Captain marvel should be female of color

Thoughts on recent petition getting shared as a joke?

- Reaches normies, demonstrates absurdity and cannibalism in progressive ideology
- Progressive political actors might waste their time debating/defending this bullshit topic (regardless of position, any reaction will create drama and infighting)
- Could move feminists to go against anti-white push
- Could move diversity crowd to criticize feminists over a bullshit topic
- Capefans might get reached and realizes both approaches are bullshit
- Capefans might bicker against each other (infighting is good to destroy structures as we know)
- Might move anti-male propaganda towards anti-white propaganda, if Disney decides to invent some black Captain Marvel. (Which is a good thing. See Black Panther.)
- If it reaches some level the actors might start some internet drama and could fight each other (which might create more infighting among their respective fans)
-If it succeeds and everything is honky dory, it might even pull the Islam and/or Latino diversity crowd into the discussion ("why a black minority again? Why not a different minority?")

- Obvious trolling
- Could be a marketing stunt to advertise upcoming black side kick to Captain Marvel
(comments full of cynical trolling, I think marketing stunt is unlikely)
- If perceived as trolling too early, narrative might get spun in the wrong direction

Support this petition? Yes? No? Why?

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Did you just assume Zir's gender?


Sounds "fun".

That's it. Don't share it but don't oppose it either.

Usable as argument: First captain marvel, who was a female, was black.
So technically Brie Larson is indeed white washing.

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Soon they all will be, no need to fake it by us. Like english kings thay are blacked on BBC. Hit jews where they have to be, like congress.

Do you see the difference between "white guy replaced by black dude" and "white woman replaced by black woman"?

In the first scenario the feminists join the forced diversity crowd to fight the evil white man.
In the second scenario the feminists are bickering with the forced diversity crowd. (You get infighting on the left)

Not gonna trust somebody with such a weird ID, besides, if it were a marketing stunt, it's just a drop compared to the usual marketing budget.
If it's not a marketing stunt and grows, it will be multiplied by invested e-celebs.

No difference, all feminist movements are run by jews, they wont even speak when rapefugees rape thousands of women, let alone this thing. Go ahead tho, accelerationism.

Watched Avengers: Endgame (pirated) and she basically appeared for 5 minutes and did almost nothing but come off as an unlikable cunt.

Reminder this is a thread by Hollywood kikes to shill for their new movie.

I didn't expect so many nonconstructive, demeaning replies… Interesting.
It's like it hit a nerve and even the false flagers see the danger of an infighting inside their group.

Good idea. Shit on normies while rustling that nigger loving cunt actor.

Nah that would be shitty timing.
Its gonna be months before they release a new movie with her in it.

You know about the muslim ms marvel right?

Im not opposed to the troll. Its funny and may accelerate things which is nice.
I just like to make with the funny stuff to lighten the mood.
Carry on.

That sounds pretty fun and ridiculous.

Normies get the bullet, too. That's my main thought on this. Normies let this happen. Normies ruin everything they touch, like the soulless automatons they are.

that's not entirely true, first captain marvel was a space alien with appearance of a white male

It forgets the disabled. Spastics and retards are ignored by the left, you rarely see them paraded when they scream for diversity and equality. We should exploit that more often because they're a drain on the left's PR resources and the optics are shit

hollywood is run by jews though. not "straight white men"

White male privilege wins again.
doesn't need a thread nigger

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jew controlled social engineering thing should change in jew-specified way, according to jew petition/survey.

No nigger, the first was a fucking alien named Mar Vell in 1967. Then we had Genis.

You knew exactly what you were doing nigger.

leftists are not allowed to consider this option, so the left narrative is "white males dominate Hollywood"

Bad timing.
Besides no one is gonna go to theatre to watch cape shit which is propaganda and even if one of the anons is going to watch it they will likely pirate it.

She should be trans.


Reminder that marvel is literally dead, as in, it's creators killed it. This is not "marvel", this is SJWs wearing it's skin

Also, comic books and hollyjew are for children

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oh my. here we go again. a bunch of white males threatened by anything that is not "white and RIGHT…' lmao. you beta male bitches were born in the wrong sentury. need to take your "fear of a black planet" asses back to the caves where you belong.
the "its the jews fault" shit is beyond getting old. do the world a favor and go castrate yourselves. LMAO>