Cuckchanner Arrested for Threatening to Execute Jared Kushner and Ben Shapiro

Cuckchanner Arrested for Threatening to Execute Jared Kushner and Ben Shapiro

The article doesn't mention it, but his instagram is full of screenshots from cuck/pol/.

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Don't threaten. Just act. We can piece together the why after it's done.

Have we learned anything today class?

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retard decided to talk and not act.

I learned that one benchmark of our success will be when telling the truth about the Jews is politely applauded, rather than reported to the Goy Patrol.

His BitChute:

kid sounds like he had a drinking problem, half the time I don't know what the fuck I'm typing using one eye and my left finger, good job FBI rounding up political dissidents,.

sloppy job mossad

100% huwhite

The one thing I've learned from Lefty comics is that you should just resort to violence first. Whoever is the mightiest and swings the biggest dick wins. Violence solves everything for them. Whoever talks about things automatically loses.

The guy should have just walked up and beat her to death. No talking about it. Then he'd be right.

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Zig Forums is a board of peas.
Peace one love fam.

mozilla/firefox just DISABLED all "donottrackme"apps today.

no surprise. ppl are getting v& and having visits. not a coinsidence.

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Seriously, these faggots need to break their virtue signaling conditioning. They want the payoff not having earned it.

No one gives a fuck jew.

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Oh gee, 10 am in yid aviv. What a fucking coinkidink.

how many times to we have to post it.

FBI is legit here, on this board. every post, every thought, every feeling, everything you do, everything you post.


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Another white nationalist taken down:(

Fed post is Fed post

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This is a simple lesson everyone on here should already know:
Don’t say shit that would get you in trouble. Words are dangerous.
If you like to drink, what the fuck are you doing around social media?

Kill Jared Kushner and Ben Shapiro.
It is easy to kill jews. They and their "security" are all paranoid and completely incompetent.
Organize, act, and kill.

Yea, that we wuz good goys and luv israel n shieet and we would cause no harm to jews, EVER, totally not.

I just took a shit, felt good, cleaned my ass afterwards with a wet wipe, hope jews die, sue me.

I drink to be social mother fucker, I'm nude right now, it's 4:00am I'm washing the sheets I just pissed in, doesn't make me a criminal. I'm drunk, eat a cock special agent jew, and belligerent.

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Anyone seen Hasbarafag lately?

Practice your opsec.
Never reveal your power level.
And, above all, don't use fucking social media.
Either shut up and sit on your ass or shut up and do it.

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Muzzy found.
Make a real comment.
we found you…

What a fucking retard


What setup should we be running when posting on 8ch?

The idea that I'm wasting American tax slave dollars by shitposting amuses me greatly.

He should have stuck with only telling White people to kill themselves. Ironically you can threaten the president of the United States because he's White but threaten some little ole jew, and everybody loses their fucking minds!

Wow Zig Forums on Homefront has become reality.

my eyes missed it

Impossible. He has a bulletproof kippah made
from reinforced baby foreskins.
It'd be a suicide mission.

It could be anything like that and you'd get the same result. What kind of pussy shuts his mouth because some fag might report you on twitter.

The real lesson is to stay anonymous if you're going to edge post into illegal territory.

Mentally ill spic who wanted to be caught. Faggot was never going to do shit.

Fake and ghey

Stop using social media with your real name for any reason. Just delete that shit, and if you just have to tell someone, say it anonymously on Zig Forums over a VPN. He probably could have iced that kike if he'd kept his head down and spent more time planning than bragging.

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What virtue signaling beta cucks transmits intent to murder people online with his IRL persona for upcummies?

He deserved what he got.

1. He Considers Synagogue Shooter John Earnest To Be ‘A Saint,’ the FBI Says

2. Colasurdo’s Hate For Jews Transcends Political Parties

3. He’s Really Bummed About Being Single

4. Colasurdo’s House was Filled With Weapons & A Framed Photo of Adolf Hitler, Feds Say

5. He Was Arrested & Held in a Mental Facility in 2015


I hope "Niggers" accelerate up his anti White pro Jew ass in prison.

Where do you think the next jew shooting is gonna be Chaim? I have tenbux on Albuquerque.

This halfchan shooter at least has the right idea.
I've been wondering why people are shooting up a bunch of old doddering Jews and devout Christian elderly blacks. What the fuck does that accomplish?
Get the head of the snake.

Although they are far from perfect, Kushner and Shapiro are way better than any leftist kike. It's dumb to go after them when you got marxist kikes openly calling for the genocide of the white race.



Do NOT do this. A lot of VPNs are based in the US which means they can NSL your VPN providers for their decryption keys when these types of posts get made which means you are done for. NOT TO MENTION a lot of key exchange processes are very vulnerable to exploitation so it's very likely your VPN credentials have been lifted whenever you enter them. If you use a free VPN then you're a dumbass as well.

