Propaganda Thread

Something I wanted to bring to the attention of the board, in the vain but fond idealistic hope that this is still a board where National Socialists meet to discuss important topics for the movement.

I've noticed that alot of talking points and memes used by our movement chiefly and sometimes souly rely on the use facts and statistics to prove the validity of our position across all issues.

While this doubtless does attract a certain level of intellectually logical people (or autistis if you want to be less charitable) It does little to redpill the masses on our beliefs.

Well cheifly because the masses do not base their opinions on logic, but upon emotion. Using logic only latter (and usually flimsily) to explain the positions they already hold regardless of the strength of their argument.

For anyone curious there is actually a biologically psychological reason for this, namely that in primordial times the average tribe member had little to no need understand the complexities what he was doing but had a very great need to obey for the group (and his genes) to survive.
This produced actual selection for natural emotional fanaticism as a net asset. This is one of the many reasons why any surviving civilizations today has some form of religion. But I digress.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that when a person hears, for instance as an example of popular and successful use of propaganda, that 6,000,000,000 jews died in the holocaust
they dont really know how to process that knowledge
Since people are not hardwired to know, or be able to comprehend the deaths of millions of people in their life time

As a result.
The real success of propaganda are used by emotional empathy for an individual.
For a person.
A person that, in good propaganda one will come to intimately know and sympathize with on a personal level, until their eventual graphic demise, which will then be given a face. Namely the face the propagandist wants to destroy

A good example of this would be for instance Anne Frank. In the propaganda piece of "her diary". The reader is given an indepth understanding of Anne, lasting over months time. One is given examples of her hopes, beliefs, aspirations, feelings and is left feeling absolute and total sympathy for this girl
Only to have her ripped away by the brutal terrifying and evil Nazis as she in mid sentence confesses her apparently ill believed faith in humanity.
Hate is a hard thing to make.
But it is easiest to make after the loss of one someone loves.
A good propaganda artists uses emotion to make his reader "fall in love" on some level with a representative of the subject matter, only to strip her away by use of the enemies you seek to either make or reveal to them (depending on whether or your instance happened or not) and thusly bring them closer to your understanding of the world.

Beyond that
This thread is welcome to discussion of propaganda and posting of memes for circulation
I for one think the "And one day for no reason at all" meme has a lot of potential and would love to se more instances of it
but feel welcome to post whatever you will.

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last pic is random meme
was suppose to be

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We struck a deal with the Satan and stuck your false messiah in a vat of shit and you think you can stop us? G-d and the devil are on our side. When will you learn? You are like a puppy that keeps shitting on the carpet no matter how much we rub your nose in it and tell you to stop.

Isn't there another thread about this but with more extra shit?
Eh what ever give me your best lads.

1/10 bait

Then it will be a fair fight.

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Yahweh Christ will throw every single last kike on the planet into the lake of fire when he returns.

Also this.

Just my ideas,
It isnt really a "general" but more an explanation of one of the fundimental components of propaganda
and heres some of my other work
you might have seen some gotten passed around on here tho

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daddy like

WEll shit… Gonna get to posting them just let me organize my folders.

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thanks my guy

I like the balloon one, speaks monumentally. Sorry if the ones I'm posting don't quite fit, they're a bit random relative to the ones posted, but I still like to contribute.

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Thanks for the bump user anyway user
tho if you like feel free to make your own propaganda and post it here.

Trust me when i say no one starts off good at this
theres actually a free site you can use if you want to start making your first memes here
It basically runs like photo shop
especially to start
you CAN use recycled objects from toher images to add (infact most memes are just this outside odd smuggie)
I really wanted this to help people make their own new nat soc content since content creation is something anyone in the movement can do and can have a profound effect on internet culture, which as we have learned is in a very real and tangible sense down stream from political culture

if this isnt your thing tho dont like feel that you need to bro.

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Damn, thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out. I've never really made any, but I've been wanting to, just recently got my own computer, so I just need to git gud at wiping traces of data from the things I make. But yeah, I spread everyone else's, to every normalfag I know and don't know, it's the least I've been able to do for spreading truth and hope to people.

everyone has to base their opinion on emotion and reason.
logic is a lie.
if you are being lied to your whole life, you cannot make a logical decision, that has any basis in reality.
the only thing you are left with is emotion, reason and bible.

