as retarded as ethnic differences?

So is it really surprising so many identitarian-types support Pissrael, and that Shitsrahell supports these types? Exempli gratia: Richard Spencer, AfD and those of you who support(ed) Trump.

Scream about how you don't like these entities all you want, the results of your "ideology" do not change as per point [2].

In short, ethnicity isn't a problem until someone MAKES it one, and blows the matter out of proportion by giving it unwarranted attention to the point that people divide themselves over something that does not matter. Ethnotribalism could have just as easily been about what your favorite color is, rather than ethnicity. Only, (((some))) people decided it should all be about ethnicity. That's it. Am I wrong?

So how about you ditch the tribalism, and embrace idealism and become REAL anti-Zionists?

Take the first step.

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Humans evolved to have ethno-tribalist societies. Multiculturalism is a Jewish trick. And simply because Jews attempt to co-opt ethno-Nationalism doesn't mean ethno-Nationalism is Jewish. Kikes co-opt everything. Lurk 2 years.

>Uses (((jewish sources)))
Stopped reading there your a faggot (((OP))).

Fuck off


"Humans evolved to have ethno-tribalist societies."

All humans?

"Multiculturalism is a Jewish trick."

Indeed it is. Which is why I do not support multiculturalism. What we need a single culture focused upon the ideals of beauty and honor, not a group of people who are proud of calling beige skin "white".

"And simply because Jews attempt to co-opt ethno-Nationalism"

It inevitably aids them. First, division = less difficulty to conquer. Second, the existence of a SECOND ethnostate justifies the existence of the FIRST ethnostate (Id est: Isntrael). Third… There is the fact that this kind of thinking is just pure selfishness. Read my second point.

"doesn't mean ethno-Nationalism is Jewish."

Stop calling it "nationalism". Real nationalism doesn't call for dividing a nation over the fucking melanin.


">Uses (((jewish sources)))"

And? The fact remains that both you guys and Jews are ethnotribalists. Also, if a Jew were to say that 2+2=4, would you reject that notion because it's a "jewish source"?

The more accurate question is why are anons who refuse to unite with other races, despite that national socialists of the past manage to work with other races against international jewery.

Prove it that it's disinformation (for what end?). Jew.

Then you agree with me?

Oh look, another fellow white and goyim is speaking against The Führer and National Socialism again and is such a fucking newfag he thinks we need to justify or explain our beliefs to him because he's so goddamn new.

Gas yourself Baruch

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No I am just saying that would be a better question.
During hitler's time many races during that time were at least respectable and stayed within their lands, nowadays they are coming here and raping our women and children is hard not to view them as enemies as well.

Careful on what you read, jews are capable of misleading and doing misinfo they've done this before and even before on this board getting debunked multiple of times because they couldn't keep their misinfo or lies straight, they use it as an advantage to put dirt or destroying someone legacy like that one guy who was accused of being jewish in the aryan union league or bobby fischer and one of them called them out for their misinfo horse shit, were not that stupid any user here can easily see right through it, but by any chance you are that same person behind the natsoc and it's larpers thread and want another beat down be my guest.

Yes, dumbass, all humans
The reason why, for example, German nationalists, are nationalists themselves, but rightly despise Jewish nationalists, or zionists, is because Jews must pay for their crimes, Jews won't need a nation when they don't exist to cause harm anymore. As for "dividing a nation over the fucking melanin", literally who the fuck proposes this? The difference between European-Americans and Africans is not just melanin content, they are not like us cognitively, culturally, and so on, they have no place in our societies, an Americanized Negro is still a Negro, and shall always be so, no amount of education or race-mixing will change this. We are different, period, that's it, end of story. People who are different do not mix, forcing mixture breeds conflict, this is the 'melting pot' trick Jews pushed over 100 years ago, difference being that European peoples who were different from each other inevitably assimilated into the United States, non-Whites, non-Europeans, did not, and are not, doing that, they are only causing conflict, they are causing debt, they are causing wages to stagnate, they are causing Socialists to be voted into power, which is only worsening the situation. The whole thing is fucked, so many problems that need to be solved in the right order, or everything will continue to be fucked, and our children won't have even have the opportunity to fix the damage, like we are neglecting to do right now.

