Remember what they took from you: Arranged Marriages

The idea of the whole culture of arranged marriages are completly foreign to us.

If you think marriages in historic times were a purely economic bond, then you are not correct. Why do we feel sexual attraction and love? Because from a purely evolutionary perspective, these things urge us to go in the right direction. Why does sex feel good? Because it makes us breed.

Marriage was just the way that makes attraction between couples socially acceptable. If a guy knocked up a girl, there would be the stereotypical father with a shotgun that would urge him to marry his daugher to not sully her honor. It's not a purely economic unit. Maybe for a modern poly cuck relationship, where she gets money from her husband and sexual satisfaction elsewhere. There you have your purely economic unit.

There are numerous accounts of ancient, mediveal, renaissance, victorian age virgin brides falling head over heels in love with their arranged husbands and having a happy life. You think women in history were never excited about the husband their father chose for them and had an enormous amount of anticipation to finally be able to become a proper adult, have sex and know what's it like to be with a man that loves them? You think they just had a purely economical bond with them and their sexual and romatic attraction towards their husband was purely accidental? I encourage you to not come at me with this bluepilled platitudes.

Girls are basically denied their ritual of womanhood. Imagine if we actually married young hot teenage girls in the prime of their youth, completly untained to their husband? To any of the femanons reading this, do you really think they'd be depressed about this? They are probably glad to finally have a sexual outlet. Where does the idea of traditionalism being boring come from? You don't think that in ancient times we had teenagers too that wanted nothing more than to have sex? Well, Traditionalism gave them a safe, healthy and actually a way to express their natural sexuality. That's the great thing about Traditionalism. It doesn't suppress your nature like stereotypical mainstream conserative parents in the modern times that give teenagers absolutely no way to express their sexuality and clamp down on their teenage daughers even marrying young in the prime of her youth.
Imagine a culture where instead of teenage girls gossiping about stories where they fucked some random dude from school, they instead talked about how excited they are after meeting their fiancee at an arranged date and talk about what they think sex might be like and how they can't wait to try it out.

Most of the naturally conservative women (meaning didn't grow up in a conservative subculture, but naturally turned out that way) we have today probably naturally have a lower sex drive, have a higher feeling of disgust, are more fearful of strangers, stay indoors most of the time. I am not dissing them, but that is only a subtype of women today. Traditionalism allowed even the more slutty women to become wholesome women.

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Women (in their 30s and 40s) are demanding arranged marriages.

It's sad, but the (((ruling elite))) can't let women do that. They need to get jobs and contribute to the (((economy))) and take out loans and pay taxes.

Happiness for men and women? None of the matters to (((them)))

You're too late. It, as a tradition, has been around for too far long, and native Europeans now see love marriage as the culture they've always had.

It's the same way with Christianity.

Get a life OP you dysgenic jew piece of shit shill.

Daily reminder that (((money))) is used to buy a night with a virgin woman… while I have no problems with a man finding a woman with his wealth, this (((consumerist))) society allows the perdition of multiple women.

How far back are we talking here? I'm into genealogy. Most of my ancestors did not have arranged marriages. This was 400-500 years ago.

They did. Arranged Marriages don't mean that you have to use force to marry someone off against their will.

But your ancestors were heavily encouraged to marry a person and the community would provide them with a spouse and they would basically have to actively opt out to end up single.

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The jews will not allow this, for one simple reason:


At least be genuine. Charlemagne stamped out the tradition of arranged marriages across almost all of Europe. European folk religions, too.

How does that make sense?

Where do you get your history from?

Read a fucking book, nigger.


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Women are property.

When white men take back power white women will have no rights at all and just be thankful they are able to live in peace and enjoy the things white men built in a white mans land.

They wont complain. They will love it.

This is how it always has been and should be and you're an idiot if you think otherwise.

White Sharia when?

good post. Multigenerational homes, arranged marriage, family businesses, and racial support networks are the key to happiness and prosperity.

Women have no honor at al.. They never had, and they will never have.
Women are literally tools, to be used for procreation and abandoned or killed as soon as they become old (post 20 years old).
Cucks that still believe in the fallacy of honorable women are tools of the jews, still trying to make Men treat objects as if they were people, opening the path to feminism and other forms of jewish cancer that women embrace as soon as they stop being beaten.
Use and discard women. Including your own.
Beat and brake women. Including your own.
There is nothing wrong with any of that. The human being society is patriarchal, and anyone supporting the literal brain cancer of treating women well is as much of a plague to our world as the jews.

