Post respectable haircuts

About to shave the mop soon. Figure I’d go with something that is respectable while still not shaving it all off. Any suggestions? Also interested in Nazi Era German fashion, so post anything you think looks pleasing to the eye.

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What kinda "mop" are we talking? If you're going from hippie to functional member of society you'll have to buzz it then let it grow back before you can do anything with it due to your hairline, etc being used to having long hair for so long

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Just a metaphor

Do you want to look like Vladmir Putin?

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Ah well fairs, i say go for an undercut, it goes well with both formal and informal attire/situations. Plus leftie media called it an "alt right haircut" so there's that too

Here are the styles I recommend. Sorry about some file names as I pulled them straight from Jewgle.

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Not particularly


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Here are three more. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your head and face.

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Thanks brother

the brutal pill here is practically any haircut looks good on a chad. brads on the other hand spend their lives finding the one haircut that flows in the correct manner to bring their looks up 1 point. coincidentally most of these brads go with cuts that require gel and other product to stay in place. women want to be able to run their fingers through your hair. you should try going on no shampoo and just massaging your scalp under shower water. shampoo strips all the oils out of your hair and makes it stringy. after about a week of no shampoo if you have medium length hair it will stay where you put up without feeling greasy at all. personally i get a subtle fade on the sides and keep the top medium length. then i run both hands from the front of my hairline to the back and the top stays “up” but not greasily spiked like a gel users would. if you have medium length hair try no shampoo.

Very helpful, will keep in mind


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or Trump?

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All looking quite “fresh” however Im not interested

Virtually all style cuts require product. That's the tradeoff.

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Do you have any idea how cool Trump would look with a beard?

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beards are for alphas

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If only we had a supreme leader to give us a nice list if acceptable haircuts to pick from.

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Do any anons wear a hat all the time?

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Hats are ghey and make you go bald, if you have hair still leave it exposed.

The most alpha hairstyle is… ironically long hair. Either simple or with braids, that's the look of vikings/warriors, etc of Europe. However, you better be hitting the gym because if not swole you kind of would just look like an ugly tranny.

The undercut is a safe choice, get it "high and tight" because if you don't specify… they may give you the more hipster sloppy version. If you're a burger, the pompadour is a great very "American" hairstyle but is high maintenance, so whatever.

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Hats make you go bald? What.

Not really I just think they're silly and pointless unless it's really sunny out or freezing cold.

It’s not healthy for hair to be covered like that.

Isn't cutting your hair in Viking culture considered a sign of slavery? I have no clue where I read that. I usually go all out with my hair or cut it like OP's picture. I think the most redpilled about OP's hair cut is that you can do it your self really easy for free, same with growing it out and trimming it once in awhile.

Yeah, so does always wearing it in a ponytail. Look up "gentle tugging alopecia"… you should not be putting any force on your hairs on your skullcap area if you have balding tendencies in your genes.

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The mullet

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Holy fuck, what’s wrong with you.

The user's right. You really should fuck off. You're actually too stupid to have opinions on anything.

Ja. Why?

haircut threads are totally important Zig Forums discussion

im aware. but mine doesnt. if i use shampoo my hair goes down flat and if i grow it out and use shampoo its the justin bieber one time look. now on no shampoo and medium length it will stay up all day with a few quick 10 finger run throughs. requires 5 seconds when dry. i dont have to play with my hair every couple minutes to make sure its good. i see men doing this all the time and its cringeworthy. or they use gel and wont even touch their heads. meanwhile i can lay around or position myself where my hair is being respositioned and all thats required is a quick finger run through to fix it. that is the power of no shampoo and naturally straight hair. it only goes up because i put it there but it stays when i do. especially after weeks/months up keeping it up except for the shower. i do normally keep it about half this length on top as thats where its the shortest but still stays up and a fresher fade on the sides and back. but you get the point. and no my hair isnt greasy or smelly. nobody would know i dont use shampoo except other no shampoo brahs. i would assume people think i spray it to keep it up but no, no greasy/sticky residue when running fingers through. i just think guys arent aware of no shampoo because its perfect for short or medium hair.

