Clown World, Accelerationism, White Nationalism and the State of the World

Clown World, Accelerationism, White Nationalism and the State of the World
Allow me to begin by saying that these are my own personal observations and opinions, Zig Forums and imageboards are not one person and I have no intention of attempting to speak for everyone or even anyone other than myself. I am not the oldest of oldfags, and I will inevitably be accused of some form of shilling, but such is the board culture and I hope people who honestly feel I am a shill or otherwise acting in bad faith will write a somewhat cogent point so that I may discuss with them, in a civil tone, their opinions and differences. Constructive dialogue seems to be lacking on this site since Trump’s inauguration. I will treat all one line, useless, halfchan tier posts as spam and hope the other anons will as well. Also, this is a blog post, so if you are illiterate please move on to a thread with a video or a picture of a scantily clad female which will probably be more suited to your tastes.

Clown World
Perhaps the most important, true meme we are all experiencing is the phenomenon christened “clown world.” While this obviously is intended to describe the absurdity of the western world, with its transgendered children, outrageous sexual misconduct allegations, a political spectrum spanning from 1984 to Brave New World and a media apparatus wholly in support of some hyper-individualistic dystopian future where the lower class is forever engaged in some form of seeking instant gratification (e.g. masturbation/pornography, superhero movies teaching no realistic examples of how to exist, conspicuous consumerism, etc.) while the upper class of present (((International Oligarchs))) maintains power through a transition to a post currency world (hence why universal basic income is being considered). All of this seems to be glaringly obvious to people who read and observe rather than parroting opinions of whatever talking heads are discussing (e-celebs are just as cancerous as MSM).

The clown world I want to discuss is the one on imageboards. Prior to 2016, it was far easier to have a discussion about a quasi-important topic and have a somewhat constructive discussion. It could be argued that it was prior to 2015, but shills in 2015 were easy to spot and their presence let us know we were right and we were winning. The major shift in shilling techniques appeared around mid-2017. Please, remember one thing, there is only one effective tactic against groups/movements/ideas Divide and Conquer if there is only one thing you take from this entire post, please let it be this point. The powers that be changed the psyop strategy to this, they also added in a lot of noise (signal to noise ratio) on the sites with lots of one line, inflammatory posts which add nothing to the discussion, anyway, back to divide and conquer. “Is X white?” “Are Japs honorary aryans?” “Trump good vs. Trump jewish” “Vote vs ACCELERATE” “100% genocide vs 100% civnat” etc. The main strategy employed is that every situation is completely black and white. Zig Forums used to be more productive because there was less screeching about not being extreme enough to be /oneofus/. Part of it is obvious fedposting, but I think some people here have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. For example, you can vote for someone who locally wants to enforce immigration laws, and ACCELERATE by postering/protesting/organizing/etc. Another example would be realizing that white areas remaining white is the goal, and taking back many areas controlled by non-whites is very important, but also acknowledging that getting 10-20% of the population behind killing all blacks world-wide isn’t terribly realistic as a starting point, things rarely go zero to genocide right off the bat. Anyone who wants to add realistic caveats to discussions gets some combination of zealots and shills saying they aren’t truly part of the group or are somehow mentally deficient for not wanting to read siege and join atomwaffen. I feel like many people who are new here think this place is all about edgyposting, when historically, what passed for edgyposting was providing factual information about Hitler and debunking historical hoaxes and false flags. The truth used to be crazy part of this place, now it’s some form of “come larp as a hardcore terrorist so the feds can build a psych profile for you.”

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The argument offered by the people who seem to be convinced of the more extreme beliefs subscribe to a worldview that, in the face of meatspace clown world, there is no other option than to “dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed” and have rebranded Siege with Tarrantism. I will get into this in further detail later on, but for now I want to acknowledge that some of these posters are genuine anons and are convinced that they are a cornered animal with no option other than violence.

The crux of imageboard clownworld is the culmination of all of this, resulting in it being very difficult to even know what is real and what is not. From the posters themselves to the content discussed. I try to stay aware, to read, to only look at primary source documents and regard all else as opinion, etc. But what is even real anymore? There is an abysmal signal to noise ratio on imageboards now. There are shills for and against all position, feds want to encourage accelerationism so they have a job, kushnerbots love trump and want your vote in 2020, mediamatters want to give you yangbucks or convince you that democrats hate jews too, blackcube/cambridge analitica probably just want the world to burn and are responsible for all the noise, etc. Due to all of this, I personally don’t know who is jewing who anymore. All cohesion/consensus seems to have been shattered through a combination of moderation and shilling. Another undeniable source of shit has been the degree of censorship on all other social media platforms causing more and more people to migrate here. As a result, we reside within a miasma of shit where truth and honest argument are being replaced by 2009 /b/ tier flaming. To repeat, what is even real? It’s gone beyond the nightmare alternate reality fueled entirely by memes, it’s like nothing is real anymore.