Never…we aren't shitskin fucking turds user. We have our own traditions and culture. We are not going to have kikes (via islam) and their raping shitskin homosexual pedophile kin rule over our nations.


Sloppy job, mossad.

You kikes just can't leave this alone can you? Thinking that Europe and Europeans are going to be SO MUCH BETER OFF if we have the shitskin/kikes ruling over us. Look how that has worked out for Britain…1 million children raped by your nigger asses while you all talk about how great (((your ways))) are compared to ours. You push this shaira bullshit because you are nothing more than kike/turk niggers with little dicks and lower IQ's, no amount of raping our children is ever going to change your problems from your (((Islamic))) nigger raping days.

Touch my waifu and you end up in a ditch, Jew.

Whatever, I'm just gonna accumulate wealth and go back to Ukraine to get a waifu. Fuck the west.

Can I take out like a 1-500k loan and just bail states to do this? My goy score is decent

The NEOCohens are genociding the Ukraine people with below Weimar tier behaviors including allowing millions of niggers and shitskins into the nation for drug/sex trafficking of the native young girls.


You're just gonna help build the system that keeps you in chains… and then you think you'll be able to just walk away?

I think anons are confusing pajeet arranged marriages with euro arranged marriages. Euros were closely knit grou>>13233258
It's not west Europe tier but literally all my female cousins flipped a shit when they found out about the 200 or so rapefugees admitted during the civil war. Don't get me wrong, soros et all fucked the country Weimar tier for sure but I'm sort of at an existential crisis.

I grew up in the United States but my parents sent me back to Ukraine every single summer between school. I formed an actual connection to my motherland, speak Russian fluently and have relatives there we stay in touch with, I went through the k-12 and college scam route, sure, but I always had issues with American whites being absolute cucks. Don't get me wrong. I have really good friends here, but… I see what's occurring in the west and I also need to look out for my own lineage.

However I'm much more familiar with US soil than my birth place, hence my crisis. I think the best course of action is as is to just save some money, take a year or two off to move to Ukraine to take care of my grandparents and wife hunt. I live in NJ and have a career going, it's hard for me in my industry to go anywhere predominantly white. Maybe NC pharma lab rat

So like i was half joking because tbh it'd just cause more issues in that kike system but I don't think I should exactly burn the bridge either. I think I just need to find a girl tgere who'd want to come back. And for what it's worth I'm not just some neet fatbeard with no direction. This is more than viable for me, I just figured I'd mention it to let you guys know what other cohorts in our beloved Zig Forums are up to or scheming. Go fuck yourselves glowkikeniggers

Blehh the beginning of my post was a thought I had before I scrubbed it for the rest

No one is advocating for rape you idiot, just that white men take control of their women and get them back into the kitchen.

Do you think white women should have the right vote? If you say yes, you the kike, because the moment they were allowed to vote they have been moving the political process to the left even without the kike media manipulating them.

If you think anyone should 'vote' you are the kike here user.

I'm seriously for arranged marriages. Marry your kids off before they turn 18, especially girls. If she expects it from childhood, it'll be perfectly natural. About 16 years for the girl and a boy 16-20 is a good balance. If you expose them to the surrounding culture, they'll have sex before that age anyways, so they might as well get married. Let kids figure things out and make a future.

Watch Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, because it demonstrates an arranged marriage culture. In contrast, women are impelled by our Jewish manufactured culture to ride the cock carousel for a decade, only to marry a cuck. Surely, this is a compelling reason to eliminate the Jewish gene pool.

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Exterminate kikes/subhumans first; then we decide what to do with our daughters

Female selection mechanisms have stopped evolving thousands of years ago, it was man and patriarchy that defined eugenic mechanisms and steered evolution through development of civilization. Women are entirely irrational, mindless creatures ruled by lust and most animalistic urges.

Feminism = return to stone age, or an even more primitive state. Which we are seeing unfold before our eyes. The negroid apes are at their level of development.