Forgot my sage. Eat shit nigger

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Did you read the post?

This American arsehole again who has never done anything for White people but larp for Juden.>>

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Can't wait till we finally get to put the boots to subversive Judeo-Bomshevik ratfucks like you.

Why don't "whites" do the same?

You really think you and this board are that high-profile, do you?

No one is stopping us from doing it right now, Daddy Government is controlled by kikes, we're not suddenly going to have power and make laws allowing people to give Commies helicopter rides, the change starts when we start hanging traitors and Jews ourselves, tolerance is weakness, intolerance is strength, and strength is what people flock towards, we need to stop being tolerant and get public, or it will be too late.

Why is it that you think you hardly seen any trumpniggers, lolbergs, and gommies around that much at all, even if they do so many lies against hitler and germany and that shit didn't help them much at all.

Perhaps you don't understand about the brotherhood if ethnonationalism. Almost everyone would put their family before a stranger with no relation to you. Your race is an extended version of the family. You may not like everyone in your family or understand them, but you'd defend them if their was a situation where it was either you are them. The same extends to race. I am more closely related to an englishman in europe than I am to an african in america. If both were under the same circumstances and I had to choose one to save the life of, I would choose the englishman everytime. Not choosing him would be like a mother choosing another child over her own to save, simply because he's had a hard life. Any non demoralize european would do the same. Why wouldn't you prefer someone who is more similar to you? That is tribalism. It is innately within us.

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Even me?

With the amount of Jews, Zionists, and SPIRITUAL Jews (all of you, read point [2]) in your "'movement"… Good luck.

You mean Western society? If so, then good, that's healthy.

Maybe it's because those people were uhhh… A tad persecuted here and there. Exempli gratia: slavery, genocides against native people, Japanese internment camps. Would a RATIONAL mind sell their soul in order to "assimilate" into such a society?


Race is a biological reality, and your entire post is based on the premise that it either doesn't exist at all on a biological level or is insignificant, ie
Also, the owner of your shitty site is a sandnigger, so linking it means nothing. Fuck off.

What the fuck is this post?
Sticks out like a sore thumb

Jeeze, with all those terms and labels you remind me of an LGBT libtard.

Now you're just trying to be difficullt, pal.
If Whites are so evil towards non-Whites still, why do non-Whites come to our countries in hordes? Better yet, why did we persecute non-Europeans, and we didn't persecute Europeans in the same way? Maybe because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I dunnoooooooooooooo………..they weren't like us and didn't belong in our nations, because they only caused problems, and we knew this for all history until the 1960s with the rise of Jewish-Communist Ggalitarian propaganda? Makes me do a big think

Wow are you recoiling over getting called a jew?
Hmmm makes me wonder.

The biggest lynching every committed in america was of 11 innocent Italians in New Orleans
The chinese have been in america for a much shorter time than blacks, but were given similar treatment. They were originally classified as black by the US gov. However, they proved themselves to be hardworking, assimilated, and are now making more money on average than white americans. There aren't any excuses.

Was this just the token black separatist example you had to use? It is abundantly clear that niggers do not benefit from separating. Otherwise they would do it instead of suffering the myriad injustices they claim to face and they wouldn't use police/military/corporate force to prevent White people from leaving South Africa.

"Brotherhood"? You support segregationism, and are talking to ME about "brotherhood"?

Stop calling it "nationalism". Real nationalism doesn't call for dividing a nation over the fucking melanin.

Is that supposed to phase me?

The same logic doesn't apply to humanity in general?

No the fuck I would NOT. If someone's a douchebag, fuck them. Them being related to me doesn't mean SHIT. I prioritize justice over genetic relation.