The ACCELERATE meme is in practice and I hope others have been taking note. Allow me to begin by breaking this down into two camps for simplicity’s sake, Tarrantism and Yellow Vests. Tarrantism, to me, seems to be a rebranding of Siege’s take on “what must be done” to save the west. It is essentially embracing lone wolf terrorism in the hope that enough people do the same to either crash the system or lead lawmakers to enact such insufferable legislation that enough of the population will revolt to crash the system. Could this work? Possibly, the major urban population centers clearly represent the ideology which seeks to snuff out traditional values and people of broadly European ancestry as a group/culture. The incredible population density of these areas has an ever-increasing amount of power wielded upon the other 95%+ of the land-area of our countries. It is very likely that should demographic trends continue that we may never see another republican president after 2024. If this is the case and there is ever increasing representation of the assassins of European identity/culture etc., then wouldn’t the change in laws accelerationism seeks to achieve happen without resorting to terrorism? Couldn’t it be argued that all accelerationism achieves, in this light, is the labeling of white men as terrorists and giving the left the boogeyman they have been praying to have for the past 20 years? Everyone may now proceed to scream “Opticscuck” but optics is what has caused the revival of a push for traditional values and an ever-increasing number of people who self-identify as white nationalists. If it weren’t for the leftists being so ridiculous in their appearance, so absurd in their arguments and demands, the traditionalists and nationalists would not have seemed so reasonable and appealing. Just as the image of the pink haired SJW brought people to the traditionalist camp, the terrorist clown will be the image paraded by the left. It is important to remember how you will be portrayed and how your image will be used against you. A final word on Tarrantism, consider first and foremost how many people you will recruit versus how many you will alienate. This is a numbers game and if the collapse of society is your goal, you will need a lot of manpower.

Yellow Vests approach isn’t perfect either. First, the government seems to be very effective at stopping people from organizing and working together. Social media coordination has been snuffed out or used to imprison people. With that being said, the streets of France are closer to collapse than the streets of New Zealand. I think far more can be learned from France than people are discussing. We are witnessing a largely failed mass movement against the tyranny of a government working against the interests of its people. A lack of coordination, communication and solidarity have made the people ineffective against the police force. People are not going after the people the police are capturing, people are not sticking together. I think the one thing that must happen is some form of local organization prior to any effective movement such as this. I am writing this from the American perspective so I have a few thoughts which may not be applicable to Europeans. First, the police in many areas in America are ex-military and pro 2nd Amendment. However, police leadership seems to be very much in the hands of those supporting the NWO/progressive agenda as evinced by Charlottesville and other permitted marches which were disrupted by non-permitted counter protestors from antifascists. My main point here is that white nationalists need to become just as, if not more, organized when compared to antifascists. The primary barrier to this is that, in the corporate world, one may be affiliated with an antifascist group openly (e.g. facebook groups) and still be welcome, whereas should one be affiliated with a white/European nationalist group, one would be discriminated against. Evidence of this is everywhere, I shan’t waste time on needless citations of people being fired for white nationalist activism. I haven’t checked into it in some time, but there are some more obscure social media platforms such as Diaspora which seem like an option which will be both more secure and less public than facebook et al. Also, matrix/riot should be your go to, discord is to be completely avoided. Real world networking is the biggest speed bump whites must overcome. WALK threads are okay, but it is not as effective as I had hoped. Most city centers are culturally enriched areas where self-respecting whites avoid (at least where I am from). The takeaway from the yellow vests is that without organization, you just have a bunch of hooligans in the street and at best you burn a bank. Organization is priority A#1.

Tarrantism Addendum
Before moving on, I ask the reader to consider a few things about the efficacy of Tarrantism. First, why would an Australian “defend” a country other than his own? Second, the elite are buying up property in New Zealand as it is a self-sufficient, remote location to ride out the “happening,” should it ever occur. Third, the elite don’t want the little people to have guns around them as someone with a .308 hunting rifle can pretty easily kill them from 500 yards, gun control is in their interest. Fourth, we have seen two Tarrant-inspired shootings which were wholly ineffective resulting in minimal casualties. Untrained people, who do not plan properly, are simply not terrorist material, I hope people have realized this and see the folly in the Siege/Tarrantism formula. Having a gun doesn’t make you an operator, an effective killer, a cogent writer, or anything more than the bad white male that the media needs to create a new terrorist designation in the senate.

