Bonobo-ization of the Goyim

The Jews wish to turn us into bonobos. Not physically of course, but sociosexually. For those of you unaware, bonobo society is well-known for being essentially egalitarian, sexualized, peaceful and female-centered. Sex abounds in bonobo society; there is sex between males and females, between females and females and between males and males. Age hardly plays a role to the bonobo. If it’s one of their kind, they fuck. The only real taboo is between a male bonobo and his mother. Bonobos use sex for bonding, enjoyment, conflict reconciliation and stress alleviation. It has been said that this contributes to their peaceful society (in contrast to the more aggressive chimpanzee).

The burden of raising offspring appears to rest entirely on the female’s shoulders. In fact, nuclear families are incompatible with the diverse use of sex found in bonobos. Human family life implies paternal investment, which is unlikely to develop unless men can be reasonably certain that they are caring for their own, not someone else’s, offspring. Bonobo society lacks any such guarantee, but humans protect the integrity of their family units through all kinds of moral restrictions and taboos that the Jews wish to dissolve. Be sure to compare this with the wishes of the Bolshevik scum below.

We can see the Jew moving towards the bonobo-ization of the goyim everywhere we look. The normalization of homosexuality, casual sex, race-mixing and increasingly pedophilia are all parts of a larger social-engineering process. Modern society, with its overcrowding, noise, unstability and rapid social change along with a feeling of powerlessness due to the nature of complex societies leads to stress in many, where deviancy becomes an outlet. With the highest blended out, fucking and being fucked regularly and without concern, the goy becomes passive, intellectually stunted and a puppet of the Chosen.

Communists also desire this, and speak openly on the degenerate future of their dreams. So says the whore Kollontai:

General sex redpill thread too

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Hello NatSoc Joe Rogan !

Nice insight. It certainly appears they're trying to breed/meme us into a castrated, effeminate, fully subjugated phenotype.

I see what you mean..

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If all of this is unsettling, never forget that side-by-side with this is a greater dysgenic trend in modern society. Nature spontaneously eliminates those with no gift for life, but modern humans foolishly preserve every weakling, freak and abomination they possibly can to our own detriment (in contrast to the infanticide once common). It’s self-explanatory how this fits in nicely with bonobo-ization and the reduction of Aryan nations into ethnic mush.

Kushner looks almost less human than Zuck

Its interesting how jews are stupid enough to actually implement literal ape society to human society. Does anyone know what are the dangers of having retarded spatial intelligence but high processing abilities like the jews have?

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>letting (((the collective))) educate your children
Funny how commies don’t even hide how evil they are. This bonoboing idea might be onto something

Good shit OP have a bump dont mind the future hot pockets


it's civilization-capable men and women supportive of civilization-capable men
civilization-incapable men and women unsupportive of civilized-men, AND (demonstrably) civilization-incapable races, who all rely on parasitically consuming resources (and quality of life) produced by (and cost of) civilization-capable men and women supportive of civilization-capable men

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it is also more conducive to mixing races. they want to create the perfect borg goyim slaves

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stop with this meme of jewisht super intelligence. they aren't. statistics prove that jews have a lower IQ than whites. the number one factor in our demise is our FELLOW WHITE TRAITORS in high positions that decided that our race is evil and we should sublimate ourselves for world peace or some other sheep bullshit like that

not to mention that little gem about "choosing the role of fatherhood"
convenient little consolation if you fail to realize that all the functions of a father are either shunned or delegated to society at large

Bonobos are known for all that shit because a bunch of leftist fucks lie about them. Absolutely none of it is true.

Ah, but the males don't penetrate, they only blowjob. In fact, anal penetration is what sets human males apart from every other mammal. There is no other species of animal on the planet that penetrates anally.

And all bonobo's form heterosexual bonds with women. There are no gays so afraid of women they avoid them.

Even your President kisses our asses.
He knows his kids will die if he doesn't.
That's real power.
You know nothing of it.

Haven't read so much drivel in quite a while.

Dogs do it.

men don't need to MUH DIK around like a fucking nigger
those commies sure were kikes

Penned up bulls do after a while, but this only happens when they are held in close quarters not open pasture.