Relatedness is not the same as similarity. Would you share more in common with an "african in america" who you share a common taste of music with, or an Englishman who doesn't?


You sure about that? You seem to have a quirk for assuming everyone holds the same (low) standards as you do…

Similar, or RELATED?

Judaism is a hatred for all non-Jews. Antisemitism is the noblest expression of one's humanity. NS is a vehicle for that expression.


Does it really? I "believe" in race and genetics, and believe it or not, I acknowledge that some people has higher quality genes than others.

But if you want to really know my position so that you don't assume you know it in the future, Czech out those hot links:

We would talk about national socialism in a historical context. Nazis don’t exist anymore because they were defeated by their own logic, ie they lost the war. Nazism was only a verelent form of fascism, and it’s more accurate to call everyone here a fascist even if they kill people or do the esoteric naziboi stuff.

The reason I am a fascist is because it’s good and sweet and true. Spiritually it’s about inequality and there is nothing ununiversalisable about that. If I was Jewish I would probably act according to my nature, and that’s the point, what is nature for me is not nature for the stranger to be excluded. I am not a fascist because of any humanistic reading of the world but because the Jews are the primary beneficiaries of the modern world and any serious socialist who doesn’t have some beef with some group of Jews somewhere isn’t paying attention. Also, because communism is spiritually antithetical to Christianity, and because communist men would eagerly submit to sterile gay space communism rather than Protestant space capitalism. I’m middle class, so when it happens to me the response is inherently right wing. Stop beggering the realm, we live here. Everyday we get further from god - it would be impossible for a woman to get pregnant all the time. So we are becoming removed from nature as part and parcel of the modern world. Part of the reason nazism was a spiritual failure is because it was modern. The context I grew up in is America during Bush, and neocons have left an impression surely in the sense that America is a revolutionary nation and I think we can help usher in a new village of nations that recognize how retarded Africans are and we can move forward into the future with a more colonial, rather than anti colonial. Approach to globalization. Cultures will be monoethnic, and we will not have to worry about millions of foreigners being allowed to flood into our homes. I think I’m a wasp neocon, maybe I should leave.

Do esoteric nazists agree with Steve bannon that America is a revolutionary nation, or that we should be promoting revolution elsewhere? If not, it seems like posturing and not embracing the alchemy of taking the reins of the Hegelian world spirit. I’m a bit of a liberal in that I think it’s fantastic that pajeet wants to become like me. Pajeet just shouldn’t be able to determine my future. How do nazis feel about work visas and indentured servitude

Am I? You're the one claiming that all humans are naturally predisposed to ethnotribalism. Yet here I am.

But no worries, just call me a Jew. Or an Alphabet. I fucking dare you.

reminder that economical systems, religions, social arragements, all of these have been born, have grown, lived, withered and died, multiple times over.
None of them lasted, save for one thing: the blood.
Race is the true metric, and the jews are driven insane by that (well, even more than they already are)

OP is a degenerate.
Nothing about survival or idealism you fuckwit.
Rather it is a simple equation, special groups cause division.
If ones family and ones nation are not aligned their interests can be set against each other. If a state does not include a blood aspect (making it a nation) it will explode due to family loyalties trumping civic duties and individualism will take root further damaging the cohesion of the society. One may only serve one master.

This is all very obvious, one has only to go look at the ethnic colonies set up by similar populations. Humans also breed primarily within their own groups enforcing the trend further. These groups argue for their interests collectively against the dominant culture and as a special cultural bubble who in their mind deserves more representation. The identities are already there and being acting upon by those who hold them.

This cannot be allowed to happen as it turns a nation into an empire and all empires collapse as their component nations assert the desire for self governance. A desire that nationalism and liberalism cannot refute morally. A nation should have sovereignty.