State of the World
Absurd is the word that seems most fitting. No politician will stand up for their country’s native people. No politician will confront the glaring problems with the financial system. No politician will begin to address the problem with corporations, multinationals and (((Globalist Oligarchs))) whose sole purpose seems to be extracting everything they can from as much of the global population as possible. Men’s rights with respect to the family have been obliterated. Children are taken seriously when then say they want to be a different sex, a week after they wanted to be a firefighter astronaut jet pilot. Ten-year-old drag queens are dancing for tips in gay bars in New York. Women have penises. Journalists lie as much as politicians. Nothing is real, only money is sacred (do not question it).

Clown World.


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I find it odd that you are insulting my intelligence when the only criticism you have is

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If you went to temple and got new marching orders it might be more effective than spamming the same shit over and over moshe.

This is a shit thread. I would post a certain cap but since it already exists, I have to link it.

Or you could post a bypass image. If we are going to argue using meme's, I will counter this with.

>And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.
Key word underlined. This is the best argument against the "don't vote goys" line being pushed. In the interest of honesty, I will say the following, with demographics in the US being the way they are, voting is becoming less of an option as soon there will not be enough white people to vote someone like Hitler into power. A memetic argument to that is the lovely NYC Zig Forums meetup picture where apparently mutts are beginning to wake up as well. Why do you refuse to acknowledge that the latest two shooters were utter failures who pointed out the folly of trying to be Tarrant? I get that accelerationism is still in beta testing, but the whole idea is that if we give the leftists everything they want it will be so bad that people will rise up. If people do not rise up, then we have given the (((globalist oligarchs))) everything they want and condemn ourselves to nightmare corporatism individualistic hell with gun control and terrorist labeling of white men.

Its called Anglosphere dickhead and he was "defending" his race not his "country" There is literally no difference between an Aussie and Kiwi from a racial perspective besides their accent.

The fact you don't even understand this basic concept makes everything else you write completely invalid.

You don't fucking belong here.

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Ah yes, the anglosphere or Five Eyes. Because when the US can't spy on its own citizens legally, they can ask another country to and then "share intelligence" with each other. We also love to coordinate with each other when it comes time to fight wars for israel. From a purely political standpoint, had Tarrant smuggled the gun into Australia it would have been an argument against gun control (why you idiots think less guns and more regulations is better than more guns and less regulations for the overwhelming majority of whites who are law abiding) and achieved a similar degree of publicity. An armed and trained populace is essential to any of your DOTR scenarios. Gun regulations, even if they come for you guns and you "lost them in a boating accident" reduce people's ability to practice and become competent. You are being sold a losing strategy.

OP is Vince, isnt he?

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The central flaw in anti-accelerationism is simple: all other methods rely on a mass changing of minds which is too vast to occur by peace, or systems which are controlled by our (((enemy.))) You fags complain about gun control as if they weren't taking away your guns slowly, or complain about some new law disadvantaging white men as if you could prevent it by voting. You have guns. You have ammo. You have trucks, nifes, petrol cans, and dozens of other things which can be used to fight. You have all the weapons you could ever want to start the racewar, but you sit and complain as if random shitposts here would change anything.
Hitler realised in his own war that he could not change his enemies' minds about war no matter what he did, so he raised an army and made war. He knew that if he had kept using peaceful means, his Germany would have been subverted and destroyed by (((peace,))) whereas if he went to war, as he did, he could stand a chance of winning, and even if he lost, he would have struck a blow into the heart of the jew world order directly.
One half of the jew world order, the Communist one, collapsed in the 1990s. The other, the Capitalist one, is hanging on by a thread and cannot withstand another uprising. Do you want to let the jews complete their Long March and suffocate you with peace, or do you want to clear the air and prove your right to survive with war?

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I am mentally unhinged because I disagree with and don't like what's going on with our society and our nations. I am mentally unhinged because I don't like the path the humanity is following, I don't like inviting straight-out hostile people to my home and pretending that everything is all right. I am unhinged because I don't understand why me, my people and the principles I associate with can be mocked freely, but saying a forbidden word makes me the worst person on earth. I am unhinged because I will not accept that I can be the target of violence but cannot fight back. Is that right, Dr. Goldberg?

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Hitler started a war because his party platform was to re-take land populated by ethnic Germans who were being persecuted in Poland and Czechoslovakia, after attempting a land trade with Poland to avoid war. If Hitler were to have started the war with the intent of defeating communist Russia, he would have continued to Moscow after securing Poland as Stalin had just finished killing off all of his military leaders at that time. Read some history you fool.

Where do you get this from? Have you never heard of the Battle of Stalingrad! He tried and failed!


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Try listening to the man's speeches himself. He specifically says he started war with the intent of pushing kike shit in.
Catbox link because the file is fuckhuge.