Arranged marriages should become a culture, but it should not be forced. Women in such communities tend to be much happier than (((liberated))) women.

> Women in such communities tend to be much happier than (((liberated))) women.
Believe my words without statistical backing.
Nothing you are saying is European culture…this is just more SHITria disguised as something of 'value' when it is megacrap.

Oh look, another cosplay thread.
Is a woman in a Spiderman suit actually Spiderman?
What about a woman dressed as a Viking?
No? Then why are "trad" costumes any more convincing?

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There's a difference between widespread tradition and what was practiced among the elite (more so courtship than arranged marriage by the 19th century).

Because it is one step closer to putting your women in trash bags so that you never have to see them again, user…
This is some truly fine globohomoism right here…

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Not every woman in a folk dress is larping, son

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In pre-modern England arranged marriages were only found amongst the nobility and gentry. Other than that people were generally free to marry who they pleased, within reason (familial consent was important and coudn't be ignored).

At this point, yes user, they are all larping. Or trying to please their semitic overlords who will rule Europe because European men allowed them to.

Forced arranged marriages are not European culture. Parents finding the best husband for their daughter (and vice versa) was very commonplace, arranging the meetings and social context. In fact, it made women into something more than cum dumps, it made them wives, mothers, valuable members of the community. It's still common in rare rural areas untainted by the Jewish plague. It worked very well for countless centuries before kikes (((liberated))) women and turned them into worthless cumbuckets.

Statistical backing is meaningless because women always lie to themselves. If a kike convinces them that being an abused cum-bucket is good for them, they will believe it, and parrot it among other women (which can never form an opinion of their own but have to rely on others), creating a social consensus of degeneracy. Of course, I am talking about r/k selection and white women that tend to be monogamous, polygamy is a subhuman trait.

As for Islam, it's evidently working. You can't deny it. I don't support it, but it would be foolish to not recognize it's effectiveness.

Well gosh I better go tell my wife I'm on to her shit.

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Awww your wife is so cute. You should ask the mods to remove her picture though. That is an invasion of her privacy on your part.

Women are mean't to be cherished faggot. A woman can still have children up to 30, not to mention raising and mentoring the next generation.
Gas for you, nigger jew.

user, did you read and respond to the same post I just read?
Just because it's a fucking torpedo doesn't mean he's in any way wrong. Your response doesn't seem proportionate at all. In stable conservative societies, women are the property of first her father then her husband. Until we return to that, things will continue to be shite.

No one took anything from you goy savages. You lost your pretend morals, that's all. You just stopped pretending that you weren't animals. Every other race watching you knew better, which is why your women are self-destructing and your country full of fat, useless Walmart trailer trash bigot parasites. Oh but sure blame Chabad, as if we are conspiring against you. Blame everyone but yourself, oh proud white "man".

another good user post

Me on the left.

thought you meant op

100% agree.

True. But if voting should exist at all, only white men should be allowed to vote. Paper ballot only of course.

OP is right. Idea might be nuanced in places but it's a sure plan to look for women of good stock, health and youth.
Women have the Stockholm syndrome encoded in them. They'll learn to love the man they live with assuming the man is true to his duties and not a wimp.


You don't think families and communities involved itself and not through force, but encouragement tried to make partnerships?

This is true to an extent, but only if divorce incentives are removed thus we stop rewarding women for making poor choices with their reproductive organs.

Supposedly Indians have some of the least sex in the world.
OP trying to bring Sharia Law on Western terms.

My main concern with arranged marriages is this:
Arranged marriages go against evolution & natural selection. They're the opposite of eugenics.

What if you end up with an unattractive idiot for a wife through an arranged marriage, then what?

then that's all that was available or the people in your town thought she was the correct match for you

Arranged marriage is dysgenic and humanity will continue in this dysgenic thinking until it is all over for them.

FYI, most arranged marriages throughout history included incest, e.g. parents marrying off their daughter to a cousin or some other relative.

Handsome, intelligent men should be allowed to CHOOSE beautiful, intelligent women to marry. That is the European way.

Arranged marriage is a bunch of nigger bullshit for retarded third world people, who otherwise would act like a bunch of violent monkeys if they don't have a pussy hole to stab every night.

Today, only backwards shitholer nations practice arranged marriages. That should tell you something.