Family and wider nation must be spheres of influence that are aligned in order for an individual to have a healthy connection to their society and feel as if they are participating in a communal project. This necessitates blood ties relegating civic nationalism to the role of last ditch hail mary in order to attempt to save a collapsing empire and collect the population into a single breeding nation. Despite the heavy propaganda being conducted by the globalists to encourage this, little results have been achieved, humans do not racemix in serious volume.

Btfo brainlet with your false dichotomies and shallow understanding.
I am nationalist because it is in alignment with natural law. Ethnonationalism doesn't exist, nation already has a blood component the ethno part is redundant. Civic nationalism is a lie and a rationalization used by a demoralized and conquered people. must be getting nervous if they are shilling here, btw.

Most of the time, it isn't even land that was originally "white". Big example: America.

…Ever hear about the countless wars waged between colonial kingdoms? France and England? The Albigensian crusade?

You know, before colonialism came in everyone just thought of themselves as citizens of their respective countries. Frenchmen were Frenchmen. Englishmen were Englishmen. Germans were German, Italians were Italian… No one called themselves "European" more than anything else…

CIAnigger kike shill.


I agree that's bad, but what are you trying to say? That ethnic Europeans are the real ones who've been persecuted (by themselves?) after colonizing continents and killing and enslaving millions?

So the more one supports the degenerate Western system, the better?

There's nothing wrong with conquering your enemies. We won the land in North America, Australia, and elsewhere by right of battle. Cry more.

That is not being beaten by your own logic what the fuck is this kind of bullshit you just pulled out of your ass?

You probably don't live anywhere near a mixed neighborhood.

Have you ever considered that race is more than just skin color?

No, you're supposed to see it as a logical conclusion and conceed. And if you dont, explain why. Not everything is about your precious feelings.

Do you love your distant cousins as much as you mother and father? There is a hierarchy in care or there is no true care at all. Someone HAS to come before someone else, especially in extreme circumstances.

Kindness is not the highest virtue. Truth is. Whether or not someone is a big meanie should have little factor in their placement in your hierarchy.

Who gives a fuck about music or other superficial aspects of culture? Different racial groups as a whole have different moral values. This is evidenced by their differing law structures. Go to africa and enjoy some african justice. You will be back soon, I assure you.

I'm not the person you're talking to, by the way. Just wanted to chime in.

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National socialism never failed on it's own merits, if it was a failure in logic (((they))) wouldn't fear it so much.

Can't speak for anyone else, but no I do not agree with Bannon and believe this line of thinking needs to be violently eliminated.

And that isn't "modern"? Okay retard.



Theres a happy place for every race
Except for Jews, like OP

Tribalism is why the Jews have survived even to this day
The loss of tribalism in white is why the whites are a race that is on it's path to extinction
If you don't believe in 14/88, you shouldn't be on this board, you should be on >>>/b/

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I daresay that the "whites" of NS Germany were a thousand times of a higher quality than the "whites" of Western-influenced Europe, but whatever floats your boat

What has you spooked enough to "lower" yourselves to shill here on a Friday night or Saturday morning, since you're mostly UK sandniggers, right? Your typical opinions on the chans are very aloof, which is odd for a group that hasn't actually gotten anything done.

and that's precisely how the kikes have been able to worm their shit: by playing whites against whites.
That's why ethno-nationalism absolutely terrifies the kikes.
It makes them appear for what they are (foreigner) while deprieving them of using any actual efficient opposition (other whites).

Why would they when degenerate genes aid their cause by making people easier to control…?

The reason it is like that in the first place is because the jews brainwashed the current europeans, the reason why national socialism germany was so high quality is because they didn't hide from the truth, they embraced it.

You know if you say this instead of natsoc you are kinda ousting your self.
Ya I do not think you are making up questions in good faith.

Depends on what you call a "special group", and if/why there would be any merit in dividing oneself over them.

Probably because the "dominant culture" is fucking oppressing them.