Hahaha. Sehr gut;)

I know europe is different as you have speech restrictions, but in the US I think it is wise to focus on promoting awareness and "redpilling" people. I am hoping that soon there will be some regulation on social media censorship, but I am not optimistic.

Stalingrad was a stupid battle that was fought over a town because of the name.

Yes, and we can argue all day about what if X had happened Hitler could have won.

That speech is from 2 years into the war. Remember how effective Hitler was as a speaker and propagandist.

Good day, OP. Non-jewd, non-bot post here. I agree completely with your take on IB Clown-world and S/N ratio. So I want to let you know I appreciate your take.

I would only argue that, even being "opposing camps", tarrantism and yellow-vests are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps we need both types of phenomena. Also, right-wing already has shit optics, and I think Tarrant silently strengthened the resolve of crypto-radicals, sending the message "you are not alone, we will not die in silence".

Either way: excellent thread.

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>only (((Real News))) is factually true

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The term I use for that line of thought is "Escalationism" that is to say, going to a protest with the intent of escalating from a march to a riot. I think it would be interesting to see the result were someone to try to escalate the yellow vests marches, it really is an interesting experiment in large, anti-government movements in the modern era.

It's all propaganda. Hitler was a great man but you can't allow yourself to not examine everything you are presented with. Even from the most trusted sources.

I bet you're one of the fags who posted here after Brenton removed kebab to say how IT WAS MEANT TO BE A LARP YOU WEREN'T MEANT TO ACTUALLY STAND UP FOR YOURSELF GOYIM

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You posted a video of Goebbels, Hitler's propagandist, saying they need good propaganda. Propaganda can be true. It has more to do with how you frame something and the delivery of the information than just the factuality. For example, Hitler invaded Poland because Germans were there and being persecuted. Poland at the time had a very large jewish population. Polish jews were therefore very likely to be involved in the persecution of the ethnic Germans. So in starting the war, Hitler was fighting the jewish menace. See? Does any of this make sense to you? I am not calling Hitler a liar, I am saying that the way you frame the information is important.

Here are the first points of the NSDAP for your consideration

25 points of the NSDAP
1. We demand the union of all Germany in a Greater Germany on the basis of the right of national self-determination.
2. We demand equality of rights for the German people in its dealings with other nations, and the revocation of the peace treaties of Versailles and Saint-Germain.
3. We demand land and territory (colonies) to feed our people and to settle our surplus population.
4. Only members of the nation may be citizens of the State. Only those of German blood, whatever be their creed, may be members of the nation. Accordingly, no Jew may be a member of the nation.

Long winded overly verbose "college paper" shit stain prose such as this Globalist garbage is designed for ON THING Fam———to (((CLOSE))) the 'OVERTON WINDOW' that has been opened by ACCELERATIONISM and the last last TWO stars of the fucking SHOW.
Fuck that nigger

You keep using the word globalist to describe me, why?

Daily reminder, anything that can be labeled can be hated. Ever think why the kikes care so much about calling inferior races niggers, kikes, and so on, but care so much about calling us racist white supremacist Nazis? That's terror. Terror built into words.

Yeah, any action taken usually has a variety of causes. The Bromberg Massacres were definitely not the least significant. However, my point still stands that his motivation for starting war was to attack the JWO.

I agree, I think he was already at war with the JWO prior to Poland. You have the financial war of the jewish boycott, you have the violent war with the communist terrorists in Germany who were led by jews, Poland was simply fulfilling the platform of the NSDAP.

/b2/'s having this discussion right now, they're cucking out.

This does represent an old school "right in the Feelz" post.

New US Treasury notes now.

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This is the content nu/pol/ endorses.

You mean the "old shool" that got not a goddam
thing IRL accomplished but LARPing and shit tier memes about the 'niggers & joos"


Back to reddit cuck nigger troll

I know right, the "old school" that has educated more people about the rampant corruption in our government, education institutions, banking sector, media outlets, false history, crime statistics and everything that is presently motivating your vaunted sacred cow of ACCELERATIONISM. Yeah, totally useless. The most effective propaganda outlet on the internet is useless. Nice formatting, by the way.

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
Ulysess by Lord Alfred Tennyson

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this nigger has the MLM instead of Siege,Nietzsche or Mein Kampf on this desk

also your pedantic prose and concerns for dogma reveal your profile..American…32-50…college educate maybe graduate liberal arts…Civ Nat leaning….NON Larping emotional response flagging frustration with directionality of Overton Widow blown wide open by the (((uncontrolled))) kinetic Pandora's box of Accelerationism…
Are yo u woman

Way to build your arguments on top of a foundation of jewish propaganda

I think the problem is, that there are so many false books/online posts out there, that bend the history. In America, free speech allows a lot of false information to be published. In Germany, no free speech provides a different and negative perspective. The truth is somewhere in between.