Like other anons said, say nothing.

Who the fuck is this guy?

Or better don't even think about it, it solves nothing going after right wing people. How fucking retarded you have to be to threaten Trump and his family?

Back to fox news, boomer

Look at this. Fuck this sperg. Don Jr. spoke against white genocide.

Why not just post via TOR? Zig Forums allows it so why bother with a shit VPN

Everybody's got a thing
But some don't know how to handle it
Always reachin' out in vain
Accepting the things not worth having but
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama
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Don't you worry 'bout a thing, pretty mama
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I appreciate that ancient meme

As a general rule; right wing jews are there to make sure whites go quietly into the night. (((shapiro))) wants you on a kosher plantation. That fucking hebe is worse than most leftists because he steers good whites that would otherwise become aware of whats going on into good little goys kissing israels ass and using "nazi" as the ultimate evil rather than good.

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>his (((instagram))) (FACEBERG) is full of thousands of screenshots from cuck/pol/.

Bottom of the barrel. Truly shameful optics, zero conception of OPSEC, this dimwitted sap could not possibly fall above the 5th percentile of the bell curve. He probably thinks VPN stands for "Vendor Part Number" and TOR for "The Old Republic." Barebacking faceberg in current year. Just imagine the throught process that would have to go into that. How does someone even get to that point? Is it NPC radicialization? If you're trying to get phosphorylated this might be a sound strategy, but this deranged soap fumbler seems to have taken a few too many blows to the head. I suppose that even the most normalnigger of NPCs are getting pushed to this point is a clear indicator of what may lie in store in times soon to come.

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There's vulnerabilities over TOR as well. TOR on a default download is not safe because it allows things like javascript beacons (a 1x1 pixel image that requires download but is undetectable by the human eye unless you examine the HTML of the webpage you're browsing) to work unless you deliberately further harden your TOR browser. This is beyond most people that use TOR because it takes a bit more understanding and browser hardening, and a lot of people will be caught up in similar traps if they assume that TOR out of the box is what will prevent them from being caught.

One of the guys who helped create TOR immediately went to work for fedgov examining ways to spy on people who use TOR. Really gets the noggin joggin.

Wow just wow Don Jr sent one tweet, that means that everything else Trump and Kushner are doing are just fine!!!


I thought we were supposed to the based board?

Zig Forums is a board of peace and tolerance ;^)

JavaScript beacons and tracking pixels are two completely different things.
Beacons are a JavaScript API that sends information back to the server when you click a link or close a window. Disabling JavaScript will block this.

Youre right, but the tracking pixel thing still exists with JS disabled afaik. Unless you disable picture download by default, which would make browsing IB very unbearable.

But TOR blocks all JavaScript unless you specifically allow it right?

And violence against right wing jews with which conservacucks identify with will surely make them aware of what's going on.

You can criticize their cuck stances but violence is never justified against anyone that supports right wing policies.

Who is supporting right wing policies here? I havent seen a single thing Trump or his jew handler Kushner have done to help white people. Please enumerate them. Posting on twitter changes nothing so you can forget about that as evidence.

When I tried using Tor on here, no photos would show up so maybe photo downloads are disabled automatically? Anyone know how to enable viewing photos while staying secure?

There's tradeoffs with security, user. Even on TOR you may be compromised because many of the TOR nodes are owned by US intel or associated entities as honeytraps. I remember reading a few stories about how people started running TOR nodes but the fedgov started to hold them accountable for all the usual TORpedo shit that runs through TOR nodes so they decided to shut down their nodes in response. Guess which nodes likely aren't going to get targeted for closure?

Cuckservatives are never going to be won over. If you niggers ever get the civil war you fantasize about, it's not going to be with antifa, at least not for long. It would ultimately come down to you vs cuckservatives with MAGA hats and Qanon patches putting their lives on the line to protect God's chosen people.

So what do you recommend? Even if they own the endnode, isn’t traffic sent through dozens of nodes anyways?

There`s a physical civil war against marxism and a cultural war against cuckservatives. Once the leftists are eliminated from education, media and government the cultural war between far right and conservatism can start.

Would you rather live in a pro free speech, pro gun rights, pro Israel cuckservative society or in an pro illegals, pro white genocide, pro degeneracy, pro Palestine marxist society?

It's hard to make a recommendation but TOR is probably still the best bet. TOR at its core is still just customized firefox so you can do the same browser hardening of TOR to make yourself secure. Of course a non-US / Fifteen eyes based VPN would probably be a good bet.

