Forced Ohio Redistricting = Guaranteed DNC Victory

Ohio forced to redistrict to suit Democrat whims

Reminder that Donald Trump has lost the 2020 election due to his own treason and to the nationwide election changes that no one is even attempting to stop.

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Fuck off with your spam.

Oh man, Trump/the GOP are fucking done man.

Florida, PA, and now Ohio are basically off the table.
Is it even possible for a republicuck to win without them? I haven't done the math recently.


No, there is zero chance to win. And lol that Texas is probably going blue either 2020 or 2024 at the latest. Guaranteed one-party rule forever LOL

Hahahahahahahahaha this is hilarious.

Ah don't mind him, he's just being a salty cum-dump because you just revealed yet another piece of evidence that Trump is fucked in 2020, and he can't come to terms with it yet.
One really does wonder what these Boomer cuckolds are going to be like once they realize its mathematically/demographically impossible for them to win an election without cucking to browns (which will then be used to justify Republicucks cucking to browns in totality).

Trump is going to be the last US president elected by a majority-White base.
What happens when people realize that? I don't know, but its going to be a hell of a show.

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The whole state votes for president, not districts… Are there really people that retarded?

This is the opposite of kike-free.

If people weren't retarded democracy would work

Well, here’s where things stand right now. As more states vote to give all their EVs to the national vote winner, we’ll see even more states switch to blue permanently.

We already have 1 party rule, user.

Reminder that Trump has still lost 2020, and now even more overt communists will be guaranteed to win over the handful of covert communists and actual Americans who would run against them.

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He lost it because of felons in Florida and Texas flipping blue due to spics. Plus the midwest isn't happy with him breaking his immigration promises.

What this redistricting does is make sure it's TRUE one-party rule forever. We'll have ONLY dem presidents forever starting in 2020, but the redistricting ensures the House does the same thing. Senate will also be majority blue as well probably starting 2020. We are entering USSR single-party rule permanently lol

Well, I mean it will be one-party rule of the pure, true anti-white crowd. That is what will put us in camps. At least having the pretext of an opposition party in the form of Republicans meant they couldn't straight up take guns and put whites in camps.

There hasn’t been a Republican supermajority in the Senate since 1930. You’ll notice the changes to both foreign and domestic policy since then. Every year since 1930, the Republican party has operationally not existed.

Yeah you stupid nigger, and yiddle me this goyman: If you alter the districts such that Democrats are in control of more-important areas, meaning they're now in charge of overseeing the (inevitably fraud-ridden) election results, what do you think is going to happen?
Its like you already forgot the trucks of filled-out ballots, the niggers voting on behalf of dead people, etc etc.

I swear to fucking christ, half you faggot Trumpniggers would be back to trusting the MSM if it weren't for the people with their heads screwed on right.

The communists won. Took them about 90 years to seize power in every material respect

Very much this.

In Cruz's previous election, he won by over a million votes. Last election? Barely 200k IIRC.
In Florida, Trump won by a few hundred thousand - and over 1 million ex-cons (overwhelmingly non-White) got their voting rights back… With Trump's explicit support (the wretched traitorous cuckold even aimed for Federal expansion of such conditions).

Pennsylvania, even without the redistricting business, would be beyond his reach - his base here is heavily demoralized, especially those who aren't MSNBC-catlady-tier delusional and realize what a reversal Trump has undertaken.

Wait til guys start showing up at the Trump rallies with Sharpies, writing shit like "Trump is owned by Israel!" and "Zionist Jews Own Trump!" on the back of the stupid "Women for Trump!" and "Niggers for Trump!" signs they hand out at rallies, then waving that in front of the press cameras. And I'm not talking some kinda purple-haired antifags, I'm talking /ourguys/, good hardworking Midwestern fellas who are tired of the bullshit spewing from his mouth.
I can't wait to see Trump screaming "Get them outta here!" about like coal miners and veterans and shit. I'm sure it'll be extremely high-energy, DRAGON ENERGY even.

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This country is fucked until this changes.


You are trying your hardest ITT



I assumed on here everybody knows when I use the word communism, I mean jewish bolshevism


I can't wait until Trump loses next year and you find out how fucking stupid you are.

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Nah, this is pretty easy.

A fair point.

Zig Forums has little or no influence over the decision of the average white voter in the midwest not to vote for the guy who has clearly broken every promise and betrayed his base


Well, thats not necessarily true.
Much of Zig Forums has exposure to such people, and our memes roll across the interwebs like a tide of smug shitposts.


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Your tactics don’t work here, redditor.
Why should I care about a jewish puppet losing to a jewish puppet? Tell me why I should care about jewish theater. I want answers to my questions.

And hopefully we can get a few more people to make the ultimate sacrifice and shoot up a synagogue or mosque

Zig Forums has some influence, but Zig Forums's blackpilling on Trump won't be sufficient to cause the 2020 loss that's coming, which is what that guy appeared to be implying Reality and facts are enough.

sry for typos, phone post

Fag post nonetheless, suicide yourself immediately

user, I…

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Violence is never the answer. No one encouraging violence is welcome here. Please leave.


Sounds fun.