No one can deny, that us Germans killed 6 Million Jews. That was stupid and wrong!!! We should have send them to Israel, or somewhere else. I know some of you disagree strongly, but I disagree with murdering people. Happy they are gone though, but Islam has taken over now:( Horrible, I'd rather have Jews!

When I read some of the deluded KKK and arian brother hood stuff here, history is completely irrelevant. It's like believing, the Nazis have a Bunker on the moon.

Are you even trying nigger

Women here can get lost in the feelz.

For instance, look at this nigger smile as he consumes the heart of a white boy whom brother man killed with drugs.

Besides, your previous point, we can use whatever words we can, but we will never say anything more than what we are.

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Many ones deny muh 6 gorillion.

Attached: holohoaxEvidence.jpeg (620x465 127.88 KB, 65.65K)

The Greatest Lie Ever Told - The Holocaust (2015) Documentary.mp4 - 1h 17min 652 x 480

Did Hitler systematically murder 6 million Jews? We will be putting some of the mainstream theories under the scope, for the purpose of analysis and revision.

This documentary exposes the hatred of the Jews against the freedom and life of the goyim, and how since they crucified Christ they have made their goal and only obsession to destroy Christianity. Jews needed the ‘Holohoax’ to get people’s sympathy and that opened the doors wide open for them to infiltrate and finish up with the goyim.

Please share this information far and wide, burn the video to DVDs or put it on USB thumbdrives and give them out to friends, family and others.

Please seed as long as possible, at least to a ratio of 1.100, thank you :)

General : The Greatest Lie Ever Told - The Holocaust (2015) Documentary.mp4
Format : MPEG-4 at 356 kb/s
Length : 197 MiB for 1 h 17 min 21 s 577 ms

Video #0 : AVC at 224 kb/s
Aspect : 652 x 480 (1.358) at 25.000 fps

Audio #0 : AAC at 126 kb/s
Infos : 2 channels, 44.1 kHz



say something original

American, a bit younger than your window, male, White Nationalist attempting a pragmatic results oriented approach, chemistry degree (some philosophy as well), and I work construction because fuck corporate. Does that help you better understand me? I really don't care, dox me. Accelerationism is good in some directions and bad in others. Rather than attacking the writer, you are welcome to criticize what is written.

I will treat this as an honest post, but you really should read more if you aren't a troll. First, holocaust is a lie. Second, he did try to get jews to move to palestine (Transfer act of 1933 also called Haavara Agreement). Third, the flat earth/moon base/crazy posting is called well poisoning and is done to make the arguments here seem invalid. There were no gas chambers. This isn't a holohoax thread so I will leave these here and stop.

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175d2a is banal.

Governments did not like the numbers that supported the lone wolves. They are moving towards branding all right-wingers as enemies of the state who are not allowed to possess bank accounts, much less guns. Upon pointing out that this targets half of the population, the only response is hand waving. Regardless of a right-winger's actual position, they are branded as a criminal. New laws will be enacted to criminalize even the benign positions they take. For instance, thinking their son is male and their daughter is female on the basis of biology. That is the nature of the clown world. As for France, the yellow vests place financial strain on the state. If the state becomes the enemy of the people, then this is the best way for the majority to force change. Be an absolute burden to the system and cost it more than it can recuperate.

Look at this faggot.

The only problem with this tactic is, as demonstrated by the US, debt doesn't really mean anything to a government and even if it did, the banks would lend as much fake money as they want as it is only the state that is protecting them. No state, no bank.

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This guy gets it. Guerilla warfare, particularly in burgerland, is the way to fight for white rights.

It can still turn a city like Baltimore into a shithole. Especially when taxes are raised to pay for it. Nobody should feel bad about expending a debt currency. Being forced to use it should cause revulsion.

lol dox…oh please stop being passive aggressive…I have nothing but love for my fellow Europeans stirred with racial awareness and anger over their state of powerlessness…
;;your hard science love and resultant manner of elucidating lends itself to dogma and conservative logic….however your pragmatic results oriented approach to rational and logic….should by logical extension lead you to the Eureka of Accelerationism…once you free yourself from the shackles of Judeo-Christian morality and the convention of the globalist paradigm of rejecting anything radical…that questions the DOGMA of the AUTHORITIES….
savvy my young chemical nigger……cut those ionic bonds of conventional thinking
also read more on hybrid war 5th generation warfare and asymmetrical response

That documentary has a robot voice. Give us something real! Not worth watching this bullshit documentary.

That was an honest post. Holocaust is a lie??? LOL. Please tell me, that you are the one trolling! You people are brainwashed beyond believe.

