'first Muslim patrol' becomes Brooklyn's new eyes & ears


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honk honk


But I'm sure all the Kikebart-readers and assorted Trumpniggers who will make a big deal about this are perfectly fine with Shomrim.

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It's just more proof that the US is an empire, not a nation. Despite this, people will continue to think in terms of the nationalist/globalist paradigm.

we can make the nation whatever we want, it's current status does not matter long term

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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You know what is needed

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I wonder if they wear vests.

To be honest i rather have muslims than spics/niggers/ameritards running amok.

Show your flag, faggot

Be the hero to find out

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how about you go back to cuckchan,where you belong?

something that will never ever happen

It's been structured as an Empire since the end of the civil war, and this form was cemented after WW2. The nation does not exist in practice, only in the minds of romantic idealists.

I live almost as far away from that shithole as it's geographically possible to get without moving to Australia.

Hopefully, they harrass the juden. On a real message, start Christian militias or it's downhill from there. When the FBI tries to entrap you for creating a Utopia, just ask why are there so many mormons in the government agencies… This clown world needs to be rectified.

It would be a shame if those patrol cars caught a molotov or two. I would never condone such an act.

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This is cuckchan you demented retard

They're wonderful people, honest.

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You want to know how one knows you're a shill? You advocate for other religions that don't oblige you to convert or tax the kafir goyim.


Main task: clean neighbourhood from jews.

struggle porn warms the heart

America has completely lost its soul

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A community that patrols for (((degenerate))) behavior? We can't have that!

It had no soul to begin chomotard

And exactly how did you come to that conclusion from reading my 1-line post? I just said i rather have them than the undesirables that conform the realistic, degenerate alternative. On that note i believe that blacks, spics and modern americans do not posses the abstraction level necessary to implement a religious-centric society.

So much this! Women (specially white ones) should show their skin and hair, what could possibly go wrong in society? If it doesn't hurt anyone and it's consensual, then we should allow it.

This is how it begins

What? The thot patrol?

I see how it is, every race gets their private police force now except the whites of course, even though we built america into a successful country with our bare hands.

enjoy your muslim sharia ridden shithole

It's probably the safest neighborhood in the city.

How is this allowed in (((Brooklyn)))? I thought kikes were supposed to hate sandniggers.

Where else can a man raise an unpozzed family without the thread of (((feminist enforcement)))?

You sound like a woman desperate for men to destroy an anti-feminist oasis.

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Remember when our boy Brent went you you your woman when she was crying for help and popped her head open like a water balloon? I remember. We're gonna do that to all your women. Shame they're too ugly, smelly and brown to gangrape beforehand.

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A noose for every traitor on the loose

So, stinkbeard shomrim? Beaners had zimzam, gooks have their rooftops. When the fuck does white man get an exclusive club?

t. niggerjew
Of course a being as aberrant as yourself would firstly think of raping females knowing that you are incapable of attaining procreation via other means. Please go to Saudi Arabia and fulfill you homosexual tarrant domination fantasies there.

how do they handle apostates? How do they handle people drawing Muhamad?

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We didn't think of it first. In America we have a turn of phrase called "returning the favor".

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we had them all over until mlk poked his tunadick in the pie and ate it too

So are you bidding your time in order to get back at Israel for all the countless acts against your people instead of eternally taking jew dick up your ass and becoming subservient to them?

Jew York deserves it

Jew Yorker here
It's not
There are niggers, spics (also niggers) and soyboys everywhere in Brooklyn

Who's to say the muslims will stop at thots?


I fail to see why everyone is so disturbed by them setting up a neighborhood watch. The Farrakhan thing is bigger news.

Oh no, how careless of me, we need to support our local LGBTBBQ "peoples"


So can white men set up a “White Patrol” in their neighborhoods?

What if someone set up a Midgard Watch? Just white men protecting white interests only. That's cool, right?

Shormim V. Mudsquad when?

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All women are feminists… which is why their opinion doesn't matter in politics or society. Hence, a whore dressed as one will be publicly reformed.

Like the amish?

Like anyone else's ever did
Listen retard, that is not the primary objective of Islam. If you weren't such a mutt with a room-temp IQ then you'd understand

Go back to dailystormer.

Kill yourself stinky.

They basically want to establish no-go zones like jews do everywhere else.

both are horseshit faggot.

I wouldn't have a problem with it, but a smart bunch of whites would just call it a "neighborhood watch." This same hypothetical group would also take care to observe the law and not provoke the authorities. For example, they might do their watch in marked cars and carry radios instead of tacticool gear and carrying loaded rifles.
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for such a group to materialize, however. If you need such a group in your neighborhood, why not establish one yourself?

I'm surprised. A little common sense was all it took to shut down the agitprop. It must not have been well thought out.

Now watch White Nationalists try this and see how fast it gets shut down.

MCP = Male Chauvinist Pigs

Very apt.

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