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this assumes that the evolutionary constructs of perception and reaction has been find tuned to perfection
they havent.
They have been find tuned by our species experience on planet earth
when our species comes incontact with new and previously unexperienced experiences (like for instance the presence of mass media putting upon you a lie as to what your tribes beliefs are)
you get shit like women thinking its aproriate to sleep with niggers and abort their husbands babies along with white children thinking its acceptable to homosexual or trans
The base of humanity conforms to the average for evoluitonary opinions
but if said opinions are being put forth in lies,
that genetic phcyology becomes harmful

and it is left to those who can se through it to save their tribe from extinction using the same tools over their peoples mind against their forigne enemies
hense the need for national socialist propaganda.

If you’re sincere, the key to propaganda is to push people towards the solution, not wave it in their face.

Nigger what?

why not.
it's saturday.

i don't believe in evolution, therefore this statement i will ignore.

i don't believe in planet earth, but plane earth, therefore i will ignore it too.

i don't believe you can leave firmament, at least not until jesus comes along and you will be able to reunite with god.
i will ignore the rest of the statement therefore as it relies on previous sentence implication to be true.

because every opinion is just opinion, it is a statement of what confusion is.
confusion is everything that is not true.
the true is christ, the rest is a confusion, imperfection or a lie.

there is no such thing.

so we need another stalin or hitler that had the answer to what is the best for all?

having faith in GOD and to respect the creation is all you need.
if that is not enough for some, then perhaps to be afraid of GOD, will resonate more.
interesting discussion, but your beliefs are too distant from mine, so i will depart.

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How ever national socialism is the truth or at least a variation.

so, you have read a book and you came to the conclusion, that it is the right system.
isn't it what commies conclude too, after reading their book?
perhaps you should try reading more books, to confuse yourself even further, or go straight to the source of the truth.

interestingly, if you believe in christ, you don't need to read a bible.
you will only read it, if you want to get closer.

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You can be both, anyway it is truth because it doesn't put it's self above nature it promotes what it is already in front and embrace that particular truth.
When it comes to christ that is a whole different matter of truth of something bigger than what is already been faced here.
that is what a lot of anons have been doing on this board, why else do you think it is so big on here?

You seem to be new around here I suggest you to read more books about it.

i don't know.
i was at one time on both sides of the fence.
i would even like communism, if the GOD would be in charge.
it would imply no corruption, only respect or fear.
i would like that.
perhaps flesh and bones can do only natsoc at best.

that is only your molded perception.
go to another garden and different things will be big in there.

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No a lot here do read, if you been here when this board got started their were arguments on here and the best one has to win it out and you want to know what argument won?
He would've to change laws of physics and reality for it to be possible
If I were to describe national socialism it would go like this nationalism-love for the nation socialism- love for the people, there is a reason why (((they))) declared war on germany, they declared it due to the monatery system that hitler proposed which threaten international jewery, nationalizing the banks, freeing his people for 12 years bringing weimar back up from the disgusting degenerate shithole that it was and bringing back the reawkaned spirit of the european people which is why hitler is the most hated and lied man on earth which is why national socialism is not to be given a platform and why psyops exist to make that particular ideology look bad and assassinations that played out, erasing some important figures off of history like dudley pelly, national socialism had never failed on its own merits it was removed because (((they))) feared it and it has been tried just once mean while communism is tried multiple of times countless times no matter how many people it has killed how many go starving (((they))) always find excuses that it isn't rael gommunism, while ideologies like fascism and national socialism don't need excuses because they worked, sure they aren't perfect ideologies and that they are some flaws in them.

these 16 they are more than just 16 dead, they are the ground pillar for our land

wait it is saturday… omg… you would rather want another ww2 jews

I fucking love adam green, he goes full autist into it dedicated. not like here on nupol where you have one initial post then the cia goes
nice try moshe I can sense your missing foresking
fucking kike, get off our kosher forum

it goes on and on with no fruit, however they can only do this to adam's chat, and they do…

What the hell are you even talking about?

does anyone got lauras phone number? I want to call her


i'm not a fond of dick measuring contests.

perhaps it is, you who needs to change the perception of it.
if you live up to the realization that the judgment day will come, then this implies that god knows you much more that you know yourself.
which thus means, that he is not some invisible guy hovering around you, but rather you are being hovering around him, so he can very easily decide, if he likes what he sees.
this therefore means, that you are only another harmonics progression.
which therefore means, that if you resonate more on 'sin func, rather than 'cosin, you go down the road.
good luck.

i have nothing against any system.
you can see many of these structures in nature.
but i am rather careful about any ideology, which requires its citizens to be indoctrinated to it.