I'm gonna leave this clown world now and go out. I'll be back.

But some of you probably think, that concentration camp where like a holiday camp for Jews. If you believe so, you are KKK scum and do not deserve a vote, in the future of our countries! Idiots!

According to recent polls, only 22% of people would stick their necks out for the Jews if there were another Holocaust.
I would say the future looks pretty bright.

Accelerationism is a gamble for the alt-right in it of itself. But proponents of it take the "fence-riding centrist" idea too seriously. You won't get a bunch of centrists, or even moderate conservatives, to hop into the white supremacy camp overnight, much less over the course of a few years.

Understand that you all are a small minority, and accelerationism is a gamble that requires far more minds on the brink than are actually there.

And that's only right-wing accelerationism, there's a left-wing counterpart as well. Personally, I condemn both, and the 8pol version as well, on political, ideological, moral, and practical grounds.

It has nothing to do with morality. It has to do with practicality. If you are really going to follow the "accelerate" meme, and do it effectively, you need to drop the lone wolf approach and don the escalationism approach. Bring guns to protests type stuff. Not shoot up a school. Imagine someone pulling out a gun at the yellow vests protests. One shot at police and they massacre a crowd of people. You always have to be able to look like you are right when you do something like this. Accelerationism is stupid because it turns people against us, say what you want about optics but they work. What has better propaganda potential "Gunman kills 15 at inner city recreation center, this is believed to be a racially motivated attack" or "Violence erupted today at a march where White Nationalists were attacked by Antifascists, both sides were armed and so far 12 people were injured and 4 are dead" or "Yellow Vest Protestors today killed a police officer, the police returned fire and killed 11 civilians, the location of the man who killed the police officer is still unknown".

(((Alt Right))) …GFY & GTFO useless nigger

I don't want to vote anymore, (((friend)))

Wait, you mean there ist nict Moon bunker!

Someone owes me a serious explanation!

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geebus H kike nigger

You just dont get it your hung on conventional optics like a republican strategist…why are you even here srsly?
U science nigger never paid attention in HITORY huh geek…remember Boston tea party massacre it was CRUCIAL, SEMINAL and CATALYTIC **BUTTERFLY EVENT…
if your ex. of a gun fired by yellow vest at police and disproportionate police response was to occur FRANCE wouldGO UP IN FLAMES =MARTIAL LAW dick tracy nigger

>read (((history))) goys I am telling you the truth!
ya your not fooling anyone with this post.

Same here. Need to act, together. But writing wrong facts about Germany, gets me going.


Alright you believe hitler was in the right fighting against jwo
I agree with that but he wasn't the first to declare war it was the kikes who did it first not hitler.

For me only practical considerations are of concern. All possible futures involve some degree of horror, distasteful things will be done on all sides, morality must not be allowed to stop people from securing their existence. I simply think accelerationism is giving (((them))) exactly what they need to prove to the public that white men really are the devil and shouldn't have guns and must be profiled as terrorists. I think a lot fewer of the people will kill cops than people are expecting. There are so few people who even visit this board, and only some of them would really do something violent. We have a lot of shilling and larping on here, I think the true "accelerationists" are far less common than people here think. This whole thing rests upon a gamble that if they try to take our guns and things get even crazier (how much crazier can it really get though) that people will rise up against the government and go all DOTR on the government. I think it will end up with a bunch of terrible laws and no uprising because people don't revolt with a full belly unless there are outrageous acts like massacres.

Look at your exact example, Boston Massacre is incredibly similar to the yellow vests scenario. It basically manufactures the revolutionary condition. Do you understand? It is conventional optics, it's what has worked for all of political history!

At this point it is honestly pathetic you tried everything at this point.

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Whatever newfag, lurk more or gas yourself.

The flaw in accelerationism, by that same token, is also very simple: This particular method alienates and disgusts more people than it integrates. The tactics being used are in theory to push support for more radical legislation regarding gun controls, among other things, in order to "stir up" some sort of want for revolt and revolution in the general populace.

Even in that scenario, the general populace wouldn't necessarily change to the white supremacist ideals you preach, they might just be in the fight to get rid of ridiculous laws.

If anything, however, people become more likely to stay silent if they are not on-the-brink or already radicals. They further justify to themselves that, while the laws are getting more repressive, they cannot possibly rightfully fight against them, since they have the clear justification behind them. Most would be pressured by society or themselves to support the passage of new laws, because they see the horrible violence of accelerationists and reject their acts and views.

Each act of violence done not only initiates an act of violence in revenge, but also drives people away from association with those responsible.

9/11 caused a massive push for suppression of 4th amendment rights and heightened surveillance, but in the face of 3,000 deaths, hardly anyone could protest this. People were, in fact, more convinced it was necessary than ever before.