Also, having arranged marriages reinforces weakness and cucky behavior. Men need to learn to man the fuck up and approach a woman they're interested in, and attract/seduce her, marry and impregnate her, while also learning to maintain dominance and assertiveness over her and the family. Those are skills/behaviors that need to be developed.

Wanting arranged marriages is like wanting a hot girl to be delivered to your front door on a silver platter, that's wishful thinking. Fantasy.

You got to earn your viking bride by being the best man you can be.

The people pushing this arranged marriage thinking are subhumans. They don't care if it is terrible for them or dysgenic…like you said they just want a stab hole or they will chimp out. Unfortunately the stab hole they want belongs to a goat or a little boy.

The thought that you can 'improve' society by not making sure that BOTH males and females are the highest quality is nigger level retardation (as is all this 'white sharia' nigger level bullshit). I want to select the best possible mate for myself I don't want someone else to make the decision for me based on who they want to fuck.

This. Also in the pre-Christian there were a lot of so called fertility festivals, like Olympic games in ancient Greece to determine the best man to marry the best woman, that's why only unmarried women
were allowed to attend them and men were naked.

Historically in white countries, it was about people who put ownership of land/property/political power above human quality. The most extreme example of this in modern times was the Hapsburg clan who inbred themselves out of existence so that they wouldn't lose one tiny shred of their power to outsiders.

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Honestly, what pisses me off is when I see those types of girls with things like sunwheel tattoos. WTF? Even if their heart is in the right place, they don't fucking get it.

Of all cultures on the planet, they are one of the hardest for an outsider to make any sense of.

While that may be the reality, this type of post is a little boomer-tier, as if modern circumstances are something simply normal for men to go through. The reality is that in the past, everyone would be tied into social networks where it was far easier to meet women. There would be a process of vetting where, say, a married woman would introduce you to her unmarried friend, and that woman would know you're a decent man/good catch/good provider/good protector and everything else. That has been in rapid decline since at least the 1950s.

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Legitimate question:
What if you end up with an unattractive idiot for a wife through an arranged marriage?
Really people? You want the fucking jews and corporate oligarchy to decide that you need to marry a retard?

They are going to breed you like hogs to make sure that you cannot compete with them and you are like..muh sharia = good…this is the ultimate goal to dysgenically breed out ANY COMPETITION for the kikes…

You are promoting idiocracy like it was a good thing, like being a society that is too fucking stupid to lift a poon to its piehole is DESIREABLE…

Jesus Christ you people are fucking stupid as hell.

We should reinstitute Eugenic breeding. I don't know why the kikes think that they need to come here and promote THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF EUGENIC BREEDING 24/7 like we are going to suddenly go, muh good idea kikes…we want you to select our mate for us and breed us like hogs.

lift a spoon

One issue that we have today is that most white men, as well as Asian, would rather be single than wake up next to a fat pig. Until obesity rates took off in the 1980s, this wasn't an issue in terms of slowing down fertility rates.

So, same logic here. If there aren't enough girls that meet a minimum standard, and I fail for whatever reason, I'd rather be single. Just like infanticide was historically preferable to raising a kid with Down's Syndrome.

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I'm just fine with that custom dying out in civilized society I definitely would not of wanted to marry in my moms friends kids. You know not all of us are desperate incels

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Suicide immediately.

Sorry not an incel

fellate a bayonet

But I'm not incel

A lot of the current media about 'cousin marriage' is to reduce the disgust factor in normal occidental countries whom are being immivaded by mohomodan close cousin marriage families who do that to save on inheritance losses. And of course, this is intensely disgusting as a 'cultural' practice – as the entirety of orientalist slaver behaviour is. In Europid families we now have genetic and archival records of our relations and haplogroup compatibility. We can actively avoid genetic adulteration with crypsis jews: and we now know that measured consanguinity can improve reproductive outcomes and enduring relationship bonds. Along with traditional coverture – fathers actually bothering to give a shit enough to take ownership of their daughters, earlier socially arranged and fourth cousin marriages, the family quality and tribal bonds would improve in just a few generations. If one of the fourth cousins is some sort of mutant niggerjew, the arrangement moves away from that error. Also, geneology and ancestry are an excellent directive outlet for young women's otherwise spergy civilization wrecking fertility imperative.

