Capitalism has destroyed the culture you cheerish

Capitalism through commoditization has ruin your culture yet you still protect the bank!!!
Capitalism through imperialism has made for the immigration crisis yet you still protect it.
Since pol is merely white identity politics run amuke!
What make you think capitalism is good for the white race!
Also id like to add that if the white race is so superior surely we dont need a under class of "others" and we can complete with out it RIGHT Zig Forums

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Did your mother feed you industrial solvents as a child?


Zig Forums is not pro capitalist you idiot.

Capitalism is shit and if you think anyone on here supports this tool of the jew then you're misguided.


great cartoon lol

Well its not pro socialism? So you guys pro vague Bullshit?
National socialism was capitalist
NAZI GERMANY HAD PRIVATELY OWNED PRODUCTION. Capitalism isnt jews (although they got a good share today) own production! Its the private ownership!

Aw the pol classic user doesnt agree he must be a joo

Throwing out capitalism just because people like George Soros are destroying European culture isnt fixing the problem.
If you dont have capitalism then you have starvation, scarcity and all the problems that come with that.

Capitalism is the worst economic system we have. Except for all the others.

National Socialism isn’t Capitalist, newfriend.
Read Freder.

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Germany "stopped the proletariat" by making unskilled labourers entering the workforce negligible and increasing the number of skilled/technical labour by 10 fold. In Tooze's own words Hitler "deproletarized Germany."

I can't think of a better system for managing economic Marxism.


HELLO Zig Forums

You dont have a problem with imperialism or worker exploitation you have a problem with it being done by joos not whites correct?

Really damn im sorry the left doent need dogwhisles kek

It is the Jews who did this.

Learn to sage faggots.

NS economy

No im against all of these billionaires who set up these dystopian NGOs, paying people to protest and make it seem like their crazy delusions have public support. Regardless of race.

My plan to fix worker exploitation would be dropping migration to zero and maybe even some deportations. So the local people are not being undercut.
That is something the public in my country has wanted since the 1990s.

This is not a Capitalist board. This is a National Socialist board.

Karl Marx himself was a capitalist you fucking stupid fuck, we currently live under a system that is the closest to his description of the ideal communist society than any other system in history, including communist societies.
Go back to leftypol and read Kapital again, nigger.

LOL learn some history, cucklet. Why is it millenials know no history of any kind?

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