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Reminder that GIMP is as good as photoshop and it is entirely free. I recommend GIMP for all lurkers wanting to throw together a quick infographic or create some NS art.


I agree with this, I might actually start researching what to do, get those dirty kikes to cover that ForeGen stuff. Checking those dubs for a great sperg.

i will point out, that while reading some historical literature, you will begin to notice that people of light, is-ra-el, nazi symbol rotation, black sun, cleaning of the creek, eagle, birds are being mentioned in the same context - the chosen ones. i haven't come to the conclusion to what it means exactly and i'm not ready to speculate on it yet. however, it has something to do with a lift.

note that i'm not praising the current state of israel, which is obvious hijacking and insult to the ancient history. similar to what hitler did to the symbology.

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Not sure if you actually touched on it in your post since it was very long and I presently do not have time to read it all but I saw the third picture and imho that's the direction we need to be moving.

The other races and kinds are not out enemies, we have ONE Single unified enemy who actively works to subvert and destroy all that we hold dear. No one wants culture and Society to be erased, even the lowest of the low don't want that, the only ones that want that are those who seek to be the kings of the ashes. I am intentionally not naming them because I think it would be far wiser for us to respond when one of these insane sjw NPC Bots asks who we mean with such a statement by simply replying " do your own research." Never confirming or denying, only insisting that individuals do their own research because if they do their own research they will undoubtedly and inevitably come to the same conclusions because the facts do not lie, the truth will not Bend or change just because a certain group tries to hide it.

The means of cooperation, for those that undoubtedly would resist the idea of cooperation because normally it is a subversive trick EG diversity is our strength but this is something radically different, the end goal is that everyone has their own Nation with one notable exception as the threat will not subside until it can be sufficiently removed from the equation, but the end goal will be that each Nation of each type she'll live with their own people their own kind and interact and trade as we would otherwise all pursuing our goals and our ideals to the best of our ability and allow the meritocracy to decide whose is most successful, no bulshit affirmative action and all of that, simply allow people to be truly truly Independence, deciding their own fate, we know full well that many of them would burn themselves to the ground and would stagnate in terms of technological advances but that is the way of nature and we cannot try to change nature because Nature has been tremendously successful in creating the the Splendor which we all share in and likewise it has been very successful in bringing together all of the trillions of stars that had to a line to create Humanity as it stands. Therefore, to argue against Nature's ability to right the ship once the Menace is removed is folly, it is the only way, and cooperation of that kind is the only way. We need to all be Role Models, exemplary citizens who go above and beyond in ways that it is impossible to deny their Merit and value because otherwise we are heading toward a hellscape where even the terms racism and sexism are redefined as even daring to claim a race or a sex just as nationalism is being demonized currently, you must look forward into the future years ahead that is where we are heading and that is the foe we must face.

I must be going now but I wish you anons the best of luck and those who wish to subvert divide and destroy us, kindly cease and desist. Thank you.

The difference is, NatSoc is supported, and created via truth, hope and love. Communism is forced via hatred and destruction, as well as it being the ideology that requires true indoctrination. No one can argue for communism and seem intelligent, simply because it shows they don't know what it is. History has proven that National Socialism is objectively the true system for whites and for those whites who love their people. Kikes wouldn't fight against it so much, and prop one of the most influential historical figures for NS as a evil dictator and """literally Satan""".
Please revaluate what you believe, because don't get me wrong, I understand not believing blindly, or not liking things that force their worldview on you, but if National Socialists weren't in such a tight bind in this world, which is practically a globalist dystopia, we wouldn't be pushing it as hard.

no, as fucking obvious as it sounds, the thing about lies is that they are not true, that is their biggest fucking weakness you lobotomitic subnormie™
and on the subject of normies and emotion, if a normie is convince by something said/shown by one "us"(i know how the board is about pluralizing) and later finds out that it was a lie, try and guess what happens to those emotions mhhh?.
only the truth with a sprinkle of truth served on the purest truth with extra truth for good measure(all of it unpasteurized) will suffice.