In the end, all you will do is further the cycle of violence. If you have failed to see the results of this on both the American and Muslim communities, from radical extremists to moderates, then you lack the basic capability to adapt and improve such methods, much less a coherent plan to garner support against your perceived enemies.

Quit your damn revolutionary and heroic roleplay. You kill people, which then in turn kill people, and those in turn kill and kill again. At some point it becomes nearly impossible to repair the damage. In case you haven't noticed, that's what the story of humanity has been in the past few thousand years, and rarely have these moments resulted in any sort of good.

I am sorry that you have been lied to all of your life. Concentration camps sucked, forced labor, typhus, starvation toward the end of the war, it wasn't good. But the genocide in the camps really wasn't a thing. I think the real number of deaths in the camps was around 287,000 from typhus, malnutrition, and death by firing squad, the Germans kept records. Six million is only used because that is how many jews have to die before they can build the third temple (or something like that, it's a significant number in jewish religion). Hollywood is not a source.

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I TOTALLY agree.
Accelerationism shapes the battlefield to to develop weaknesses we will exploit like only European folk can do,nigger.

But my point is Tarrant is not the correct method. Going and clearing out a building by yourself makes you the evil terrorist, provoking a response to make your enemies look like monsters will get the public mad and on your side. The tactic of making laws shittier until people decide they have had enough is dumb. Creating schisms within the police force and provoking riots in the street actually accelerates things. Terrorism is dumb. Manufacturing a tragedy is smart. It is what the jews do.

Shit, you don't even have to use a gun, get really good firecrackers and see if Officer PTSD-from-Faluja has his safety on or not. Once people start shooting, all the other people with guns start shooting. Enough of our officers are combat vets that this is a very realistic outcome. If people are not in the streets though, none of this is viable.

Larping how?
Just calling out a shill who is now trying a new deradicalization tactic which hasn't been working when the kike first got here.

>implying that people won't go and join an asymmetrical resistance organisation if they see that the (((government))) legitimately does not want them to exist.

You're right in that the accelerationism gamble will probably fail. I would say, and take this with a grain of salt, but I would say you would be wrong on two things:

1)The Absurd
2)The next steps for humanity

The main reason I like the clown world meme is not because of its ties to accelerationism or white nationalism, which again I personally reject for a number of other reasons, but because it's a meme that represents a more true picture of how the world is. To me its why so many petty disputes and conflicts don't really fucking matter.

The Absurd is not anything tangible, of course, and could just be a comedic misunderstanding of how the universe works, but for now, we don't know the difference. The whole "the world is crazy" has been said for a long time. It's nothing new. And highlighting "gay transgender kids" dancing in strip clubs for tips and acceptance of Muslim rape as a "crazy" part of the world is simply narrow. It focuses on one-off events of weird shit that happens all the time. You know the "flordia man" meme? People do crazy shit all the time, clown world simply focuses on the rage-inducing leftist shit, which is an ignorant interpretation.

The problem with this shit is that people have had justification and to spare for years now, in the form of Ruby Ridge and Waco, in the form of the Cologne rapefugees, in the form of thousands of other things. If people haven't noticed by now, the only thing that will make them notice is war, war against the kikes that started and propagate white genocide.
You know how easy it is, has been posted about extensively, to shut down a city for a day? You know how hard it is to get powerplants running once they've shut down? You know how easy it is to shut down internet and radio comms and cost billions? Because people here do, and that's the sort of thing kikes respond to all too well.

Holy shit you talk and talk and tell so little. So your point is that accelerationism's fatal flaw is because it is too much of a risk?
If the (((government))) would right now, at this moment, decide that they have enough of our shit and start hunting us down, would you take action against it, or just continue to observe?
Do you think that direct action is not necessary for the overthrow of a system that is genociding our people?

By all means, make and spread propaganda posters, make and spread memes, redpill your friends and family, have children. It's all necessary, and so is violence and preparing for the coming of it.

You''re the "playing the violin while Rome is burning" type distraction is so important.
= Dead End.

Bingo is this niggers name-O

When you push for an action that is practically guaranteed to fail, and give your opponent all the advantage, then all you push for is death. If you're nihilist about this and think death is better, then you're already beyond normal reason. Death is not better than life, unless that life is in torture. If you create your own torture, then you justify your own death. And that appears to be your choice.

I'm saying if you want to advocate action do so peacefully at every possible chance to do so. Using the excuse that "they" control everything so what's the point is just plain nihilist. If you know it's controlled then you should figure out how it is controlled, and therein lies the exploit. These are just tips, but overall violence and hatred against one another is not beneficial to anyone. I do not know how you came to the conclusion that you were being jewed into misery, that the white race will be persecuted to its death without radical action, or that people are best left separate. I do not support these beliefs, and find them to be addressing a problem that cannot said to be problematic, or at least relevant to solving greater issues.

