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I posted a similar thread yesterday but I did not get the sources I was looking for so I am gonna try again.

I have an issue with the current documentaries (The Greatest Story Never Told.) (Europa the Last Battle.) Don't get me wrong they are good docs but with one major flaw, they are all way too long. Now I don't have an issue with sitting through a 6 hour doc to hear the truth but the issue is, is that (((Big Tech))) has made the general population have short attention spans.

The goal of my doc is to try to make a doc that is short as possible (not easy I know with all the lies I must cover) but it is at least worth a shot. I am also gonna need some good sources to look through, so if you have any good sources where I can find some stuff that I can use in the documentary that would be appreciated.

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Can you give a list of subjects?
What are you after more specifically?

I would like to see some stuff that shows that the allies were actually racist not Hitler, him saying something like this: would be good. Also I have seen some documents that show extremely low death counts in Auschwitz but I cannot find them again, I think it was from the French red cross?

There was a youtuber, Mouthy Buddha, who made two videos on the JQ and he did it with a lot of good editing and a bit of research. Unfortunately the conclusions of the video were cucked, he gave the video a pretty good shot for someone who hasn't flung themselves headfirst like many around the chans.

IDK, I thought that was a pretty good normie-friendly type video. A similar one in structure as a distillation of TGSNT would be nice.

The plan for my doc is to leave a bunch of questions unanswered, to make people curious then they will be willing to sit through a 6 hour documentary and get all the answers finally. I am also gonna do it in a way that does not make me sound like what the (((media))) portrays as a conspiracy theorist.

Do you really think that by even mentioning this topic you won't be labeled a conspiracy theorist? You're gonna have to wisen up before you make a documentary.

If you look at The Greatest Story Never Told and look in the comments no one is calling it a conspiracy theory, it is the way you word thing is what really matters.

Yes but you're preaching to the choir when you look at the comments of TGSNT. No one with the attention span or the objectivity required to decide to watch TGSNT are needing conversion. They've already done the holocaust arithmetic and figured out its BS. You're targeting a larger audience roughly one or two standard deviations closer to median IQ who require a handholding since their wrongthink blinders will be on in full force.

Both the Allies and the Axis are white supremacists by today standards and there is nothing wrong with that. Unless you're planning on showing some stuff with Vlasov and the Hiwis

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But I like I said I am leaving a lot of question unanswered, I am not planning on saying that the holocaust isen't real rather I am gonna show some evidence ask some questions and leave there.

True but still Hitler speaking out against colonialism would also show that Hitler was not out for world conquest like (((They))) keep saying.

It doesn't matter. Your video will be put on restriction just for the subject matter. Unless you're reviewing toys, your video is going to get flagged if not removed. Just know what you're getting into before you do.

Well I will see how impossible this is while I am making it I guess.

How can we help? I can provide assistance with writing and creative ends if we can find a sufficiently opsec means of first contact and coordination/communication

I just need evidence and documentation.

David Irving, one of the premier historians on the Third Reich, has his books for downloading on his website.

I have this weird VHS series about the Holohoax/Third Reich that you might be able to lift some material from. The first segment contains some misinformation about Hitler being installed by the "Illuminati", and it's narrated by an interracial couple, but there's a lot good, lesser-known information, and rare footage (like this webm ).

Also, The Hoax of the 20th Century could be of use.

I like the motivation, so here are some sources.
Hollowclaus is extremely important. When it falls, then jewish power falls. Thats the reason, why they have laws to protect their lies.

maybe this aswell:

This is good aswell:



Decline of the white race:


Plot idea:
1. Examine real reasons for WW2
2. Hollowclaus is fake
3. Jewish push for jew world order
4. Only thing that could stop them is aryan race
5. Jews push for mass migration and decline of aryans.
6. Now the emotional message to spread the word and to get active.

My 2 cents

Bumping for potential. We always need fresh propaganda.

You'd be better off creating a series of short docs. Not named as a series, so fags don't see "x part y" or anything like that and get scared off, but a group of short docs on small subjects. Otherwise, you risk being a politics version of those gaming youtubers that make 13 minute videos overexplaining some dumb shit for ad revenue, except with a topic so complex that shaving things down so far will actually harm the intellectual quality of the film.
You can stretch a video about "the lore of xyz in vidya III" to obscene lengths far more easily than you can compact information into small segments without losing data worth.

That is a good thing I think before (((jewtube))) it had 20 million views their is a lot of individual thinkers.

OP. Be sure to peruse existing NS documentaries and other video projects.

Thanks for link

Bumping hey op how is the progress so far?

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