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Beware the (((right wing))) dumbfolk Anons. There are a few here rewriting the narrative because they are paid shills.

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all that text

I'm redpilling you anons on Zig Forums

This, Zig Forums has always been a leftwing board

This is why the left literally can't meme.

oh (((you)))

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No u

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whites oppress whites. you can't ignore the facts. you have to deal with reality

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Jews aren’t white

Karl Marx is a literal pedophile jew, you can't ignore the facts, you have to deal with reality

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Fuck off with the board meme subversion you damn glow niggers. The jew is pic related, not your retarded cartoon.

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more commie kikes for you

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Holy fuck. Its like I'm reading a comics.

pro tip: less text = better meme

Pedophiles are not a problem. You're helping the op, ty.

We have ids retard

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I know we do.

can we get the actual text of the letter?

Fucking retarded

Here enjoy this letter instead : )

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I know I got my deep hatred of kikes from the media.
Mainly from seeing their faces 24/7

OP is a homosexual, jewish leftist, coward. DIE KIKE.

You're from panel 1 on the left side.

You're from Panel 2 in the middle.

shit meme kys

Panel 1 on the left.

Wew pretty sad

karl marx married into the rothschild family, not even kidding

Yes because the letter wasn't typed out by a scheming Austrian anti semite. Of course whites wouldn't try and backstab the jews and construct a fake letter.

Zig Forums on suicide watch