But then again, if you're going to go full tech autist plunge just know its a lot of tedium for a smallish benefit. I did it for a long time. Using increasingly difficult to configure linux distros, VPNs for everything, all that stuff. I realized that a lot of the steps we take to anonymize ourselves can sometimes turn out to be pointless when it comes around to it because NPCs walk around with their "digital assistant" phones that always listen in so if you have people walking around you and you're talking, you're likely already getting picked up by some idiot's Siri or Alexa voice analyzers.

IDK, the more I understand about tech the less I am likely to deprive myself the use of admittedly privacy compromising platforms like Steam simply because I want to try to be a digital stoic. There's not much you can do to avoid active surveillance, but the best you can do is to use a non-15 eyes based VPN and some relatively safe browser hardening methods. If you're in a place that arrests people for wrongthink, make sure to use TOR.

Nice false dichotomy.

That's a false dichotomy. White genocide is never going away under ZOG, and Trumpniggers are already calling "antisemitism" a "hate crime". The same is true for every other one of your points, except being pro-Palestine, which is limited to lip service on the left, the same way the right pretend to care about White people occasionally.

The real choice is: anti-White ZOG or anti-White ZOG, but with the chief shabbos goy being /ourguy/ because he's a Republikike.

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I love sugar snap peas

Prism break is a pretty good site. Their only recommendation that I don't trust is their recommendation for duckduckgo.

https:/ /

Using his own identity lol wew

Yangfucks is a Open Borders, Gun Control communist bug person. I can see why he hate Yang like we need another subhuman shitty up politics with their fucking incompetence, IF WE WANTED THAT WE ALREADY HAVE 1/3 KIKES IN GOVERNMENT SHITTING THINGS UP.

Most likely a psyop look at the way the whore and slob are dressed. It was simply a group of lefttards fucking with Zig Forums

You’re posting on here, not facebook. That’s my point.

There is no such thing as a kike who is ‘right wing’ there are only kikes who represent their own interests while they divert your energy to cause. There is no political solution and no ‘wing’ of anything but bullshit.

Guys the shills are posting arrests of anti-government people for huge sentences. The shills don't do anything about crimes by the government. We really need to spread this anti-government message and you WNs need to get fucking smarter. The DOTR has to close in against these malicious hypocrite agents.


You're going to learn your lesson it's the whites in government too late. The judges are way out of control.

I recommend you take this bullshit to Zig Forums you niggers.

mental case

This guy looks like a great asset. What a waste.

the absolute lad

Posting a manifesto 2 minutes before you go postal it wouldn't matter how you did it unless you were planning to escape after. Most mass killers have no escape plan and just accept their fate.

If you did go postal and wanted to be anonymous buy a pay as you go phone with cash. (or steal) insert a micro sd with your manifesto written on it (write it on an offline machine, it should never be connected to any network and if possible lack a network card). Open it on the burner phone, copy and paste it to whatever host you want and drop the link on multiple boards. Especially one with slow moderation (Lets say Zig Forums, /b2/ and /cow/). Extra sd card, stamp on phone and throw it in garbage, go play Duck Hunt.

Hello fedposter

recommend you suck my dick nigger

While he is probably just retarded and not employing a strategy, I almost think that failed ops and empty threats would be 6 million times more effective than anything large and obviously impactful. Think of how neurotic the jewish community would look if they overreacted and schvitzed every time some retard made an edgy declaration that didnt pan out on an imageboard. Eventually, the goyim would start rolling their eyes at the apparent constant crying of "wolf"…

Shut the fuck up nigger

Lol, Cuckchan think they can compete with Tarrant and Earnest. Sad!

That’s a spicy delusion.

Y’know, it’s more delightful to have the kind of well-grounded attachment to reality that pacifism enables. Good things happen and bad things happen. Pronoia scenarios happen irl more often than paranoia scenarios in-m-ex, but they don’t rack up body counts.

This guy - he got a crazy power rush out of a pointless threat he could not enact, would have gained nothing from enacting, and for which in order to be courageous enough to enact it he had to imagine a secret invisible army of allies thundering through the world just out of sight. Maybe that kind of thought process is why tardraging third world primitives like to maintain their black romantic hate galleries of all the endless evils their awesome god gave them to tardrage against.

I’ve had dreams of unknown armies (not the tabletop game, tho it does make fun reading), thing is I didn’t mistake midnight fantasies for daylight realities. Nor were they good dreams, necessarily; dreams of chaotic empowerment are a mixed bag.

You don't fucking talk about fight club.

Its more likely its schizophrenia or bipolarity psychosis. These kind of people make a lot of noise but seldom anything more.

Why am I not surprised? This guy fits the nutcase profile perfectly.

Most Trump supporters are not Zionist faggots. White Nationalists however help them any chance they get.

I wouldn't say don't shit post but I would say don't threaten just do.