Mental Illness isnt real

"95% of mental health patients are white, minorities are much more likely to be dismissed and ignored" i see this in real life, most "mentally ill" people are emos who die their hair fucking blue and complain like an autist if they didnt get the latest iphone, unlike niggers who take a mental beating and dont complain, jews however complain about their suffering and invent holocaust hoax and persecution complex, and infiltrate white races tripping them with guilt, therefore mental illness diagnosis should be thrown out and people with mental issues should be immediately executed for being weak.

summary: mental illness isnt real and invented by the jews to corrupt the white race, if youre mentally ill you should kill yourself

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Then explain trannyfaggots?

The only real mental illnesses are those caused by serious neurological impairment, like schizophrenia or psychosis, everything else is a meme.

Is this a Big Pharma thread?

I've been depressed to the point that only medication could get me out of it at the time. I wish it was a meme, because it felt pretty real. Oh well, better kill me anons. I'm better dead than a soldier in the coming race war, according to (((OP))).

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not true
that maybe true but blacks make up 30 percent of the mental ill dispite being 13 percent of the population


Woweee Pee pee poo poo

Mentally ill black people will simply get shot by the cops though. a true aryan accepts that life is shit and tries to find the root cause of the problem and tries to fix the problem in silence. face it, mental illness is a lie to bring out the weak elements in white people before jews take over.

Of PATIENTS, OP? I don't think so. Anyway your talking about confused teenagers doing dumb shit, in which case, no one ever said they were anything other than stupid fucks.

If it's fake why kill healthy whites?


Mental illness is most often (1) lack of self discipline (2) social alienation (3) natural response to over socialization aka your brain is attempting to reset and unlearn its conditioning aka "depression" (4) just natural human emotions in response to the dystopia we live in (5) PTSD conditioned response due to trauma (6) Drug induced brain damage

That being said there are real mental defects. They're just not nearly as common as you'd presume by the percentage of people recieving psychiatric care.

modern psychiatry is jewish but classical psychology is not.
Jung is a valid psychologist, yet Ffreud's theories are the ones that took off since they resonate well with the collective Oedipus complex the jewish race possesses.

Big Pharma is jewish, someone with a legitimate disease something like a vet having PTSD getting a professional to outline more constructive methods of dealing with their intrustive thoughts and sensations cognitive behavioral therapy - best done with absolutely zero psychotropic drugsisn't jewish in the slightest. In fact many private therapists are against meds and won't fuck you over unless you full on FBIpost IRL in their presence.

Also neurological issues aren't "mental illness" - "mental illness" is a shit term made by retarded capitalist yids trying to sell pills. There's a difference between someone who, say has shit coping mechanisms for dealing with the anxiety that's normally felt when socializing and someone with a neurological issue that causes them to see thing that aren't there. Modern psychiatry puts both of them in the same "mental illness" umbrella and has similar pharmacological treatments for both SSRIs, benzos, and beta-blockers

They are real. See LGBT abominations as example. See jews as example. all mentally ill subhumans.
The thing is: normal, White Men behavior is NEVER mental illness, but virtues, to be taught to White children and always be preserved and used against the subhumans.

Cool story, bro. Tell me how flat the Earth is, and when the flat Earth triangulation math will be done so we can get flat Earth GPS

So everything then. Kys kike

Fake news, mentally ill black people will be promoted within the police force and have power over any whites serving on the force

Mental illness definitely exists but it's not to the degree they claim it is. There are people with real mental health problems who do lose their shit. But that's different to living a bad life and feeling miserable for it.

It's important to understand every lie starts with the truth. You can't tell people purple exists if there is no blue or red, but seeing purple doesn't invalidate blue as a colour either.

Global report.

Yet it is proven to be real in inbred jews like you.

Every shabbat, same fucking bullshit and the mods are in on it. They know it's being spammed yet they choose to do nothing except hit a few strays to make it look like they are doing something.
These jew fucks have automated their spam, automate the god damned cleanup already you useless cunts.

LGBT is socially engineered.

If think if you go grouch life wrongly blaming all your failings on white people then you're mentally ill.
All black people that life in the west have that.

If think if you go through life wrongly blaming all your failings on white people then you're mentally ill.
All black people that live in the west have that illness.

Yeah planning to off myself when I grow the balls, good luck with the race war

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Mental illness is an evolutionary mechanism to make humans go to war. people who have killed are far more likely to be content with themselves, therefore you should kill some jews and your mental balance will be restored.

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I'm curious if "white" is overly broad. A lot of mixes just get called "white". Mixed race people have MASSIVE rates of mental illness.

Beyond that I'm surprised whites are higher than everyone but aboriginals. Maybe its a consequence of longer periods of post-industrial life, or our much age of childbearing

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Cool story, user

Not surprised that the level of leftist discourse these days mistakes a healthy immune system with a mental illness

pretty good