Nigger I would like you to meet my buddy Semantics, Semantic this is my acquaintance Nigger, he's kinda slow.

Something like this should be left up to cuckchan, to be quite honest, I cringe everytime I see this clown "meme", it's a kindergarten doodle. Who cares if it triggers SJWs, I can fart around them, and that is enough to trigger them

Let the "le funny memes" stay on cuckchan, where they belong, and when newfags get lightly redpilled, but start asking too many questions and get inevitable banned from there, they will come here for the next step

This person is less white than Michael Jackson ever was.

Logic and Racial awareness go to your mind to die.
The dogged prose and "reasoning" you have shared is now militant in its defeatist propaganda to just be like a sheep and go along with the (((Globalist program))) as it is playing out in ALL European nations.
You are the ENEMY…kinfolk or not.

Someone did shoot up that one power sub-station, I think it was in California. The reason I don't like ruby ridge and waco as examples is that they were remote people portrayed as crazies. Back to the boston massacre, what happened? A group of people were killed by the occupying enemy. There is a clear us vs. them dynamic to use. We would have to frame it as "patriots vs. a government that does not care for its people" or something to that effect. We need to keep up a "patriot" image in order to recruit all the boomer vietnam vets and "true americans" as those fuckers have stashes of guns and supplies. You have to market this movement as something people want to be a part of, that is what accelerationism totally fails to accomplish.

I would use a glove on you….


So, about getting the message out, the entirety of the alt-right was manufactured to a) inculcate kosher opinions, b) misdirect, c) demoralize (all the drama surrounding it) and d) to be shut down among other things e-celebs truly are cancer, I agree. Whenever a non-kosher opinion maker breaches the mediasphere they get destroyed immediately. Except for anons operating social media accounts and imageboards, this leaves IRL action left as social media locks down further on non-kosher facts except for the censors who are forced to read the redpills kek.

So how does one get a message out? Patrick Little, despite being kind of a lolbertarian, is out there doing something IRL that breaches part of the media in his area (mostly ignored elsewhere however). IOTBW breaches through media. Memeshooters breach through media. The course of action for putting out influential ideas through the jew media is clear, no matter how they twist and turn anything coming from it. inb4 mossad agents going full kikestian vs mudshit with memeshooters Is the media how the messages ought be spread, though?

Do you have a singelicious snack to satisfact that up. Most of these normalfags are trained to hate the (((system))) but are also trained to be repulsed by anti-semitism and nazis and believe the (((system))) is nazis. What part of the system isn't full of jews? Attacking it is basically attacking (((them))). How can the opinion be judged when the opinion makers are about the loudest outlet of judging opinion? Figure it out? Shooting up a synagogue may inspire people of Zig Forums opinion and definitely attack the system's minecraft server directly although it will leave those outside of that confused.

Besides, if ameribro conservatives willingly give up their weapons, that's much less zionist retards who say they'll fight gnatsees while they get fucked by niggers. non-((celebrity)) conservatives quietly hate non-whites and some even hate jews As for the liberal side of things, whenever a story breaks of some "white liberal" doing something, how often does it end up being yet another Zig Forums was right moment? The rest who have their brains on straight will either eventually join based on information and actions by natsoc shitposters, which has to reach them somehow, or won't.

The system isn't genociding the white people. If it were clearly and actively engaging in violence against people based on immutable characteristics like race, I would assume arms to be a last resort. But not blind violence, not blind retailiation. I think you'd agree that that would fail.

Secondly, your point is irrelevant to accelerationism's flaws. Accelerationism seeks to force the government to reach the point of great repressive action and simultaneously rouse the public into revolt. Aside from the fact that the ideas are too radical, and would remain so even with greater repressions, it's a move that essentially gives the opponent all the cards. It wouldn't do this, of course, if all was according to plan and an uprising began. These acts of violence, however, only serve to further alienate the acceptance of these plans.

In case you didn't get the message the first time, here's a tl;dr: You look like a bunch of goddamn fools.

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You are a shill and do not belong here.

The problem is that whatever the hell else you can find can also be portrayed as crazies, mere coincidence, or who the fuck knows what. If the (((government))) have such control that they can stop anybody from being redpilled on Waco and Ruby Ridge, then they have enough control to supress info about any other nonwhite on white killing. And if they don't, and people find out exactly how big of a lie they were fed about Waco and Ruby Ridge, then that's more ammo against the government - if they lied so hard about these two incidents, what else could they be lying about?

You call my argument defeatist, when I just outlined why your own is actually nihilist and defeatist in and of itself.