Creating an NS Archive

Fears regarding 8ch being shoahed have been circulating since anons have started martyring themselves for the cause.

This board has amounted a valuable library of crucial pdf's, photos and videos. We have all noticed that valuable red pills have been being deleted from youtube as well.

This begs the question, should a central database of these resources be developed?

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Isn't there already a board for it?
Also here are these to begin with.

Mods Suck

Board Log

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Anyone who doesn't have an external hard-drive for all their Zig Forumsemics is playing fast and loose with the future of our race.

I'm fully in support of a dump thread.

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I have acrued quite a database, I'm wondering if I should upload it all to a word press or something.

Try to look up /polarchive/

Don't forget that all centralized websites are vulnerable. You'll need to also upload to P2P networks, such as Freenet.

I might just start getting the database comprehensive first. Ill focus on pdfs and videos to begin with.

Alright link it on this thread after finished.


Shall do.


Make a torrent?


I have flash drives, a physical library, Printed pdfs, and fuckloads more on sd cards for my e-reader.

I've always thought a booksharing site where you read in browser and can toggle annotations by user would be incredibly valuable.

Very cool idea.

Also i don't defend anyone but if you are using one thing for hate it bwcomes worthless. Thats why no one takesnseriously MNS because it's full of people who uses it for hate instead of union (i prefer falangism) if you just want your race to be fine you dont use something for hate unless you have a reason.

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Have a bump, we need fallback structures. At best several of them!

I know I should be lurking 2 years but what ever, got convinced by you lads where do I begin with national socialism asides mein kampf and where do I go for unbiased national socialism abd hitler information besides this place?


search the stuff from Alerta Judaida


Racists suck. I’ve done fairly extreme things to undermine racism, and I don’t really regret it. I could’ve used the time better, maybe? But racists suck. They’re ancestral garbage that will be fixed as technology matures.

Read Turner Diaries by Dr William Luther Pierce.
Or Listen to this audio book of the good Doctor reading his book.
Visualize yourself going through the motions and anything you hear that you don't know how to do, learn it and fast.

I'm sure you have, the more notable among you will be targeted in the years to come.

You can try but you will eventually see these people are right.

Metapedia would be good.

T-mobile blocked 8ch.

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Why is there no activism anymore?
This would be a good start to archive the gained knowledge.

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to the international staff: info (at)

Free and somewhat secure mail:


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Newfags need to go to >>>/pdfs/ to work with it


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Read Siege newfig

Reminder to download the >>>/zundel/ book collection!


Myth of the 20th Century by Alfred Rosenberg.
Check out the Iron March literature, such as Next Leap, for good newfag guides.

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National Socialism is a Jewish-led ideology. Hitler was a homosexual who was funded by Rothschilds, he died of AIDS.

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Crypto-anarchist mailing list.
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Yep. In the 1990s.

UNFOUNDED fears. No website has been taken down because one or two people did something on it. You missed your opportunity to capitalize on the faked "FBI totally visited user!!!!!!!!!" threads. /polarchive/ already exists as an archive.

We should create a script to spider Zig Forums for new pages then download them and optionally convert the pages to PDFs.

I have limited bandwidth and storage. Somebody with a decent VPS or home setup would do well to archive the site.

I've seen a scrolled past a lot of articles about scraping with python. Also there are a lot of existing command line applications that can scripted to handle this. I'm busy coding but chances are you can put in a request on Zig Forums and someone would through you back github or bitbucket project with everything you need in a couple of weeks.

Been wondering where the lolbergs went after running away from Zig Forums
Damn I miss those guys.