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You're worse than an incel.

OMG can you imagine being told to marry your mothers or fathers friend's children, just because your parents like their parents? Horrific. I hadn't even considered this angle. Also, is that picture supposed to be 'tempting' in some way…lol…I'm just not sure what that is supposed to be showing us?

Well if you marry an unhappy wife (someone who is forced to marry you against her wishes) I can guarantee that she is going to fuel her unhappiness in as many unproductive ways she can…food being just one of them so I understand your reservations.

We know, that is a kike enraged because you don't want to 'be bred' like a fucking hog.

Why don't just ban sex outside mariage?

That is what we had before kikes and subhumans showed up and culturally enriched our nation. Now that the foreign trash has invaded, overthrown our customs and culture they want to impose their customs on us…

I wouldn't mind a fat chick, no tattoos though

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Prostitution was legal in the US until 1910

Seriously unhealthy user. FOR HER. As well as extremely difficult to have offspring die to messed up biology.

uhh ins't that a good thing

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Even before feminism men didn't married teenagers.
They are too young to create family.

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You can make a fat chick skinny with better lifestyle choices. It's quite a bit more improbable that you're going to fix a hot chick suffering from social delusions, incepted by kike propaganda and subversion. Marry a based fat chick, and drag her fat ass up and down Mother Nature's obstacle course, feeding her hunted quarry, and wild fish.

That and it is not part of our culture or traditions.
There is genetic death and cultural death.
Both are problematic because they support each other and lead to the end of races and nations.
We need to stick to OUR CULTURE and reject the kike semitic culture.

Also the semitic culture is fine in the 'wasteland' they created for themselves with their parasitic lifestyle with their basically low IQ retarded DNA because that is how they evolved. It is a disaster in Northern nations because we need a mature and CAPABLE PARTNER to continue to breed high IQ and competitive offspring WHO WILL SURVIVE.

Here's a good Webm I have on the subject

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To elaborate on that webm:
Arranged marriages weren't done between complete strangers, at least not for average people. It'd be done between two families who know each other very well, and from birth or childhood they'd know the two kids would get married. So as a result they would have the kids grow up together.
But now thanks Freud and company we aren't allowed to practice that horrible barbarism anymore, and are allowed the pleasure of only having sex with complete strangers we have no connection with .
Polite sage for double posting

The current system is just as dysgenic, if not more so. At the moment, we can't even reproduce above replacement rate. Whatever gets our birthrates up is bound to have a eugenic affect that's at least better than the one we have now.

Thats a good plan sadly its about as hard to find a good fat women as a normal sized one

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Source? The guy's insightful enough that I'd like to hear more.


So what you are after is not arranged marriage but small close knit European community. Drop the kike bullshit ‘arranged marriage’ and become Mennonite or Amish so that your children can benefit from your mistakes. There is no need to adopt a foreign culture that doesn’t work for Europeans.

Kike bullshit. Most traditional communities have plenty of offspring far in excess of replacement numbers. Not only do they have huge families but they are the wealthiest demographic in the USA. With consistent genetic offspring (no race mixing).

You have made a lifestyle decision that is causing your genocide.


lol thats a good one

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user I

it's not them it's you. It's always been you. Stop. look in the mirror. get help, talk to a therapist.

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Tangible wealth versus fiction theft via imaginary fiat ‘currency’. I am not surprised you don’t know the difference.
They are wealthy because their children won’t starve and the have no debt at all and their numbers exceed kikes who chase after imaginary bullshit and lies.

This is the biggest cope I have ever seen lol. Next you are going to tell me kikes are'r wealthy because they are not "rich in friendship"

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Oh wow I didn't know there were any goldbugs left in 2019

Do you think kikes are rich in anything? You must live a pathetic life. All of the things THAT ARE IMPORTANT are withheld from kikes because of their culture and choices.


The closer you mimic them, their culture and values; the closer you are to destruction and ultimately Death. Man, they have FUCKED YOU HARD, WHERE IT COUNTS, in your head. You want to ‘live like they do because you don’t understand that they are ‘the tree of Death’. That is their culture and values. They are subhuman half nigger trash user. Nothing they have is valuable. It’s all bullshit!