Stop calling it "nationalism". Real nationalism doesn't call for dividing a nation over the fucking melanin.


nah I did this on a whim. You can join our Discord server and see for yourself if you want:


OP, can you explain why my country needs to have roody-poos in it? What's wrong with an all-white country?

I've decided, you're officially retarded. Blacks are kids from the neighbor's family, my fellow Whites are MY brothers, the neighbor's kids are NOT my brothers. I already told you in my previous posts that it's not just about the melanin you stupid monkey-brained faggot, read the posts of the people that reply to you if you want an actual discussion, otherwise fuck off. That sentence is suppose to put some perspective into what ethno-nationalism is, as I said, a race, an ethnic group, whatever you want to call it, is an extension of your family, there's some trust there, sure, you still don't know who they are, but they have the same culture as you, they think the same way you do, they have the same beliefs, there's a mutual trust between people of the same race, hell, even between Russians and Irishmen, there is some mutual trust and common history and culture, not so between a European and an African. As for race being an extended version of family, no, it doesn't apply to humanity in general, I look across the Atlantic, and I see people who look just like me, might even be very distant cousins from me, we have the same eye color, we have the same skin color, the same history, the same customs, the same religion. We are the same, there is mutual trust, we are of the same race, the same extended family. When I look across the other ocean, the Pacific, I see the Japanese, the Chinese, these people do not look like me, we do not share the same culture, the same history, we don't share the same hair color, we don't share the same eye color (in most cases), we don't share the same religion, we don't share the same customs, we are not the same, they are not my race, they are not an extension of my family. The "we're all human, just be groovy" shit is Jewish bullshit. Again, you're being difficult intentionally when it comes to responses, normal people prioritize family over some false sense of justice, because family IS justice, without family, there is nothing, race is not skin deep, family is not just genetic similarities. I would choose the Englishmen over the African every time because we share all the things I mentioned before, I share nothing in common with Africans, 200 years of Americanizing Negroes does not make them my kin, I am not family with a nigger because we both like Beyonce or some shit, that's not how this works and you're intentionally being difficult. Most people in their right mind have these same standards, the reason so many people do not is because they have been lied to by the Jewish media literally everywhere, since birth. The way we think is the way every Human has thought since the beginning of our existence as HUMANS. This new-age way of thought, disposing on ethno-nationalism in favor of a belief that everyone is the same, no matter where in the world they are, is a lie, it exists only to destroy the connection between peoples and cause disorder and conflict so we are weak. Why is it so evil that Germans have their own country, where only Germans live? Why is it so evil for Indians to have the same thing? Or Rwandans? How about Brazilians? White Europeans have proved throughout history to be the most successful, the only reason anyone would ever want us to open our countries is so people who are not of our stock, whom have no place in our nations, can come here, loot us dry, and turn our nations into theirs, shitholes. You'll notice, no one wants to immigrate to Zimbabwe, or Kenya, fuck, no one wants to immigrate to anywhere in South America, because they're shitholes, they all want to go to Europe, to Canada, to the US, some even want to go to East Asia, and shit up their countries, the difference being that for decades European countries have been tolerant, and look at us, East Asians haven't made the same mistake, and they're doing fine, no ethnic conflict, no culturally conflict, it's not perfect, but they are united, we are being unraveled.

Yet you bitch about immigrants conquering the West?

If this were true, they would leave or not come. In reality, they are auxiliary forces for the jewish government - a reality goes to great lengths to obscure. Because you are mostly UK sandniggers.

A shared brotherhood with the everyone means nothing. Brotherhood comes from a group. For a group to exist there has to be others outside of the group. I doubt you would say a college fraternity isn't a "brotherhood" because they're an exclusive club.

The word "Nation" has been used to refer to a group of people that share ethnic, cultural, and linguistic identity. The americanized term of it is used to refer to the country as a whole. This is incorrect by the definition of the word.

I hope not

Of course it does, but there is a heirarchy. Naturally you would put your family first, then your nation (using the correct definition of the word), and then humanity. If an outside force were to threaten humanity, al people would band together to stop it.