I wouldn't be so sure m88.
When the shitposting starts, its gonna get rough fast.

Hello moshe

Violence is always a good answer and a good way to help get rid of the infestation that we have in this world.

Now go suicide yourself, chomo

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It won't matter. Ohio is seeing too much economic activity for the leftist propaganda to convince the people they are not doing well. I raised my prices by 50% because I didn't want to get the projects, and I got them all anyway. Can't find any help and the last time I hired a kid with no experience and he still wouldn't show up for $20/hr cash.
–Columbus blues

Seems legit bro.

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For reference.

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Reported for pedophilia

There are no races, fake kike news.

Who cares? Not like trumpkike getting elected again will change anything other than the news cycle not always being "orange man bad". They might as well elect a democrat again, because there is literally no difference.


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Reported for illegal content

Fuck Republikikes and fuck Trump

Go fuck yourself you massive motherfucking chomo! You will not blasphemy and speak about Jesus that way. Go fucking hang yourself right now!!

This, it astounds me that anyone here still falls for muh red team versus blue team

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Nice, I laughed

Go fuck yourself. Reported for posting pedophilic content.

Once people realize Trump doesn't actually care about being re-elected, it makes a lot more sense. Trump is just setting israel up with a golden parachute. None of the cloak-and-dagger conspiracy theories about Trump and the military figures intermittently around him are accurate in the slightest and they are all noise generated by jew Brad Parscale and his team of micro-marketers with help from RenTech subsidiary and MoD contractor, SCL.

That part is fake news

This guy gets it

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Its not.
1 million Excon's.
What, you think they're gonna vote GOP? Seems legit. XD

Just bring the monarchy back. The jews have infested the current system and it must be burnt down.

Funnel enough, looks like the Florida prisons website has disappeared from Google search results ala searches that would previously give it as a first result. XD

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No they don't, they vote for representitives who then vote for the president. The districts being changed means they can legally control where the votes are processed and therefore cheat the fuck out of the whole system so their representatives are the ones voting for President.

If the jews want a Republikike to win, then one will.

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Do you still like Trump? Honest question.

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Fuck you kike. Catch a bullet. There is no political solution.

No it'll be a two party system; it'll be old jews and their henchmen vs young niggers and beaners that hate jews (or so they say)

The queen is a jewess.

You mean like the lefties who post here.

Good. Bullets not ballots.

Zig Forums will never recover from the Trump campaign. Trump will go down in history as the Jew who killed this board.

Kill yourself

Digits confirm ein partei

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Are you kidding?

The wealth that controls the system would never allow that.

Sigh. Let's check to see whether or not Zig Forums is always right:

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I see the 1 and done trump astroturfing is starting again.

Checked and confirmed for dead. With PA's redistricting, Florida's felon voting +rican invasion, and now this, it's over. Even if ZOGnald wins, congress is going to look even worse than it does now… How does 8 years worth of impotent twatter rants sit with you?

Just in time for outright communists to take over the DNC. What a cohencidence.

The liberals rigged their states but it's only a problem when it's a conservative state. I call for the nuclear option. Eliminate drawing all together, do it by the county lines, and use the Electoral college to divide up the seats of power & votes.

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Sounds like 2 elies and one shabbos.

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I call for the actual nuclear option.

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Drawying districts by the county lines elimates fucked up districts. The EC gives the power mostly to the lightly populated rural counties since there are so many of them. Counties that house the major cites would be tiny minority, the fleeing Californians don't move out to the sticks for the most part.

You shouldn't care, because you're a smart and cool guy. The thing that variously amuses or irritates me is how important these government people think they are. They sit in their ZOG seats being broadcast by talmudvision to a herd of niggers and feel very special. Of course, they are not, but people get a skewed perspective of these things. Nothing really matters that much other than individual consciousness, and I imagine that the more one tries to control things other than themselves, the less actual value that person has. It's going to take a while to do the math, but I imagine a homeless crazy man has more value than the entirety of ZOG rolled into one. But let's observe them feeling very important for the lulz. Let's let them get right to the edge and pull the carpet out from under them. Just winning isn't enough, I want to see the hope drain from their shark-eyes before they get kicked into the abyss. That's where the real fun is

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Telling that you don't think the Republicans can win the majority of US voters

You have a big mouth for an incel NEET that will never do anything


Hello FBI
Choke to death on your wife's boyfriends cock, ponyfaggot

It never ceases to amaze me after all that has happened and all the kvetching following it you faggots still want to talk shit.

Yeah, the question is whether trump wins to put whitey and the far right back to sleep or someone like harris wins to put the final nail into whitey's coffin.

The fact that they even take political parties into account is absurd.

One party rule would never be a thing
Once the republicans become unelectable the democrats will end up splitting into smaller parties. Likely would be one party of pro business Clinton type Dems, one party of Sanders/Osacia-Cortez type socialists and one of full on beaner nationalists

Meant for>>13230260

Harris and Trump are indistinguishable on policy.

20/hr for what and how many hours?

this your piece, here is mine
Welcome to republicanism. Its the same type of corruption and bribery as Catiline attempted to clean up, but the (((landlords))) ran Cicero and won.

Holy shit you expect this nigger grade shilling to work in 2019