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They are important optics. You want the next Tarrant or Earnest to have a nerd haircut?

Dylan Roof definitely needed this thread. Jesus Christ.

Until those shit stickies go away by faggot Ron, this place is gay.

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The left needed to know that any kind of undue oversight combined with corporate corruption was fascism and would give rise to fascism, and they needed to figure that out a whee bit faster. Mistakes were made by people who as a matter of security do not admit to making mistakes. I saw this as someone who refuses the prosperity-shattering lies of aryanist slavery; pogment slavery is joylessly backwards and self-destructively hopeless.


this board is dead

Are you mixed race?

I have the same problem except my hair is super thick. Probably 10x thicker than yours, so when I don't use shampoo it poofs out like crazy if it's long and I look like a bum. Because it's so thick I can't style it without product either.

Glad you have good haircut genes though.

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It's the lighting. He's obviously white.

Tactical bowlcuts will never be cool.



Here's my haircut

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something like pic related

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Wow, you are an Aryan Chad! You could probably stop Tarrant in his tracks just by staring at him.

ive been in the sun a lot. brb proving how pale my thighs are, fags. my parents are white and 2 of my siblings are blond hair blue eyes. i just tan when i get sun. you should see how dark some natural blonds can get when they go the beach and lay out all week.

Who cares? Viking culture isn't alive anymore. We don't live in it. Today, a good looking haircut is a sign of discipline and status.

It's okay, as an Ozfag, I understand how dark whites can look.

Long hair relies heavily on good genetics, style and cleanliness.

Their is plenty of narional socialist threads political threads and happening threads redpills and book threads for you to go to what is wrong for talking about a little fashion and bantering once in a while?

Fuck off faggot.

It works but I think you also need a beard. Also, they are impractical in a lot of impressions.

wow you're right these cuckchan QTDDTOT, one sentence threads about… hairstyles, are pure quality

Or a strong ass jaw-line

But that includes a manly face.

They don't have hair anymore.
Right, right self improvement means becoming a tool. You gotta cut your hair to be a really useful engine, Thomas.

The doesn't mean the board is dead because of that one out of place thread.

sand nigger wearing a fucking man burka………… wtf??? is this clownworld 6.2

You wish you wore a mullet.

theres been multiple shit threads popping up for a while now and it's only going to get worse

While I understand the disdain for a thread of this caliber, your hair coupled with its upkeep is one of many variables which help in day to day interactions as well as business transactions or networking. You may believe image shouldn't matter but the reality is that it does.

The blackpill can hit hard if you're off guard and it is never too late to invert your apathy. The never ending journey towards self improvement can do wonders in this regard. A well-groomed beard is a nice touch to a strong jawline. Also,

Good genes absolutely make or break it.

t. kike

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like this.

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Last year during late 2018 was worse.
Their going to keep getting deleted because they don't want us moving out of their honeypot.


Long hair for a few reasons. NW europeans can look like the lions of humanity.

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this. long hair > all.

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wtf, david copperfield is that you?

what kind of faggot thread is this? if you need a bunch of anons to tell you what are decent haircuts, you're too weak and dumb to break away from society in the first place.

Go shoot heroin in your ghetto apartment watching The Big Bang Theory with your jungle asian wife

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Hows that for respectable nigger.

Good example of someone who can't rock the rock the haircut and looks like an ugly tranny.

God-mode Chad looks like a man's man even clean shaven. While I believe no man should go with less than stubble, this is always an option for a tiny percentage of us.

Especially if you are a stinkbeard kike trying to blend in.

Im keeping this site alive you cucks need to step that shit up.

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LOL if he looked so bad i don't think he'd have literally millions of fan girls


what do, user?

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Runs his name on megans law to see if pedo.

my hairs brown

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Those look like nigger hands

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Take your pick.

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Are you even white

Here are some hair style ideas

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Do you even chan?

lol theyre so mad

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What book is that?