Breddy edgy. It's a sort of unwritten contract. You help your family, your family helps you. If they don't, then you don't afford the same luxury to them. If they are a dick, but they do help you, you would have to be a prick not to reciprocate. In anycase,a toxic family sin't a good one, but I seriously doubt anyone lives with a family that hasn't done anything for them ever

The englishman who doesn't. Why would music taste change my mind. I'd save my sister if she was in trouble in a heartbeat, but she likes shitty music. That doesn't make it okay not to.

As explained previously, the race is an extension of the family. And just like the family, you share a common bond of heritage. Minorities talk all the time about how it sucks to be one. Why would I want to share that fate?

You sure about that? You seem to have a quirk for assuming everyone holds the same (low) standards as you do…
Interesting that you think everyone has as high of standards as you. I've known many people who had relative who were addicted to drugs and even when they were destroying their life, they tried to help them out. Again, you can't have standards for your family because you don't choose them. The same goes for race.

The two go hand in hand. You share traits with your family and your extended family. Even if you didn't grow up around them. Genetics is funny that way.

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Why can’t this fucking board learn to sage.

Sage Jews and Civnats always.

Obviously, because those immigrants are nonwhites. I'm for my own race and against other races that try to conflict with mine.
It's okay for Whites to conquer others, and not okay for nonwhites to conquer us, because I'm White.
Objectivity in politics is cancer. My race must live no matter what. You don't see the lion apologizing for eating the gazelle, nor do you see the gazelle apologizing for running away from the lion and depriving him of his dinner.
Again, objectivity in politics is absolute cancer.

Op is going to bump this useless thread.

We grow from the shills user. They teach us to articulate our points and practice debating others on our ideas. This isn't reddit so don't "downvote" someone because they disagree with you.

The word 'nation' comes from the Latin word 'natio', and means race. The word 'ethnicity' comes from the Greek word 'ethnos', and means rae. Race, nation, and ethnicity originally meant the same thing. So yes, if you want to be nationalist with someone, you must be of the same race. It's impossible to be nationalist without also being racist.

Oh, also reminder that the site OP keeps linking is run by an actual sandnigger.


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I do. Point?

I have, but I don't fucking call it "nationalism".

"Supposed to" lol. Anyway, I don't quite understand how what you said is "logical". YOU made the point, so YOU should explain it.

You practice saying that in the mirror? I never said anything about my feelings. LOL


Doesn't mean those people have to be my genetic relatives.

What the FUCK do you mean by "truth"? Everyone chants about the "truth". Jews. Communists. You… Like are you supposed to convince my of your position the same way one would prove that 2+2=4?

According to whom? Sterilize yourself.

Individuals with personality.

ETHNICITY is what is superficial. It DOES NOT define you or your personality (unless you make it a point to habitually pound your brain with whatever nonsense you make yourself look at everyday). My point is, personality traits, preferences, passions, skills, Et cetera ARE what define you are your personality.

Oh please - different groups IN GENERAL have different moral values.

Which part of "africa" do you intend me to visit? Are you saying that the Jew/Western justice system is better?

Jesus Christ, you're still trying this shit?
You are one persistent kike, and its testament to how far this board has fallen that your shitposts are allowed to stand.

Let's see what shitsmear you have to offer today…


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"is why the whites are a race that is on it's path to extinction"

And? What difference will it make, anyhow, if some other tribe takes over?

See here:
Racism and nationalism are the same thing. You cannot be a nationalist if you don't also believe that race exists and matters, and support your own race.
Nationalism is racism because that's where the word comes from. There is no such thing as a 'nation' of multiple races, that's a misuse of the term, and just because it's a popular misuse doesn't make it right.

It's not a matter of how many "whites" there are. It's the fact that there are retards out there who even CALL themselves "white" to begin with.


Answer my question you faggot

I'll get to your wall of text later.


Wow, that sure is a jewish narrative my man.