don't be ridiculous.
if there wouldn't be a friction or a push, it would be manufactured anyways, as they rely on these, so they can balance them over time.
if you wouldn't be here, some-one else would replace you.
if there is a possibility for the drama or friction to exist, it will emerge, naturally or by them to be manufactured or controlled.
just look at the headlines over the last decade.
it's all manufactured bullshit.

i'm not saying not to fight.
i'm only saying, that there is no point in picking sides in a battle, which play or scenario has already been determined by controlled group.
don't be in a rat in a maze, you will die from exhaustion.
i don't want to even suggest what battle to be part of, that is something you have to figure out.
sometimes, it is better not to even participate or play and rather wait and reflect.
perhaps reading simulacra.

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comparing it to a tv-shows is fitting.
some folks watch episode of simpsons, in 20 mins.
some other watch slowly progressing 200 manufactured tv-shows in news/boards, in 20 mins.
the latter will kill you, eventually, as GOD said - Genesis 2:17.

reddit manufactured left, voat manufactured right, boards manufactured friction.
i'm so full of it, it's so boring now.
i wonder what is the next stage, it's all so pathetic.
i feel so sorry for GOD watching his children to be caught in a maze.
real pity.
i cannot offer any help or advice either.

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This is a weird bot.

How is the hakenkreuz/swastika an insult to ancient history?
It doesn't need indoctrination because it is the truth there is a reason why during the times of weimar germany the gommies were told not to debate with national socialists because they will lose and will likely change their minds.

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What's the point of this post?

D&C red herring bullshit post meant to try and distract from the conversation

for those wondering, why am i still part of this, i find too amusing.
perhaps GOD will have mercy on my soul for the things i have done in the past.
if not saving me, perhaps others will get the lift and pray for me, to not to get the spot in the lake of fire.

i hope you have enough neurons to understand the answer.
hitler using the symbol.
hitler indoctrinating millions.
hitler killing millions.
if he would won, it wouldn't matter, but because he lost, the origins and meaning of the symbol died with him.

are you really interested more about swastika or is the googled result enough for you?
i perhaps could say a few things, but i don't like talking just for the sake of it.
i will presume, that you would be ready on esoterics.
you also seem to be rather spamming, not bothering to even put effort into correctly formulating a reply, so i'm not certain if you are worthy of it.

everything that fools with your belief system is indoctrination.
up until the age of six, you cannot be indoctrinated, as there is no need for belief net bending/back-propagation, as it's in the state of formation, if compared to how AI works.
a decade ago~ there was a related media push, something in lines with that kids will not remember anything up until the age of six - so you see, as usual, the opposite is true, as it will rather define their whole life.
after the age of six, indoctrination takes place.
this implies, that the most insane bullshit has to be learned in the first class.

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Ya lets get back to the topic and start posting more natsoc and redpills, do not want to deviate way to far from the original topic.

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Goebbels was cut off from Vatican for marrying a protestant

I don't think Goebbels would have cared much about that.

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They redpill on how diversity is retarded

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Damn what a good public speaker.

Bump for good discussion and propaganda.

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Doc Goebels is safe. Once one is baptized into the racket, it is impossible bureaucratically via canonical technicality, to either be fully cast out or even upon demanding and receiving official ex communication. Unless you're a biological jew-neanderthal or another variety of woggy noggy universalist mesolith pantomime – that's all just hyper-bureaucratic clerical derangement syndrome.

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The Doctor was only second to the Medicine Man himself.

Blackpill Barrage™

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I have been trying to tell people this for a while. People on the right seem to think that because the truth is on their side, then people will join them once they learn the truth. They also think that Jews want to silence them to stop them from telling the truth. None of that is true. Jews will censor people on the right (who aren't controlled OPs) when those people become amusing and popular. The emotional appeal is what works on the masses. It only took some comic book tier war propaganda about innocent children being killed to turn white men into the monsters that they thought they were fighting against. That tactic still works to this day.

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"@NBCNews @CNN @drudgereport @MSNBC @foxnewsalert @AnneFrankCenter @annefrankhouse @AnneFrankTrust @Harvard @harvardlampoon

Please write an article about my pregnant #AnneFrank hentai collection :)


Let's hit 'em where it hurts boys. Right in the boner!

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