Grifters Iced: Will they revolt against Trump

Jones/Loomer panic as shekels dry up…Jones claims that Jack Posobiec is an active intelligence agent with a media cover with OANN…Question for Purple: Will discarded grifters jeopardize the re-election of Kushner?

The real take away from the Facebook deplatforming of Laura Loomer, residual Alex Jones accounts, and Paul Watson is whether or not this shakes the political triangle of Trump, legions of Boomers, and Israel/Mossad? In the May 3rd broadcast of Alex Jones' Infowars, Laura Loomer melted down. She shrieked that she had lost 90% of her income, demanded user money, and implied (unconvincingly) that she is suicidal. Despite having a degree, Loomer lamented that she cannot find work (funny how the grifter class suddenly isn't so rosy about the economy when they are confronted with non-grifting.) 1:25:10

Jones followed up with a bizarre Scream style video with Robert Barnes, his lead counsel. Amidst the patter of rainfall and thunder and the 'flood of tyranny', Jones plays his character as he warns that the 'sun is setting on American speech' demanding action from Trump. The most interesting thing in the video is at 00:07:35 when Jones all but says Jack Posobiec is an intelligence officer writing briefs for the President (his OANN job as a cover.) 00:07:35

My understanding of the situation is that policy is largely driven by Israel, Genie Energy, Kushner's bizarre anti-Christ like mission, and the hope that Ivanka can one day be president. I also believe that Chabad has enormous influence and control in both the US and Russia (which is why Putin is not a true opponent to the neo-liberal Judeo-Freemasonic world order.) Kushner, it seems, needs continuity and another Trump term.

My question to you all (and Purple if he sees this): How will Trump win re-election? Will his Boomer and centrist drones be enough? The various grifters are known trash and in this purely for the $$$ (I have first person dealings with AJ and Watson, the latter outright stole from me) and I know that these are shekel grabbers first and foremost. If the fiefdoms of these types of people are destroyed, is there not a risk to Kushner & Co that there will be a junior officers revolt? Or, is this all so locked down that all they need is a John Kerry 2.0 (enter Joe Biden)? Thanks for your contributions, everyone.

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Fag meme, fag thread

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Turnout will be low in 2020. The GOP knows it. Lucky for them, the Dems are doing their best to field the candidate with the least appeal to working class people. Who wins in such a contest is anyone's guess.

Let me see if I follow your logic:

1. Trump is apparently in charge of Facebook policies by proxy through Isreal

2. The Trump supporters think Facebook banning Alex Jones and others is a result of an Isreali order to do so

3. The average American voter gives a shit about Alex Jones and Patrick J Watson

4. A massive portion of the electorate has also come to the conclusion that Facebook did this as a result of ZOG and has tied this action directly to Trump as you have

Nah man, I dont think that the average American voter is thinking along any if those lines.

Damn, is that one of those pajeet gods.

he's going to lose, simply because people are fed up with him. all trump supporter is either fake, propped up, or done by absolutely retarded people, see /qresearch/, r/donald ect. sane people do not want anything to do with these kinds of people, and even if they did, they simply don't see him doing what he promised. lack of a wall, among other things, come to mind, he's a lame duck candidate and there will be a lot of asshurt trumpsters crying on election night

Jack Posobiec is just a liar who makes things like that up to defraud boomers, and Jonestein goes along with any kosher shill's lies if they'll make him seem more important.

Also, Purple is a LARP, and not even a good one. Still better than Q though.

well that sounds like pretty standard Microphallus sperg-logic, and as we all know, everyone else is a paid shill except for him
so i guess dup is basically finished

Are you implying the Jonestein and the rest of the Infokikes aren't shills?

entry pill redpill at best. I wouldn't call him a shill, a grifter, maybe, or a genuine nut, either way, he's doing a good job making people who think outside the box insane, but it is a fact that he does break the news much earlier than any msm. hence, light redpill, maybe a start of a journey, and a occasional podcast, if you haven't been here for some reason to catch up on the news

I'm implying precisely what I said
I can't stop you from pretending that means whatever you want it to mean

If you guys haven't seen it, the Laura Loomer meltdown on Alex Jones yesterday was priceless. She pretty much threatened to kill herself and even Alex had to be the voice of moderation.

she supposedly actually went to facebook hq, and asked to be seen by "someone in charge", she was then promptly blown off by the secretary, and she had a retard attack right there and then

He's an Israel-first neocon. Maybe a decade or so ago, when his shilling wasn't so bad I could maybe understand the "entry pill redpill" argument, but now?

Yet another reason to hate Shabbos Jones.

What she doesn't seem to realize is that anyone watching her is blacklisting her from any journalist position, because she's so unhinged. Infowars is one of the few places that might have considered her, and instead of making a grand impression, she has a meltdown. Funny enough, as soon as she left, the cuck Alex talked about hiring Candice Owens.

So hiring another nigress over a demonic kikess (like both of his wives) makes Alex a "cuck"?

Depends if the jews would want him to win or not.