What we are trying to tell you is that 2+2=4, But you're bitching that 4 is immoral somehow and that your new-age Jewish education that has only been taught for 60 years is telling you that 2+2=3.

Get to it now, loser. There's no rush.

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In advance I apologize about not using greentext to separate my responses, it does go in order though.

No they post shit like this once in a while and read what

has to say yes it is a huge pain in the fucking ass, but at the very least we learn from the shills, don't give out like a pussy, why else do you think Zig Forums became a national socialist board?
It didn't became one because of mods over moderating the board, it became one because our arguments were the best and their was a lot of weight and truth behind it and it still is.


Things are different now, more "accepting". And people tend to ask for help even if it's more or less a guarantee that they won't get any, especially when their lives depend on it… But are we talking about the colonial era, or today? Make up your mind.


Address my post you kike:

A literal sandnigger runs that site. That's why he pushes the antiracist faggotry so much.

NO, user, NO.
These are the same fucking arguments we've had a thousand times. A million times. Over and over and over again.
This is how you stagnate.
This is the same bullshit excuse wheeled out again and again.

It keeps us arguing the same cases over and over and over again, driving to hate these imbecilic kikes even more, because we keep having to have the same arguments again and again and again.
Instead of discussing something novel, instead of having a conversation we haven't had before, we hare rehashing whether or not fucking tribalism is evil or not.

This is retarded.

That doesn't answer my question, though it is funny.

I repeat:

There is nothing wrong in killing jews.
Every single jew killed makes the world a better place.
Genocide the jews.
The jews are afraid because they know that their end is coming.
The jews' lapdogs and paypigas are also afraid, because they know that they will be the next to be killed.
Never stop destroying jews' businesses. Never stop killing jews.

It does answer your question. You asked who ran the site, and the answer is a sandnigger.

Most people are not more accepting, most people see the problem, but there's this very small minority group, you see, and they censor everything who disagrees with them. So people like us resort to fucking Zig Forums, because we aren't very well allowed to go on Fox News and CNN to tell people what we're telling you now.

Which sandnigger?

The only nationalist at all is a nationalist for all, all else is imperialism. That is the truthful way of saying your ass backwards larp points. Melanin is one of the smallest differences between the races, read a study you low info mouth breather. Reducing race to melanin means no one can take what you say seriously cause you would deny basic facts to make emotional assertions. You are simply wrong here and will not be able to hold the dialectic ground on that point. Study genetics please.

The dominant culture is not oppressing minority cultures, again we have evidence showing jewish, black, and hispanic overrepresentation in academia along with European and Asian suppression. Go look at the homelands of these "oppressed" people; we are far more tolerant of them than they are of us or even themselves.

There will always be special groups that stick together. The original special group is women. There will always be advantages to being in a special group if special groups are tolerated. Its a unique special snowflake status game if nothing else. Groups based around family (which is blood) are the absolute norm and will also always exist. Any group that is divided off from the main group has unique interests and will act on them fracturing unity. (This includes geographic groups like neighbouring cities) Utopian dreams won't solve this and you cannot use whataboutism to stop natural law.

You cannot propagandize away from family being the center of the normal human life. Family will be the dominant sphere and if it is not aligned with the nation you cannot make it so with policy decisions. Once it is broken it has broken and may only be fixed for future generations.

You have no logical ground to stand on. Your points are not truthful and if you have evolved passed being a braindead shill for muh narrative that was implanted into you as a personality framework during your childhood indoctrination, you will continue to grow and understand the points I raised. I was once where you were and was swamped with redpills. It is very hard to cover up truth with feel good delusions forever.

Reality has a way of reasserting itself.

Point taken.

This pretty much. I hope he stays. I once came here trying to subvert this place maybe 4 years ago. Gaze into the abyss, etc etc.

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Its very frustrating to observe user.
Gradually, I began to hate the jews.
And that doesn't get me anywhere - just like these circular conversations into infinity.