Spam half chan with soisoisoi topics

they hate being asked why they ban the word soy for. ask them to explain why. i did and now i got a 3 day ban. i made a point too.
they allow those topics about muh free speech on this and that website.

CAN YOU IMAGINE? complaining about free speech on the FUCKING INTERNET? on a website?

isnt the websites validity not worth a shit if they do that and everythign they say hypocritical after that?

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Kill the Clucks
Space War now!

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i guess you cant fucking read either nigger
bans words
says words banned durp a doo another 10% of topics that are on that site probably here too as well

why were they all banned all the p2p?

i show a fucking isp trying to ban me for using "bad" p2p programs
links back to some retard faggot who hosts child porn works for the fibi and says you can be hacked using p2p and a news sotry on it.

I think your a dumbass and who fucking caresw hat you think. if your that stupid. i mean fuck i dk what to do. whats left. i post. fuck you eat shit

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reported for being a cianigger

why is it? that every were I post this, noone says nothing about it? its like your all just stupider than hell.

everything is in those pictures. words are banned on soychan. those topics are like 10%+ of the topics on soychan. soychan can give a good reason to ban the word soychan except for wanting to femnize a bunch of guys cause of some "peer review" or some shit like that even when they can't give 1 good reason themselves.

its like if they wont do somethinfg for themselves, (jews) im not going to do anything

but u do it ok

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Despite OP's autism he raises a valid point.
I received a 15-day ban for supposedly calling for a dox or raid, yet I never did and don't post using a name of any sort. The "." name is pretty suspect as well.
This has happened to me before so I'm assuming I pissed some random user off and was reported, or I pissed off a janitor.
All I can think of is either the jannies are incompetent or malicious (or both).
This place is glacially slow sometimes, so sue me.

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The mod got fucking triggered by getting called a soy
So he put a filter over it.

i dont see how its a point or an insult in the context of today.

they make stupid posts about muh alex jones is banned. so what? like the guys a fucking zionist. and the point of the whole thing is
like how they censored napster. then they came up with this stupdi fucking idea that p2p is bad and you can be hacked on it. and i showed were that ALL came from. that guy too btw won't respond to my emails even though im being
cruelly and unusually punished by the courts and had information to give to him. he stopped replying as soon as i said who i was and had talked to him before. i do say this abou thim but if he'd say that something about it, i might not bug him. but he's insistent on his , u know , shit so. am I.
his whole idea is to.. since the president is the person who has the highest office in the country and
any american can be president.
he wants the president to have to show his birth certificate, ..scratch that, his CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH
making him and the rest of all americans that arent a part of their cult he brags about outting, a slave.

they are attempting i see, to carry out a plan and im outting it and uprooting it, and nobody fucking sees or says anything..
what are we going to be left with? whats the internet goign to be without facebook? or this site or other soychan?
wtf, what is the internet without free speech?
1 big spy ring btw faggots like the guy in my picture who he outs, says to me i tried to tell him, that they told me they wanted to turn the internet into a big spy ring (1985)

Kind of tired of this board being treated as some containment ground for halfchan's rejects. Just because you got banned there doesn't mean we want you here. Fuck off, maybe reddit is more your speed, Mr. Personal Army.

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whatever neocon faggot. maybe you can be more specific other than


what was it some repeating post at the bottom

The first op image an egregious waste of space that goes nowhere

calling to censor news. not talk about it
same as censoring a word
just ok alright whatever sure now go back to makeing stupid fucking statements like the one you just made

censoring a word is censoring news. and when words were censored was on napster. and then they call p2p hacking and try to shut your internet off and did mine over it. and the idea that it can be hacking was done by a guy who made up fake news about it, that had hosted kid porn.


soychan doesnt allow that word to be said or be talked about
in my picture the guy doesnt want you to talk about a shooter
napster censors words see the metallicock video for something that came out during that time.

you got it now? napster censored words. napster shut down. p2p didnt get called "hacking" until later
i showed the news story were tehy officially call it hacking
show the person behind the "news" hitpiece story, in my picture you call a glob
show he was at that same time hosting fake p2p networks and hosting kid porno as a fibi agent.
magically p2p becomes hacking and is bad black hat internet thigns
that my picture shows
my isp stried to and did shut down my internet for.
again its just a fucking word. and afucking word as saw by napster is free speech

see im not some faggot who needs seombody to tell me what to do..

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You are an embarassment