Hang yourself


No, they want to kill us. They say so, so stop being a coward OP and face reality. There would be no purpose in having monkey people. Slavery pretty much went away because it's NOT of economic benefit to the slave owner when they have to provide all the costs of life. Look at what niggers pay in taxes (almost zero) versus what they cost to house and feed and the real deal killer, medical. The future is here and it's automation and robotics, not subhumans. Look for a man made virus to cull the population.

We don't, we shit in your mouth. You only have power over those who acknowledge it, once all the lies are dispelled, you turn out to be ugly, weak, disgusting and dumb rats. As powerless as it gets.

You're spiritually jewish.

Not only that, but fully domesticated, to become "buy everything without questioning" abominations.
Keep killing jews.

You’re right that the correspondence isn’t 1:1, and with the differences of human homosexuality we can actually argue that it is even more harmful due to like you said some men forgoing women entirely and the functioning of gays in human society as disease vectors. I think a lot of these more bizarre behaviors might result from the conditions of our own society like overpopulation (i.e. the rat utopia)

Back to Zig Forums. The similarities are obvious. Communists have always wanted to promote casual sex, feminism and the destruction of the nuclear family, the end result of which is the atomization and enslavement of the goyim by the (((party))).

Thanks for the bump, rabbi

I have watched this documentary from Qui-Gon Jinn from this faggot MGTOW money grubbing cunt TurdFlingingMonkey. He is definitely pro-jew and proj-jew money, but his early work promoting this aspect of social programming based on r/K selection theory is relevant and hilarious.

Insanity from being trapped in schizo duality.

I wonder if it's more a case of regressing us to Bonobos, exploiting the animal within us that has been subjugated by civilization. I am sure there are areas of psychology and human evolution that have been thoroughly researched, but the results are only available to a certain group of people that financed it. They then use what has been learned to manipulate us.

There was no such thing in any communist state, it all came to them with capitalism.


Both communism and capitalism have capital as their basis.
Two sides of the same shekel.

But it won't work. The pinkos are not even shooting for the right target. Bonobos are not communistic or socialistic. The females have ranks that are inherited. There is absolutely not collective childcare. The mothers mother their sons for life and push out their daughters at adulthood. The only reason there is peace among them is that their is no real competition for food because they live in a lush tropical rainforest with year-round fruit. I don't have the link but some zoo had a problem with them when they started segregating them by sex. One bit off the other's dick and then they had to make changes. They put them on a diet and all of the sudden the men grew balls and started patrolling the thots. No, seriously.

They can't force this on us without unlimited supply of food that doesn't exist. The food system for all it's glorifies abundance is tiered. There is absolutely not enough land to supply all with the Wholefoods diet enjoyed by upper-middle class Americans. And then there is the whole permanent welfare for sons. Not even commies can check their manchildren hate. Single mom's and divorcees want their sons out so they can whore around. But they're right about one thing. Even if we had the farmland, someone would have to farm it.

Bonobos have convinced me that women are whore-scum not worth protecting. Consider this, without competition for food or sex, the male bonobos have nothing to fight over. Yet the females still find imaginary shit to fued over. #MeToo

There was pretty substantial pushback against this later in the USSR because of how fucked up things were from it being done initially. Even Stalin wanted to promote a return to traditional families. If anything this illustrates precisely how destructive the practices are when even Stalin was forced to recognize it. You cannot have a lasting society where people behave in this way.

Its like saying both use spoons. Ownership in hands of public is better than few feudal lords.

Don’t you ever long to someday be undefined by others, free of the constant drive to be obediently enslaved to your least favorite board regular?

- literally an asexual pacifist, and still too strong for violence

Some of this stuff is too familiar.

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Sounds exactly like nigger culture.

I hope you didn't think this was a good rebuttal. Communism and capitalism are antithetical to one another, but are similar in many respects. They both operate off materialism, both are an economic system of group self-interest (whether from above or below). The Third Position harmonizes and synthesizes the interests of capital and labor and puts an end to egoistic economy of groups and classes.
No one is talking about "feudal lords". The only thing that matters in an economy is whether it adheres to the principle of authority from above, and discipline from below. If production doesn't serve the national interests (throwing workers onto the street, not paying them well, unsafe conditions, peddling degeneracy), nationalization becomes an option. (see what happened to Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG). Workers have no right to own the means of production. Both capital and labor are mutually dependent

This will obviously fail. Humans are not shit flinging Bonobos. We are similar, but when the programming scrapes the bottom of the barrel, when it fails, there will be HELL TO PAY.