Which is why I said "Entry redpill". Once people get an impression that alex is some sort of oppressed sage, and inevitably end up here or on cuck/pol/, they will start seeing people talk about israel, and wonder why alex never mentions them

He's right that there are various other parties involved that aren't just kikes, but he's too obvious by never mentioning israel directly

Literally everyone who wants any future in america as a politician is an israeli firster, trump is the biggest zion dick sucker, but I doubt he will get the votes,and I doubt even more that people will go out of their way to cheat to help him win, like they did with hillary

People go on cuck/pol/ or eventually h8/pol/ starting theie journeys to becoming full fledged national socialists and warriors for their people.
I used to be a trump nigger not to long ago till I realized adolf was right and national socialism is the way to the truth.
A few years ago I would be calling you names and putting trump memes and being an obnoxious asshole.
It's already happening as we speak some thinks the journey will happen over night when realistically it takes about a few years.

But Alex mentions Israel all the time, like when he says the globalists are out to destroy them. There aren't "other parties", the idea that ZOG is like a politically correct multi-racial gang from a ZIowood movie is equally false as that promise. It's just the jews, and the shabbos goyim (like Alex) who serve them, either because they've sold out, or they have blackmail on them.

That's only a very small minority of the people who fall for Jonestein's sham. If you want an example of how his operation works, look no further than the impotence of the 9/11 truth movement, which, thanks to AJ and a few other agents in his circle, was all about chasing ghosts and hid the fact that it was an attack by Israel.

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That is debatable user you have to realize people like alex jones do act as gate keepers.

Glad that you seen the light.
Been noticing a bit of a spike of national socialist presence on cuck/pol/ either the conversion is happening right now or a lot of cucks are moving out.

which is why I said he was only an entry tier redpill, not everyone is ready to go all the way, the rest are most likely dumbass boomers, or end up on reddit in some way, maybe on r/donald, as

claims he turned back around or something along those lines. r/donald is a perfect mix of "left is breaking boundaries, we need to act", but mixed in with tons of kosher pro israel, pro homo, pro immigration shillery that is all fundementally anti-white. fake-truth, but with the impression that you are the one that is "Woke", this is actually a very interesting subject, but point is that alex is doing his part, just another cog in the machine, if you know what I mean

Posobiec always glowed in the dark. Jones has enough money and should just fuck off.

I'm pretty skeptical that gatekeeping is effectual. I know what you mean, and they might want to be gatekeepers, but anyone curious will move on in time. And if not, those people were never going move on anyway.

This is why internet is such a powerful tool, they have no power over what people can see, only what they are likely to find on the first page of google or their social media pages. This is why even if alex is a paid shill of some kind, he's helping more than he is damaging us

Nothing lucky about it. It's about stacking the field and ensuring minimal surprises. Same reason arch-zionist turbo yid Howard Schultz was floating a third party run a few months back.

He's an obstacle to redpilling, not an entry anything.

funny, cause most of what he says is true, he just happens to be whacky and act deranged to make people think he's insane, and also, he never mentions israel. he's a great redpill, but only to a certain degree, like another user said, if you're not willing to go the extra mile and find out the real truth yourself, you were never going to accept the truth anyways, and we don't want you

What difference does it make at this point?

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Kill yourself.


Just a few cycles ago the Dems had the JFK-haircut boy-band of Edwards, Dean, Clark and Kerry. OK, top heavy with crypto-Jews, but all were nice White-presenting, smart, likeable, healthy, SANE capable guys that could be plugged into any corp exec position in private sector, or any cabinet etc post.

How did they go from that to "Hillary OR Bernie?" Not one, but TWO sickly, laughing-stock openly hate-filled criminally insane freaks….that had never accomplished anything their entire lives.

The GOP doesn't understand how lucky they got with Hillary.

ALL the following had to happen for Trump to squeak by with less than pop vote but Elec-College win.

1)Hillary screwing Bernie voters, and Burners taking that out on Hillary and staying home out of spite.

2)Burners finding out that happened in the first place.

3)Obama standing down and refusing to help Hillary.

4)Bill Clinton doing the same. lol.

5)Late breaking Huma/Weiner weiner pics on State Dept laptop….SENT TO UNDERAGE GIRLS!

6)Hillary's repeated poor health.

7)Hillary's general history as sleaze bag out in open.

8)Last but not least, Trump's ability to campaign without his current record of unmitigated failure and cucking on all meaningful issues.

IMO, the Dems could run Joe "bidin' his time, since 1969" Biden and all Biden would need to do is be on the ballot in 2020.

The 2016 election was so much fun. That evil woman spent her whole life sucking dick for power so she could become the first female president of the USA.

Now she'll never get that. She'll die and be forgotten like she deserves to be.

I used to like Alex 18 years ago. But I can never forgive him for Jason Bermas and Owen Schoyer.

No, I just can't do that.

#9 40 years of job losses and US politicians committing US soldiers to fight for Saudis.

#10 Extra emphasis on Obama… Manchurian fag candidate traitor deluxe globalist wipe cocksucker who spent 8 years actively trying to destroy the US

you left those 2 out, your fucking welcome

They will lose their platform status and become a publisher instead (which they are already but eh)
So section 230 won't apply to them and then the fun begins as they will start banning regular people.

The moderation personally protects and endorses LARPs and disinfo like this thread.