At Trump rally crowd starts changing
Trump responds:

Timestamp :18

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No lock her up, fellow pede. How does that make you feel?

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Okay, don’t care.

but trump is gonna lock her up bro!

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Is this retard trying to lose his own election? Or is that even possible? Since it is nothing but politi al theatre.


we're not gonna lock her up
she's not locked up

This is funny. It shows how brainwashed the rally crowd is.

They are exactly the same as Obama's hope and change retards and they are making excuses for the exact same foreign policy and domestic economy of service industry and asset inflation.

Nigger kikes have to sit at the back of the oven.

this thread is irrelevant
its a slide thread

What exactly is it sliding MIGApede?

Is it sliding the Snoop Dogg thread or maybe the underage b& thread? Fucking kike shill GTFO.


And no wall. And more wars.

Yeah what's the point? I fail to see any difference between this bloated jew and his incest whore daughter and Obongo the trained faggot chimp.

Those crowds aren't intelligent enough to make excuses for anything. They show up because they enjoy the show that Trump puts on. It was the same with the Obama rallies.

everyone knows that trump is a mega kike.
posting a CNN video from years ago is just spam

what is this thread sliding rabbi?

freudian slip that shows his attitude regarding all of his promises

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Trump was not the reason we learned that there is no political solution, that was Le Pen and Brexit. Trump is a meme that lasted 2-3 years tops.

Alright. So let's turn this thread into a legit political discussion. If I'm no longer supporting Trump then who should I get behind in 2020?
Normalfags will vote. Who do I tell them to vote for?

2016 called, they want their thread back.

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Mossad called they want their meme back. :^)

In his defense he actually threw cold water on locking her up most of the time after the primaries ended. The only time in the general I remember that he threatened to lock her up was during the second debate.

Muh based nigger, gtfo magaturd.

Okay, don't care. Fuck off with your spam threads.

Well, he can't win 2020. It's already decided. He likely knows this, so who cares anymore. Second, remember all that shit right after the election about how the Trump family was supposedly dumbstruck at actually winning? Maybe that's actually true.

It's kinda funny looking back at him pretending to be tough and to get things done when he's just a kike puppet.

I support what Snoopy and Farrakhan are doing precisely because I don't like Zognald.
The mental gymnastics required to shill in today's fluid environment are noteworthy. As an example, the post I'm replying to attempts to put MIGA and Farrakhan on the same side.

No bigger Jew puppet than White Nationalists.

Where do you think the next synagogue shooting will be?

Holy shit, the cope is unreal. No, if he has nothing to lose, he could fucking show it, but that would require him actually believing anything he said. I hate you votecucks.

It was Trump who rolled out the baste nigger and freed all the republican felons.

This faggot.

They created "white nationalism" as a kosher replacement to pure anti-Semitism. It's a red herring.

The moderation personally protects and endorses this posting.

Your not fooling anybody mate.

Why because you cried to the mods and they didn't help you? Lmfao. I forgot to add "identarianism" is another fake ideology they created to split the ranks of their opposition. Report me for this post too.

White nationalists are double digit iq dumb fucks restricted to raging on Facebook and getting bumfucked by bubba in prison. Lmao

Nice ip hop or another coworker or simply a mod, if you got no arguments as to support your arguments sorry mate your not making anybody angry or fooling anyone for that matter.

He isn't me. But you can report him too, shabbos goy.


Re read my post if he wasn't you why do you necessarily make a post that wasn't going to be of your concern?

You accused him of being me, of course it's my concern.
To the point: I have been here long enough to have watched the sly shills attack the most anti-Semitic board i could find and turn it into a low-iq, mealy-mouthed, impotent white-nationalist/identarian board. They brought their cutouts with them: Ben Shapiro, Molyneux, Trump, Bannon, you name it. Yes, I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Zig Forums doesn't like any of them
I think their was misunderstanding.

Fuck Trump and fuck democracy. This is a National Socialist board.

Of course. Mods are fucking jew faggots. CNN is the source of OP. Lulz. Why was the Holocaust Poll thread deleted you faggot mods?

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No, it's Jew run false flag board for very stupid White men who think posting to an user image board is being a larping nadzee warrior.

Reminder ID f1c7b1 and 6913b3 are both probably bots or know each other from their private chatrooms.

What ever spamming torpedo, come back when you have something new to say.

Says the kike shill.

See how the bot throws the kike abruptly.

Ok, guy, I'll continue with an anecdote:
Back in 2014, this entire board was anti-Semitic. Everyone loved and respected Hitler. The main issues up for debate were concerning implementation, with the major group favoring National Socialism, and the minor group favoring Libertarianism. I would make a thread about Jewish Ritual Murder, and it would hit 750 replies easily. Anons would archive everything. Everyone could agree that the enemy was the Jew. Everyone understood the left/right dichotomy was a sham.
Then came the wn/identarians/Jews. Nowadays, if I were to make a JRM thread, it would be slid to the bottom with no interest. We hear about "based Jews" regularly, Trump, and friends. The board has devolved into a GOPjew circle-jerk.
If you want to know who to blame, simply ask who benefitted from the changes and you will have found the culprit.



its so sad

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Part of the problem was the old mods being so pro-kike.